Posted on May 27, 2012

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Follow The Money Trail: An Analysis Of The Top Donors For Each Presidential Candidate 23:08:50
Robin Koerner, Founder of the Blue Republican Movement - Interviewed by United Press International 08:44:21
LVRJ: Paul Takeover Complete 08:30:06
Tampa Bound! In it to WIN it! You Can HELP! 06:23:06
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NDAA Also a Preemptive War Authorization Act 23:28:57
Why I Support Glenn Addison 23:28:15
Ron Paul's Greatest Debate Performance Ever (10-18-2011) 23:26:57
Urgent: crank it up, we got $1500, matching funds, from anonymous for Super Brochures: only 24 hours left. 23:09:45
New Prosthetics Keep Amputee Soldiers on Active Duty 22:57:24
Illegal kidney trade booms as new organ is 'sold every hour' 22:37:54
Romney's salary as governor (need help) 22:18:47
How Silver Could Become an Alternative Currency *vid* 22:06:16
PPP Poll: Dewhurst 46% Cruz 29% "Other" 2% 21:42:31
Oh forget it 21:38:51
Neil Boortz's Amazing Kennesaw State University Commencement Address 21:33:22
Ron Paul: Liberty Articulated, A Historical and Contemporary Perspective 21:32:27
Minnesota State Convention... Must see video we are in it to win! 21:19:58
Re-issue: "The Founders Support Ron Paul" 21:18:24
Feds Push Back Against NY Court Opposing NDAA 20:51:33
Geraldo to Monckton: You're smoking crack 20:45:49
Florida police kill naked man as he chews on another man's face 20:26:47
Support the Troops 20:23:45
Intrigue and corruption in the highest levels of the Catholic Church governance. 20:00:29
. 19:47:12
Re-igniting the torch of liberty 19:44:37
Video of local Police Dept using drone. Sheriff says it's required to keep his men safe. 18:25:56
Day to Day Sickness: Using the Dollar. When Will We Use an Alternative? 18:22:32
America's Education System Breeds Perpetual Adolescence 18:18:57
Tools for Justice...reporting fraud/intimidation, etc. 18:10:47
Formal Complaint to Demand Indiana AG and Secretary of State File Criminal Charges Against GOP Chair Jamey Noel 18:09:32
Beautiful Presentation on "End the Fed" ~ Ron Paul mention @ 4 min Mark Twain 18:01:22
Where is Israel Anderson? 17:50:59
US condemns Syria massacre; Obama to seek Russian help to oust Assad 17:35:56
Fathers - main things you will say to those close to you? 17:29:38
If YOU have not donated to the South Dakota for liberty money bomb now is the time. 17:20:29
Urgent: The Republican Nominee Will be America's next President! (Video) 17:19:14
Is Rule 11 enforceable if Paul gave consent to joint Romney/RNC Fundraising? 17:19:08
Republicans vs. Romneys record 16:58:55
Joe Heck Needs to Go - Nevada Elections Now 16:34:00
2 16:23:57
Bayer and the Rothschild family, the spread of HIV 16:09:58
Demand is So Strong for Government Program Paying Farmers Not to Plant Crops That Some Were Turned Away 15:49:52
Debate on Facebook. 15:47:27
Illegal Immigration is Stopped By Obeying the Constitution's Intent of the Welfare Clause 15:41:31
Reflecting on Memorial Day : Planting A Victory Garden In Honor Of Ron Paul and Our Liberty Movement 15:39:23
Ron Paul revolution is well beyond the fringe 15:31:56
A Lamb Dies While A Tyranny Thrives 15:31:28
The Elephant in the Room Part Three 15:14:57
Rand's demands from Romney & the GOP establishment 15:14:20
The Elephant in the Room Part Two 15:11:28
Western nations take aim at Iran, hit Germany. 15:04:16
We should be supporting ISSUES, regardless of candidate: My take on the Romney Speculations! 15:03:01
Mpls. Star Tribune: The Republican Party Finds Its Soul 14:56:58
Forced into 3rd party? (Reposted) 14:55:05
Panetta Says U.S. Now Ready to Attack Iran 14:52:41
House to Consider Handing Over Internet Regulation to United Nations 14:44:20
I honor the deaths of our Vets by questioning anyone calling for more of them! 14:28:41
US Dept of Health Scare Tactic Commercials 14:24:45
♣ I'm going to keep making these threads until I get at least one more delegate to sign up for the ILLINOIS state convention 14:18:38
For National Delegates Funds for expenses to Tampa 14:17:26
FREEDOM Watch- What to Do if Cops Pull You Over: Steve Silverman & Scott Morgan 14:13:48
When Love Sees You 14:12:40
Watching dissidents is a booming business in China. Everything in place for the same thing here. 14:07:55
Suggest A Helpful Tag 13:55:57
Romney - Neocons Cheer For War 13:55:34
Western-sponsored Terrorists, Mercenaries & Media Behind Syria Death Squads 13:51:51
Ron Paul Builds Momentum in South Dakota! (June 5th primary) Supporters continue to flock to his banner.. 13:45:27
Ron Paul - Here's The Plan For Victory In Tampa 13:37:27
