Posted on June 13, 2012

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Doug Wead on The Robert Scott Bell Show - Insights About Ron and Rand 15:29:28
Carol Paul on Rand's Endorsement 15:29:29
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Game changing Federal Lawsuit seeks to unbind ALL delegates! 23:57:51
The European Atrocity You Never Heard About 23:48:37
Voter fraud in UT? Received notice today that my wife's (my) vote not counted 23:41:47
Pentagon Report calls out Strategic Failure of Neocon/Obama directives 23:37:38
Ron Paul 3rd Party (Hear Me Out) 23:31:36
Some Insights From Doug Wead On Rand Paul's Endorsement and Ron Paul 23:24:01
Let It Not Be Said That Men and Women Did Nothing 23:14:16
Federal Reserve Directors’ Banks and Businesses Took $4 Trillion in Bailouts 22:57:49
How an Obama Victory Could Help the Liberty Movement 22:54:06
Raw Footage from District #8 in Massachusetts Where Provisional Ballots were disqualified, among other unjustly disqualified 22:52:18
My interview with Mrs. Carol Paul! 22:51:47
Which states will count write-ins? 22:51:40
Kerry Bentivolio Money Bomb Right Now! Donate Now Help Raise $10k For Liberty! 22:49:08
42 year old lyrics 22:48:55
Romney Implicated in another corrupt scandal 22:48:54
An America without propaganda! 22:46:11
Where's Rand Paul's End the TSA Bill? 22:17:30
Sen. Paul proposes bill protecting Americans from drone surveillance 22:13:02
The Rand Paul Debate: What Now? 22:11:51
Nancy Pelosi Confronted On The NDAA! 22:05:05
The Question For Rand About Romney Luckily Is Being Asked- What About His 'gay Marriage' Comment?! 22:01:41
Donate to candidate facing Eugene Dokes 21:55:18
Not even a week has passed since Rand's endorsment and infowars is already is calling him a neocon 21:55:04
3rd Party Loophole 21:53:03
Perhaps my last post on the Daily Paul 21:50:06
Glenn Beck is incapable of defending free markets 21:43:44
Radical New Powers for Multinational Corporations! 21:42:18
If alienated by RNC... Will Dr Paul endorse the Libertarian Party? Or even join their campaign? 21:39:22
Annotated video of Louisiana Republican Convention June 2nd, 2012. 21:21:31
Farewell DP (or: How OP discovered how to stay on DP for free) 21:20:44
Trust Ron Paul! 21:18:29
US Trade Agreement Leak Reveals 'Radical New Powers' for Multinational Corporations 21:03:57
HR 459 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act What if 20:51:26
Free Market Capitalism is Sustainable 20:50:53
Doug Wead tonight on the Mike Malloy Show 20:50:13
Is Ron Paul (maybe) getting ready to endorse Mitt Romney? 20:49:31
Doug Wead: So Who Needs Romney? 20:44:49
TV Network Censors Journalist Who Criticized BitTorrent News Report 20:39:21
Could Selling Your Computer One Day Be a Criminal Offense? 20:35:04
◈ Concentrate People! Forget Rand And Focus On The Montana, Iowa & Virginia State Conventions This Weekend 20:31:15
Republicans Using $18M in Taxpayer Funds for Conventions 20:29:50
The grassroots of the revolution is leaderless 20:25:39
Companies Most Compliant With Big Brother Include Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft, Foursquare 20:21:36
I Can Not Believe What I Have Been Hearing You Really Need Ron Paul To Tell You What To Do? Wake Up! 20:18:35
The Hill: Rand introduces bill to stop domestic drone spying 20:18:03
SBSS 37. Blood On The Street 20:15:48
JP Morgan boss flashes presidential bling at Senate hearing 20:14:44
Ron Paul supporters now working on two pre-RNC festivals 20:10:33
The 2nd Commandment vs. The Second Ammendment 20:06:38
In Response To Gary Johnson Posts 19:58:48
(Video) Remembering Bob Chapman with Frank Underhill on The Vincent Finelli Show 19:57:24
Jim Gray/Marijuana Policy Project town hall 19:56:07
Rand Paul takes on drone surveillance 19:54:40
Flanking Maneuver 19:48:21
My Plan B if Ron Paul doesn't win the RNC: Redraft Ron Paul! 19:45:37
