Posted on May 29, 2012

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China and Japan To Start Trading Without Greenbacks 18:30:02
TV – living without it! 17:38:15
Judge Napolitano Talks About Obama’s “Kill List” - ‘Congress Should Do Something About It’ 16:23:54
Poland beekeepers kick Monsanto out of the hive, successfully ban bee-killing GM corn 15:58:55
New Poll Shows Ron Paul Is The Most Electable Candidate 13:10:29
Blue Republican or Red Democrat? The rEVOLution Crosses Party Lines 22:53:24
The next fearmonger in chief? Romney tells vets dangerous world demands powerful military 03:54:35
My Memorial Day Grope, Courtesy of TSA 03:11:17
Pat Buchanan: Bill Kristol Brags About Purging Ron Paul Types From GOP 02:17:28
Texas Primary - May 29 - Open Thread 07:59:02
Confessions of a "Paulbot" 08:28:34
LibertyUSA PAC stops election riggers, right in their tracks, by doing exit polls in California (UPDATED) 09:21:10
New Book on Ron Paul by Walter Block 12:12:18
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“End Of The Road” Film - New Release 23:53:49
Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill comes for a vote - Call your reps. 23:41:21
Mortgage Fraud-How they steal your home 23:27:30
Blame the Banks? Or the Government? Or Both? 23:22:46
John Davis of Colorado,is Another Person the Devil Posing as God, said to Run. 23:21:11
MSM Lies: Romney Did Not Win The Gop Nomination 23:12:59
Top Tens 23:12:42
Seeking Understanding - 9/11 Coming to Terms 23:03:51
Alex Jones BANNED From Bilderberg Hotel, Calls For 'Press Mob' 22:41:58
Who to vote for in CA? 22:39:02
Mitt Romney has "won" 22:38:36
♣ Q: Should I Go To My State Convention Even If I'm Not A Delegate Or Alternate? A: Absolutely Yes, And Here's Why 22:37:16
Mass Illegal Immigration Voter Fraud In Florida and The FEDS Don't Care 22:35:02
If A Polling Station Tells Me They Want To See Valid I.D Is That Unconstitutional? 22:33:49
How Ron Paul Is Injecting PRINCIPLE Into The GOP 22:24:30
Inspirational Story 22:04:00
4 Years vs 8 Years Liberty Strategy 21:59:56
"They are not using the votes to determine who wins." 21:55:42
Want a laugh watch Katy Couric special on Queen Elezabeth II on ABC 8-10CST 21:49:53
Bilderberg Coverage happening NOW! 21:47:07
John Butler on the Dollar Liability and Gold's role as the Insurance 21:46:45
CNN Produces prepared statement from Romney about how he finnally clinched the win with Texas FRAUD proof! 21:45:28
Delegates! Do NOT believe anything the MSM tells you! This is not over till TAMPA! 21:40:10
The final delegate count is not even close to what the MSM claims, it's all propaganda. The primaries mean nothing - 21:36:44
North Carolina Board of Dietitians & Nutrition Censor Paleo Blogger, Major Free Speech case arises 21:33:47
Bush cousin presides over 9/11 suit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers 21:33:26
If Mitt Romney wins in Texas, does he secure the Republican nomination? 21:32:46
_ 21:31:06
Romney clinches GOP nomination, but faces fallout from the primaries 21:12:41
Breaking: ACTA Formally Rejected in the Netherlands 21:11:46
How We Win - By a Volunteer Who Made Over 40,000 Calls For Paul 21:07:34
Hannity on FOX news just announced that Romney has just mathmatically clinched the GOP presidential nomination! 21:04:47
Texas Primary Numbers Do Not Add Up 21:03:03
Ron Paul poster idea 20:59:52
Proper introduction and Campaign Manager view 20:59:48
What The MSM & Mitt Romney Really Don't Want You To See Right Now 20:59:25
I HATE feminism! 20:42:58
FEAR- police and DEA need to protect you from Zombies 20:37:10
Help Nor Cal Activists in their Final Stretch: We Need Funding to go MEGA! 20:32:34
Bachmann winning Lamar County? 20:23:09
New Goal: Remove State Binding Rules 20:18:55
ATTN: Ron Paul Video Creators! 20:10:15
Trumped Mittens Thunder 20:06:53
For All you Texans who are Interested in a Primary Scoreboard for Tonight 19:39:34
The Atlantic: How Property Rights Could Help Save the Environment 19:31:28
More media lies on the GOP delegate numbers 19:27:10
URGENT: All SD, MT, & CA Activists, Last Chance to Have Super Brochures and Car Stickers Sent Overnight! 19:11:45
