Posted on June 4, 2012

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Boston Globe Editorial: State GOP shouldn’t use tricks to defrock Ron Paul backers 19:36:32
Washington State GOP Orchestrates a Coup 15:28:43
South Dakota Grassroots On Front Page Of Argus Leader 13:12:42
To Henry Herford Jr. and Alex Helwig 11:43:23
United Bases of America 11:00:43
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/4/12: On a Fast Track to War in Syria; Time to Put on the Brakes! 02:37:56
Ron Paul Article Goes Viral: On reddit Front Page (shocking to say the least!) 00:41:53
Ron Paul Wins Louisiana! (Matlarson10) 02:05:34
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Site Maintenance 23:47:48
Microsoft Virus out of the blue 21:41:45
Doug Wead: Behind the Brutality in Louisiana 21:40:48
Need help finding Republican National Committee bylaws 21:35:32
How a Veteran (Oath Keeper) would survive a Zombie Apocalypse 21:32:37
Old video but has ron paul supporter in it and for those who haven't seen it Might enjoy it 21:24:30
Lakeland Florida man arrested for spitting on sidewalk 21:19:02
Louisiana 'FASCIST' Moment : Ron Paul Delegates Assaulted, Arrested 21:08:53
Discouragement Not Allowed: Tell Them How They're Behaving 21:00:59
Company Vows Mars Colony by 2023, Funded by Reality Show 20:51:09
Twisted GOP Spin: La. GOP elects national convention delegates-reports 1 for Ron Paul 20:31:10
Justin Amash "Beat the PACs" money bomb 20:30:50
LOL@Romney promo video 20:24:38
EMERGENCY: Lawsuit Filing this Week Against the RNC 20:17:49
VA Loan Modification Proposal 20:05:56
Ron Paul Revolution California: Tomorrow, June 5: Come Out At 5:00 A.M.! 20:04:56
CS Monitor: Does Ron Paul want his supporters to cool it? 19:52:59
Louisiana's most valient freedom fighter, Henry Herford, Jr., on the radio TONIGHT with Dr. K.,, 9-11 CST 19:50:07
>Freeway Over Pass< The only FREE way to reach 1000's of people per hour! 19:47:25
Paul Fest in Tampa, THINK out of the Box. How about PAUL Fest of the SEAS 19:26:32
Pending 19:24:20
Ron Paul Wins Delegate Majority in Louisiana — Despite “Nazi”-style Police State Tactics 19:22:00
Is This Your Perspective, Too? 19:11:55
Ron Paul Still Has a Trump Card to Play! 18:58:11
Alabama adopts state ban on UN Agenda 21 18:57:25
Ron Paul Sign Wave in Laguna Bch CA 3Jun12 18:49:04
Photographic Evidence of Bullet Hole in JFK Limousine Windshield 'Hiding in Plain Sight' 18:37:00
Rare cosmic event #TransitOfVenus tonight after primaries in #CA #SD #MT #NM #NJ Vote #RonPaul! Paul Is In to Win! 18:23:45
If I wanted to Save America 19:21:53
Tom Woods Makes The Case Against Obama In Three Minutes 18:16:42
Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21 18:13:07
Robert's Rules on abstentions 18:07:35
Collectivism and Individualism Explained by G. Edward Griffin 18:07:09
CSM: Does Ron Paul want his supporters to cool it? 18:05:30
Tomorrow is CRUCIAL to the Ron Paul Campaign! 17:55:10
this wouldn't even be given a thought in our world 17:54:55
Tonight 7 pm est on The Comedy Caucus Ron Paul Radio: Can there be a peaceful revolution? 17:47:22
Honest Delegate Count 17:42:56
Need Help on who to vote for in LA County, CA, June 5. Any Suggestions? 17:35:25
Carl Wimmer Hired By Nevada GOP 17:25:51
How can we honestly combat blatant cheating and making up of rules by the GOP? 17:15:36
So California Primary election Liberty Candidates VOTE June 5th~ 17:04:16
Police Statement on Arrest of Henry Herford 16:48:32
#CA primaries June 5 US Senate: Libertarian #GailLightfoot OR #Rick Williams (R)? OPEN THread 16:39:03
Do we even have the five states we need to nominate Ron Paul? 16:38:31
Has the Establishment Over played Their Hand Cheating Ron Paul? 16:33:17
Can we choose the VP? 16:31:31
One Nation Under Surveillance -Chuck Baldwin 16:25:56
Pamphleteers of the Revolution 16:25:27
The Hoarding Continues: China Purchases A Record 100 Tons Of Gold In April From Hong Kong 16:17:45