The R3VOLutin Strikes Back! Senator Napolitano! 19:43:13
The Revolution Lives On 19:39:22
For the ron paul supporters and new gary johnson supporters. 19:37:45
Question about being a guest at the RNC 19:36:40
To my friends - Why I will not support your candidate , Mitt Romney, in order to "beat Obama"... 19:35:50
WOW! Romney just lost Iowa of all places. 19:27:51
You don't know the second commandment, there is a reason for your ignorance. 19:25:49
Excellent Nigel Farage Video - Spanish Bailout 19:21:51
This is where we separate the kooks from the rational liberty lovers. 19:18:26
I support Jack Hunter and his hair. 19:06:52
Bloomberg's Ministry of Health discusses expanding drink size ban to popcorn and beyond 19:04:17
Ron Paul Appeals to Women, Not Just College-Age White Men 18:44:09
Enough with these Gary Johnson Posts 18:36:05
When I said, "No one but Ron Paul", I meant it. 18:26:16
Gary Johnson @ Freedom Festival 2012 18:23:52
US News & World Report - Ron Paul "to his credit...". 18:11:48
You be You, and Rand will be Rand 17:58:23
Help us get to DC guys! 17:54:11
RPVC: Membership Update Email #1 - Going out Tonight 17:53:57
How Is Changing The Party Platform Going To Stop the Train Wreck? 17:52:52
North Dakota Property Taxes Abolishment Fails 17:51:32
The GMO labeling ballot measure has been officially accepted onto the ballot in California! 17:39:17
Gary Johnson: "I'm the only candidate that doesn't want to bomb Iran." 17:33:05
Jesse Ventura asks Paul supporters to vote for Gary Johnson 17:31:37
Will Ron Paul Give a Watered-down Version Of Endorsement? 17:31:26
Senator Paul on food stamps 17:16:27
Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group’s Connection To Everything In The World 17:14:22
GOP Delegates Revolt Against Romney & RNC 17:14:06
It may be 2020 before a New Republican 17:08:29
. this article has been deleted 16:57:27
Why So Glum, Chum? 16:48:16
Is Ron Paul Ok? 16:43:49
Ron Paul's Last Request (as a Congressman)! Let's All Unite Behind Audit The Fed! 16:39:00
Adam Kokesh salutes Dr Paul 16:37:12
Dig in folks 16:34:38
Start Calling Your Reps Now For Audit the Fed Bill 16:14:29
Is a GOP Goon Squad Intimidating Ron Paul Delegates into Voting Romney at Convention? 16:11:38
Ozarks Farmers Protest Raw Milk Restrictions 16:01:54
A Texas Delegate Searches for Answers 15:51:37
TMOT: Now You're Smarter Than Ron Paul? 15:49:30
Health Panel Talks About Wider Food Ban 15:40:59
Gary Johnson's Record in NM 15:40:50
Less arguing - and more of this 15:37:10
Sen. Grassley calling for unity at Iowa convention 15:35:45
Will Ron Paul delegates make Romney flip flop again? 15:33:26
When delegates vote their conscience Ron Paul wins. 15:31:24
Freedom Festival 2012 Gary Johnson Keynote Speaker 15:29:13
Ron Paul 2012, Josh Tolley, Tracy Diaz, Mat Larson, Jordan Page, Tatiana Moroz, Smiley Chris.. 15:18:14
TMOT Interviewed GA 4th District Liberty Candidate Greg Pallen 15:14:31
That's not an AR; These are AR15's! MI Patriots OpenCarry Protest on behalf of Sean Combs's Illegal Arrest! 15:14:27
GOP Chair Calls Voters Stupid if they Vote for Tisha Casida 15:11:57
Winners and Losers. The simple truth. 15:09:35
NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign Urgent 15:07:45
Very weird stuff going on today... 14:57:29
Twin victories in South Carolina! 14:53:46
Requesting DP Opinions On This Website: "Freedom Works For Me" 14:51:27
President Paul 14:40:07
Ron Paul: The Coming Fed Bailout of Europe Must Be Stopped! 14:32:41
Yahoo: Voters Pan Both Canidates On Economy 14:26:55
Lovefest is over-Romney takes jab at Dr. Paul 14:16:37
Could this have anything to do with Rands surprise endorsement of Romney 14:16:29
Giant nuclear cover-up? 14:14:55
Stop defending George W. 14:06:32
Is a Paul Compromise Due to Threats of a Bloody Convention? 14:03:23
