Posted on June 7, 2012

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Open Thread: Where does the Daily Paul go from here? (I'm going to China) 23:32:35
Hannity / Politico: Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney 22:01:36
Ron Paul's Primetime Speech At The Republican National Convention 21:11:15
Japanese TV request 19:14:53
Reality Check: Is QE3 Really About Forcing You To Invest In Risky Stocks? 16:44:49
The Judge Writes About Drones On US Soil 10:46:37
Dr. Paul is taking all of us for a ride! For the liberty movement, it will be a great ride! 09:38:52
♠ Attention all ILLINOIS people. Anyone who can attend the convention on the 8th and/or 9th. Please read this and pass it on. 08:40:07
Massachusetts GOP upholds election of Ron Paul delegates! 01:31:24
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Iran Quiz 23:57:07
Could Ron Paul be Johnson's VP? 23:57:06
Great news on the NDAA lawsuit 23:41:25
7 Months Since MF Global, And Where's the Investigation? *vid* 23:35:41
Liberty Live Steam Team ChipIn support. Help pay for gas and wifi costs. 23:27:32
Rand Paul = Establishment? 23:27:05
I respect the endorsement. Ron Paul 2012! 23:25:21
Rand Paul's endorsement with some thoughts 23:22:15
Important message about Rand 23:13:52
Ben Swann on LAGOP State Convention havoc 23:11:56
Ron Paul 2012 Campaign asks for SURVEY of where to go from here! PLEASE take the survey. Link provided! 23:10:13
I Promise I will Never Vote for Rand 23:09:33
I will not be the controlled opposition, I am here for liberty, and that is all. 23:08:43
Was Barry GoldWater a Total Fraud? 23:02:19
My Time On The Daily Paul Ends After The Convention 23:01:36
Remember precinct chair vacancies 22:59:41
True Patriots Will Never Truly Support Mitt Romney 22:55:06
We Hold These Truths - 2 minute video 22:53:33
A Protest Phone Bomb To Rand! 22:51:01
Citizen Journalism - We Need More Liberty Republican / Libertarian Writers 22:47:42
Here's what disappoints me...the money 22:46:29
Campaign for Liberty! Please bombard their phones & email box. 22:44:22
Classmates: Mitt Romney Impersonated Police Officer In High School And College 22:43:57
Listen up Rand! 22:36:40
Get it off your chest, then tell us what's next? Forum discussing Rand Paul endorsement - all welcomed - 11:PM 22:32:12
What will Rand do if Romney picks Rubio or Daniels for VP? 22:21:16
Some Talking Points 22:13:29
When the Hell are we going to stop asking permission! 22:11:33
Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney 22:02:58
Final High School Project 21:58:47
Mitt Romney is honored to have the endorsement of Rand Paul 21:58:42
Rand Paul Finally Sells Out 21:56:41
Paul supporters in mourning - This is painful 21:56:35
Who will the R3VOLution be backing come 2016? If Romney wins, there will not be a 2016. 21:48:37
Please Rand! - PLEASE Don't Do It! 21:48:27
3 Posts of the Same News in Under 20 Minutes and Counting. 21:45:20
Questions 21:34:28
Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney on Sean Hannity 21:32:38
Mitt Romney impersonates police officer as a young adult 21:30:31
Does this mean Rand is Mittens' VP pick? 21:29:38
Hitler Bullish on the Dollar *vid* 21:20:10
Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney (Officially) 21:19:27
Such huge sweeps for Romney. Huge you say? 20:55:24
Confused by Letter 20:53:30
Louisiana State Convention GOP: Broken Bones 20:29:46
US Wages In Gold 20:28:35
URGENT: Lawsuit Will Be Filed Against GOP on Monday, June 11, 2012 20:25:08
Bloomberg’s Soda Ban: Do as I Say, Not as I Do 20:21:29
VIDEO: Ron Paul Speech Texas State Convention 20:17:19
Paul proclaims ‘freedom movement’ owns today’s youth 20:13:55
Help spread a letter to the GOP Chairman about Paul Fest 19:56:27
Dallas Morning News: Texas GOP Convention - Ron Paul Proclamation 19:45:53
I don't think Ron Paul does not protect private property rights for homosexuals! 19:42:21
Tune in at 8:30PM EST for Talking Liberty w/ Tracy Diaz! Guests Mat Larson, Josh Tolley, Bryan Siemon, and Austin Peterson 19:24:32
The War on Drugs Creates 19:16:34
Ron Paul Is Our President 18:36:55
Rick Perry Booed at Texas GOP Convention for endorsing David Dewhurst 18:29:30
Ron Paul UC Fullerton 5,000 18:27:49
Ben Bernanke on the top yahoo search. 18:19:27
(Video) Classic False Flag : 45th Anniversary of The Attack on USS Liberty 18:17:37
Romney's Draft Withdrawal Speech 18:17:20
As Greenback Sinks Dubais Chief Economist Calls For 'Chinese Redback' 18:12:46
Judge Nap: Where Is The Outrage? 18:12:09
