Posted on June 19, 2012

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Nielson Ratings just called and they couldn't understand my answer. 21:30:15
Confirmed - US + "special helper" Created Stuxnet and Flame virus 21:09:25
Ron Paul floor speech on Syria; 6/19/12 13:02:46
Ron Paul on CNN - Wolf Blitzer 6/19/12 - "No way" would I endorse Mitt Romney 11:48:38
Forbes: the GOP's Paul Problem Isn't Going Away. It Also Isn't a Problem 11:26:42
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Rand Paul SLAMS Mitt Romney for pushing unconstitutional war! 23:52:04
Barry 23:42:26
Why all the hostility against libertarians? 23:30:23
Conclusive, Undeniable Evidence the U.S. Knowingly and Willingly Harbored Nazi War Criminals 23:18:57
Just Entered Official Contest to "Spend A Day on the Road With Mitt Romney." 23:15:09
Sponsor Alex Judd, Alternate Delegate to the RNC for Ron Paul 23:07:21
Jesse Benton Vs Ron Paul√ "we Have Nothing To Do With It And Do Not Support It..." 23:00:39
Sponser Alex to Tampa for Ron Paul at the RNC in August! 22:55:48
Unconstitutional Wars! 22:51:31
The delegate fight has just begun & Ron Paul is still in it 22:33:00
Two Party System Starting To Collapse? 22:18:49
Virginia State Convention - Election FRAUD committed against the Warren Country Delegation. They are RP Supporters. 22:13:02
The broken tassel of American higher education – Is college even worth the current costs? 22:06:47
Most Ron Paul MSM Exposure (Unbiased) I Have Ever Seen! 21:58:05
Lew Rockwell on Rand - "The Apple Fell Far From The Tree" 21:33:07
Delusional user blocking me on video 21:30:20
Mitt Romney adds on DP 21:28:17
Romney LOL - on Hannity 21:14:22
Lawyers for Ron Paul on RBN live tonight (Jerry Davis and Dr. K.), 10-12 CST 21:10:30
New paint job on Air Force One 21:09:58
Keiser Report: Elite Losers & Heroes of Fraud *video* 20:53:35
Gold For Bread - Zimbabwe 20:50:19
Are political signs free speech? 20:44:03
Former Freedom Watch Producer Austin Petersen takes the tough questions on tonight's "Liberty Hot Seat" - 9:PM 20:39:23
Doug Wead Will Be Interviewed At Ron Paul Tribune This Saturday, June 23 At 9 Pm Est 20:21:50
Dear Legalize Liberty 20:20:05
Ron Paul on Drones and "The" Al Qaeda 20:18:43
6 ways Ron Paul wins in Tampa 20:17:42
Ron Paul Gives Floor Speech on Syria – June 19 2012 20:15:23
Pravda 20:09:25
In Case Of New Qe, Gold To $1,900-$8,500 Says Société Générale 20:03:16
"Ron sat and stared for an hour..." Interview! 19:47:58
. 19:44:15
Agenda 21: Brazilian style protest... 19:35:01
JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year In Government Subsidy 19:25:21
Surpirse: Experts Say Romney’s Defense Plan Doesn’t Add Up 19:19:56
Young millionaire's PAC hires Ron Paul staffers 19:16:40
10,000 fists in the air! 19:14:51
Turn Red Rhinos Into Purple Oranges - Using Opposite Thinking to Solve All Your Problems 18:59:45
DP Memory and Storage 18:46:43
Delegates... and those who send you to fight for liberty, be prepared to be tested to the extreme! 18:28:18
Syria, Iran, Russia and China Reportedly Plan War Game 18:18:22
An Updated State By State Review: 2012 Republican Primaries And Caucuses 17:56:10
INflation or DEflation, You'll Need Nickels 17:53:52
Cnn Spin Doctors Take First Msm Swipe At The “righteous Mutiny” In Rnc Lawsuit 17:45:29
The Inverted Stars on the GOP logo. Is there an official answer? 17:38:22
