Posted on June 8, 2012

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Lew Rockwell on RT Abby Martin: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are different! 17:48:41
Jack Hunter Defended Rand Paul Today on The Jerry Doyle Show 17:37:16
Alabama Nullifies Agenda 21 with Legislation Receiving Signature of Governor 15:26:55
White Phosphorous: The New Napalm? 12:58:50
Why is everyone mad? We are good! #Texas 02:01:53
Ben Swann Covers LAGOP Convention Thuggery 00:38:39
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URGENT! : Ron Paul's Former Political Director Explains Implosion 23:59:39
Jack Hunter says Ron Paul is becoming something MORE important than President! 23:47:18
Wow, a new troll tactic tailored specifically for the DP... 23:34:43
Why Rand backed Romney - A preemptive strike against the establishment. 23:33:25
Kentucky State Convention open thread (updated June 09 at 3:34am EDT) 23:33:10
Jim Willie: Nerve Gas at Fort Knox *video* 23:30:12
Rand Pauls Endorsement, and how you feel about it. 23:28:22
Thank You Jack Hunter & Jerry Doyle 23:16:37
Indiana District Caucus Sham 23:11:17
I'm thankful Daily Paul is not parroting Jack Hunter and campaign - it proves independence 23:11:14
Insiders Report: Obama Activates CIA Hit Teams to Kill Americans and Blame Iranians! 23:04:46
Would like your thoughts and advice. 23:02:54
This is how I feel...! Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 23:02:52
I want you all to listen up, and listen good! 22:59:44
Hellooooo! Did you forget? Romney doesn't have 1144 delegates yet, bound or otherwise! 22:57:07
This is not the Daily Rand! 22:51:05
Upcoming Events Schedule 22:48:24
The Fly On Romney's Wall 22:47:06
One day Ron Paul will be remembered as the man who started the movement that saved the country 22:36:37
livestream of TXGOP with great informative commentary 22:31:16
Rand's Worthless Endorsement 22:29:28
Ron Paul Is Becoming Something More Important Than President 22:23:45
The Rand haters are fools! 22:18:16
Alex Jones show June 8, 2012 with Adam Kokesh appearance 22:07:46
Check Ron Paul's 2 posts on his FaceBook site yesterday & today (vs. Rand Paul affair)! 22:04:03
Alabama combats Agenda 21 OFFICIALLY 22:02:28
Libertarian Party: 'Rand Paul betrayed his father's principles.' 21:44:11
Indiana State Convention open thread (updated Saturday, June 09 at 2:41am EDT) 21:41:17
In light of recent developments 21:39:59
I think Rand was paid off 21:38:12
Choose The Mount Rushmore Of The Liberty Movement 21:36:30
Rand Paul's Endorsement of Mitt Does Not Equal A Ron Paul Endorsement of Mitt 21:26:00
Why Pro-Lifers Must Vote Third-Party 21:13:55
Rand Paul; it would be an honor to run alongside Romney 21:13:46
In peace 21:08:02
Where is the LOVE? 20:53:28
Can Ron Paul Be Tamed? Must SEE 20:50:35
. 20:49:19
the Battle of Tampa /more ways than one 20:45:39
Lew Rockwell Says The Ron Paul Campaign Is Over :( 20:45:00
Ron Paul, Don't Destroy Yourself 20:44:27
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul is becoming something more than President 20:40:43
Rand's non-federal reserve note major purchase 20:39:53
Rand Paul Endorsement Explanation please 20:36:01
I'm a mole. 20:35:51
Rand Paul Goes Stealth 20:28:16
Ron Paul - Don't Destroy Yourself by Alex Jones 20:28:14
Mitt Romney / Dr. Ron Paul 20:27:16
"You shouldn't vote." -Lew Rockwell. Isn't it obvious yet that Rockwell is an enemy of liberty? 20:26:43
United We Strike 20:24:57
The Banking Shell Game Sponsored by your Bailout Dollars 20:20:55
Alex Jones: "Ron Paul, Don't Destroy Yourself..." 20:18:34
LibertyUSA PAC launches master plan to prove vote rigging. Seeks help from the grassroots. 20:15:53