"I should have loved freedom.." 19:05:50
Robin Koerner Article: Blue Republican or Red Democrat? The rEVOLution Crosses Party Lines 18:56:29
Nato's "media Warfare": Syrian Government Blamed For Atrocities Committed By Us Sponsored Deaths Squads 18:48:28
shooting at Texas poll 18:39:03
Mitt Romney deserves coming in 3rd place in November 18:34:53
VA Gov McDonnell: Drones Over VA are Great and Right Thing to Do! 18:33:38
The Disease is our Monetary System 18:23:33
Romney Rally Crowd Count - San Diego, Memorial Day 18:15:35
Huffpost - Eli Leher: Ron Paul Should Drop Out... Comments section is priceless 18:15:19
♫Merry is the Month of May♫ Ron Paul Wins America! 18:05:32
Just Voted : TEXAS - Left over Super Brochures! 17:54:57
“The Animating Contest of Freedom” 17:49:17
A Texas primary win does little for Romney 2012 17:13:23
You CAN make a difference! 17:07:08
Road block to check drivers license: what are my rights? 17:05:33
Thank You, Dr. Paul Money Bomb 16:58:03
What is the plan of action past the "magic number"? 16:53:33
♠ Checklist For The New Jersey Primary On Tuesday June 5th UPDATED June 4th 16:43:40
Classic Friedman Video; When He's Good, He's Very Very Good 16:34:28
IRS 1099 Gold Reporting - Private Gold? - Private Silver Bullion? 16:29:39
Down to 3 16:26:43
The traitor Governor. 16:25:26
How to produce objective journalism 16:25:25
♠ Checklist For The New Mexico Primary On Tuesday June 5th and becoming a delegate for Saturday June 9th 16:23:18
Federal Reserve Research Paper 16:22:59
Stop complaining about the media, it is just not working! Here is what you can do instead 16:18:27
Where is Ron Paul? 16:11:39
Video: Guess What? MOST Veterans @ Annual Rolling Thunder Mem.Day Biker Rally want Troops to Come Home NOW! 16:09:39
Ron Paul Candidate Under Attack- Asks for Help 16:05:11
Has anyone heard from the Wead-man lately? 16:03:56
♠ Checklist for the CALIFORNIA Primary on Tuesday June 5th UPDATED as of June 3rd 16:01:26
U.S. House to vote on U.N. takeover of the internet! 16:00:56
Texas win does little for Romney 15:57:53
We Voted 15:56:41
Principled or Pragmatic voting? What have you learned from Ron Paul? How will you vote from now on? 15:53:30
Let me get this straight... 15:52:28
Sandra Pianalto, Cleveland Fed President, on Artificially Low Interest Rates, 2008 15:44:44
great quote 15:34:07
BBC News uses 'Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre' 15:32:06
Word of the Day: Herd Mentality 15:29:03
I got this email today about the Nevada Delegation & it made me FURIOUS! 15:25:04
End the Fed - Free Audiobook Download 15:24:41
Who are the Top GOP Contenders in Texas? 15:22:13
The big new thing in gold - capital adequacy ratios 15:08:14
Greece to Leave Eurozone June 18: Wealth Manager - CNBC 14:58:35
Dept of Homeland Security "Spying" Keywords Released 14:50:58
Roger Hedgecock Continues With The Ron Paul Blackout! 14:49:13
VIDEO: Ron Paul Collection 14:37:04
High school physics teacher analyzes the WTC Building 7 freefall. 14:35:11
Drones Shot Down Over Texas 14:25:15
Some Thoughts on "Taking Over the Democratic Party" 14:13:44
Scott Walker for Governor! Problem With That? 14:06:54
Why I will continue to support Justin Amash 14:05:36
What can we expect the results to look like out of Texas tonight. 14:02:30
Ron Paul - Audit Greenspan 2000 14:01:43
Fire-Safe Materials & Federal Regulations - Someone, please tell me I'm not crazy! 14:00:08
Amash votes "no" on Iran resolution that may lead to war 13:45:04
Donald Trump: The Ultimate Crony Capitalist 13:35:18
VIDEO: Cops Illegally Arrest Peaceful Prankster for "Being an Idiot" 13:32:15
I Am A Ron Paul Delegate; Here's proof 13:19:34
Get ready! The MSM will be in full LYING mode tonight saying Mittens has clinched the nomination! RP's GENIUS plan? Yep! 13:10:07
NYC councilman rails against 'Big Brother on the Internet' bill 13:00:33
The NYT’s Love Letter to Death Squads 12:46:06
If we "take over" the gop will the media simply find another party to promote? Go Independent now! 12:45:27
Two Small Asteroids Buzz Earth In One - Two Punch 12:45:11