Ron Paul CNN Interview 06/19/12, Lawsuit On RNC, Mitt Endorsement? RNC Convention 17:30:18
Rockefeller, Morgan, and War - Murray N. Rothbard (someone email this to Webster Tarpley!) 17:29:28
Process servers URGENTLY needed for Election Fraud Lawsuit against GOP! Please help! 17:23:05
Obama attorneys argue he's not Dem nominee 17:22:46
Gilbert told CNN:I would bet you $10,000 that not one their lawyers say to federal judge that this is a frivolous lawsuit. 17:21:17
The Feel, Felt, Found Principle 17:17:33
Hmmm - Now who will Dr. Ron Paul pick as VP? 17:16:36
Gerald Celente: Global Economic Crash will commence when Italy & Spain's Currencies collapse! 17:16:20
RNC calls Delegate Lawsuit "Frivolous" 17:10:51
Arkansas GOP meetings 17:09:43
Jesse's reply to CNN regarding RNC lawsuit, 16:58:51
URGENT-Healthcare Freedom needs your help call, email, fax bomb 16:54:32
Spongebob Squarepants, Pepsi, & Beyonce welcome Ron Paul... 16:53:26
Rand Paul responds to Romney comments on attacking Iran without congressional approval 16:50:23
Ron Paul says "no way" when asked if he is ready to endorse romney 16:36:12
Hecklers outside the SF federal reserve building 16:34:42
The REAL Alex Jones! 16:34:35
Ron Paul's Campaign Efficiently Uses Donations, Romney's Not 16:33:23
Young millionaire's PAC hires Ron Paul staffers 16:22:13
Why even vote? 16:14:49
Why even vote? 16:12:28
Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers 16:07:37
Ron Paul: America's Most Dangerous Nazi 15:37:05
Cambridge, Massachusetts Considers Soda Ban in Restaurants 15:29:10
Help I am looking for a video 15:25:44
Why America's Next Bank Holiday Will Be a Nightmare 15:24:56
... 15:22:44
Third-Party Validation, Social Proof, and Why 9 Out Of 10 Dentists Agree: The 10th Dentist Just Doesn't Get It 15:11:56
3 Freedom Events in Tampa? Is This Good or Bad Thing for Liberty? 15:03:32
Does Nebraska Have A Ron Paul Table At Their State Convention?and Is It Fully Stocked? 14:56:18
Julian Assange interviews Pakistan's "Ron Paul" 14:36:09
"Not Yours to Give", by Colonel David Crockett 14:34:21
Socialist or Fascist by Thomas Sowell 14:29:18
The Ron Paul Liberty Movement Is Not Dead! - This Is Just The Beginning... 14:24:36
Ron Paul Face Over Thomas Jefferson Mt. Rushmore! 14:22:00
Real Milk to be a Thing of the Past? 14:17:43
Al Gore just another woman on her way to Rio plus 20 14:07:12
How serious are you about changing your life and the world you live in? 13:48:42
Paul campaign leader pleads not guilty to trespassing charge 13:47:52
Monsanto: A Modern Day Plague 13:45:28
Need Help on True Conservatives? 13:42:02
Should Ron Paul Delegates Abstain in Florida? 13:34:23
Oathkeepers : WW11 Veteran Forced Out Of Home and Forced To Exhume Wifes Body, Needs Your Help (Video) 13:19:22
Protester Calls JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon A Crook To His Face *video* 13:14:49
Final Ron Paul Slate Vote- Iowa GOP Convention 13:11:47
The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel by Jack Bernstein 13:10:52
Oatkeepers : WW2 Veteran Forced Out Of Home and Forced To Exhume Wifes Body, Needs Your Help 13:07:53
TSA Groping 13:06:14
Ron Paul not attending our 2 events 13:03:05
Ron Paul looks to block military operations in Syria 12:51:00
OathKeepers: 89 yo WWII Hero evicted, Land stolen & FORCED to exhume recently buried Wife's Body, by the Feds! 12:39:53
. 12:34:05
What is Really Causing Division in our Movement and on Daily Paul and how to have Unity? 12:31:09