Ron Paul Wins La Gop Delegate Majority 16:14:16
Henry Herford Jr., Assaulted Ron Paul Chairman in Louisiana on Ron Paul Radio right now 16:10:47
Romney already has over 1,144 delegates... 16:06:36
Ben Swann is looking for Henry Herford for an interview 15:58:35
Resources & Remedies - Action Item! 15:57:21
Bailout Alert! U.S. Federal Reserve Secretly Provided $ 114 Billion To Canada’s Big Banks 15:46:25
Vietnam: American Holocaust 15:40:15
Project Leaf - Building Communities 15:36:53
The Police State Grows - My Story - Take Heed! 15:22:42
Justice Dept to monitor elections June 5th 15:20:15
Banking Run of 2008 Could Repeat (Important) 15:16:53
Local candidates - How the Ron Paul campaign could really help out our country now. 15:06:47
Stealth Destroyer - another colossal waste of taxpayer dollars 15:00:49
Supreme Court sides with Secret Service agents in free-speech case 14:57:20
US Dollar Tipping Over 14:55:40
Vote for our Liberty Candidates in California 14:32:32
GOP To Ron Paul Supporters: Get Lost 14:26:46
Bilderberg Group scared of the Paul family 14:22:46
We will be doing a #LibertyQuote TwitterBomb 7:30PM EST! 14:16:40
Wow, this 12 year old canadian girl understands the banking system better than most US economists! 14:15:35
Immortal Technique spittin some truth 14:15:22
Romney Nomination May Be Contested 14:12:27
Should Anyone be Surprised? 14:08:05
Video> US News & World Report, & RawStory: Ron Paul snatches (MORE than) Half of Louisiana's Delegates! 14:03:53
Norwegian media released edited videos of Breivik in Court, but why? 13:58:56
Bloomberg Backs Plan To Limit Arrests For Marijuana 13:48:19
Bilderberg Group Map Visually Explains It All-Who? What? When? Where? How?! 13:46:30
(RT) Megaupload Has No Rights? U.S. Broke It's Own Rules By Going After Internet Giant 13:41:56
What are the real numbers of Paul supporters in the delegate counts? 13:40:47
. 13:40:06
Call Your Senators and Representatives & Tell Them about Louisiana Convention 13:36:43
CFR Proposes Using Army To Enforce Domestic Law 13:36:01
RT News: Bilderburg scared of the Paul family 13:34:46
Israel and America Openly Admit Engaging In Cyber Warfare Against Iran 13:33:05
Louisiana goes to #RonPaul 27 Romney 19 | Today Battle for #CA #MT #SD #NJ #NM primaries VOTE! 13:32:16
Ex MF Global CEO Corzine may face civil claims 13:30:01
Eco-Fascist James Hansen Admits Global Warming Is Not Man Made 13:27:52
Answering the "Ron Paul has to endorse state incumbents or he'll be kicked out of the GOP" posts 13:24:05
Britain Moves To Invade Syria Under 'Humanitarian' Pretext 13:23:02
Romney Advisors claim they could announce VP like McCain did before tampa 13:23:02
? at-large delegate selection (texas) resume question 13:17:57
Will Rand Paul Be Mitt Romney's VP Choice? 13:16:53
"War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" 13:08:19
How Much Freedom Of The Press Is There At The New York Times? 12:57:49
Money Men: The Powerful and the Secret Names Behind Campaign Dough 12:57:38
Court : Can Police Detain Without Warrant? 12:55:24
Texans Say "NO" To Voting 12:50:22
I Will Not Unite Under a Banner of Fascism 12:45:48
Ron Paul Quote of The Day 12:44:20
My reply to ad hominem attacks that Dr Ron Paul is nuts! 12:34:33
Justin Amash "Money Bomb" Today 12:34:07
Federal Law Proves All Delegates Are UNBOUND! All Delegates Must See This! 12:34:02
In case you want a President Paul Pick-Me-Up VIDEO 12:24:31
Politically Connected Bank Gets a Dodd-Frank Waiver - Emigrant Bank Obama Bundler 12:19:20
Justin Amash "Beat the PACs" Money Bomb 12:13:37
Cobra Commander of GI Joe voting for ron paul? 12:07:30
Bernanke does something hes never done before! 12:03:33
EPA Using Drones To Spy On Cattle Ranchers In Iowa & Nebraska 12:00:01
Dick Cheney's Secret Service Agents Shielded From Lawsuit, Supreme Court Rules 11:55:20
Ignored, Unresolved, and Covered-Up but Not Forgotten: Israel's Unprovoked Attack on the USS Liberty 11:54:16
