Posted on June 10, 2012

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Ray Bradbury: An Obituary For My Friend 22:00:11
Doug Wead: Ron Paul Surprise in Arkansas! 15:39:28
Washington Times' Tom Mullen On Why Rand Paul Endorses Romney 14:40:13
Jack Hunter: "Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney" 03:18:53
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Peter Schiff Returns to Washington: 6-8-12 (video) 23:50:45
Let's ROCK Tampa! 23:43:24
One Thing We Should Remember... 23:33:34
Liberty: According to Whom? 23:33:16
The Webster Tarpley Psyop against Ron Paul 23:27:59
Immigration 23:16:06
Paul's disciples seek local offices 23:06:28
"Paul's disciples seek local offices" -Star Tribune 23:03:30
Way To Go Doug, Trygve And Jack (Not). Your "strategy" = Utter Fail 22:59:44
This movement is about Liberty. 22:59:14
Hey remember when Rick Santorum 22:56:59
Playing Dead 22:55:06
Mourning Phase Is Over... 22:51:23
I Give Up! 22:44:14
revolution solution show 5 is up 22:33:47
Congrats! Our Rand Bashing Just Made Drudge Report! 22:32:21
Election 2012. 22:24:02
Rick Santorum: Ron Paul Supporters Want 'A Platform Fight' 22:20:22
Video: Lt.Col. Karen Kwiatkowski interviewed on Local News, ahead of Tuesday's Election! VOTE Y'all! 21:56:38
I have Romney Trolls Attacking me. I need to put out this notice 21:48:03
Semi-free market health care solution? 21:40:42
Rick Santorum says he is going to silence Ron Paul people at convention! 21:29:28
Indiana convention 21:26:03
Self-serving demagogues using Rand's treachery to attack Ron Paul 21:23:30
Isolated from my family because I support Ron Paul 21:20:40
Rand Paul "no comments" question about Bilderberg 21:16:50
Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney Was a Tactical Masterstroke for Libertarianism 21:14:23
Indiana State Convention 21:12:59
All 46 Indiana Delegates to Romney - But one VICTORY! 21:12:00
Silver For The Pawn Star Masses - *video* 21:04:56
Under Obama, Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Have Jumped 452% 21:01:19
Jack Hunter: When Murray Rothbard endorsed Bush Sr. In 1992 20:56:47
This is who Rand endorses 20:52:06
Rand you will never have your cake! 20:51:51
Ron Paul OWNS Mitt Romney 20:37:15
Ron Paul Makes Mitt Romney Look Stupid 20:31:05
Ron Paul Body Slams Mitt Romney 20:25:34
Rothbard endorsed Bush? 20:12:19
A little twist on a quote from my favorite political writer. 20:09:25
This Hurts! 20:09:14
Lol, The "Become a Gun Smith" Ad. I know a few people that need a pistol like that! 20:06:14
Even Mitt Romney Is Confused 20:00:34
Concerning Our Future 19:57:44
Mitt Romney: The Faith He Rarely Mentions 19:50:48
"The well and its oasis" 19:46:37
More soldiers die from suicide than combat 19:45:46
Rick Santorum concerned about Paul Delegates 19:43:34
Post This Everywhere And You Will Piss Our Enemies Off And Send NWO Bilderberger Insiders Into Fits Of Cursing Rage 19:29:49
Was Ron Paul EVER "in it to win it"? 19:23:24
Israel smuggling weapons to Syria through Iraqi Kurdistan 19:21:15
Dylan Ratigan departs MSNBC 19:20:26
Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC 19:18:24
New York to Decriminalize Marijuana 19:10:20
Did Ron Paul Make A Statement About Rand's Endorsement? 19:02:02
A Drone Pilot Speaks Out 18:56:13
Is anyone else relieved? 18:54:51
Tommy Chong has Cancer, Against Govt Regulating Marijuana 18:53:42
Amazing Day For Ron Paul In Arkansas! 18:52:55
You guys are all a bunch of Ron Pauls 18:49:21
Campaign for Liberty is Calling for Donations. 18:48:20