17 Year Old Girl Included On Obama's 'Secret Kill List' 12:38:13
Extremely Frightening ! Obama working on Kill List 12:32:17
How Fukushima May Show Up In Your Sushi 12:30:40
HuffPost needs a lesson! 12:29:13
This will make you laugh. Saw this poll on Gretawire: 12:19:59
President Romney, Secretary of State Liberman and War Against Iran 12:17:40
The Cartels Think They're Going To Take Our Social Security 12:11:13
Afghan Villagers Fall Victim to Neighboring US Firing Range 12:11:02
Sound Money Bill of South Carolina Could be Sabotaged by CFR Infiltrators 12:03:30
Blame Troops on Memorial Day for the Wars? Then Blame Dr. Paul Because He Went! 12:03:02
NY Times: Obama Secret Kill Lists. 12:00:15
War on Iran: US Launches New Computer Virus "Weapon of Mass Destruction" 11:57:00
What will the bought media, radio, newspaper, etc do once Paul is elected. 11:51:56
(Video) Drones Shot Down Over Texas 11:43:32
17 Year Old Honor Student, Working Two Jobs To Support Family, Jailed For Truancy! | | 5.29.12 11:41:42
RNC Legal Counsel : Delegates Are UNBOUND, Ron Paul Poised To Win The Nomination 11:37:29
Target on your cyber back: DHS has a list of words deemed ‘suspicious’ 11:30:33
Ron Paul Is NOT Racist! 11:24:20
[Old, Faked] Video of WTC Building 7 11:09:21
Do You Want Legal Remedy For Elelection Fraud Violations? 11:04:48
GATA - is there a reason I can't get to their website? 11:03:42
Do YOU Want Remedy for Election Fraud Violations? 11:03:40
Look at this gem of a quote by Samuel Adams 11:02:12
What happens if they just cancel the GOP convention and declare romney the winner after today? 10:54:52
Third time to vote Ron Paul for President 09:58:50
Check "Team Nevada" paperwork to see if it is GOP or not. 09:27:10
Pat Buchanan's latest column on Bill Kristol is... 09:26:21
Obama is the kill decider in chief - NY Times Article 08:53:08
"Romney likely to hit 'magic number' on Tuesday"? Wow. 08:50:58
Attention: All States with New Paul Chairpersons-Beware of Fleecing. Protect GOP Property. 08:49:04
Pro-Ron Paul Editorial from Smart Remarks - Paul the ONLY candidate with military budget cuts 08:46:58
Prayers for today and next week 08:43:43
Is Secrecy at Bradley Manning Court-Martial about Security or Embarrassment? 08:43:13
VIDEO: Alex Jones talks with Dr.Jerome Corsi re: Obama Birth overup 08:32:43
Taxpayers to now backstop entire derivatives trading: not just the banks, BUT clearing houses! 08:12:52
Top 7 reasons why I endorsed Ron Paul 08:07:51
If there are any late-nighters out there, San Francisco County is nearly 100% bought: please mop up the rest! 01:44:00
Beware of Solicitations for Personal Details and Contact Info 07:35:25
Austin primary May 29th rides to vote 07:33:14
What happens when you bite the hand that feeds you? 07:27:34
I still haven't actually met a Romney supporter 06:34:11
Ron Paul Real Plan to save America VS Mitt Romney's Promises 06:09:32
Link: Do We Keep Our Mouths Shut? 05:29:46
VIDEO: Guy Tries to Sell 1 Oz Gold Coin for $25 05:05:21
ALERT: Mitt Romney Meets with Rand Paul 04:27:52
Why The Party and Media Elites Don't Understand 'The Liberty Movement' 03:47:09
Team Nevada 03:22:12
We Should Declare Paul, De Facto President, if Federal Gov Goes Rogue as Per 'Red Dawn". 03:13:03
Understanding Article V (hint: there's no such thing as a 'con-con') 02:19:02
Sheriff Mack takes on Author Of SOPA, Lamar Smith, in Texas Tomorrow (Tuesday)! 02:12:38
Texas Primary Will Be Big Day For Romney! Lmao 01:51:14
Lori Sotelo @ WA ron paul rally. 01:24:01
RNC Legal Counsel: Delegates are unbound, Ron Paul poised to win the nomination 00:31:03
The Greatest Challenge for Libertarians in 21st Century 00:21:26
A discussion on Race Relations in America 00:20:36
When veterans of the r3VOLution become obsolete 00:17:11
TSA spent $1 billion to spot terrorists... has not caught a single terrorist in 5 years 00:15:53
To South Dakotans: be prepared for INTIMIDATION! Be ready! We are behind you. 00:09:51 is the best website to send undecided voters to AMAZING resource. 00:08:22
Trace Radiation Found In West Coast Tuna 00:00:33