Posted on June 24, 2012

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/25/12: Get the Government Out of Healthcare! 23:55:50
Spike in Government Censorship & Data Mining Requests to Google 13:05:31
Awesome sign for Ron Paul 2012 that I had to photograph for the Daily Paul 12:48:00
Ron Paulville: It's Already Here In Atlanta & It Works! 05:28:13
I was Stopped by a Sheriff Today 04:05:47
21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity 01:35:56
Romney Campaign Ousts Ron Paul Delegates in Massachusetts for Not SWEARING to Vote Romney... 00:34:25
This is why we should legalize hemp and the real reason it is illegal. 10:52:59
The Republican National Party is a PRIVATE Club. So they can do WHATEVER they want, right?! 18:18:05
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Fox News Lies- Says Ron Paul Told Delegates To Vote For Romney! 23:59:33
Official Faq Document - Lawsuit - Lawyers For Ron Paul 23:44:56
How do you read Daily Paul? 23:41:08
Ron Paul Revolution - Video you must to see 23:36:07
Ron Paul Revolution 23:28:08
504 message/censored by Bernanke? 22:46:00
A Woman's Right to Choose: The Liberty to Love 22:33:59
HAARP 22:09:27
Doug Wead: In the Trenches of the Washington State Battle! 22:05:32
RonPaulTribune: Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter Interview About Ron Paul And Campaign 21:50:58
Tampa Convention: Ultimate source of truth 21:36:01
What Does the Ron Paul Campaign Have Up Their Sleeve? 21:07:49
Will Tampa Be A Disorganized Mess? (...and I don't mean the Convention.) 21:03:52
Lot of Ten (10) Morgan Silver Dollars (All 1921) D's S's and No Mark 90% Silver 21:01:57
ATTENTION Massachusetts Delegates Who Were Ousted 20:55:27
Debating with a "democratic socialist" 20:55:16
The Problem with Lawyers for Ron Paul... 20:53:53
The Old World Order 20:52:06
This is how to inform the masses and win 20:49:41
Poll: Who won the "Skeptics VS Conspiracists" debate at this year's PorcFest? 20:42:19
Egypt has a new president who is... 20:39:19
Rand Paul Rips Romney for Saying He Could Fight Iran Without Congress 20:13:14
Look how well kids can learn on their own 20:11:38
Adam Kokesh "rEVOLution" one ounce Silver round! 19:35:05
Fertility Secrets? 19:27:41
The Smoking Gun: A Libertarian Action Film 19:17:49
Some old silver Dollars that I listed on Ebay 19:02:30
This is what's wrong with America... 18:48:16
2012 National Republican Platform for LIBERTY 18:29:55
Senator Portman Confronted on NDAA special interest money 18:26:55
Rand Warns "For-Profit" Drone Lobby Is Seducing Congress 18:20:05
Australian Government Begins Testing Three-Year-Old Children for Mental Illness 18:17:06
How are YOU doing in trying to find a place to stay in Tampa? 18:00:51
Unplugged Metal Detector Triggers JFK Chaos : Sources 17:37:26
New street lights in Chicago speak to people, as well as record conversations. 17:17:10
U.S. water fluoridation began in 1945, never FDA approved, yet continues today 17:15:46
Ill. Supreme Court: Sex With 17-Year-Old Was Legal, Pictures Were Not 17:06:26
We Are Ron Paul Money Bomb! Tampa or Bust! 17:02:13
Ron Paul 2012: America Must Be Free Again ~Video by donnjx2 16:57:50
New way for us to WIN the General election using Facebook and is freeeee! 16:54:12
Owner Of Home Destroyed By SWAT Team Wants To Know Why She Has To Pay For Repairs 16:51:18
Striking at the Root 16:49:57
Egypt’s New President calls for "scientific conference” to determine the real culprits of the Sept. 11 attacks 16:47:29
The Bible In Politics/Principles To Carry To The Convention 16:44:29
Man...these cops are just thugs...unbelievable :( 16:42:01
'The Liberty LiveStream Team Show' featuring Qadoshyah and Suriyah Fish Series Premier Monday 4-5PM EST 16:39:42
Choices and Actions 16:24:21
Ron Paul: The Only Politician Who Would Flip This Economy In a Year ~ Video 16:23:10