♠ Now that the ILLINOIS state convention is over many are wondering what to do next. For those that need a plan, I've made one. 18:37:26
This site needs a Podcast 18:35:57
Challenge - doing daily at least two hard tasks! 18:26:52
Uplifting vid from Ron Paul delegate 18:23:16
When Murray Rothbard Endorsed George Bush 18:22:37
A message from those that stand with us - 18:19:29
Why Ron Paul Isnt Winning - the Sad state of America by the numbers... 18:10:54
Do you want to send a message to the criminals who control the GOP? 18:10:52
Alex Jones is attacking RON Paul Right Now - Sunday 17:59:24
i WILL Back your Play RP 17:56:53
Will Ron Paul delegates make Romney flip flop again? 17:39:11
This is Major Tom to Ground Control: 17:37:08
Max Keiser rips into Ron Paul on twitter-Calls him a hack and a sellout! 17:32:57
Why a lot of people on DailyPaul aren't actually Libertarian 17:32:15
US Corporatists Need New Wars Now! - 3,000 US Soldiers to Serve in Africa Next Year 17:31:21
Why did Ron Paul never attack Romney in the debates? 17:28:15
Peter Schiff: Before the Congressional Committee of Oversight & Reform 17:23:06
I am not worried about Rand Paul or Gary Johnson. Ron Paul will be President. 17:17:27
Only 13 Left Please Contact Me! 17:15:28
Reason Magazine: Ask a Libertarian (Statist?) 17:10:46
Update- repeated every 2 hours: Alex Jones, 6/10/12: Rand Paul Endorsement Controversy 17:09:33
Rand's endorsement = 1 week after Bilderberg 17:05:30
My Personal Experience Disagreeing with Rand on Politics during his Senate campaign 16:56:26
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death 16:52:51
An experience from Jack, the Alternate delegate, who went to the ILLINOIS state convention on June 8th and 9th 16:52:44
Tom Woods: "The fight is against the whole establishment!" 16:51:24
Rick Santorum: Ron Paul Supporters Want 'A Platform Fight' 16:48:24
. 16:43:03
Saving the world economy from Gaddafi - Gold Dinar 16:41:30
Punts & Clones: Fed up with Euro, Irish town cashes in old currency 16:40:21
Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney Was a Tactical Masterstroke for Libertarianism 16:39:01
Romney aide to Haaretz: After he’s elected, Iran will see there’s a new sheriff in town 16:38:38
Right now it's all up to the delegates to vote their CONSCIENCE on the first ballot! I can't wait for Tampa! 16:36:54
Rand has plainly said: "I'm NOT a libertarian..." 16:36:00
How the GOP establishment beat our candidate for legislature, and how that is all going to end 16:34:56
Tear up your paper money 16:34:25
Doug Wead not matching up with the real 2012 delegate count? 16:29:48
Texas GOP Convention Chair admits the state cannot bind delegates to Romney 16:27:06
Focus on the Media Lies, Election Fraud, the RNC Rule Breaking & the Bribery Issues 16:21:04
Economic - Demographics is Distiny 16:00:33
Ed and Ethan 1X04 June 10, 2012 15:59:25
Dan Davis for Congress 7th District Michigan 15:56:25
Rand Paul as VP 15:53:51
Ron is going to be president whether he likes or not. 15:52:42
Doug Wead-Ron Paul surprise in Arkansas! Good to hear the encouraging and great news! 15:38:58
Rand Paul: In a Catch 22? 15:27:11
Pound of flesh 15:25:03
All Rnc Delegates Are Free Agents And Unbound! 15:23:37
Now is the time to: 15:13:33
STOP : Crossroads of freedom movement. 15:02:04
I Endorse Ron Paul 15:01:06
Power Rankings: Liberty Movement's Top 10 14:59:32
We Are Winning! Texas 2012 State Gop Platform 14:55:05
AUDIO - More Explanation Of Rand Paul's Endorsement Of Mitt Romney - Listen And Decide For Yourself 14:51:39
Gary Johnson answers questions... 14:49:38
