Posted on June 23, 2012

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Military Rolls Tanks On To St. Louis Streets...But Why? 19:36:38
CNBC Admits We're All Slaves To The Central Bankers 19:01:08
Ron Paul to John McCain: Syria is none of our business! 19:16:36
EXCLUSIVE Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter Interview About Ron Paul And Campaign 15:19:27
CIA Wanted 'Torture' Cage for Secret Prison 12:58:32
Tom Woods Video: The Problem of the Libertarian Moocher 11:24:38
Anthony Terrell: Ron Paul 'Revolution' strikes at GOP state parties 00:38:19
♠ Time to Concentrate: IDAHO and OREGON State and District Conventions June 21st-23rd 15:40:13
For Those Who Wish To Throw A Final Hail Mary Pass In Tampa And Say "No Way!" 15:46:03
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Sponsor a family to go on the Ronvoy to Paulfest. 23:58:15
Question: auditing the fed 23:32:11
Most Contentious Posts 23:17:35
Videos on Liberty that break it down from the Foundation of a free society 23:11:05
The decline of the R3VOLUTION... 23:09:56
Rand Paul Votes NO on GMO Labeling 22:57:57
Open Thread: What are the fastest growing segments of the economy? 22:55:06
Ron Paul: Documentary 22:46:33
Monsanto begins selling GMO seeds directly to consumers 22:42:42
Congress Should Have Investigated Steroid Abuse in Law Enforcement, Not Roger Clemons and Major League Baseball 22:29:38
Congress Should Have Investigated Steroid Abuse in Law Enforcement, Not Roger Clemons and Major League Baseball 22:25:56
Panic in the New World Order 22:22:48
Rand Paul Was Right to Vote Against Mandatory GMO Labeling 22:13:53
The Fukushima Fixation Might Be a Obsessive Compulsive Mental Disorder 22:05:02
Could Ron Paul become GOP's Vice Presidential nominee? 21:53:07
Lessons From Reagan And The 1976 Convention (Un-binding Delegates) 21:41:20
(Video) Filmaker Joel Golbert : Obama's Real Father Exposed 21:31:28
Lawyers for Ron Paul on The Power Hour 21:05:23
Doug Wead LIVE in 5 minutes 9pm eastern time link here 20:52:06
Vote Here: Can Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination? 20:32:16
Why Ron Paul Will Win The Nomination 20:29:59
Real Good Food: Neighborhood Food Trading Network 20:24:46
Cafe Press Merchandise Statistics, Dr Paul still selling big time 20:03:58
"Elektable" Facebook Page Now Live! 19:40:01
Longview man backing Ron Paul at GOP convention 19:34:55
Electoral Reform: End the two-party duopoly! 19:22:02
Tear Jerking Ron Paul Video 19:06:29
Bianca Jagger: The Belo Monte Dam: An Environmental Crime (of Corporatism & Government) 19:01:38
The New American: Ron Paul Keeps Winning the Battles, but What About the War? #WINNING 18:54:02
Ron Paul 2012 3D Animation! - High Tide 18:41:31
How to Prove Vote Rigging in Your Precinct: action plan 18:30:15
Holdstrong Ron Paul and Supporters 18:29:57
Liberty Candidate 18:25:59
Video: VegasPD murder an UNARMED GulfWarSyndromed Vet, for the 'Crime' of getting Lost in the wrong Apt. Complex! 18:20:49
Oregon Officials Use Fear To Coerce Parents Into Vaccinating Their Children 18:13:44
Sen. Charles Grassley On Paul Supporters Filling GOP Vaccum 18:08:42
Video - Spain Banks want 62 Billion more Euros 17:39:11
Ron Paul has an excellent writing voice. Seriously 17:33:05
Enough With All The Gary Johnson Campaigning 17:19:42
MPs from St. Louis learn to drive heavily armored tanks “on highways and on city streets.” 17:16:23
We are forgetting what Tampa is about 17:08:16
Homemade remedy for toenail fungus 17:06:50
New Gary Johnson Video: Ron Paul Is Better Than Me (For Libertarian Republicans) And I Voted For Him 16:42:01
Enough already, Who won Texas? 16:29:45
"Ron Paul Can't Win" 16:26:35
Lets play the What If game. How 1% could have changed the entire 2012 Presidential race 15:58:43
Change the Course of History 8/24-8/30 15:34:35
Too Much Time, Effort and Money Spent the Last 5 Years... 15:24:36
New Gary Johnson Video: Worth it just for the "dog" line 15:22:45
Obama is the son of Marxist Frank Marshall Davis 15:10:15
President Ron Ernest Paul 14:53:13
National Conference Call - Call is over, no need to call in 14:51:00
Why So Many Recent Intel Leaks? Points To Ponder From 14:35:52
229 Republicans and 19 Democrats received a total of $38.6 million in oil and gas campaign cash 14:19:29
Federal Reserve Bank Tracts 14:13:19
Justice Department sues fundamentalist Mormon sect for discrimination 13:49:57
Today is a great day for Freedom! 13:32:05
Thank you user "TexUncensored" 13:27:08
One significant difference between Democrats and Republicans I have personally noticed. 13:15:28
Ron Paul Warns Neocons, Hands Off Syria! 13:11:34
Domestic Terrorism in Valdosta Georgia 12:53:50
Paulfest has not become Garyfest grow up already, Chuck Baldwin may speak, will it then become Baldwin fest? 12:48:02
The Devil is In The Details At the UN Conference in Rio De Janeiro 12:04:45
In the trenches of the Washington State battle 11:51:53
Nebraska 1 of our 5? 11:45:17
My daughter and I made a video 11:34:56
"Who Destroyed the Middle Class?" 11:34:24
A WARNING to the Liberty Movement - Man Up or Die! - The Josh Tolley Show 11:24:32
What is wrong with having a Plan A and Plan B? 10:43:30
Crony capitalism in a small town... 10:22:25
HD Video: Ted Cruz & David Dewhurst Debate on June 22nd, 2012 10:14:33
Balkans continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the US 09:53:23
Opposing Unconstitutional Wars: Rand Paul Editorial 09:30:51
Ron Paul’s Legacy, Audit The Fed Has House Majority And July Vote 09:13:00
Thank you, O mighty State, for protecting us... 09:05:46
The campaign high-water mark 08:10:54
Tesla Free Energy suppressed by govt and corporations in energy business 07:28:02
New Hampshire passes Medical Marijuana legalization - bill gets vetoed by Democratic governor 04:55:47
Why I Will Not Be Going To Paulfest And Why Its Name Should Be Changed For Ron Pauls Sake; a call to arms 04:49:06
Dr. Michael "The Big Short" Burry's "Brutal Hangover Is Inevitable" State-Of-The-World UCLA Commencement Speech 04:37:26
Essential Tee Shirt for Tampa 03:34:30
UPDATE: My vote for Ron Paul was NOT "disappeared." dabooda screws up. 01:15:04
Control the Money 00:43:04
Resource Based Economy vs. Libertarianism 00:31:18
Probably just a fantasy, but... 00:16:19
Eating GMO's may make you sterile 00:05:16
Ann Coulter On Alex Jones c. 2003 00:00:07
Are you paying attention to Syria? 15:45:07