Seriously guys, grow up and stop the personal attacks on Rand. 13:57:27
Forget John Galt, Who is Mu507? 13:54:31
Without Paul, Jesse Ventura calls for Gary Johnson vote 13:54:02
Govt Causes Economic Disparity 13:53:08
Mitt Romney Obama light or just Obama white? 13:49:47
Liberty Nd Pac Backed Candidate Unseats 22 Year Incumbent In North Dakota 13:46:52
Joe Rogan at Paulfest? 13:44:20
Paul supporters are heroes, news commentary from article saying Paul supporters just don't get it 13:44:13
Paulites Coming Back To Life - Bravo 13:34:54
Video: Tom Woods on LibertyChat; 100% Certain Dr. Ron Paul will NOT endorse Romney! June 12, 2012-Full Hr 13:32:40
DRIVE, walk, hitchhike, skateboard, or ride your POGO-STICK, just get to PAULFEST! Aug. 24-26. CONFIRMED! 13:32:09
Indiana legalizes shooting cops? 13:31:20
IAGOP Tries To Stop RP Delegates To Tampa! 13:27:53
The neocon plan 13:27:51
Tom Woods' Definitive Libertarian Speech 13:27:36
New movie about Freedom and Liberty 13:26:30
Support a new short film about Freedom and Liberty 13:22:58
What are your opinions on the Business Insider Article 13:22:07
Sen. Rand Paul On Fox News 6/12/12 13:19:18
If only this guy was Ron Paul's son 13:14:26
Will the US Fed Bailout Europe Without US Voter Approval? 13:12:46
Okay I get it. Let's wait till after Tampa. 13:04:58
Ron Paul Vs. Mitt Romney- Iowa GOP Slate 12:56:39
Syrian Civil War Heats Up. CIA plans propaganda coup. 12:51:31
I Fear We Are Limiting Our Options When We Have Very Little! 12:36:08
CFTC Charmnan Gary Gensler Squirms While Live Callers Ask About Silver Manipulation & Investigation! 12:31:17
Kerry Bentivolio "Dump the party's write-in candidate" Money Bomb TODAY 12:28:31
Northrop Grumman Gives VP Half Million Dollar Bonus before He Goes to Work for Congress 12:21:16
An Uplifting Message From Karen Kwiatkowski 12:19:57
Video from Jesse Ventura on Piers Morgan 6.11.12 12:07:31
Stealth strategy? 12:06:56
(Updated w/ Filings 8-23-12) Delegates to the Republican National Convention v. Republican National Committee (Court Documents) 12:06:09
Extra “Ordinary” People 12:02:01
"Lost Faith" 11:59:01
A message to Rand Paul 11:54:01
Rand Paul Still Doesn't Get It, And Never Will 11:49:25
Jesse Benton Needs To Resign And Step Down Immediately 11:43:47
The Pointlessness of Political Party Plurality 11:39:38
Texas SREC Member's (David Bellow) blog about the need to work with the Ron Paul movement! 11:34:16
States Stay in Austerity Mode Even as Revenue Rises 11:31:22
If you know people who like Ron Paul on everything except foreign policy show them this video: 11:31:22
Post Tampa Mingle Money Bomb 11:29:13
Jamie Dimon Under Fire: Key Questions He Must Answer 11:28:18
The Atlantic: Rand Paul Launches a Preemptive Strike Against Domestic Drone ... ‎ 11:26:44
Why everyone on the Daily Paul should support Ron Paul...the answer is simple 11:20:50
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Confesses: ‘I Voted For Ron Paul’ 11:17:37
Republican Party of Iowa looking "to round up enough votes for a “unity slate” to override the Paul activists." 11:15:32
Gideon and a few good men 11:13:18
Washington Times: Ron Paul festival set for fairgrounds in Tampa August 24-26 11:13:01
Rand doesn't get it... 11:08:22
When is Romney Going to Endorse Dr. Paul? 11:06:35
Federal Reserve Directors' Banks and Businesses Took $4 Trillion in Bailouts 11:06:34
You Can't Vote For Ron From Jail Or The Hospital 11:02:36
Ron Paul Festival Is On! 10:50:30
Gary North on Rand, conspiracies, etc 10:44:54
Anyone from Iowa know 10:42:15
Blacks being rounded up in Israel 10:41:34 PaulFest happening 10:41:22
Ma GOP Votes 39-28 To Defend Election Fraud 10:40:36
Federal CIVIL Voting Rights COMPLAINT Documents which were Recently FILED -*Lawyers For Ron Paul* 10:37:17
General Motors is becoming China Motors 10:33:06
Rand Won't Inspire: The Future of Our Movement 10:29:19
