Posted on June 2, 2012

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Ron Paul Is Coming To Fort Worth, Texas This Thursday! 20:18:40
Ron Paul supporter has fingers broken at contested Louisiana GOP convention 18:33:28
Only 19% See Obama, Romney As Best Possible Presidential Candidates 12:33:24
CNN just experienced its worst month in almost 20 years 10:10:30
Police Assault Ron Paul Delegate at LAGOP Convention 13:29:58
L.L. Bean part owner elected to represent Maine on the Platform Committee today 11:22:12
Establishment Shenanigans in Louisiana 09:51:50
"WHAT Is The Greatest Weakness That A Romney Supporter Has?" 04:21:50
Congressional District 7 WA State Convention Clean Sweep for Ron Paul! 00:35:35
New TMOT Video: Romney Supporters Reach Out To Paul Supporters 00:13:10
Washington State Convention - May 30-June 2 - Open Thread 02:06:09
Missouri GOP Convention Live Stream #mocon #mogop 01:06:25
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Thaddeus McCotter ends write in campaign! 23:58:52
What were the Missouri convention results? 23:56:11
How about a Ron Paul Caucus in Congress? 23:48:49
Devaluation Disregarded: Zero Hedge *vid* 23:39:05
I fear we are entering a very scary new phase 23:33:42
Delegate Count from Lemon Global: Romney 815 Paul 675! 23:21:02
Tea Party and Occupy activists rub shoulders at Bilderberg protest 23:09:55
Ron Paul has effectively disappeared from the public eye. 23:09:30
Mr. Smith 23:01:25
CIA Accused of Politically-Motivated Censorship! 22:51:15
New York, New York -video- 22:47:42
Anybody want a stack of RP Super Brochures? 22:44:50
UTAH/others - do you need pre-made Slim Jim packets for FREE? 22:38:22
Send a Sympathy Note to Our Injured Friends in Louisiana 22:30:14
Was this the plan all along? More centralized power in Europe? 22:29:23
Now Obama's eligibility being challenged in FL. 21:57:02
Obama Gets Left Behind 21:36:33
Thoughts on Louisiana, Civility and Winning-from campaign website 21:27:11
Live Feed (Occupy Bilderberg) 21:24:40
Ron Paul wins inflation bet, makes estimated $300K in one day 21:22:00
So what is the Ron Paul campaign doing? 21:09:29
Former Hedge Funder’s Fearful Forecast: We‘re Looking at ’The Biggest Economic Shock the World Has Ever Seen’ & There’s Nothing 21:04:00
Ron Paul could still run third party 20:17:04
Which of you is angry enough to win South Dakota on behalf of our Louisiana revolutionaries? I'll put $1000 down (UPDATED). 20:10:34
What is the final outcome for LA RP delegates today? 20:02:16
Missing video 20:00:49
Keiser Report: Unelected Officials 19:59:11
"Christian based" End Times Survival Guide 19:53:10
Obama Considers all Military-Aged Males to be Militants 19:38:40
BREITBART : Glenn Beck Is A Liar, Thief and A Coward (Video) 19:29:48
Where's Ron Paul? I believe the RP Campaign is trying to stay under the RNC radar so Romney spies don't pick up and report back. 19:28:56
Educate people to not invest in government bonds. 19:21:45
HOT: Gary Johnson Interview - Just How Libertarian is Gary Johnson? 19:12:28
So Many Guns, So Much Fun: Legal Pocket Carry *video* 19:10:51
Upon hearing the news that the police broke a RP supporter's fingers... 19:10:00
URGENT for the win in California. LibertyUSA PAC puts boots on the ground to fight the fraud - needs your help! 19:09:56
If You Just Became A RNC Delegate For Mitt Romney 18:27:45
Bilderberg Members Discuss Killing Ron Paul ! 18:27:17
Video: SWAT-ting = Untraceable & Anonymous Prank Callers stick SWAT on Bloggers They don't like! 18:25:16
Updated Delegate Numbers As Of 6/2/12 18:23:04
Mitt Romney is part of the "Regular Republican Organization" ? 18:03:28
Smear Artists for the Total State: Tom DiLorenzo on the libelers of the left 18:01:38
G. Edward Griffin Endorses Ron Paul! *must See - Video* 17:41:56
Ron Paul campaign statement on Louisiana GOP convention 17:16:11
Ron Paul video containing "what's going on here"? 17:05:49
Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway? 17:01:10
Kirk Just Another Krook in Kongress: co-sponsored bills helping ex-girlfriend's clients 16:59:42
Looking For: Romney-bush Connections For Feature Article 16:46:34
♣ For whatever reason, we're not showing up to the conventions. This needs to stop! I'm calling on all grassroots leaders 16:44:31
To think TPTB could be bombing this country is insane 16:39:03
Can you get a gallon of milk or batteries from your bank? 16:32:48
Need Help on Who / What to Vote For In CA next Tues., June 6... 16:32:16
