Posted on June 14, 2012

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Joe Scarborough - "Why I Voted for Ron Paul" 12:56:37
US expands ‘shadow war’ in Africa with spy planes, report says 12:54:09
Doug Wead Full Facebook chat 6-13-12 12:00:11
Dear Ron Paul, We Will Not Quit! 11:45:50
The Iowa State Convention begins Friday, June 15 at 6:00pm CDT 11:34:05
The Montana State Convention is underway 10:29:58
Judge Napolitano: Squealing vs Killing 01:12:14
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Lawyers For Ron Paul Group Make Important Announcment 23:58:25
DoD Current and Future U.S. Drone Activities Map 23:52:23
Does Anyone Have a Site 23:31:30
Iowa, Virginia & Montana Conventions This Weekend Urgent Action Bomb for Ron Paul 2012! Please Share 23:28:03
Why should truth need a political party? 23:17:56
Has anyone EVER seen a Romney bumper sticker? I have NEVER seen ONE! Not in WA, CA, OR, NV, or IDAHO! 23:16:59
If I wanted America to fail, a video 23:15:19
Sanders new FED legislation 23:10:35
Let Freedom Ring! 23:07:42
FOLKS. We are WINNING. As a delegate to the Virginia State convention... 23:04:01
Who here has done more for liberty than Rand Paul? 23:02:15
Video: Colby Donaldson, Host of History Ch.'s Top Shot opens a Shooting Range w/Same Theme in TX! 23:01:10
Write In Ron... Money Bomb... - Ron Paul Is Getting Our Votes And Count Them They Will 22:58:26
The American Public Do Not See What is Coming with Romney-Obama 22:54:08
Treaty Negotiated In Secret – Hidden Even from Congressmen Who Oversee Treaties – Threatens to Destroy National Sovereignty 22:53:26
Ron Paul Is Winning 22:50:39
Excellent Gary Johnson Interview 22:47:32
We CAN get Ron Paul the nomination! 22:43:46
For those who can't make it to Tampa 22:42:36
Rhode Island State House passes Anti-NDAA legislation 22:34:14
Question: Would you rather see Rand Paul not endorse Romney? 22:30:01
YouTube channel RonPaul2008dotcom is back! 22:27:17
The logical solution to the Gary Johnson issue. 22:25:32
Attack Of The Drones? - Rand Paul Protecting Our Liberties 22:19:43
Sky's Fallen: ACLU sues Cranston PD, Rhode Island, to get an Innocent Citizen's Guns back! 22:18:19
My opinion of Rand Paul 22:13:14
Only reliable news on TV... comes out of Russia? 22:12:56
Do you support a 'big tent' approach to freedom? 22:04:36
Caller Fights For Ron Paul On C-Span Live! 21:58:26
Paper Ballot Op-Scan Systems in FL, WI, NY, OH Confirmed to Overheat, Mistally 70% of Votes 21:55:29
HBO displays movie with George W. Bush's head on a pike. 21:44:48
Ron Paul Video 21:42:06
Mitt Romney an Agent of The State of Israel 21:37:40
Rand Paul Responds on Glenn Beck, to Angry Paul Supporters 21:36:31
Lord James Of Blackheath $15,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo Fraud Exposed 21:33:59
Another solicitation for money for Ron Paul submitting the "Audit the Fed." 21:30:39
Electrified Snail Produce Electricity From Natural Sugar In Its Body 21:18:59
Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul is unique, once in perhaps 200yrs; appreciate him while you can! Will NOT endorse a Monster! 21:18:42
I need a new gardening thread 21:11:36
What happened to the Pauls? 21:03:29
Green Day Sings - Ron Paul Speaks the Words - End the Wars 20:56:29
:( I'm Leaving :( 20:56:20
Most pro-pot TV personalities are Ron Paul supporters 20:51:50
Euro Has Collapsed! 20:43:07
"Mitt Romney Goes To Scamworld" 20:40:08
Government waste 20:31:04
Uncle Sam returns to defend liberty and freedom against the tyranny of the central banking system 20:27:16
We should have 20:26:52
Where to go from here 20:24:09
Tom Woods: Even Anarchists Should Vote 20:20:26
» My Suggestion for Taking the DailyPaul to the next level. Share this if you think it's a good idea. 20:15:19
My turn to beat the dead horse.. 20:06:39
RT Abby Martin: US Army pays $20/hr to Desperate Sheeple to be Less-Than-Lethal Weapons LabRats 20:06:04
Ron Paul, a savior? The Rand Paul affliction 20:05:43
Nigel Farage: "The Euro Titanic has now hit the iceberg...!" 20:04:13
Virginia State Convention this weekend - June 16th! 19:46:16
Doug Wead would not admit defeat 19:42:32