Mitt Romney calls for troops on the ground in Syria 13:28:09
Stop Condoms! They are against God's Will! 13:27:20
I have absolutely no idea who my government is continuously bombing to death by drone 13:16:58
UPI: "Creative chaos is in favor of the liberty movement, I think everything is more possible than other people think." 13:14:20
Ron Paul strategy keeps things interesting U.S. NEWS 13:07:04
Citigroup Lost $20 Million on Facebook IPO Trades 12:57:42
Greece to Exit Euro, New Currency to Fall 60%: Citi 12:54:25
Thoughts on My Country - May 10, 2012 12:53:59
Fukishima may kill us all. No MSM coverage as usual. 12:48:43
Ron Paul's two-bagger got the Republicans back in the game in 1983! 12:31:43
Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired by Brian Doherty 12:29:07
The Petition for a final Ron Paul Mitt Romney Debate 12:25:35
Texas - Election Statutes a complete listing of this HUGE regulatory monster. Delegate PENALTIES 12:08:47
Anonymous hacks, defaces drone maker 11:57:26
Zombie Americans Don't Know What Memorial Day is For! (Video) 11:56:09
Protest Az Gop Inaccurate Election And Unethical Ballots 11:50:36
Bank Profits Hit 5-Year High 11:49:15
Ron Paul Dissents on House Bill for Unlimited Military Aid for Israel 11:40:19
Rony 2012 11:37:30
LA Times smears Ron and Rand, claiming they diminish the oratory level in Congress 11:33:10
PCO Filings Way Up: We are doing it for the good of all Americans... 11:23:54
Did Sean Hannity From FOX News Endorse Ron Paul?! 11:23:48
Breaking: Ron Paul Endorses Romney... Omg Omg By Mad Pole 11:22:57 Poll - Wants me to call to verify 11:17:33
Media Bias Against Ron Paul 11:07:10
Small brother to bust election riggers 11:05:17
Big Alcohol Donates Money to Fight Legalization of Pot 11:00:15
Refuse to Pay Unjust Debt. 10:31:55
Do you think America is a corporation, should it have a CEO? 10:27:36
As Commandos Raid Tampa, US State Dept Demands Power to Declare War 10:27:32
I had my first speaking gig this weekend at Liberty Jam in Atlanta, GA. 10:24:18
Defense Department Seeks Legal Authority to Deploy Reservists onto American Streets 10:17:29
Syria - Reality v. Distortion 10:16:35
There is not a single pharmaceutical drug that actually makes people healthier 10:06:14
Foreign Agents Creep into U.S. & Canada Under Integration Scheme 09:59:13
Letter: Press dismisses Ron Paul 09:42:51
Policing for Profit: Innocent until proven guilty (unless you have a huge wad of cash in the car) 09:40:25
Vail Daily letter: Press dismisses Ron Paul 09:30:43
Bank Profits Hit 5-Year High 09:28:20
Groundbreaking! Ron Paul supporters heard at Town Square! 09:26:31
Swiss Co. Accused of Stiffing U.S. $750 Million for Food to Troops in Afghanistan 09:23:44
The Shadow Party logo and poster 09:16:11
A look into the future , a realisation from a non interventionist. 09:08:13
Attention Delegates/voters:We Need Your Evidence Of Vote Fraud 09:04:46
Mpls Star Tribune: Is it raining libertarians, or what? 08:40:38
A Pro Bono Bomb ? 08:32:02
Cannabis smokers show greater lung capacity and lower cancer levels than non-smokers 08:15:23
2012 RNC Social Media 06:35:32
Farewell to Americans Elect 06:16:23
Can Paul supporters then form "shadow" Republican parties too? 06:04:28
Glenn Addison Talks to RP Supporters in Dallas - CNN Newsroom with Alex Ansary 05:33:31
Walking softly and 05:32:02
Our children and youth LOVE Ron Paul and his anti-war message: see this video 05:24:27
There Was A Time; Tom Pacheco 04:56:45
Obama & Civil Liberties 04:32:16
Ron Paul - How he thinks so healthy? 04:14:11
Supreme Court Decision Overturned? Now Allows Indefinite Detention? 02:55:02 - A Chronology of Romney's Big-Governmentism 02:29:02
Think Congress is sophomoric? A study says you're right 02:19:44
We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident... 01:36:05
ATTENTION: Ron Paul, Idaho Delegates and the ongoing Cult of Unity 01:28:04
To help Liberty Candidates around the country 01:09:09
Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse Ron Paul When Asked Directly 00:59:08
Cincinnati GOP opened "Romney Victory Center" 00:55:57
Can we help this patriot? Only $20 raised? Embarrassing 00:46:32
Ron Paul - What Some Black People Think 00:38:34
Texas Students will be tracked via chips in IDs 00:31:49
The NATO/UN Army: Perpetual War … and Bankruptcy for U.S 00:28:48
Independence Day Activism 00:25:00
Ron Paul has most young supporters, and other online stats 00:24:38
When Christians Join the Liberty Movement - We Win. 00:21:20
The Ten Principles of a Neo-liberal/Socialist-Democratic Society 00:14:17
Banned from Daily Paul 2x 00:08:12