Louisiana GOP Denies Ron Paul Delegates 16:32:03
Veteran Grabbed, Groped, and Inoculated at Bilderberg 16:30:29
4 Ron Paul Films Added to One of the Hottest Internet Movie Sites 16:20:31
Paul Supporters Boo Romney's Son Josh at Washington State GOP Convention 16:14:24
Please People, For Ron Paul's Sake, Show Up 16:12:14
Bilderberg protest live stream 16:04:51
Truth Pursuers 15:58:52
Hoard of 25,000 Roman Coins Found in UK 15:58:17
Just got a letter and survey from Reince Priebus... 15:49:24
Egypt's Mubarak sentenced to life in prison 15:48:01
Ron Paul will FLUSH these Bilderberg scum down the toilet. 15:15:20
Sound Money Bill in Danger of Corruption Beyond Use 15:15:03
Assault of Ron Paul chair at Louisiana GOP Convention. 15:04:49
Will Ron Paul will be speaking at the Texas State Convention? 15:01:04
Governor Jindal & Illegal Contributions - bank fraud charges against businessman 14:44:32
GOP Civil Rights Violations and Election Fraud 14:43:20
Ron Paul's BIGGEST Secret 14:42:42
MSM, Neocons, and Warmongers Exposed in Hoala, Syria False Flag Massacre! 14:36:47
Spotting a NWO Agent Provocateur 101 14:29:43
'Beware a rerun of the Great Panic of 2008' 14:24:24
Ron Paul Fest 14:19:04
The Importance of Sleep 13:59:39
LA GOP Convention 13:57:45
Ashamed to be a Republican? Me too. This Hoax Affects Everyone *video* 13:52:50
Updated Delegate Numbers As Of 6/2/12 13:40:53
Funny rap song: Assange vs. Murdock 13:35:26
Help TX Delegates go to State Covention in Ft. Worth NOW!.. "VIDEO" n' Wepay Link <-Share:) 13:25:47
People's Minds Are Changing. 13:07:34
Alt. Delegate to Convention 13:00:25
Being Pro-Life Is Hard When You're A Guy! 12:52:33
Freedom Vs Liberty – what is the difference? 12:37:42
What are you eating for your energy? 12:32:54
Carpetbaggers, Scalawags And Radical Republicans 11:51:06
Possible Romney VP picks. America must know the dirt on these people! 11:46:22
"The MSM has duped the ignorant public."? ...Really?...Ok, I have a Question: 11:44:18
Stop the UN's Law of the Seas Treaty 11:24:44
What do you say? 11:18:12
LIVE Blog from Missouri Caucus 11:14:43
Tell the RNC that you gave to Ron Paul 11:06:22
Amazing Ron Paul Car Stickers for Free! 11:05:59
Iran has an imperialist agenda. 11:02:00
Watch the Missouri GOP convention live! 10:44:48
A friendly social media game. Let's all play... 10:39:43
Ron PAUL Movement CONFRONTS Political OPERATIVE Who Tried to Hijack the Revolution (Part 2) 10:32:50
*Update* The Most Taboo Issue In Society: Psychoactive Drugs That Aren't Marijuana (Reflection of Miami Incident) 10:24:50
This Article is a Golden tool to Expose the Fearmonger Media! 10:24:07
Texas Counties, Coleman, McCuloch, Brown, Comanche, Earth. read! 09:49:08
romney is a keynesian 09:36:48
MSM reports - New President is Sworn into Office - Jan 20, 2013 09:27:00
Neal Fox on the Press For Freedom Show Ron Paul Radio 09:25:22
Pat Buchanon column- ...on a crucial question 09:17:08
Should Ron Paul Supporters Apply for Food Stamps? 08:41:18
Bilderberg Members Discuss Killing Ron Paul 08:27:59
The Louisiana State Party cannot change the rules - the deadline has passed. VERY Important 08:26:56
Koch Brothers Plan To Funnel Tens Of Millions To Conservative Allies To Influence 2012 Elections 08:02:09
Ron Paul assassination plot? 07:54:05
Shenanigans in Louisiana 07:48:37
Montana Shooting Sports Association: Ron Paul still in it to win it! 07:45:52
Video-110% effort in California before the vote! 07:31:22
Adam@Bilderberg P0WnZ Genius GeoPolitical Analyst / Statist 'Intellectual Idiot': Webster Tarpley 06:45:16
The Political Compass Test 06:25:28
Everyone, Wake Up! 05:06:18
Is This Legal? Reince Priebus Officially States Mitt Romney Is The RNC Candidate ! 03:28:08
Need help paying RNC National Convention Delegation fee! 02:57:11
This day in 1776 02:42:19
Bilderberg Makes Russia Today 02:36:57
Libertarian Educational System 02:32:47
Peter Thiel, Ron Paul PAC Contributing Libertarian Billionaire, Attends Bilderberg 02:16:22
Ron Paul Seeks to Keep Caucus Advantage 02:05:42 is up! 01:49:34
To many people asking for money to Texas Convention. 01:39:59
Japanese seismologists warn seismic tension is building on a tectonic plate east of Tokyo 01:23:50
Ron Paul Death Plot Revealed at Bilderberg 2012? 01:14:21
Britain - Authority 01:03:57
Soldiers. 00:46:51
Books to Die For 00:10:31
Update: June 5 Primaries-Wisconsin Voters to Flip Coin on Recall 16:21:12