Posted on June 15, 2012

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Paul On CNBC: More Inflation Than Our Statistics Say 21:11:23
Ron Paul's Message To Supporters: Let's Do Our Job Right | Rally In Tampa 8/26 20:54:02
Iowa State Convention Live - Friday, June 15th 20:30:04
Police put on notice in Indiana: illegally raid the wrong home, private citizens can shoot back 17:10:22
* More Delegates Want to Join Republican Revolt 13:59:16
Non-Interventionism in the Spanish Civil War - And Syria 13:59:17
Ben Swann's EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Rand Paul on Fed Audit, NDAA, Drones, Interventionism, RP2012 10:34:48
Want to Help the Cause? Know Your Stuff 10:20:46
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Fire back at the neocons that think Paul's foreign policy is "dangerous" 23:45:08
We need to make preparations and rules for the next election now! 23:44:49
StumbleUpon Ron! 23:40:10
Remember when we were a family and we all lauged together at this guy? 23:32:29
Ron Paul supporters and cyber bullies - stopping the online hate 23:27:19
A Repeat of the George W. Bush Administration!(Romney) 23:25:37
Like Ron Paul, George Carlin was Ahead of His Time 23:22:44
Iowa District 3 results - looking good! 23:21:47
I could use some help with Tampa 23:18:50
LOL - Chinese Police Caught in Car Switching 23:12:15
Federal Reserve Directors’ Banks and Businesses Took $4 Trillion in Bailouts: Report 23:10:56
One World Trade Center 23:09:43
American Foreign Policy & Elephants for Everyone 23:03:46
Groupthink Disorder…and why we are a Republic and not a Democracy! PS: Ron Paul is WINNING. 22:50:27
*Text of Lawsuit* Against RNC Members Regarding Vote Fraud in All Contests - Link to PDF 22:41:52
Reporters Kicked Out Of Mitt Romney Event At Newseum 22:23:10
Every "War" That We Are In Is Simply Laughable 22:22:38
New Grassroots Strategy 22:19:26
California Senator Dianne Feinstein responds to a letter asking to support FED Audit legislation 22:16:24
Tampa Tactics 22:14:06
Get off the Train; its going off the cliff! 22:03:50
Jack Hunter attempts to put controversy to rest 22:01:58
ObamaCare ‘Bug’ Puts IPAB beyond Congress’ Reach 22:01:52
Just Released Ron Paul Message To Supporters 21:59:23
Is Mitt Romney scared of Ron Paul supporters switching to Gary Johnson? 21:32:16
Any idea of how many of us are on the National Platform Cmte? 21:32:10
This Song Is Dedicated To The RNC Delegates 21:14:36
Is there any possible way around sore loser laws for a 3rd party run? 21:04:22
How to eat well during the coming economic collapse 20:52:58
The Federal Government Will Not Charge Mitt Romney With A Crime 20:46:05
... The "lawsuit" Is Designed To Lose The Case 20:41:59
WND reports 120 delegates suing to be free of Romney 20:24:12
'Miracle in Tampa' 20:23:03
Its Official : Presidency Now a Dictatorship 20:21:59
Domestic Deployment : U.S. Army Chief Says Military Will Provide Rapid Response Otions and Address Challenges In The U.S. Itself 20:06:10
BUSTED: Biotech Leader Syngenta Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GMO Corn (Video) 20:00:25
I don't know why, but my gut feeling tells me that 19:58:10
New 'Self Aiming Bullet ' Has Microchip and Self Adjusting Fins, Accurate to 20 cm at Half a Mile 19:53:47
More Delegates Join Lawsuit Against Romney And The RNC! 19:53:04
Ron Paul Revolution Will Not Die! 19:52:54
Ron Paul's largest donor, Peter Thiel, was at Bilderberg. Does that mean Ron Paul is part of the NWO? 19:51:42
It's not over. Keep fighting for Delegates 19:51:38
I thought this site was about Dr. Ron Paul? 19:44:46
Obama / Romney 2012! Good Luck, America 19:43:46
Ted Butler: The Silver Price Avenger 19:38:45
Liberty Will March on the RNC! 19:29:58
UNLESS Republicans suddenly come to their senses and nominate Ron Paul at the Convention... 19:28:39
Thank you, thankyou, thank you! 19:23:57
War of 1812 200 Year Anniv 19:21:58
Election Rigging Confirmed in Dr. Paul's Own County, Brazoria. 19:21:56
We MUST Continue the Fight for Liberty - Now, More than Ever 19:10:18