Any "plinkers" in the house? 19:33:37
We might be down, but we are NOT out! 19:27:00
5 Dominant Personality Types in a World Gone Mad 19:03:38
"RP R3VOLution" Vs "GOP Establishment" 18:59:12
Stand Up Comedian Louis Ck Disses Donald Rumsfeld In His Face 18:51:51
Federal Reserve Board Members Gave Their Own Banks $4 Trillion in Bailouts 18:51:45
Stand Up Comedian Louis Ck Disses Donald Rumsfeld In His Face 18:49:57
What is the status of revolutionPAC 18:41:36
Is This Communist Obama’s Real Father? - *vid* 18:39:36
NYPD Sergeant Tells Guy " I'll Put My D*ck In Your Mouth! What!? 18:36:05
Wow! Gov. Gary Johnson Just Called Rand Paul A Sellout! 18:12:24
Need Help With a patriotic website 18:12:00
MN U.S. Senate RP endorsed candidate Kurt Bills on Film Project 18:10:45
Rand Paul's liberty movement! 18:01:30
Syrian War About to Heat Up Again? 17:53:39
Rand Paul will be on Reality Check tonight! 17:40:58
!What's wrong with you sissies! 17:40:47
Neoconservative vs Constitutionalism 17:32:54
Ron Paul Supporters Let's Have Some Perspective! 17:20:26
Senator Rand Paul Complains about Internet Extremists 17:18:15
I think Dr. Paul Is Going To Run In 2016! 17:01:53
WND has a Paul vs Romney poll 16:53:15
2016 Presidential Election 16:52:43
Keiser Report "Con Games Go Global" 16:51:02
Bob Corker Must GO! 16:46:55
Government School System Makes People Live A Life Of Perpetual Adolescence! 16:43:53
Twitter Bomb 16:39:57
When it's all said and done, My vote is for integrity 16:33:58
Paul Has Changed the Future of American Politics 16:15:34
Here's your $4 trillion dollar tab America! 16:10:43
The GOP Will Be Ours By 2016 16:05:54
Stanford gets 110 Years in Ponzi Scheme... 16:00:25
I just pissed off the TSA and it felt good 15:47:24
Attention: Another "I'm Leaving the Daily Paul" and "I'm Ashamed of All of You" Thread - Entertainment Thread: 15:39:08
For those who are all of a sudden getting emails from who you think is the Romney campaign 15:28:58
Ron Paul on Gary Johnson: "I can't imagine endorsing anybody else" 15:19:13
Adam Kokesh Video - Logistics for VFRP/Paul Festival/RNC 15:12:59
God Made Jesus To Be Sin 15:04:57
Ron Paul has my loyalty but my state has me Bound to Romney. 14:58:48
Arianna Huffington: Ron Paul called 'crazy' for having foreign policy views most Americans agree with 14:56:01
On Southern Hubris and the Yankee Lust for Imperialism 14:54:49
Rand Paul Getting Rinsed and Tumbled Inside the Establishment Machine 14:53:40
Prison Break From The Historical Narrative of Webster Tarpley 14:42:57
Calling on the Judge 14:39:38
Heckler brands Tony Blair a ‘war criminal’ over JPMorgan payments 14:35:42
Newly Released Video: Rothbard on Mises 14:32:00
Attention all Iowan Voters - Repub party split 14:07:45
Rand Paul Getting Rinsed and Tumbled Inside the Establishment Machine 14:03:40
Is this "the end"? 14:00:53
Update: Ron Paul campaign has some explaining to do! 13:58:13
Don't Let the Tail Wag the Dog 13:54:07
We Have A Job To Finish, Never Stop Reaching For The Goal. If We Don't Start It Is Certian We Will Never Arrive! 13:51:32
Obama Seeks US Congressional Ratification of UN Global Gun Control Treaty *video* 13:36:26
Muhammad Ali On Life And Hell 13:26:16
Lew Rockwell : "Mitt Romney Is A Monster And Ron Paul Will Not Endorse A Monster" 13:25:35
People Ask Me: What Will Work? 12:54:42
Ron Paul Has Already Changed the Future of American Politics 12:52:34
Rand Paul is compromising again! DRONES! 12:45:27
Attention Nevada! Check To See If Your Precinct Vote Count Was Included In The State Totals! 12:41:20
Liberty was the the lifeblood of the revolution, the grassroots were the beating heart. 12:41:16
Post Your State's Rules for Write-In Candidates Here 12:36:53
Ron Paul Revolution Still On Fire! 12:36:46
Anyone being harassed by the Census Bureau? 12:32:34
Is it time to end my Daily Paul subscription? 12:32:09
Ron Paul 2012 Should Listen To Ron Paul 2008 12:22:42
breaking : PaulFestival video contest win free gear and tickets to 12:19:40
Lew Rockwell & Gary Johnson: Guests w/Alex Jones 6-14-12; Broadcast repeats 12:19:02