We are a force that cannot be ignored 14:45:44
Even Rothbard favored political compromise? 14:40:13
Tampa here we come 14:39:23
Gary Johnson: The U.S. faces a monetary collapse 14:39:06
Jack Hunter's Argument Does Not Address the WHEN, WHERE and HOW of Rand Paul's Endorsement 14:33:14
Government Control and Market Intervention 14:28:56
Urgent Delegates: Lawyers filing Supreme Court lawsuit on Monday, in the 9th Circuit 14:14:53
Kerry Bentivolio is now a name to reckon with in Michigan's 11th Congressional District 14:10:44
The cause of individual liberty and freedom is bigger and more important than any candidate or campaign 14:09:59
So Rand's "SUPPORT for Romney" is just a big deception? Lying isn't compromising principle? 14:09:56
Ends and Means 14:08:31
Pauls' books in tagalog? 14:04:40
WARNING: Possible NATO-FSA False Flag Attack in Syria 13:59:57
Ron Paul Answers All of Our Questions 13:53:54
VIDEO: Don't let Rand pacify you. Go to Tampa, raise hell & support liberty 13:53:30
Understanding This Dad's Tragedy Can Help Save Lives: 13:52:04
I wrote a Pro-Paul article in a magazine. 13:52:01
The Libertarian Party is a Failed -"Liberty Advancing"-Strategy 13:48:41
If Romney is picked in the first round in Tampa 13:46:56
More Americans Killed by Bees and Wasps or Falling Televisions than by Terrorists 13:26:07
Tom Woods on Webster Tarpley - 13:25:57
Where Does The Ron Paul Campaign/Supporters Go From Here? 13:25:00
There may be some uncertainty, but here is what I do know. 13:22:42
Don't give up Rick Santorum putting worried 13:22:03
Rand 13:20:23
Did Rand Paul Cut A Deal With Romney To Keep His Father From Possible Assassination? 13:06:31
Here is where things stand on 9/11 today: 13:03:11
To Explode, Implode or Opt Out – My Choice is Clear. What will you do? 12:59:14
Why Jack Hunter is Wrong about Rand's Endorsement 12:59:13
. 12:50:57
It Is Impossible For Anything To Fracture The Liberty Movement 12:48:22
Euro Zone Agrees To Lend Spain Up To 100 Billion Euros 12:48:14
Troop Suicide Surge Surpasses Afghan War Deaths by 50% 12:45:27
Ridley Scott's Predictive Programming : Transhumanist Symbolism in Prometheus 12:43:52
Did Washington Give Up after the Huge Loss at Charleston? Rand Just Surrendered, Charleston! 12:39:28
Did Rand Paul sellout on End the Fed? 12:39:03
Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgusted with him! 12:38:44
More Americans Killed By Bees and Wasps Or Falling Television Sets Than by Terrorists 12:34:01
UPDATE! Attention Maryland! 23 Central Committee Seats Throughout The State Wide Open! 4 more just opened up! 12:32:33
WMR - The Real Reason For America's Southeast Asian Projection (Radiation of Northern Hemisphere) 12:29:26
Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney Was a Tactical Masterstroke for Libertarianism 12:26:29
The Revolution is being Co Opted! 12:16:52
Warning! Warning! Warning Texans! 12:13:59
Et tu Rand Et tu 12:10:16
lets all get behind gary johnson 12:09:39
The Enemy Unmasked (booklet): Huh? 11:58:39
Invisible Romney stickers? 11:57:50
This Is A Movement, Not A Cult. People Are Dispensible, Principle Is Not! 11:56:52
Goldman Sachs Hires Single Morally Decent Human Being 11:55:48
To those who suspect a "threat"... 11:54:30
Romney's cake...or GOP humble pie? 11:46:20
Peter Schiff on The Bob Wenzel Show 11:42:11
I Was Wrong 11:38:56
Santorum Itching for a Fight on Convention Floor 11:30:47
Israel Anderson on Rand Paul Issue 11:28:20
Peter Schiff "Recovery Fever" Speech in Las Vegas 11:27:21