UK Government Pushing to Pass ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ Surveillance Legislation 19:03:21
MIM Web Extra: Ron Paul on Greece 6-15-12 19:03:13
How Long Before VPNs Become Illegal? 19:02:14
Ron Paul Revolution in Europe? 18:56:18
Update! Full Interview with Carol Paul about Rand and Ron 18:50:27
Can we all just agree that Rand Paul is a lost cause 18:47:37
RealClearPolitics: Is Libertarian Gary Johnson the Wild Card in Fall Election? 18:43:17
Do Americans Approve of Mass Murder? So it would seem... 18:33:25
Pictures From Zimbabwe 18:22:23
Please Help: Delaware Alternate Delegate To GOP National Convention 18:17:52
Government Blocks Sales of 65.2 MPG Cars 18:07:00
Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family 18:05:41
Forex trader OANDA halts trading on Sunday ahead of Greek elections 17:58:10
Romney's Carnival bus circling Obama to show his support 17:39:25
Liberty Movemnet is a big tent... 17:36:18
Just Curious- Anyone have anything good to say about Mitt and/ or his policies? 17:33:02
The Coup Of 2012 17:29:28
Can we stop with the Rand bashing and blacklist the trolls who continue? 17:27:14
HOT: Ron Paul to be on CNBC at 6:00 today! 17:26:55
It’s happening: more prosecution for high financial crimes 17:26:23
Ron Paul Will Be on CNBC Tonight At 6PM EST 17:24:53
It’s Official: Presidency Now a Dictatorship 17:22:48
TICKETS for Paul Festival selling NOW! 17:20:37
Ron Paul's take on Rand's endorsement 17:19:04
Moving Letter From Ron Paul and Our Job to Help "End the Fed" with Campaign for Liberty 17:12:04
I went to the Romney event in NH today 16:55:03
Ryan Payne's Birthday Money Bomb 16:54:39
WeAreChange Confronts Jesse Jackson On Obama And NDAA 16:54:31
If we don't win the election it's not the end 16:14:59
We Texans' plan to eliminate property taxes 16:12:16
Lawyers for Ron Paul going where campaign isn't 15:59:07
Euro-Zone Financial Armageddon 15:53:43
To all the corrupt, criminal, treasonous soon to be felons this is dedicated to you. 15:45:04
Foreign Troops Training In Tampa for GOP Convention Take Over? 15:36:37
More Delegates Want to Join Repub Revolt 15:30:19
Not Worth a Continental 15:26:31
Downvoting 15:23:49
Independence Day Freedom March anyone? 15:20:25
*Breaking* MA Delegates Rejected By Allocation Committee* 15:09:46
Obama, was against stopping deportation via Executive Order before he was for it... 15:08:38
Liberty speech. 15:00:42
More Delegates Want to Join Repub Revolt - Courthouse News 15:00:19
"Economic Consequences" of The Decline of the Human Family & Georgia Guide Stones 14:58:38
Why isn't the DOJ taking the Bilderberg threat serioulsy? 14:53:16
Meet-up for Liberty! Arizona and EVERYWHERE! 14:44:52
Gary Johnson: Abolish The IRS! 14:44:16
It's Time To Help The Delegates 14:37:03
For all Ron Paul delegates going to Tampa. 14:32:37
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Among Friends at the Senate Banking Committee 14:26:50
I'm going to vote for Romney and here's why 14:25:07
Joe Scarborough: I’d pick Ron Paul over Mitt Romney everytime 14:07:15
Ron Paul with baby Gary 14:04:25
Stealth Presidential Electors For Ron Paul..This is how we do it! 14:03:49
Lawyers delegate lawsuit 13:51:13
Anyone else extremely eager for a Ron Paul interview or statement? 13:45:55
I have been asked to post this... So here it is 13:33:58
A True Betrayal 13:27:45
ZERO Votes For Ron Paul? 13:17:22
Mediaite Columnist Praises Rand Paul For Best Civil Liberties Record 13:15:12
Hey Ron Paul did his part ,now stfu and do your part 13:06:49
Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul Will NOT Endorse Mitt Romney 12:57:46
Chinese corruption controls 12:53:57
"Ron, Rand, and Romney" by Jack Hunter 12:45:42
NYC’s Food Gestapo Already a Cautionary Tale for the US 12:43:22
Michigan: Have you signed up as a Precinct Delegate? 12:22:19
Romney's Ponzi partner sentenced to 110 years in jail 12:18:40
Lawsuits are being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behalf of American voters 12:05:55
