Posted on June 28, 2012

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Peter Schiff Breaks Down Healthcare SCOTUS Ruling 20:11:32
First time in history: Attorney General In Contempt of Congress; 255/67 17:13:16
ATTENTION DailyPaul Twitter Users: #Elektable TwitterBomb TONIGHT 7PM! 16:05:07
Do We Still Have A Constitution? | The Plain Truth By Judge Napolitano 11/24/11 15:12:01
Ron Paul Statement on Supreme Court Obamacare Decision 14:28:24
Yet another reason that drones are a really bad idea ... 04:56:46
Rachel Maddow - GOP forcing Ron Paul supporters to sign 'loyalty oaths' to Mitt Romney 03:44:11
Kucinich Thanks Ron Paul for Federal Reserve Audit Bill 05:50:16
Oh Jack Hunter, say it ain't so: "Bilderberg conspiracies have become a handicap for the Liberty Movement " 19:40:39
Reality Check: Mass. Corruption as GOP Strip Delegates of Their Credentials 19:45:30
Reclaim your mind! 21:59:27
LIVEBLOG Obamacare Verdict: Open Thread 19:52:51
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Bobby Sands - The Rhythm of Time 23:53:34
Why I am a Ron Paul Supporter (share with your friends, use for debates) 23:42:52
How Today's Ruling Might Backfire for Our Benefit 23:39:06
To All The Nwo Nay-sayers, Wake Up! 23:34:19
Paul rally opening act 23:33:21
Do Politicians Have A Right To Be Wrong When They Vote on Legislation? 23:31:16
Assessment of Some Implications of the Supreme Court Mandate Decision 23:22:08
Freedom stands for itself 23:16:24
JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained 23:14:56
Feeling disheartened by everything around me. Cheer me up DP. 23:08:33
If you are rich or a Supreme Court Justice you will go here for your medical care. 23:06:04
Quotes from history's losers, 23:06:03
Obamacare Wins, We Lose 22:55:14
Obamacare still may not be a reality. Referendum on ballots in November. 22:44:11
I'm hoping to move after today. Texas Please Secede! 22:38:05
Kokesh: Jack Hunter attempts to divide & co-opt the liberty movement 22:26:13
Take over the Senate: Ron Paul endorsed Moneybomb 21:59:02
Devestating Truth About Obamacare 21:46:18
Roberts Decision Knocked out the Last Reason a Conservative would Vote Romney 21:16:33
Who is going to profit from the unconstitutional health care mandate? 21:16:06
CNN Tells The Truth About ObamaCare! 21:11:12
Soldier's Song. About those who've come back with PTSD or committed suicide. 20:59:20
Exclusive: Undercover Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm to Expose London Olympics - BCFM 22.06.12 20:55:45
German Police Officers Take Off Helmets & Marched With German Citizens Against Rothschild European Central Bank! 20:51:22
Obama care they shoved it through as a tax 20:47:32
Robomneycare Just Rocked The RNC Delegates To Their Core 20:30:53
The Writing Was...And Still Is On The Wall. 20:17:58
Bieden to Roberts - You will rule on 20:09:39
Amid an Epoch of Tyranny, Progress! Behold: Spray-On Battery! Yes, We can now graffiti Battery! 19:52:29
Obamacare: Tax vs. penalty trap argument 19:34:04
PoliceState> Video: US Navy flies a Surveillance Blimp over Lakewood & FrenchTown, NJ! 19:28:42
It has been clear for a while that we need a new President and a new Congress. Now it appears we need a new Supreme Court 19:24:39
Got Camel Milk? 19:22:29
Exclusive: Undercover Reporter Infiltrates Security Firm to Expose London Olympics - BCFM 22.06.12 19:22:00
Roberts Saves Healthcare - And The Court 19:21:39
Inexpensive Camping in Tampa 19:21:30
Mandate Ruling Just Won Romney Presidency 19:18:41
EUGENiCS> DailyMail UK: Do You know if Your Child is a GMO Baby? 19:11:47
Ron Paul On The Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling 19:10:22
. 19:09:53
Financial Analyst Peter Schiff to Speak at Paul Festival 19:09:10
Lew Rockwell on RT: Ron Paul CONTINUES to fight to Audit the Fed! 19:07:13
Elderly To Be Euthanized Under Obamacare 19:06:27
Obama: Individual Mandate is NOT a tax 18:57:04
PoliceState: NM Mom jailed for $36 Overdue Fee on ‘Twilight’ Book, DVDs! 18:51:33
George Carlin Airport Security - 18:49:02
Is going back to school for a higher degree worth it or is there a college bubble soon? 18:42:55
Ron Paul Reaction To Supreme Court Obama Care on Michael Berry Show(video) 18:36:28
Bernanke tells Congress, "Auditing the Fed will collapse the US economy" 18:05:56
Justice Roberts May Have Just Provided the Means to Kill This Beast 17:57:12
