Posted on June 1, 2012

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One Media Outlet Breaks The Silence 16:30:00
Next 4 Days Are HUGE For Ron Paul! 13:18:03
Ron Paul Crushes the Market, Outperforms by 9% 12:41:23
Daily Paul Malware Alert 11:34:21
I saw an expert on TV who said Ron Paul will win it all 12:39:54
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Need Help Brainstorming - Want to Develop Phone App for Delegates 23:59:07
The Ron Paul Revolution is under attack by Youtube/Google, maybe. 23:56:36
Major Gas Company screwing over the average american 23:45:29
Google's " Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! " is BOGUS! 23:34:02
Sikh Soldiers allowed to serve, retain their articles of faith, but American Indians aren't given same rights 23:25:41
I have a dream 23:19:21
GateHouse Media Still Shows (Rightfully) that Ron Paul is in the Running! 23:18:47
Former Santorum-turned Romney Supporter says Romney is as Liberal as Obama - but "Obama Must Go!" 23:14:20
Romney net worth remains near $250 million 23:12:13
Daily Paul Weather Alert 22:56:47
Economic Doom 6 Months From Now!? 22:46:11
End The FaceCrook Monopoly On The Tampa Convention! 22:41:19
VIDEO: Bilderberg Members Discuss Killing Ron Paul (and His Supporters) 22:26:42
AIPAC Prostitute Mike Pence, Indiana Joins Audit Bill 21:45:01
US Debt Soars By $54 Billion Overnight 21:43:50
Help! Daily Paul is attacking my brain. It is filling my head with those idea things! 21:40:21
I helped Rayzer and Dr. Steve with my donations 21:36:12
Florida Executive Committee Filing Deadline June 8 21:30:06
Occupy LA Police Provocateuring? 21:26:03
Bilderberg Members Discuss Killing Ron Paul 21:15:24
SEC: Taking on Big Firms is 'Tempting,' But We Prefer Picking on Little Guys 21:10:52
Liberty Minded Filmmakers 20:40:32
Malware Alert 20:22:56
Ron Paul Republicans take over Nevada GOP 20:15:42
Europe proposes banking union to ease debt crisis 20:14:03
Gold compared to USD, EUR and other currencies 20:12:10
PA CD18 Delegate needs help 19:51:52
Ron Paul Endorsed by South Dakota State Rep. Brian Liss 19:37:52
Hate to break up a good mood but a bro needs our help 19:23:05
Illinois Rep Screams in Outrage on House floor! (The tyranny is coming unglued) 19:20:27
Why is Peter Schiff promoting the Gold Standard? 19:08:39
Washington State Convention - UStream 18:24:34
Isn't There Enough Posts About the Bilderberg Yata Yata yata? 18:13:47
♣ Contact me if you're considering going to your state convention as a delegate, alternate or guest. I offer free advice 18:12:48
Matt Larson 10 at his BEST! 17:57:49
Meet Ron Paul's other sons- Robert and Ronnie 17:45:44
WA state convention...rules being broken ...convention being delayed. why! 17:23:33
The Real 2012 Delegate Count for the Republican Primaries & Caucuses 17:20:17
Hilarious video! 16:31:53
google is at it again 16:13:40
Philly mayor - Don't feed your brothers on public park land 16:09:28
U.S. Presses Europe on Banking Crisis 16:05:26
Bill Kauffman, The American Conservative Mag: (Ron Paul) Ballot of a Thin Man 16:01:41
Judge Forces JW's to give daughter blood transfusion 16:01:24
U.S. Congress Dumb and Dumber and the Facebook IPO Fiasco 15:53:26
G. Edward Griffin on Ron Pauls'/ Restore America Plan 15:45:46 contains malware? 15:45:15
Very entertaining guardian story on Bilderberg 15:40:40
Don't rock the boat! Get in the boat, and try to convince them to let you steer! Texas Republican Convention Guide! 15:29:03
Pulling out of Iraq 15:21:06
Stand Tall with Ron Paul in Tampa! 15:12:19
Why you think the prenatal non discrimination act bill was brought up at this time? 15:12:09
VIDEO: Patronizing Chinese Volkswagen Ad Shows Us the Shape of Elite Future 15:09:30
Who Will Be Ron Paul's VP(matlarsen10) 15:08:48
Tick Tock Tick Tock: Floridian Liberty Lovers Have Mere Hours Left. 15:05:57
Does the Washington Times deserve a round of applause? 15:05:44
Is This Guy the Democratic Ron Paul? 14:58:44
Have you looked at your credit report/ score lately? 14:47:20
Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it 14:46:17
Economic indicators fall off a cliff 14:40:38
The Census Is Back 14:27:52
Google Purposely Messing up This Website 14:23:14
Banks Siphon Student Dollars through Campus Debit Card Deals 14:01:34
Gold bull market is starting back up. 13:47:59
Ron Paul Battle Cries/Chants at Bilderberg 2012 VIDEO 13:45:07
Updated: Daily Paul Malware Alert 13:39:30
Breaking: Nasdaq Report: Ron Paul Crushes The Market, Outperforms By 9% 13:33:11
Live Ustream Alex Jones @ BILDERBERG 13:31:31
Top Six Mitt Donors All Banks; Banks Abandon Obama 13:17:48
Obama Lied Again: Had Secret Drug Company Deal to Push Obamacare 13:16:35
Your Personal Identity for Sale! You Internet it; Rascals sell it! 13:09:55
Obama Kill List 13:09:28