Ron Paul Texas State Convention Recorded Speech 18:10:12
Claim: Encrypted Chat Developer Detained, Interrogated at US Border 18:09:04
Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead At London 2012 Olympics 18:08:19
Tensions Rise Over Another International Agreement – CETA 18:07:39
California Exit Poll Results: indication of vote rigging? 18:05:05
big news for Peter Schiff: he's replacing the G. Gordon Liddy show nationwide 18:03:45
(Video) Holder Claims Emails Using Words 'Fast and Furious' Don't Refer To Operation Fast and Furious 18:02:19
:( ): 17:55:03
Rep. Amash needs our help 17:11:54
Washington State could have learned a thing or two from Louisiana... 17:10:31
They DO attack us because We are Free and Prosperous! 17:03:45
Gary Johnson Just Made My Day! 17:02:53
We are always having to swim upstream! 16:57:01
Tommy G. Thompson & the Anatomy of a Political Murder 16:54:48
Hannity just said that Rand Paul will have some big announcement! 16:46:15
Bernanke signals no imminent steps to aid economy. 16:27:07
Financial Alert From International Banker and update for June 11, 2012 16:21:29
Nancy Pelosi: Health Law Represents "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" 15:55:14
Are you counting your chickens and shooting the messenger with your head in the sand? *Updated* 15:53:00
Monsanto's Bt corn — breeding superbugs & harming human health 15:46:05
Peter Schiff 15:30:26
U2, Bono? Celeb partners with Monsanto, G8, to biowreck African farms with GMOs 15:28:26
US Attempts to Mass-Murder Its Way to Victory in Syria 15:20:25
When False Flags Don't Fly *7 min. video* 15:12:31
Letter: Ron Paul deserves support of the people 15:08:45
Should Mitt Romney Be Disqualified for Violating the Logan Act Twice? 14:49:57
RonPaulFlix: Cooking With Mrs. Paul - Don't Ask About Calories 14:48:15
We Are the Revolution (My First Video!) 14:47:05
Does Limited Gov't (lead to) Unlimited Gov't (ipso facto)? 14:38:41
Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty Cover Up - Full Movie 14:35:28
Richard Mack in Maryland Sat., 6/9 14:31:01
Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity 14:23:40
Shell has an oil spill - Demands videographer be removed 14:21:48
Brian Doherty and Peter Schiff interviews 6/7/12 14:18:50
Will Paul Festival be the Next “Rally for the Republic”? 13:53:57
Bernanke Tells Senate: Don't Worry about a Thing-Video 13:51:00
Pledge allegiance to the Constitution, not the flag. 13:43:07
The Criminal Banking Cartel's End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System 13:41:59
I think we could all use this right now. Anthony McKeon - Ron Paul Election Song (Music Video) 13:37:10
Ron Paul Revolution vs. Liberty Movement...what is the difference? 13:23:42
Football and Politics 13:23:01
WWII Veterans and Honor Flight - A Morale-Boosting Reminder of the Greatness of Everyday Americans (Must Watch!) 13:17:08
Breivik Murder Trial Judge Caught On Camera Playing Solitaire In Court 13:15:39
CNN Politics 13:11:47
Kerry Bentivolio Money Bomb on June 14! 13:11:23
45th Anniversary Of The Attack On USS Liberty 12:49:07
Banners! 12:46:37
Paul Says He Knows He Doesn't Have Enough Delegates To Win, Victories For The Cause in Massachusetts and California 12:46:21
Ron Paul's "Secret Weapon" : Cooking With Mrs. Paul 12:34:48
Ron Paul: ‘We Will Likely Have As Many As 500′ Delegates At The Republican Convention 12:33:10
Weather Modification / Chemtrails over Central California Today 12:32:25
Carnegie Institute Calls For 'Spraying Aerosols' To Block The Sun 12:18:24
Great News! Lawsuit To Be Filed For Bound Delegates To Be Unbound Before Convention! 12:17:27
False Alarm Over Reported 'High Radiation' Levels In Indiana, Michigan 12:12:57
Panetta Admits That US Is At War With Pakistan 12:07:59
Ron Paul’s “Secret Weapon:” Cooking with Mrs. Paul 12:07:59
Scientific Study Links Anti Depressants In Drinking Water To Autism 12:02:21
Carol Paul in WSJ - She's Cooking Up Quite a Campaign for Ron! 12:02:13
End The Fed on 12:01:52
Localvore - What would a Localvore Free-Market Cook-book look like? 11:59:44
The problem with conspiracies 11:57:53
How the US Government & Federal Reserve Rig the Gold Price by Perception 11:56:50
UK Ministry of Defense : 'Keep An Eye On The Skies For Saucers During The Olympic Games', Warns MoD UFO Expert 11:55:40
The goal is not the Republican Nomination, it is the White House 11:44:37
This is what it will look like on the floor in Tampa! - The battle of Falkirk 11:37:37
Poll: 4 More Years of Obama or 8 Years of Romney? 11:37:12
Justin Amash's Beat the PACs Money Bomb Huge Success 11:36:20