How Ron Paul Grows The Party 11:49:47
Shreveport, Louisiana woman gets beat up by GOPS ... 11:42:47
Obama campaign vs. Paul campaign - Intellectually disparate 11:41:28
Romney campaign official admits we are in secret talks with them. 11:41:13
Bug out/in survival stove! On the road to being self-sufficient 11:37:56
Why Ron Paul Is Focusing On End The Fed 11:31:44
UPDATE: WIN in CA! Bloated Bureaucracy is No Life Raft for California’s Sinking Ship 15:20:37
City Planning and the UN 11:17:26
Louisiana elected delegates going to National convention, so far 11:10:57
Iowa - June 5th Primary 11:07:41
Update:Dear Multitudes of Romney Delegates: Thank you for being Stealth Ron Paul supporters 11:06:26
Videos: Ron Paul, LearnLiberty, Gary Johnson and Walter Block | 6.4.12 10:58:15
Weaker Gold & Silver Prices Spurs Stampede to Physical Coins 10:50:13
Ron Paul Will Make You Richer! 10:29:56
EPA Using Drones to Spy on Cattle Ranchers in Nebraska and Iowa 10:24:45
Fraud? 04:23:54
The Time is NOW! YOU Are Not Working Hard Enough! 10:14:20
Bilderberg Members label protesters "COCKROACHES" 10:12:03
Sample Anti-Drone Ordinance for Your City 09:58:34
War In The White House : Attorney General Eric Holder and Top Obama Advisor David Axelrod had To Be Seperated 09:52:05
Video of history of the r3volution 09:50:41
1.6 Trillion Dollars More Debt : Fiscal Conservatives Have Been Raped By The Republican Party 09:43:24
Saw this comment. I though u all should read... 09:42:13
Another Ron Paul Inspired Song! 09:39:57
Jim Tucker : Bilderberg Wants Mitch Daniels As Romney's VP 09:36:52
Alex Jones Makes Drudge Front Page on Bilderberg Protests 09:35:37
CFR Proposes Using Army To Enforce Domestic Law 09:30:34
The truth vs reality! 09:23:04
Why did Thomas Massie win in Kentucky's 4th Congressional District? 09:04:13
Spain needs 350 billions Euros 08:53:21
Article on Corruption, Your Review Would be Appreciated 08:33:25
Mitt Romney’s top political adviser: Mitt Romney 08:29:01
Email your local AM Radio Stations! 08:06:35 incorrectly had Willard Romney listed as the Republican presidential candidate 07:55:41
What a great, realistic, journalistic report of what REALLY happened in LA - We were attacked BECAUSE we are winning 07:21:11
Just wondering...Do you think R.P. actually believes this Osama nonsense? 07:18:21
Chicago Tribune's Inaccurate, Unjustifiably Arrogant, Dangerous, And Purposefully Deceptive Telling Of LAGOP Convention. 07:04:11
It's ALL rigged. Fight back with exit polls. It's not too late. 06:55:55
Morning Joe crew poking fun at Bilderberg & conspriacies 06:13:05
Has Ron Paul Shrugged? 05:30:31
If the GOP was smart they would not drive Ron Paul delegates and supporters away from the GOP 04:53:00
Coming To America: "Cameron Says ‘No Question’ of Queen Elizabeth Abdicating Throne" 04:38:34
Ron Paul and Dominick Armentano on Anti-Trust and Monopoly (1983) 04:19:59
State GOP shouldn’t use tricks to defrock Ron Paul backers 04:14:20
Cheering the GOP nominee... 04:05:32
online Poker Software 04:04:52
Missouri State Wide Caucus June 2, 2012 Full Video 04:00:29
My opinion on how the Montana Primary might go. Principled vs. Pragmatic voting. 03:56:21
Up/Down Voting 03:48:51
My comments and responses ron paul reddit Monday morning 03:38:21
We Didn't start the fire! 03:30:19
New York Times: Obama Ordered Stuxnet Attacks on Iran Nuclear Facilities 03:20:06
Nullification: What Is It Good For? Absolutely Everything ! 02:18:03
♠ Checklist For The South Dakota Primary On Tuesday June 5th UPDATED June 4th 02:16:20
Pravda Great Source for US News...esp Obama life Story 01:58:04
Mat Larson on LIVE voice chat room at 01:13:20
Someone Please explain how Ron Paul is going to get 5 States and be on ballot 01:08:19
Ron Paul signs in So Cal 00:45:47
Russell Brand Hosting Mtv Movie Awards Rants Politics Truth 00:36:18
Canadian Libertarians Ed and Ethan 1x03 00:11:15
Great Article to "Fire Up" The Base! 00:07:25