Why is everyone giving up because of Rand's endorsement? 20:15:20
SSG. Williams: I Nominate Rep. Justin Amash to Succeed Ron Paul and Inherit the Revolution Army 20:14:37
Don't Hate Me, But On Rand's Behalf... 20:11:23
Alaska “Republicans” Looking A Lot Like Wisconsin Fleebaggers 20:07:11
Alex Jones PLEADS: Ron Paul, Many have Betrayed you! Don't Destroy Yourself or the Liberty Movement! 20:03:01
Santorum Predicts Fight At Convention 19:55:54
USS Liberty Day 19:52:26
Adam interviews Penny L. Freeman (RP's Chief Political Director, 1998~2007) offers a POV on Recent Events. 19:48:12
A good message about Rand from our state coordinator 19:47:05
If you didn't hear Ron Paul's speech yesterday, you're missing his resolve. 19:46:59
New! Adam Kokesh interviews Penny Freeman former staffer 19:46:13
Ron Paul, Don't Destroy Yourself 19:44:43
The Vice Presidency 19:41:34
The Trouble with Rand Paul 19:38:21
Hoping for an update from 19:35:55
South Georgia for Dr. Ron Paul 19:27:28
Did Romney really win Texas primary with 69% or was there massive fraud? 19:19:53
Ron Paul former staffer Penny Freeman interviewed by Adam Kokesh 19:19:27
The Pauls are being coerced to compromise and quit 19:17:50
TGP: Mitt Romney's delegate commitments put him over the -magic number'- but now what? 19:15:23
Do not Complain, Focus on Winning and Be the Change 19:14:08
Return of the Malware alert!? - But just for my post? 18:58:54
Jesse Ventura 2012 18:57:01
Time Out! 18:53:33
Atlantic Article Quotes Brand New Daily Paul Members 18:49:53
Rick Santorum predicts a convention fight with Ron Paul 18:46:04
Libertarian Party: Rand Paul Betrays His Father’s Principles, Endorses Mitt Romney 18:45:33
Stop Destroying the Liberty Movement 18:34:05
rand paul and the movement 18:25:26
Onward to Liberty 2012! 18:20:44
If Ron Paul died, what would his delegates do? 18:17:45
Compromising in politics does in fact compromise principles 18:16:28
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President 18:04:30
Debra Medina's Rule 34 Amendment Just Passed With A Two Thirds (2/3rds) Vote At The Texas Convention. We Have The Numbers! 17:59:40
Urban Dictionary 17:55:59
Texas convention live stream NOW 17:39:02
Let's lighten the mood for a brief second...something to make you laugh 17:36:55
Stand tall, STAND with Ron Paul! 17:36:53
2016? 17:31:31
Philly Cops Beat Boy For Running A Stop Sign! 17:26:55
If Ron Paul Asks Us To Do This, Vote Up If You Will You Support Romney/paul 2012 17:26:47
The Second American Revolution 17:24:03
Judge Napolitano: What Ever Happened to the Constitution? 17:19:30
Philip Giraldi, r3VOL, Fmr.CIA: "Rand, I will be WRITING-in your FATHER’s Name" for President! 17:14:35
Paul's followers, not his son, will be the undoing of the Revolution 17:14:06
Andrew Napolitano on TV (2000) 17:11:01
Rick Santorum predicts a convention fight with Ron Paul delegates over party platform 17:10:05
.Two’s a party...three’s a national ballot 17:09:21
The Trouble with Rand Paul 17:05:09
Live Chat: For the LOVE of Liberty w/Chris Kairnes tonight 8:00pm EST w/ special guests Josh Tolley, Gigi Bowman, 17:01:36
John Galt- Dangerous Times 17:01:34
It was said that he can't win. 16:53:22
Don't Let Them Tear Us Apart! 16:50:54
Sorry Rand, but the PAULBOTS have not yet begun to fight! The chess match continues all the way to TAMPA and beyond! 16:49:45
I finally figured out why Rand made that statement of support for Romney! 16:47:15
All we need to do is torpedo Mitt, but not too soon. 16:47:13
Ron Paul can still win nomination 16:36:40
Poll: Do you support Rand's Decision to Endorse Romney? 87% No 16:30:55
