Posted on May 28, 2012

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One Foot Off the Slippery Slope: NDAA Ruled Unconstitutional 18:40:53
Eating dandelions! 17:11:13
I Am Sick Of This: U.S. Special Forces Soldiers in Uganda Now! 16:23:48
Comedy Central Blog About Massachusetts Delegates 12:39:44
Mass GOP Moves To Invalidate Caucus Ballots, Facebook Page Getting Slammed... 12:23:00
They finally get it 11:17:49
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/28/12: The Egregious Ex-Patriot Act Has No Place in a Free Society 09:20:23
South Dakota For Liberty Money Bomb 23:09:24
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Freedom Needs You! - Liberty For All Super PAC Announcement 23:59:36
Please Read, Becoming the Revolution 23:57:57
Paul's Nevada GOP party is the real deal. It is the De Facto Party. 23:45:14
"Lawyers" for Ron Paul 23:40:52
Record Turnout in Texas Early Voting 23:40:23
Texas schools to begin tracking students with IDs embedded with RFID chips 23:39:25
Terrific Cartoon: Man vs The State 23:35:34
Meghan McCain Wants Ron Paul & Mitt Romney in Her Tent? 23:31:22
Rememorial Day 23:24:00
RNC Legal Counsel: Delegates are unbound, Ron Paul poised to win the nomination 23:23:57
Do you know a delegate in Missouri, especially the St. Louis area, call them and make sure they attend the state convention 23:16:53
Rather than have Mittens tarnished at Tampa, The RINO-neocon faction will go third party 23:08:22
Mitt Romney RomneyCare 2009 - 2010 hidden truth 23:06:54
Dr. K LIVE on RBN right now 23:06:38
FREEDOM 22:58:36
Memorial 22:52:21
Ron Paul Real Plan VS Mitt Romney empty Promises 22:50:31
Will South Dakota voters rock the nation and send message to the establishment? 22:18:23
Republican NLRB Member Accused of Leaks to Romney Campaign Resigns 22:00:55
SBSS 31. How to Really Measure Inflation 21:55:17
Problem: Free Market Prosperity Used by Government To Grow Police State 21:54:36
US Special Ops commander: We've sent troops into North Korea‎ 21:35:21
Spare Change: Rising number of homeless female US veterans 20:57:16
Tomorrow Magic Number Propaganda 20:57:02
Lion sleeping with a lamb in peace 20:55:27
141: Ron Paul - The Final Fantasy Follow-Up (An Alternative Point of View) 20:54:48
Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests, Record Number of Demonstrators, Media Coverage 5/29 20:47:22
♣ Checklist for the TEXAS Primary on Tuesday May 29th 20:30:19
Read "The Law" Project 20:24:59
Racing for Ron Paul video footage 20:17:22
$5000 last-minute donation to mail California Super Brochures - The final push 19:48:47
Don’t Put Your Ballot On Facebook 19:31:03
The Stop Sign Analogy 19:16:12
Memorial Day : Arlington by Trace Adams 19:02:02
Bilderberg Reporting Hits Matt Drudge, Reaches Millions 18:58:02
Romney tells vets dangerous world demands powerful military 18:57:56
Front Page of Fox News: "Poll Shows Romney Winning The Vet Vote" 18:53:17
Romney Selling FEAR on the stump, says US still faces global threats 18:36:03
Canadian Libertarians Ed and Ethan 18:26:54
It’s Time - “America Over Party” 18:16:09
US Special Ops commander: We’ve sent troops into North Korea‎ 18:12:08
Veterans and loving pieces back into a whole 18:06:59
How to really measure inflation. 17:56:20
Behnid the scenes at the NATO and G-8 Summits: World Police Force? 17:53:03
Greece Pours $22.6 Billion Into Four Biggest Banks 17:47:06
Present Iowa RNC Representative Backed Priebus for RNC chair in 2010 17:23:58
9/11, Criminality, and Dishonesty 17:23:32
I am appearing on "Mornings in Sonoma" FM/TV/stream 8:30am morning of CA Primary 17:19:14
Gary Johnson and Rand Paul are the key to a Ron Paul victory 17:10:51
FEMA Camp Locations in US - state-by-state 17:07:33
Honor America's Dead... And Kill More Foreigners! 17:06:33
2 kind of reactions? 16:49:15
Canadians Protest Totalitarian Government Crackdowns (Video) 16:46:04
Big vs Small Government 16:37:15
Hacking Democracy with Voting Fraud - *vid* 16:35:43
Huge Day For Ron Paul in Texas! 16:25:34
Memorial Day 2012 16:11:15
If freedom is not free... 16:03:00
Panetta defends drone strikes in Yemen "to defend and protect the United States of America". 15:47:18
Texas, vote out SOPA creator tomorrow! 15:43:07
Constitutional Convention. Why Not? 15:21:56
Ron Paul should make a list of all the EOs/mandates he would repeal 15:19:24
Something to remember on this Memorial Day: "The Real Truth of Wars - Dr. Dahlia Wasfi's" 14:54:17
California Sheriffs standing up to Fed in support of Constitution 14:38:00
Liberty For All Pac- Endorses A Democrat Cargill for Travis County Constable? 14:32:12
