Posted on June 20, 2012

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5 Facts that will annoy your Keynesian economics professor 22:19:51
RNC Faces Suit From Paul Backers 22:15:26
Rule 40: The Vice Presidential Nomination at the RNC 22:09:47
Video: Jim Rickards on Fed's Operation Twist 2.0 - RT Capital Account w/Lauren Lyster, June 20, 2012 20:50:50
Ron Paul Hits Back Against People Criticizing His Social Security Stance 19:30:00
Wanted to make a topic to say thanks to everyone on Daily Paul. 19:06:27
Massive Corporatist State-sanctioned Theft for Billionaires: Uncle Sam's Real Estate Fire Sale! 16:28:39
Obama Asserts Executive Privilege on Fast and Furious Documents 11:14:01
Fed Extends Operation Twist; Press Conference 2:15 10:37:19
Ron Paul on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' 06:25:56
Mitt Romney is Running for Bush's Fourth Term 05:15:53
Rachel Maddow Talking Up Ron Paul Again: Paul insurgents seize control of state Republican parties 08:13:23 has UPDATED speakers, guests and bands check out the list 10:02:44
Ron Paul Short Film "Elektable" World Premiere Thursday, June 28th, 7PM 11:56:06
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Why My Lifespan is Shortening 23:50:41
The United States – A Democracy or a Republic – A Dragon or a Lamb 23:25:45
Can we help this dude? He's got balls and hes only 18! 23:25:33
Newsroom HBO Amazing 23:14:48
GOP nomination could hinge on court ruling 23:11:45
Add Yourself As A Plaintiff In Lawyers For Ron Paul Action 23:10:32
On Gay Marriage 23:10:25
Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, I'm a Liberal! 23:09:08
Rand Paul Backs Away from His Full Endorsement of Mitt Romney 23:04:40
internet 2 rolls out without a whimper 22:47:05
Who should we vote for now 22:43:09
Fourth of July parades! Anybody know of any Ron Paul groups participating? 22:24:37
Financial panic button for younger Americans - Saw 59% Decline in Net Worth from 2007 to 2010 22:24:11
Communist America? Say It Ain't So, Joe. Hell No! 22:01:25
Establishment Running SCARED in Nebraska <article> 21:59:18
Societe Generale: Gold Could Surge Over 500% 21:52:37
How to Nullify Suspicionless Checkpoints 21:50:14
Coordinated Regional Marches? 21:24:57
Amazing Little Known Facts - Proving How You Have Been Kept In The Dark 21:21:03
Crime Of The Century - End The Fed! 21:14:52
Who to believe - Doug Wead or Richard Gilbert? 21:02:11
Carl Levin walks into a bar 20:59:57
Announced: Doug Wead & Jeremy Richter will be doing an interview this Saturday, June 23 on 20:57:36
Global Elites Thrown Out of Iceland: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers 20:55:30
Please, Mr Romney, stand aside... 20:50:36
Can The Fast And Furious Thing Help Ron Paul Get Elected? 20:42:55
Message for Mitt Romney 20:34:17
Israel Mossad & US Collaborate in the Murder of Over 500 Iraqi Scientists & Academics 20:27:32
LAGOP joins forces with RNC to fight "frivolous" lawsuit 19:58:51
Vet sells Medal on Ebay to support family, Obama sends Billions to Pakistan 19:52:57
I just love stories like this 19:29:08
Richard Gage Packs House in Boston for Premiere of "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out," Truth is Alive. 19:24:02
Nice picture of RP girls on radio station website. 19:22:05
a 19:14:00
Play with Fire - Romney or Paul Video 19:04:56
Asking people to pray for God's intervention and protection concerning the illuminati gathering tonite. 18:32:13
. 18:11:40
How Can The Liberty Movement Change The Republican Party? 18:02:46