John Galt- Dangerous Times 16:30:47
Forget Rand: Fight For Freedom, Do Not Retreat, We Will Win 16:30:29
I don't remember Romney supporting RAND for election. 16:23:44
Should 'Daily Paul' name be changed? - Open Thread 16:21:35
Dr. Paul's statement on uniting the party. Watch it vote it up make it viral 16:18:52
Liberty Linkedin 16:13:06
You were my people yesterday and you are my people today 16:06:41
Will Romney's Obamacare Be Better Than Obama's? 16:00:27
Please STOP and look at your accomplishments 15:59:31
Alex Jones claims RAND has been invited to speak at the convention, NOT Ron 15:44:28
Cheap Libertarians VS the R3VOLution 15:40:50
Stop your complaining 15:39:58
Imagine.. 15:36:54
We will show them!Here we come Tampa! 15:35:54
Wall Street and Republicans Team Up to Curb CFTC 15:35:12
Ever think of this... 15:32:31
Ron Paul had a bit to say yesterday, much more important than the Rand endorsement 15:31:57
What will you do if/when Ron Paul endorses Romney? 15:28:21
. 15:26:22
Sen. Rand Paul on CNN - 6-08-12 : "No Secret Deal" 15:25:55
Concerning Rand Paul: A Letter to the Ron Paul Movement 15:24:06
All delegates & alternates, If not you then who? Show up and finish this! 15:22:08
Go To Your Room And Don't Come Out Until You Are In A Good Mood! 15:22:05
Rick Santorum wants to duke it out in Tampa 15:21:11
Why Rand Paul had to endorse Romney 15:19:44
To all those who are all up in arms 15:17:02
Jack Hunter Will Be Talking About Rand Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show In A Few Minutes - LINK 15:15:53
Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Coming in October! 15:09:00
All this upset sad talk 15:03:21
Co-Producer of Schindler’s List Banned from Speaking at a High School for being too conservative 14:55:46
Some are Already Caving to The Lesser of Two Evils Concept 14:53:20
Welcome Ron Paul Supporters! 14:52:12
The Man Who Shot Lady Liberty In the Back 14:43:19
Cybersecurity Act: A One Page Info Sheet Handout 14:42:28
Maybe this would be helpful. Amount of Ron Paul campaign donations by all working for the campaign. 14:29:04
Moratorium On Rand Paul Posts 14:27:25
Hottest New Liberty Video? You Tell Me! TMOT 14:24:00
Rand Might As Well Have Endorsed Obama! 14:23:38
The Economy Is Getting Better, Not Worst Guys! 14:22:57
Benedict Arnold 14:22:40
Like This Rand Paul 2016 Page On Facebook 14:14:15
Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion That Rocked N.E. Mi On 6-6-12 14:05:27
Dear Ron & Rand Paul, have you been compromised, have your families been threatened with death? 14:04:49
Operation Mole 13:58:42
Rick Santorum predicts convention fight from Ron Paul delegates over the GOP party platform 13:57:22
Rand's endorsement of Mitt hurts Ron Paul delegates 13:52:17
The Things Ron Paul Has Taught Me 13:46:53
. 13:44:12
MATLARSON10 on Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt: It means NOTHING! 13:43:14
Re: Rand Paul's Endorsement. Grow Up People. 13:43:05
Positive News.. We Can Help Justin Amash.. Right Now! @repjustinamash 13:39:38
I want to challenge all of you guys 13:38:58
At the Convention 13:38:55
We're all we got now but we're all we've ever had 13:38:09
♠ ILLINOIS convention thoughts and observation from an alternate who's there right now (UPDATED) 13:36:59
Daily Bell on Rand Paul 13:35:57
Message To Dr Paul 13:35:14
Please Help: Who Are The Leading Voices On Youtube For Ron Paul? 13:32:01
Ron Paul is in it to win it! 13:30:18
Police Misconduct: In Indiana You Can Shoot Back 13:27:22
The Media Is In Bed with the Government (Literally) 13:23:00
The Revolution continues 13:22:58