What Ron Paul Should Have Said 14:26:02
STILL The Best Ron Paul Animation Ever! Updated for ... 14:25:13
PolicyMic on Texas 14:18:25
More than 110,000 U.S. soldiers remain on antidepressants and sedatives 14:10:22
Time to de-glamorize soldiering 13:52:34
the Dictator movie 13:49:29
If Romney Is The Republican Nominee, Vote For Obama 13:49:12
From to a RP supporter 13:44:13
A concept worth exploring? The nominee should announce all cabinet positions decisions upon nomination at the convention 13:39:53
Drudge Story (Survey) - Romney Ahead With Vets 13:38:50
What ever happened to the Liberty for All major announcement? 13:38:10
Sunscreen use actually causes cancer, it doesn't prevent it, says exhaustive scientific research! 13:28:40
Mitt Romney's Mexican Roots 13:25:21
The banksters dictionary 13:19:59
Ron Paul Supporters Abused By D.C. Occupiers 13:01:01
D.C: Capital of Panem 12:56:49
Dropkick Murphys - "Memorial Day" 12:45:18
Global Economic Collapse and Other Fun Things 12:38:09
Former Catholic Priest Accused Of Sex Abuse Now Works For TSA 12:27:17
A letter from a child, to the Veterans 12:26:41
Massachusetts GOP Attempting To Invalidate Caucus Results! 12:14:14
On this Memorial Day: War Pigs - The Fall of a Global Empire 12:09:54
Choosing "the right one". 12:08:53
13 year old boy lets War Vet have it. A must read today. 12:05:43
An Open Letter to the Troops: You’re Not Defending Our Freedoms 11:57:44
Candidates talk to veterans on Memorial Day 11:52:06
Heh... Gallup poll: "Veterans Give Romney Big Lead Over Obama" 11:26:30
Why Bush Was Right (in 2000) 11:22:30
Ma Gop At It Again (Boston Globe Article) 11:02:22
Escape From Doomsday 11:00:47
Brave Saudi woman gives religious police hell 10:10:05
25 Free RP Blimps If You Promise to Fly Them at a Convention, Bilderberg or Other Event 10:06:15
There a lots of lessons to learn from my all time favorite movie... 10:04:10
Lincoln Won the Nomination on the Third Vote and Beat the Presumptive Nominee! 10:04:04
WWII Generation: A Lost work ethic! 09:58:59
Family Guy Tea Party Episode 09:44:36
A good roundup of recent Romney Convention rigging 09:11:00
European Firms Plan for Greek Unrest and Euro Exit 09:10:52
Why Exit poll in Texas when you can be working for a Candidate? 09:03:02
This Is What Memorial Day Has Become About 08:57:51
Ron Paul: Fad, or Revolutionary?...Hmm... Really? 08:40:32
Will ANYONE in Travis County do an Exit Poll? Are there any brave Texans who will step up to the plate? 08:27:07
I visited my father's grave 08:25:32
624K Vets? 08:17:38
Police State: Ten Secrets The Police Don't Want You To Know! (How To Survive Police Encounters!) 08:12:30
Why I won't support Justin Amash any more. 08:05:25
What is happening? Something is not right here! 08:01:31
Peter Schiff was right 2006-2007 - CNBC edition 07:50:30
The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves 07:43:41
Tony Blair - called a War Criminal today-video on the record 07:41:14
sheriff Jeff Christopher, sheriff Richard Mack, and others important meeting 07:03:14
Oklahoma GOP Chairman Called Me Apologizing for Ousting me from HQ Bldg 05:20:29
Ron Paul: Fad, or revolutionary? 05:20:21
Closer to the Heart - Rush 04:21:35
Ron Pauls way 04:21:04
What happened to the Protest song? 03:55:11
If Romney can "bypass" a state GOP, then Paul can too. 03:42:58
Rick Santelli Talks Housing Recovery and Jobs 03:33:52
Romney to bypass Nevada GOP Party. 03:04:00
Some Really Odd things occurring right now on the DP? 02:48:10
Words not to Use 02:43:23
War Pigs - The Fall Of A Global Empire 02:37:35
Official Date for Your Right To Be Wrong Day - what should it be? 02:18:24
Just had to Report a Police Officer for Reckless Driving 02:06:11
Liberty Usa Pac—winning Liberty And Freedom Through Grassroots Action 01:53:53
Coordinate and plan the trip and accommodation in Tampa during the Republican National Convention here. 01:48:51
Help Us To Eliminate Voting Fraud In 2012 Ron Paul R3VOLUTION 01:28:28
Rick Santelli Demonstrates How to Manipulate the Unemployment Rate 01:21:53
Wow, Great Letter in Support of Dr. Paul! 01:13:37
Boston Globe: Mass. GOP moves to invalidate caucus ballots - Ron Paul backers cry foul 01:02:25
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BUSTED Major Scam Artist Ring And Perhaps Far Worse On The DP-Developing... 00:39:31
Dr. Paul is the only House Member consistently for the United States. 00:22:08
Evidence Reveals Obama's College Class Got Lower SAT Scores than Dubya 00:16:26
Drudge Runs Poll On "Bilderberg 2012" Go Vote! 00:07:39