Jesus is the one we need! (please Dr. Paul, lead...) 10:28:02
We can't let the establishment have its way in Iowa 10:25:07
Take This Attach Paul's Plan And Pass Out 10:22:09
What we did on June 12th 10:09:08
Next line of battle: Proving the rigging in Texas 09:40:30
Can we laugh about it yet? 09:39:46
When is the next MoneyBomb? 09:31:15
Rand Paul Can't Hurt Us - Are You Ready To Listen? 09:21:31
I Spent 4 Hours Talking With A Federal Judge 08:54:26
Play with the Party to OWN the Party; Christian Science claims Dr. Paul 'maybe' ready to support Romney 08:39:15
Revolution Pac website has been hacked by some Muslim Prince! 08:38:05
The Biggest Difference Between Gary Johnson and Ron Paul 08:23:47
Liberty short phrases for potential t-shirts... 08:18:57
Rand:When Speaking To Romney Did You Address The Fraud ? 08:12:54
Ron Paul's 1988 Running Mate Endorses Gary Johnson 08:04:18
Dead Horse Beating Competition! 07:46:27
Drug Law Constitutionality 07:39:35
After listening to the Peter Schiff interview with Rand Paul... 07:37:42
rON pAUL 2.0: Finding the next Presidential candidate... 07:31:48
Cyber Armies of the Future 07:24:07
People About To Lose It In WNC 07:04:59
Rand 'endorsement' loses all power as soon as we ignore it 07:04:43
Pragmatism KILLS liberty...ALWAYS! 06:26:59
Make Huge Online Poker Profits 05:58:27
Regret/fear & loathing 05:40:31
We need both - those who work from within the system to fix it, and those who work independent of the system to expose it. 04:49:53
Community Help for my Friend Annee? 04:48:37
Why don't we talk about the gold standard any more? 04:15:53
Morning' Joe Votes for Ron Paul ! 03:52:55
Not In The GOP! Hippies, Rockers, Punks, Dems, Liberals, Progressives, Independents Oh My! 02:57:41
Do we want to hash this out now with the delegates effort to unite us and will we likely be divided later? 02:50:55
Cancer Cure: B17 02:49:52
Flanking Maneuver! 02:43:45
50 Famous Libertarians 02:41:51
Romney fraud article on Veteran's today being downvoted by Trolls...means article is damning 02:29:59
To Endorse a Thief 02:26:47
What The Neocons Really Want (From The Ron Paul Website) 02:17:09
Estimating the Potential Impact of Failure of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool 02:14:11
2007 02:07:24
Dr. Rand Paul, Thank You For All You've Done And For All That You Will Do! 01:53:01
Veteran's magazine - Romney FRAUD -spread THIS far and wide! 01:46:54
Is it me or am I feeling the love coming back today on DP? 01:41:32
Political Parties are to Blame for Disingenuous Endorsements, Collectivist Politics, and Political Corruption 01:40:10
Donald trump may be right 01:23:11
People are Awesome! 01:03:02
How soon will Romney impose cap-and-trade, and how bad will it be? 01:01:37
ABillyRock: From joy to tears in just 13 Days 01:00:20
Rand/Ron Paul Anger: Do Not Fall For It 00:55:40
For our track star hero! 00:52:20
Dr. Paul...I Am Proof That You Are Winning! 00:43:37
Blue Republicans: Just One Year? 00:40:37
Great job Texas ! Big win 00:31:31
Personal Plea to Rand Paul for Retraction of Romney Endorsement. Rand, if you are out there, please, please read this through. 00:28:02
Liberty Scorecards? 00:26:31
If You Ever Feel Like One Person Can't Make A Difference... 00:24:21
Sadly my Ron Paul sign in my yard and Stickers on my car 00:21:26
Someone Remind Me, Which Candidate Is The Choice Of The Troops Again? 00:19:59
I am so glad Michael is away and doesnt have to see what's happening in his home 00:19:52
Midas Resources... 2 Silver Dollar deal with Video & Book! 00:08:34
I Have A Conscience...I Will NOT Vote With Conformity...Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 00:08:27
For Greater Glory - New Anti-Government Movie that Hollywood Refused to Make 00:05:47
The Liberty Movement, the New Middle, and the End of the Beginning 15:45:12