Help Rep. Justin Amash Win the 2012 GOP New Media Challenge 13:20:37
Anti-Utopianism of Private Property Anarchism 13:19:36
Hey Ron Paul, How About A Statement? Please! 13:18:53
get on the ballot... 13:16:49
Post 2008 - We Didn't Give Up, We Became Stronger. 13:16:34
I missed the thread about ending the boycott 13:15:39
What to do with graphics? 13:05:06
No way to lead a movement, or run a campaign. 13:04:17
Beware of Pride 13:01:29
How to Unlike Rand Paul on Facebook 12:59:08
Washington Post says many of us will "Follow Rand's wishes." Ha Ha. Will you? 12:59:07
How about one last debate? 12:57:32
It's nice to read the comments on Alex Jones' site about all of this. We are all agreed that Rand the RAT is TOAST! 12:55:21
Rand Paul endorses McCain! 12:52:09
Ron Paul: I won't be the nominee. Ron Paul Supporters: Sit down old man, we got this! 12:49:45
. 12:47:22
Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney 12:40:49
Next New Senator from Kentucky 12:39:41
Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand’s Endorsement of Romney 12:30:07
James Rickards, a Covert Double-Agent of Betrayal for the CFR? 12:27:53
Hunker in the Bunker and Wait for the Rain 12:27:25
Peter Schiff Testifies Before Congress on Federal Housing Insurance Programs June 07 2012 12:24:52
Mitt Obama 12:22:17
There will not be a 3rd party run for Paul 12:21:26
how to track replies on DP 12:20:51
Infowars: Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand’s Endorsement of Romney 12:20:04
CT Scan Radiation Triples Brain Tumor Risk In Children 12:17:13
Political moves by the Paul family does not alter our objectives 12:14:35
(Video) Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand's Endorsement Of Romney 12:14:09
We are working for Ron and Liberty not Rand 12:13:14
U.S. Air Force Set To Be Deployed Inside US To Collect Data And Search Citizens 12:10:10
RT : Chicago Cops Taser 8 - Month Pregnant Woman Over A Parking Ticket 12:06:05
Where is The Next Battlefield for Liberty? 12:02:22
Alex Jones Show : Special Report on Rand Paul's Endorsement Of Mitt Romney 11am - 2pm CT 12:01:26
Will Ron Paul's battle transform the party? - Good article on the Texas convention. 11:54:57
Romney supporter gets violent in TX 11:53:04
The Romney-Rand Paul surprise...some thoughts. 11:52:17
TMOT aka Minister Derrick Grayson: Ron Paul, Why I DON'T Quit! 11:52:12
Message from The UK - Ron Paul Is Not Done! 11:51:33
How many are NOT giving up on Ron, Rand, Jack Hunter, and the Campaign for Liberty? 11:49:33
What many did to become delegates and Rand Paul's endorsement 11:49:18
The 'Unliking' of Rand Paul's Facebook Page has begun. 11:49:00
Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney "Now That the Nominating Process is Over" 11:41:22
Ron Paul Draws 16% in three way race 11:39:32
What say we have a GOP protest on August 30th and register Independent in mass? 11:38:13
Black/white - Quit/stay 11:33:49
"Unliked" & "Unfollowed" Sen. Rand Paul 11:30:48
The Ron Paul HIghway 11:30:32
Southern Avenger Getting Bombarded by Amazing Atheist's Followers (help our friend!) 11:24:22
How the Obama administration is making the US media its mouthpiece 11:23:23
A Message to Delegates 11:12:21
Big Day For Ron Paul: Illinois and Texas State Conventions 11:08:21
Pep Talk from TMOT! I love this guy! 11:07:11
Rand Paul will speak this morning! (watch live) 11:05:17
Call In Live! Ron Paul Radio... What Are Your Thoughts On Rand Pauls Endorsement Of Mitt Romney 11:02:09
Endorsing Romney is like going back and supporting Bush circa 2000 all over again 11:00:31
What will happen if Rand Paul tries to speak at the party in Tampa? 10:55:16