The Rand Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest 11:22:16
When it's "smart" to vote for Mitt Romney 11:21:36
Revolution Is Not Over! 11:19:32
Another Take on Rand Paul’s Endorsement of Romney 11:07:11
Transparency Begins at Home: Audit the Campaign 11:04:50
The Revolution is bigger than Ron Paul 10:48:20
Rand has become someone that Ron can no longer support! 10:46:28
Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgusted with him! 10:40:53
Those who criticize Rand must look at history. 10:37:58
Intolerant, foolish children. 10:24:18
How Our Demented Capitalist System Made America Insane 10:14:50
Wow listen to Peter Santilli radio show discussing Rands endorsement of Romney 09:52:35
Urgent Chipin request 09:29:26
analysis on the current state of the campaign 09:21:48
What is this? A new V/facebook page from RP called Called endorse the Revolution 09:18:02
The Daily Paul Rocks! Thanks For Being Here 09:05:39
How to become a SLAVE to the system 09:02:18
* 08:56:51
To ALL Romney Delegates - Part II 08:55:12
Herding delegates for Tampa 08:50:02
NEVER will I vote for or support mindless Willard Mitt Romney puppet-type politicians - Update - links for inspiration 08:46:49
Penny Freeman interview on Adam VS The Man. 08:43:43
Rand: Voting Record 08:38:20
Ron Paul Supporters Prepare to Invade Tampa 08:32:27
We Must Not Be Like Cats 08:02:23
edited 07:57:27
Video:"An Idea Whose Time has Come"-G. Edward Griffin(Take time to watch this) 07:45:06
Life Is a Gift from God 07:02:27
Any word on the results of the Texas State Convention? 06:48:05
My daughter showed me this, this morning 06:39:01
G. Stolyarov II: Why Rand Was Wrong to Endorse Romney 06:34:05
What do "Stealth Delegates" & Rand's Romney Endorsement Have in Common? 04:59:19
Video> Luke Rudkowski's exclusive w/ Rand, circa 2010: on Fed. Reserve, GoldmanSUX, NWO & Bilderberg (yup) 04:57:26
American Keynesian Economy loses 129,000 Millionaires in 2011 04:56:17
Long live Ron Paul 04:42:43
Dreams~ 04:36:42
WaPo: What Rand Paul’s Romney endorsement means 04:34:46
Rand is a "cold feet Constitutionalist" along with many others that just shot America's restoration in the foot 04:25:08
Ron Paul Save Your Movement And Run Independent! 04:04:11
Rand Paul Helps Destroy What His Father Built 03:32:37
In support of Rand Paul's individual LIBERTY! 03:06:51
4409 - The Truth Why Rand Paul Endorsed Romney? 03:00:39
Take over GOP and DNC, empower GP, LP and CP, candidates, issues, etc. 02:47:15
Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and the Libertarian Party 02:19:46
What Can We Take Away From Dr. Paul's email and Rand's Endorsement? 02:18:56
Be aware of troll manipulation to confuse TRUTH on daily paul! 01:55:14
FOCUS: Here's a little post to help settle everyone down... 01:48:38
Simulated Opposition 01:36:32
Forecast for Convention and Beyond 01:34:39
Kentucky GOP State Convention - firsthand account 01:31:33
. 01:27:35
IMPORTANT! From Paul Campaign State Organizer 01:09:36
David Icke: Bilderberg's Grip on the World 00:58:54
Need 50 more liberty lovers. 00:54:36
The Headline "Mitt Romney Spearheads the Greatest Coup in GOP History" 00:42:37
My (NV State Ron Paul delegate's) thoughts on Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney - and how to continue promoting liberty 00:28:06
Timing of Rands announcement decoded... 00:25:16
Gerald Celente: Ron & Rand Paul Are Killing Their Movement! 00:21:52
Feeding the Homeless Becoming Illegal Around the Country 00:10:55
Rand Again 00:04:04
Moneybomb Legitimate Ron Paul Support Www.Ronpaulradio.Com Our Media 00:01:43