Propaganda Selling the NDAA though TV SHow 18:01:38
Ron Paul - War with Syria? Not in our Name! 18:00:51
Romney Cleans Up: Cartoon Rips Rand Paul's Endorsement of Mittens 21:00:43
"Sic 'em Nigel, sic 'em! Europe has their own Ron Paul! *video* 17:57:34
1812: The War Party’s First ‘Success’ 17:29:33
Is Obama Dangerous to the People and to his Master's. Will He Give Up Power? 17:10:47
The Coin Analyst: Gold’s New Role in the Global Monetary System and the Euro Zone Crisis 17:08:53
If Only We Would Have Just Compromised with the English... 16:40:16
Colombian Hookers? Just Tip of the IceBerg; Meet the REAL Secret Service: AnimalHouse FratBoy Douchebags 16:39:23
Just In: Head of the Justice Department's Eric Holder Found In Contempt! Oversight Committee rules in favor 16:27:11
Media access blocked at colorado wildfires 16:25:32
Great News: Win A 3 Day Pass For Ron Paul Festival For As Low As $1 16:22:16
Might be Gold Coin Buying Opportunity - Eliza Johnson First Spouse Gold Coins Taken Off Sale 16:16:13
Jesse Benton Keeps Ron Paul from Attending Another Grassroots Event 16:15:03
Only Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul can inspire THREE events on behalf of Ideals he's championed for over 40yrs! 15:41:07
Ron Pauls H.R. 459 (Auid the FED) is scheduled for a vote this July 15:40:00
Oregon: 'newly Elected' Pcps Have To Bring Their PCP Certificate To The Convention Saturday, Or They Will Not Be Credentialed ! 15:34:39
Jamie Dimon sucks $400 Billion. Other bankers suck $3.5 Trillion on Fed tit. 14:58:37
Attention: Ron Paul Delegates! If the LFRP Can't Get It Done, You Must Take Another Approach: You Must Represent Yourselves! 14:52:44
“Executive Privilege” Puts Presidents & Cohorts Above the Law 14:50:19
URGENT: Contact your Rep in Congress 14:26:47
CNN: Blitzer & Paul RE: Civil Action against RNC by Paul Supporters Full Transcript of Show 14:21:13
Christian Organization, CRU, Makes Last Minute Endorsement: Forces Brokered Convention? 14:21:06
Paul Festival Emphasizes Unity 14:19:07
CNN censors Jesse Ventura 14:11:50
Rush Limbaugh is doing a great job with fast and furious today 14:08:34
Just A Peach Of An Article 13:58:06
Paul Festival Emphasizes Unity - Event Will Bring Groups Together 13:56:18
Republican Delegates Can Ignore Any “Committment” to Vote for Mitt Romney, and Can Instead Vote for Ron Paul If They Want 13:45:11
Iowa is bought off and we can't nominate Ron Paul 13:19:14
How liberty empowers your relations? 12:50:39
Pirate Bay Disarms BT Blockade Within Minutes 12:19:22
Of the 50+ agencies that will provide security at the RNC, 12:16:33
*Updated* June 20th Contempt Of Congress Proceedings Against Attorney General 12:09:25
Canadian 12 Year Old Tells Truth About Rothschild Corrupt Bankers And Economy On RT 12:06:26
Just remember! 12:02:05
Silver For The People - *video* 11:56:05
Idaho convention? 11:38:02
This is the Day of the High Lord 11:30:07
"Revolt in the Ranks" Short history of military disobedience 11:24:46
Police State USA: They voted for it, you got it. 11:22:22
Ron Paul Greenlights Pre-Convention 'Festival' in Tampa 10:51:33
Ron Paul Economics: Invest in Retirement with No Fees and Avoid Wall Street 10:49:52
Bilderberg Wants Obama Out, Romney In 10:38:42
Why I Believe In Self Ordering Markets: Witness the Grateful Dead Parking Lot 10:35:49
Ron Paul's Inclusive Path to Victory 10:34:59
Sam Stein rudely ambushes Ron Paul 10:31:29
Adding more liberty to the Romney campaign than it has ever known. 10:29:18