What the heck was I thinking 10:52:49
Tell me about Gary Johnson 10:46:27
Hey Judas! Don't bother coming over for Father's Day dinner! 10:46:20
Rand Paul - "Backed into a Corner" 10:45:32
Jack Hunter explains Rand's Endorsement 10:32:27
Rand Paul is a Traitor, What of Ron? 10:30:27
What Have You Done for Liberty Today? 10:26:37
Ron Paul For President 10:25:19
Push the RESET button on your heart and mind! 10:20:43
An OPEN letter to Jack Hunter. Just sent it to his website, and I publish it here for the Daily Paul community. 10:15:46
Ron And Rand Were The Two-headed Hydra They Figure Without A Leader 10:10:46
Thought this was the right time to play this again. 10:09:04
Rand Paul: Sell Out or Genius? 10:05:52
Dollar Collapse a Certainty - But When? *13min. video* 09:54:38
STOP whining! (enough already) 09:52:16
The Proper Response to Rand's Endorsement - Unify 09:46:09
TMOT Drive Time Video: Cast Your Resolve Not Upon Rand 09:38:19
I can't change the direction of the Wind, But I can adjust my sails to reach my destination 09:38:03
Gary Johnson For POTUS! 09:35:46
Ron Paul "Elektable" Short Film Coming June 28th 09:30:15
The American Revolution had it's benedict arnold 09:27:20
I'm taking an extended break from this site, but will send Nystrom a check 09:27:03
My letter to Campaign for Liberty 09:24:31
If Not Ron I Am Voting Gary Johnson 09:22:33
"It could have been worse" 09:20:56
What if there were Armed Chinese Troops in Texas? 09:17:06
June 8, 1967. 09:16:47
Anybody Else Want to Blow Up Rand's Email Up Right Now? 09:11:42
Ron Paul: Built for Crisis (coming) 09:06:57
Rand Paul Failure is not an option! 08:59:26
(Video) Nuclear Coverup : Explosions, Military Heliocopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone 08:57:59
I Wonder How Alex Helwig and Henry Herford Feel Now 08:55:38
Rise Above (Encouragement) 08:55:29
TSA Claims It Can Lie To The Public 08:52:45
Paul Fest is Confirmed 08:50:43
Rand Paul before endorsing Romney on Bilderberg and Goldman Sachs 08:50:14
Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President 08:49:14
Well well well ... 08:33:21
GOP meets in SECRET to run Write-in against LIBERTY candidate! 08:30:55
Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President 08:27:37
The Southern Avenger Speaks 6/8/12 (day after Rands endorsement of Romney) 08:09:24
E Tu Rand? Call Him Out! 07:47:02
Jack Hunter - Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President 07:40:18
Are you a Principled + or Pragmatic - voter now? 07:29:07
A new blog / vlog up on AFTER Rand endorsement of Romney! 07:16:38
Good bye 07:09:10
Gary Johnson or Mitt Romney? 06:51:18
Too many things just don't seem right... (edited) 06:35:59
The End 06:30:45
Rand Paul 06:30:29
I recant 06:01:00
Confused? Betrayed? Let me help 05:53:34
I truly believe we are being tested 05:51:27
Rand Paul Revealed, along with Youtube tinkering 05:50:18
Even if Ron Paul Endorses Romney! 05:50:03
The Ironic Guessing Game 05:42:32
Yahoo News: Rand Paul endorses Romney, but dad ‘still my first pick’ 05:42:10
Seriously... Could You Imagine Ron Paul Putting up With Secret Service Nannies? 05:41:00
Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President 05:26:55
Is There A Ron Paul Putsch Underway? 05:19:08
This Battle isn't over! 05:13:05
Just write in Ron Paul! 05:08:57
The Ron Paul movement has been hijacked... 05:07:10
Question: will Rand Paul be in Tampa 04:24:07
What if.. What if .. 04:04:01
transcending thoughts about ron paul.intelligent readers plz 03:47:06
I'll Vote for Romney , if either Paul is his VP, but not otherwise. 03:41:44
Thanks Rand 03:24:38
Justin Amash Donated To McCain (and Bush) 03:17:39