A Write-In Ron Paul Campaign Won't Work..For the peaceful rEVOLution to Work.. 12:05:27
Rage for Ron Paul! 12:00:38
Rand is better than Gary 11:56:30
New York GOP Discrimination Lawsuit? 11:54:31
The Media Bias and Conspiracy for ratings 11:50:04
Confirmed delegates receive a free 3 day VIP pass to 11:47:06
Agent Provocateurs 11:46:27
Gary Johnson endorsed George W Bush in 2000 11:39:00
Ron Paul Republican has real shot at McCotter's open seat 11:38:03
Syria - Direct Execution of a Pro Assad Civilian (Rated 18+) 11:32:45
Romney Ponzi Scheme: Guilty? 11:28:44
Ron Paul Scorecard? 11:26:19
Can't access mittromneycentral...can you? 11:07:32
Where is Ron Paul? 11:03:00
"Paulbot" commenters under attack at Washington Times! show them the real rLOVEution! 10:47:18
Write-in Ron Paul 2012 10:12:21
. 10:10:14
Preaching to the choir! Esprit de Corps! 10:08:58
Well, I'm leaving for the Iowa convention today 10:05:34
But he could have done so much more. 10:02:26
Are Cops Constitutional? 09:52:24
I've never been so sad visiting the DP 09:48:34
Romney's bus tour expects 1000's of fans 09:36:14
Educating Kentucky Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson on Industrial Hemp; He's "On Board" 09:23:08
Corporate monitoring of social media 08:53:57
High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civil War! 08:50:48
Daily Paul redesign concept 08:47:38
If we truly ARE the campaign, why don't we just elect new leadership right here & now? 08:33:22
Look at what the RNC did in 2008 08:26:19
Please consider Chipping in to send our Liberty Delegates from NC to Tampa! 08:20:58
Romney Corruption Exposed. Ron Paul Vindicated 08:06:29
Delegates & Alternates - Get Your Free 3-day V.I.P. Pass To Paul Festival Here! 06:51:21
How Do Strongly Up-Voted Threads That Are Extremely Pertinent Get Moderated To "off Topic"? 06:48:01
A Jones backpedaling and covering his tracks 06:23:31
The Gop Making Fun Of Ron Paul And Supporters (The End Of Ron Paul Forever) 06:17:09
Rand is Debra Medina all over again 06:06:03
Gary Johnson Is Liberty Movements Last Hope For The White House 06:01:59
Lawyers for Ron Paul make HUGE announcement! We are Uniting to Change the World with President Paul! 05:42:43
VETERANS say RESIST! Refuse to fight another rich man's WAR! ft MLK 04:59:49
Johnson/Paul anyone? 04:58:29
Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ 04:27:23
The strategic implications for the liberty movement of a Romney presidency 04:20:24
Carol Paul on Ron Paul Radio - Rand did not consult family on Romney endorsement, Ron still true 04:12:41
The strategic implications for the liberty movement oof President Romney 04:02:00
- 03:58:15
Adam Kokesh: Dr. Ron Paul got the heads up ONLY 30min BEFORE Rand got on Hannity! 03:52:24
Milk fat found in junk food may be to blame for dramatic rise in IBS cases 03:14:02
Remember the Words of Joseph Stalin 03:06:39
Everyone Needs To Listen To This 02:57:03
What "they" are doing is working for THEM! 02:36:24
At Which Point Does Healthy Optimism Turn Into Propaganda? 02:27:48
RP State Coordinator telling delegates to vote for Mitt Romney 01:56:20
What actually happens when someone gets "endorsed"? 01:46:32
Operation: Col. Braddock Upstart Non-Profit to Change the Lives of Homeless Veterans 01:44:02
Relying on Secrecy, Infiltration, Covert Means is Repugnant in a Free and Open Society 01:31:01
double post 01:16:21
Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement by WeAreChange 01:14:20
Dear Rand, you're suppose to DESTORY the ring not wear it. 01:06:08
Dr. Paul if you're reading this on the DP, an appeals thread 01:03:14
Rand Paul is Bond, James Bond 00:51:02
Unbiased news in media is possible? 00:39:13
Delegate needs your help! 00:34:17
Just received a letter from Ron Paul. So thats it? Audit the Fed 00:33:44
Perhaps a fine addition to the 'No Fly List', should be... 00:32:25
March on the RNC 00:32:09
Ron Paul 00:21:08
We Can Still Stop Mitt Romney 00:13:22
Breaking: Can 100% Confirm Ron Paul will NOT Endorse Romney 00:07:36