Family Accuses El Monte Police Officers Of Brutal Murder.. 12:14:39
Coins are a Nation's History & Heritage: Accept No Substitutes! 12:06:35
Is anyone computer genius enough.. 12:05:19
Will you be the Establishments Accomplice? Because Fear, Paranoia and Suspicion Are Destroying The Ron Paul Movement 11:47:22
* * Tune in at 4:00 p.m. today * * RP on Wolf Blitzer CNN Situation Room * * 11:43:38
Ron Paul Still Raising Big Bucks - Daily Caller 11:43:13
Is Campaign for Liberty ignoring Justin Amash? 11:41:20
NSA Masters of Doublespeak: IG's Internal Audit would "itself violate the privacy of U.S. persons" 11:38:28
Help Elect Sam Canders to the Maine State House 11:35:43
Government's view on war in comedical presentation 11:33:53
Helen Benedict: Recruiters forged Diplomas, threatened Arrests, lied on DrugTests to enlist Teens after 9/11 11:29:14
Afghan Police Kill NATO Soldier in ‘Rogue Shooting’ Attack 11:27:48
Is Ron Paul Getting Replaced By Robby Wells?! 11:22:05
Talk of drones patrolling US skies spawns anxiety 11:08:56
Portland man goes naked during TSA search Protesting Harassment 11:08:17
Police State: An UNARMED Schizophrenic El Monte, CA Man brutally tased, beaten-murdered by CopThugs, again! 11:02:46
119% of Registered Democrats Voted in Wisconsin 10:43:54
1,000,019 likes · 33,579 talking about this 10:42:52
Acknowledging the problems..and conspiracies. 10:38:35
PoliceState: Clinton, NC Asst. Principal stripsearch w/Out Parental Permission a 10yo accused of stealing $20! 10:23:31
Romney Tax Deduction for Care and Feeding of Horse More than Average U.S. Household Income 10:22:43
The Georgia Guide Stones and the Murder of Billions! 10:22:09
Obama picks John Kerry to play Romney in mock debate rehearsals 10:06:59
Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC 10:05:07
Paul Festival Update ~ June 19, 2012 10:03:27
Stop Obama's War on Coal 09:59:20
My Letter to Mitt Romney 09:58:54
Had it with "Hand Lickers" 09:58:11
Politico: RP in much better $ spot than past contenders 09:37:57
Romney/Kissinger Fundraiser 09:25:40
POLITICO: Kissinger headlines Romney event 09:25:37
Maine, Nevada, Louisiana, Minnesota, & Iowa. Ron Paul's 5 states that are confirmed wins, correct? 09:25:20
Romney Vs Obama Enormous Differences! 09:16:28
In 6 hours Ron Paul will get 1,000,000 09:08:14
Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney - Who do you want protecting your rights? 09:01:20
Any DP'ers from Okaloosa County, FL. going to Paul Fest? 09:00:44
Barracuda Trader: If We Get Mugged In Tampa ~ Justification For Voting Romney 08:56:21
♠ Chip-In to the last ditch effort to get Romney's National Delegates from Illinois to consider Ron Paul in Tampa 08:11:57
Getting that elusive 5th state: Virginia? 07:03:11
♠ FDA reform bill needs help ASAP. Call Congressman Fred Upton urge him to reinstate stopping mandatory minimums (202) 225-3761 06:49:31
Robert Ringer supports Ron Paul Grassroots lawsuit 06:44:16
Bacon's Rebellion: Why? Why revolution? 05:21:53
Think you know about crime in the U.S.? Think again 04:21:30
Message from Rick Williams 03:52:58
Paul Festival udpdate, June 19th 2012 03:23:07
Apple bending over for the PoliceState: TWO Atlanta Apple Stores deny sales to Farsi Speakers! 03:08:14
America Going To Another War! 03:02:06
florida delegates! 01:50:16
Rand's TSA Bill...Privatize or "Privatize"? 01:41:11