Attention Gardeners "Back To Eden " 16:19:46
Zero votes in Temecula, CA, precinct (#33038). Did anyone vote for Ron Paul? 16:06:03
Collapsing Euro, Independence Party leader Nigel Farage takes on Eurofanatic Labour Party Denis Macshane 15:44:04
Ousted Massachusetts Delegates Need to Become Plaintiffs in Lawyers for Ron Paul Federal Lawsuit PRONTO 15:39:34
Veteran trashes Romney's NeoCons 15:26:56
Ed and Ethan 1X06 June 24, 2012 with Euro Pacific Canada 15:19:12
Why do I watch CNN, again? 15:13:39
The RNC Delegates Are About To Have An Epiphany 15:08:08
The Aware Walk Away 15:06:34
Ron Paul Revolution: Back-up Website & Forum 15:03:27
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What Annoys Me Most about Marco Rubio 14:28:30
RonPaul activists: News Release: Oregon Republican Party Notified of Vacancy in House District 26 - 06.22.2012 13:50:12
Attention All Tampa Delegates - New Oath to Romney Required 13:43:19
Our Beloved Constitution Hangs By A Thread And Most Are Docile 13:35:52
XKCD is a Paul Supporter 13:34:51
(Video) PD : 14 Year Old Boy Shoots Man Breaking Into A South Phoenix Home 13:05:10
(Video) GMO Grass Kills Cows In Texas : Cyanide Gas 12:58:15
Chairman Bernanke Bails Out Europe 12:52:27
Ron Paul not speaking out about LA and Mass ? 12:30:35
Geo Engineering, Areo Spraying, Toxic Health Issues...We MUST Act or Possibly DIE... 12:24:52
Taking the lead of the presumptuous republican presidential candidate, 12:17:57
Pastor Chuck Baldwin had an excellent message this week titled "I sought for a man" 12:05:53
Things I never knew about Jon Huntsman & family 12:01:24
During Russian Parade- Commentators Talk Openly About Weather Modification / Cloud Seeding 12:00:05
* GREAT* Interview! Man Up America from the Daily Bell 11:31:46
BBV: Just Posted - Actual Accenture Voter List Software 11:31:03
Patience and Unity Through the Convention 11:26:56
Need help drilling a water well 10:55:11
Christian works of the founding fathers (part two) 10:26:16
The Devil is In The Details At the UN Conference in Rio De Janeiro 09:54:46
The people are waking up and starting to question what those in the USG have done to them. 09:25:28
Us Supreme Court Already Struck Down Binding Of Delegates In Open Primaries- Here Is The Law, Sorry Mass Gop 09:23:49
Deleted 09:00:09
President or Dictator? Can the President Rewrite Federal Law? 08:20:43
Skippy PB Sandwiches, America and Ron Paul 07:07:23
Psychologists Speak Out;This Clip Woke Up Several of The People Who Were Calling Me Crazy! 06:56:32
Doug Wead Shocker Ron Paul, rule 40 the new Romney nightmare 06:13:33
peacestock 2☮12 05:56:50
Congress Can and Should Jail Eric Holder 05:02:09
Crimes of Bain Capital in 2001; A Reason Mitt Romney's camp is lying on CEO status 04:48:15
THIS man is the hope of the Ron Paul campaign? 04:00:45
Genetically modified grass blamed for mass cattle deaths in Texas 03:47:51
Bidens threat to impeach obama if war is started with Iran w/o congress approval 03:41:34
An Invitation to Dr. Paul 03:13:27
About Rand´s endorsement... 03:05:39
‘Do you feel more Arab or more American: Two woman’s story of being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion 03:01:12
JP Morgan: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining 02:16:48
Idaho? 02:16:20
After the convention... 02:11:49
Team Romney 01:55:20
Pimpin' for Paul. 01:52:33
Poor poor poor poor Jimmy Carr 01:52:33
One Night in Bangkok - A look at the music video and an interpretation of it 01:47:50
URGENT Mass. Republicans oust Ron Paul delegates for the "affidavit affair". Delegates! read this post! 01:34:04
Well, Now That Oregon Got The Mittbag Shaft, We Have A Job To Do! 01:09:05
Mises Hailed in Ted Talk by Rory Sutherland: Perspective is Everything 00:25:26
The case for mandatory GMO labeling - even if you believe in limited government and the free market 00:22:42