Our next step 11:24:39
What Happened to Restoring Constitutional Government? - Forum off topic? 11:21:43
Where it all went wrong (What not to do again) 11:20:01
The Fiasco of Fiat Money 11:13:58
How long will America sleep? 11:12:44
The Fat Lady Singing Will Sound Like This: "It's over," or, "I'm Running Third-Party" 11:09:47
Computer Illiterate DP'er seeking Pop - Up Help 11:05:11
We must inform the masses of the dangers of a global "digital" currency. 10:52:43
Despair As Collapse Accelerates : "My Shotgun Is Full and Well Equipped. I Hope I Don't Need To use it." 10:37:50
Grant On Bernanke's Continuing "Grand Manipulation" 10:33:40
The newest false flag: Internet Blackout set for July 9th 10:32:54
(Video) Obama vs. Romney = Nero vs. Caligula : 'The lesser of Two Evils' 10:29:12
Delegates...Keep your powder dry.and don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes. 10:24:28
Subsidies - simple explanation 10:17:54
IF Ron Is Not Running 10:13:43
More Government Insider Crime : DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown To be Charged With Bank Fraud 10:09:54
This letter does not change who I'm voting for 09:54:16
Libertarian Party Question 09:39:39
Please shut up with your Ron Paul sold out conspiracy theories 09:33:42
A Message from Mike Church to You, The American People 09:29:29
What can the GOP and RNC Do to earn my vote? 09:23:31
Interesting read 09:21:36
Can You Answer 25 Questions That The Mainstream Media Does Not Seem To Have Answers To? 09:04:04
Time Magazine pushes death agenda : Remove feeding tubes from dying elderly and received cash bonus 09:03:36
(Video) Strictly Confidential : 1966 Bilderberg Documents leaked 08:56:35
Time to re-group 08:54:49
(Video) Louisiana Fascism Raises Its Hammer Against Ron Paul 08:49:50
(VIDEO) Mrs. Paul on the Front Page of Today's Wall Street Journal: "Fed Critic Boasts the Gold Standard of Political Cookbooks" 08:47:10
Ron Paul: I won't be the nominee 08:43:58
Green Police: Miami Beach To Make Recycling Compulsory 08:38:21
Inundation of Negative posts on dailypaul 08:12:18
To Romney Delegates - Important Information You Need to Know: 08:11:02
Wikipedia features Eisenhower Farewell Address Soundbite 07:54:23
SMACK! Business Insider - 'Israel Attacked A US Navy Ship 45 Years Ago Killing Dozens Of Sailors' WHY? 07:22:52
Have we been bamboozled out of the 5 states we need? Right now it's just ME, MN, LA...and maybe IA. 07:12:18
Hollywood Has Ruined Relationship With ISP It Sued Over Piracy 06:42:12
Robotris - an analysis of the opposition 06:30:05
Rt News: GOP Trying to Stop Ron Paul Supporters from Attending Tampa 06:16:40
Let's Win Texas! 05:48:28
Nazi hits woman on Greek TV (Video) 05:46:23
Did that california exit polls super pac accomplish anything? 05:31:34
New Mexico, California when are they going to "finish" counting the votes or will they? 03:46:20
Our Meet Up's California Primary final big push & sign making 03:39:08
LIVE Video Stream of Texas Republican Convention 03:34:58
Off topic but looking for help when i'm starting a new business 03:23:52
Is Legitimate? 02:05:46
Thomas Jefferson "We Do Not Have A Government By A Majority, But By The Majority Who Participate" 01:56:35
Huge Victory For Ron Paul In Massachusetts! 01:53:43
Ignore the naysayers! March on! 01:35:30
Priest blasts US socialism ! 01:32:31
Walter Williams On The Immorality Of Wealth Redistribution 01:22:46
Political Pet Peeves? Post them here! 01:21:01
Texas BIG game Hunting (Urgent for TX Convention, but just a theory) 01:19:46
The 10-2 Brunson 01:11:16
To Organized Crime Trolls 01:10:25
This revolution is ours! 00:58:13
RP understands the Pat Robertson 1988 Primary ...Pat lost- but won the party 00:55:28
Join the Federal Lawsuit against the GOP to quit tampering with th vote or delegates rights 00:54:46
URGENT! Funding for 6 Alaska delegates 00:50:07
A friend of mine wrote this email to National Committeewoman Ruth Ulrich 00:42:06
Don't worry about Ron Paul, Worry about the man in the mirror 00:41:08
Any Updates From Alaska? 00:32:03
Confusion 00:24:21
Ron Paul's latest email and this confusing "bound delegate" situation. 00:16:27
NYT - The GOPs Fuzzy Delegate Math - Feb 25 2012 00:15:39
Police Officers Lose "AAA" Rating! 00:12:43
Ka-Boom! Secret Central Bank Gold Agreements between Fed and Bundesbank! 00:06:08
Special Thank you to everyone who helped out South Dakota 00:05:35
Just another disgusting Ron Paul Family 00:02:35
John Dennis wins CA Primary... Will take on Pelosi in November. 10:39:35