Rio 20+ UN Warning: Global Collapse Due to Pesticides - Agenda 21 Solution 12:14:00
How much time do you think we have left? 12:06:38
help convince Amy Goodman to acknowledge Ron Paul's efforts against the Fed and his supporters efforts in court against GOP 11:59:14
Tampa is gonna be all of our party. Maybe the last. And the translation of R3VOLUTION. 11:55:31
The REMNANT will prevail! 11:46:04
I was done with Rand Paul a long time ago, and here's why 11:43:19
Jesse Ventura wants you to vote for Gary Johnson; CNN edits it out 11:35:25
Thrive & End the Fed Protest 11:32:35
What do you do if your strategy actually works? 11:29:43
Rand Paul—a Constitution Party Response (Ron Paul Endorsed CPs Candidate In 08) 11:24:32
Decentralizing, Centralizing, and Expanding - It begins 11:21:52
Montana State Convention starts TODAY at NOON in Missoula - delegate preference not bound unless delegates want it that way 11:19:20
In NYC, The Constitution Does Not Exist... and the virus is spreading... 11:18:41
Are write in votes susceptible to machine counting fraud? 11:16:25
Rand Paul at War Against Domestic Drones! 11:15:12
Kerry Bentivolio Moneybomb! Let's help him reach $10k 11:12:37
My plea to the delegates still fighting in the trenches 11:06:43
What if Romney promised to appoint Ron Paul Secretary of the Treasury? 10:46:45
LMAO! ‘Obama Boy’: The ‘Obama Girl’ of 2012 (VIDEO) 10:42:17
Chuck Baldwin Warns Ron Paul 10:30:18
How many of you are sitting this election out? Vote up or down 10:23:03
(Video) Chuck Baldwin Warns Ron Paul 10:16:24
Volunteer at the Tampa Convention 10:15:17
This is just NEAT! Bavaria for Ron Paul! 10:13:43
We must keep Romney from getting the WH 10:00:32
Alex Jones and Chuck Baldwin on Rand's endorsement and Romans 13 09:50:14
Mitt Winning Would Be The Worst Case Scenario For The Liberty Movement. 09:45:42 Endorsing Evil Is Politics as Usual 09:44:11
Ron Paul 2016 09:38:10
Leaked footage of Corrupt Republican District 2 Caucus Meeting. 09:26:30
Nobody who stands against Ron Paul's campaign can truly be a Christian 09:23:51
Massive cheating suspected in Ron Paul’s Congressional district. A review of the data. 09:16:03
Vote for Romney's VP - I chose RP 09:03:25
Rand Paul: protecting Americans from drone surveillance 09:00:39
Jesse Ventura: Politicians Are like Criminal Gang Members 08:48:07
Ron Paul still winning the polls 08:47:31
Liberty Movement on Steroids Can't lose 08:19:55
We are being intentionally sabotaged 07:50:57 Readers Overwhelmingly Reject Rand Paul’s Romney Endorsement 07:49:32
Ron Paul Trusts Us To Stand Firm 07:46:03
Rand Paul calls for participation and temperance 07:41:46
Penny Freeman, former staffer in tears over Ron Paul betrayals 07:30:20
Why all the handwringing 07:23:44
I'm Here Due To Ron Paul Only. No One Else! 06:47:51
Who is the future of the Liberty movement? Regardless of 2012 06:25:45
Ron Paul/gary Johnson 2012 05:48:25
Currency Trading To Be Halted On June 17! 05:00:35
Banks Preparing for Lock Down 03:15:45
War and its various tactics 03:09:10
"I Love Drone Attacks!" 03:00:23
Some Inspirational Insights From Doug Wead On Ron And Rand Paul 02:21:12
TXGOP Convention Chair affirms RNC Rules Supercede State Rules 38 02:14:52
There comes a point in every Revolution 02:07:55
Paul Fest Article 01:58:22
Ron Paul for President, 2016 01:34:33
Delegates to Tampa are being asked for SS #'s 01:22:07
The Shadow Government 01:12:04
Men and women of true honor, we will come together. In Tampa. 01:11:35
Kokesh: We salute you, Dr Paul! 01:06:25
VIDEO Doug Wead Facebook Chat 00:46:29
Jesse Ventura "For All Ron Paul People And I'm One Of Them" 00:41:55
World's oldest Automobile sells for $4.6 millions 00:34:49
Pawn Stars show on A&E on Silver! 00:34:42
Ukrainian Parliament in 'Action' - Video :) 00:29:56
The Elephants and Donkeys deserve the BIRD 00:21:42
Ben Swann: Congress and Banks Privatizing Profit and Socializing Risk 00:16:14
It's quite simple, really 00:13:10
Wanna Call The Cops? 00:10:31
Justin Amash is donating to Kerry Bentivolio! Will you stand with Justin? 00:07:29
Same day Analysis of Candy Crowley's State of Union show June 3rd 13:10:18