Firefox just told me the DP is a reported attack site 13:08:10
Buddy Roemer on Morning Joe 13:00:12
JPMorgan boss to testify to Congress twice in June 12:59:09
I Dare The Ron Paul Haters To Hate This One! 12:55:52
Max Keiser: Hugo Salinas Price, Misesian Mexican Billionaire's Econ Recovery Plan = Ron Paul & Silver! Silver! Silver! 12:54:53
IF anything happened to Dr. Paul... 12:53:03
Delegates & Alternates - Do Not Ignore This 12:51:45
John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012 12:46:12
NASDAQ: Ron Paul Crushes the Market, Outperforms by 9% 12:43:47
2012 Presidential Platform Survey 12:36:21
Quotes from Mrs Reagan 12:34:50
Ron Paul Joins Democrats in Defeating Sex Selection Abortion Ban 12:31:08
Please donate to WeAreChange Moneybomb 12:27:56
Hugo Salinas Price on Introducing Silver Standard in Greece *vid* 12:27:32
2011 UN Report Homicides and Firearms 12:18:42
The Cable News Nightmare: CNN in audience crisis 12:05:07
I will hunt you down if you miss the Texas Convention 11:56:11
Bill Kaufmann Article on Ron Paul at The American Conservative 11:52:51
What has America Become...are we still "home of the brave, land of the free"? 11:48:45
Essex County NJ Ron Paul Supporters 11:45:02
~ Ron Paul Prophecy Happening NOW ~ FED Plan Stops Working ~ Global Economy Hangs Over Cliff ~ Friday 6/1/2012 11:39:53 hacked? 11:22:28
Daily Paul may be having malware issue, or... 11:21:57
My county is now under watch by Homeland Security, aka Big Brother 11:18:14
Daily Paul blocked - Look at the reasons! 11:15:00
Report: Obama Ordered Stuxnet Assault 11:10:04
Daily Paul Listed as Attack Site 10:56:22
google 10:55:31
Alarming report from Bilderberg journalist Jim Tucker about Ron Paul 10:29:12
Let The Games Begin - getting ready to leave for the convention 10:23:19
I live in Tampa Bay Florida and would like to offer a place to stay for a few Delegates. What would be the best way to do it? 10:21:27
Daily Paul is Google Blocked Today 10:20:30 virus site? 10:14:33
Venezuela bans guns 10:13:16
googles attacking 10:13:16
Ron Paul Endorsed by South Dakota State Rep. Brian Liss! 09:56:04
♫ Any bonds today?♫ 09:49:16
Firefox: Daily Paul - Reported Attack Page 09:45:09
DP an attack page and where is RonPaulCountry? 09:39:43
Google "Warning" About Daily Paul 09:38:59
Lets takeover the Huffington Post 09:24:18
Malware warning 09:09:35
In libertarian wave, GOP sells its soul - naive commentary and naive comments! 09:08:34
Daily Paul Target of Dirty Tricks 09:06:22
Malware warning? 09:04:10
. 09:03:22
Malware warning? 09:01:20
Jerry Doyle-I love him! 08:59:39
Romney intel briefings to start after official nomination 08:48:39
Israel's Deputy PM Admits Iran Didn't Threaten to Wipe Israel Out 08:44:51
Nevada GOP Shadow Party Elbows Past Feud With Ron Paul 08:40:13
*Online POLL* La Mesa, CA please vote 08:29:32
Illinois Rep Goes Off The Rails (In The Best Possible Way) 08:28:57
Just received an email from Ann Romney 08:13:45
Bilderberg 2012 Power Elites Plot in Secrecy 08:12:50
Can someone PLEASE explain this to me? Ron Paul supports gender based abortion? 08:09:47
Convention center fills with Ron Paul craze 07:51:50
Bizarre post from; Fukushima unnatural event; next earthquake planned 6-21 07:08:29
Lets talk about GOD 05:34:07
Talks under way to give control of internet to UN 04:23:00
paul votes against non discrimination bill on abortion? 04:19:24
Stephen Colbert Tries To Stay Off Obama’s Kill List 04:10:22
Ron Paul Has Clinched 1,144 Delegates who Will Attend His Paul Festival In Florida. 04:07:07
Kelley: Love triangle gone awry 03:59:51
Breaking: Romney did not win nomination 03:55:27
Official List Of Bilderberg Attendees 2012 03:37:59
Veteran Security for Paul fest... 03:37:14
Washington State Convention tomorrow 03:34:35
Conceived in Liberty 03:20:26
DOJ eyes Florida voter roll purge of non-U.S. citizens 02:48:21
Neoconservative Foreign Policy Destroyed VIDEO! 02:40:36
Ron Paul's Velvet Revolution 02:31:58
Ron Paul Endorsed By South Dakota State Rep. Brian Liss 01:58:15
Sack the California Republican Convention 01:36:16
Security at Paulfest updated 01:22:23
Rick Santorum to Louisiana GOP- make sure 'bona fide' supporters represent me in Tampa 01:09:45
Liberty Candidate For Congress Running Against Eric Cantor In Virginia 01:03:20
Libertarian Party of Canada 00:56:08
HuffPost: RNC money going to Team Nevada shadow party 00:54:14
If trying to win a rigged game does not work , please consider my plan B . 00:41:09
Nevada GOP Shadow Party Elbows Past Feud With Ron Paul 00:35:47
Can You Tell Me How To Get, How To Get to Guantanamo Bay? 00:28:39
Monopolies - Private or Government - Bad For Consumers/Citizens 00:11:46
How Aussies see American Influence - Ron Paul Could Change That 00:02:12
Romney supporters know how to boo, too 06:01:06