Rand Paul endorses Romney after rumored death threats against Ron Paul 03:08:27
What a slap in the face! Of the 20 shows he chose Sean Hannity? 03:03:46
Politico hails son's Romney endorsement as official end of Ron Paul 2012 campaign 03:03:32
Let's Take a Deep Breath... 02:39:19
Ron Paul Doesn't Deserve to Get Assassinated... 02:31:05
This is neither Rand or Ron's's ours! 02:28:43
Wow so absolutely Zero Policies will change either! 02:23:01
Did Ron endorse mccain in 07? 02:22:56
Quit Being A Buster! 02:22:53
I'm not politically savvy or a wise old man... 02:15:29
... 02:10:52
Wouldn't it be funny... 02:06:17
Did y'all expect Rand Paul to write his father in? 02:05:07
I will never vote for Rand Paul now that he endorsed Mitt Romney 02:05:06
Is this why we didn't see Rand speaking for his dad at state conventions he couldn't attend? 02:01:41
Can we throw Ron Pauls National Support behind Kerry Bentivolio? He is up against Republican Establishment in MIchigan. 02:00:41
What we need to do in the next few weeks 01:58:44
The R3volution Continues... 01:56:21
Romney would be one of the most controlling Presidents in history 01:54:19
Ron Paul Texas Convention Speech Full 6/7/12 01:53:04
Rand Paul May Be Playing Chess But This Is Very Bad Timing For Building Momentum For The Grassroots 01:48:54
This is going to make me unpopular...but it needs to be said 01:44:06
I lose hope in liberty when you lose hope in Rand Paul 01:43:49
Contact w/ Campaign? 01:38:55
On June 7th, 2012, History repeated itself 01:37:48
Memo To; Rand Paul And Jesse Benton; This is NOT your campaign. 01:30:09
My life changing story of Ron Paul and OUR Future. 01:28:56
Howard buffet v. Warren Buffet=Ron Paul v Rand Paul. 01:25:42
The Trillion Dollar Plant 01:22:45
Here's to you Rand and all the nonbelievers, you are the last of your kind if we don't wake up, still standing! 01:21:55
Time to Ally with OWS Against Banksters and Bailouts and Give Paul the Power of the Streets 01:19:10
Rand Paul Endorses Romney After Rumored Death Threats Against Ron Paul 01:18:02
It's just politics 01:13:21
Late Night Email From Texas GOP 01:13:15
The rEVOLution is dead. Long live the rEVOLution. 01:11:51
This is what I sent to Carol Paul about Rand's statement. Do you think she'll respond? 01:11:13
The Real Test of this Movement begins NOW! 01:10:00
Time to tell which Paul supporters are intelligent enough to read between the lines... 01:05:36
Check out Jesse Ventura's Facebook Page (he has another book coming out this month) 01:02:03
Rand Paul, Wishful Thinking? 01:00:44
(-_-) Shame on You, Rand Paul (-_-) 00:54:46
Rand Paul Endorses Romney - My Take 00:47:02
Be Not Dismayed Over Rand. The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end 00:40:08
What in The Hell... 00:35:30
In all honesty... 00:35:19
Posting again... Learn it Love it 00:33:58
It's become even more important to push for Ron 00:33:41
What is happening? EVOL? 00:30:25
Little Rand Paul's Quest For The Veep Slot Under Romney-Webster Tarpley 00:30:15
Individuals act, not groups 00:29:44
. 00:27:11
Thousands Upon Thousands of Hours 00:21:05
Citizen Journalism needs more libertarians 00:20:24
Recounting the Paul Campaign's Cascading Capitulation (and the Ron Paul Grassroots' Refusal to Capitulate) 00:16:34
The Daily Napolitano 00:16:32
Why Rand Paul's Endorsement Of Mitt Romney Means NOTHING! 00:14:36
Hey Texans, Remember the Alamo! 00:04:28
With Rand's endorsement of Romney, I am seriously thinking of voting for Gary Johnson 00:01:30
AnCapMerc. here. Please vote up or down: Regardless of Jr., Immutable Support for RON Paul, Vote UP! 22:26:04