Obama Claims Executive Privilege Over Fast And Furious Documents 10:16:06
Wake up GOP, Romney can't win and we're doomed to 4 more years of Obama 10:13:53
Purpose of Ron Paul Media Coverage 10:09:49
The Global Plan To RFID You,Your Family & Everything You Own 10:06:57
Ventura: All politicians should wear NASCAR suits - so we can see who owns them 09:45:12
Some activism for every Daily Pauler... ;) 09:31:18
Michigan Explosion/Radiation Update; CIA Disinfo Covering Up Huge Blast 09:29:11
Paul Festival Tampa Facebook Bomb get 10,000 likes on facebook by the end of June. 09:22:23
Video: 75-Year-Old Woman Still Miraculously Has the Body of a 20-Year-Old 09:04:57
Is Rand Paul the Ted Kennedy of the Paul Family? 09:01:37
Expert Panel Reports False Accounts of U.S. Political and Military Leaders on 9/11 08:58:00
MSNBC Propaganda: 30 INSURGENTS killed in Afghanistan / Ron Paul INSURGENTS seize control of state Republican parties 08:34:00
Next in Line for Saudi Throne…Prince Accused of Supporting Al-Qaeda 08:18:14
New Iowa GOP Leader: Former Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Organizer Selected as Executive Director of Iowa GOP 08:15:13
Support the r3volution pastor, a Ron Paul supporting National Delegate. 08:10:09
Your Son Just Went to the Dark Side! 08:09:44
Embrace Rachel Maddow? Why not! 08:06:23
Woman gropes back at airport 07:48:31
Rand Paul: 'Opposing Unconstitutional Wars' 07:47:41
Screenshot of Ron Paul Facebook 1,000,000 Likes 07:46:05
Obama leads Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters - Bloomberg 07:43:08
Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama 16:58:36
The Forbidden History of unpopular people 06:53:03
The insanity of money wasted in the local budget here in Las Vegas NV. 06:38:03
Greece is the Word: US Retirement Underfunding Increases to Record $1.38 Trillion Deficit 06:21:44
A Harbinger? Rare, Massive, Mushroom Cloud Forms Over Beijing, China 06:19:53
Gerald Celente on the World's Financial System: "This thing is coming down" 05:58:58
Ron Paul Supporters Will Fight Forever 05:13:09
US Military Forces to Reposition Permanantly in Kuwait: Bases Expected to House 15,000 Troops 05:09:09
Most Arrogant Man in the World LOL 04:22:51
Georgia Drug Testing Policy Not Catching Jobless Druggies So Far 04:17:31
Border Patrol union: AG must resign 04:12:58
Global Elites Thrown Out Of Iceland: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers 04:10:05
Is Ron Paul's campaign better with money than Mitt Romney's? 04:05:47
Lesser of Two Evils 03:57:32
Swiss bankers drop holiday plans on fear of arrest 03:51:17
Rachel Maddow: Can Ron Paul Still Win Nomination ? 03:40:32
SBSS 39. Ideas Are More Powerful Than Bombs 03:34:53
Stefan Molyneux Sitting In For Peter Schiff 03:21:06
Report from the Trenches - Cowlitz County's Man in Tampa 03:14:43
♫~"Greece is the way"~♫ 03:05:40
Wall Street gets a lift from hopes for more Fed moves 02:42:44
Monetary system discussion 02:15:20
Create Jobs - Suspend The Income Tax 01:59:26
MSNBC Calls us "Insurgents" 01:55:34
Gold Set to Rebound on Fed Stimulus Speculation 01:53:38
Youtube blocked by China; Where to watch the latest Ron Paul CNN interview? 00:41:11
Dollars Reserve currency status under threat-BRIC’S prepare to move out of the US Dollar 00:31:49
31 Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Kitchen 09:09:00
John King of CNN says he has no opinions. 12:09:47
Gold - A Most Civilized Investment 12:08:09