Please call in 2 ask questions to Porter Davis & Lawyers 4 rP 17:54:36
The Probable Path to Amnesty 17:51:36
Merck knowingly falsified mumps vaccine; vaccine actually promoted mumps and measles outbreaks 17:50:33
News Alert: Delegates - Lawyers for Ron Paul - 17:49:27
Connecting with Conservatives - Sarah Palin media bias 17:46:17
Why the GOP Will Wish It Could Lead with Ron Paul After This ObamaCare Ruling 17:44:51
Canadian Health Care? 17:44:19
More "dirty tricks" from the GOP. Anyone STILL want to "make nice"? 17:39:41
Idaho GOP- End the Fed , Bring Back Gold 17:35:29
Whatever happened to the deep blue ? 17:30:43
My Romneycare experience 17:13:09
ObamaCare Passed: More Corruption In America 17:08:12
Welfare for the Rich: U.S. Gives JPMorgan $14 Billion a Year in Subsidies 17:06:54
Fast and Furious coverage going on 17:05:27
Should the States Secede Now? 17:04:32
Please let Oregon Republican Party leadership know you insist they uphold the vote of the PCPs when they appoint OR alternates 17:04:27
Stockton, CA Set to Become Largest City in U.S. to Declare Bankruptcy 17:02:59
I Thought This Might Be Good 17:02:06
World's first GM babies born 16:45:59
I think Justice Roberts was being crazy like a fox 16:42:36
Gov. Gary Johnson Opposes Supreme Court Ruling On Health Care 16:39:13
Tie Vote...What Now? 16:33:17
Obamacare Simplified 16:27:15
Need website suggestion to counter Heritage Foundation 16:17:20
The United Slaves of America 15:49:21
I Have News For Our Government I Am Not Buying A Damn Thing You Tell me I Have To Buy Period. 15:47:48
Legitimate Question Concerning Lawyers 4 Ron Paul 15:34:53
Illegal Bills 15:33:51
George Bush on the Constitution - "It's just a expletive deleted piece of paper" 15:19:40
. 15:12:08
Anyone know if the Congressional Baseball Game Will Be Live-Streamed by C SPAN or Any Other Web Source? 15:03:55
Ron Paul: Supreme Court has dismal record when it comes to protecting liberties 14:55:53
Would Mitt Repeal ObamaCare? 14:55:07
Bernie Sanders: "America is becoming an oligarchical nation" 14:53:39
Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Highlights Why a President Romney Would be More Dangerous than President Obama 14:52:48
PoliceState: Evansville, Indiana SWAT raid the WRONG Home, based on an 'Intel' on UnSecured WiFi 14:52:00
Ron Paul's Quote of the Week 14:41:13
Romney Election Fraud Tactics Exposed - Romney URGED to Resign 14:39:34
How To Hit Romney So Hard He Will Never Recover Or Be Nominated In Tampa=Hot Air Balloons! 14:34:05
Could a candidate for Vice President run with more than one Running Mate for two different parties? 14:31:46
Draw for Liberty 14:30:20
ObamaCare Ruled A Constitutional Tax - RIP Constitution 6/28/12 14:27:43
Should my flag be upside down now? 14:21:30
We can't be the ones to give up effort after the Primaries. I need your help reaching non-Paul national delegates 14:15:21
Why Upholding Obamacare is a Victory for Conservatives and a Loss for our Country 14:13:18
Just a little poem I wrote 14:11:09
Screw Your Mandate 14:07:00
Time to get serious with Federal Health Care Nullification Act 13:51:55
We need a militia. A large one, soon. 13:41:54
Judge Roberts "flipped" for Romney! 13:27:04
SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling Confirms George W. Bush was Complete Failure 13:26:22
Saying that you like Ron Paul to people is like saying you believe in Jesus "out loud". God help the people in America. 13:23:53
Ron Paul and the six kinds of libertarianism 13:19:27
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Discusses Obamacare Decision on CNBC - 6/28/12- Uprising! 13:13:37
Individual mandate was we go... 13:10:28
Mitt Romney Meme - Health Care 13:09:48
Revolution Exodus 13:05:12
Supreme Court cited MItt's health care plan in Massachusetts as the grounds to allow Obama Care 13:03:15
Silver as a currency in hyperinflation/ deflation? 12:53:35
The referendum on Obamacare should be in August 12:51:53
The Dangers Of Homeschooling 12:45:35
Who appointed Roberts to the Supreme Court? 12:45:35
Supreme Court Fails Liberty: Obamacare Passes 12:43:00
I Hereby Secede! 12:26:05
"Leaders" vs. "Prophets" in the liberty movement 12:22:31
Guess who just became the GOP's only hope of dismantling Obamacare? 12:17:21
Our Owners Boldly Lower the Veil further from the Charade 12:14:01
Romney Issues Survey 12:11:02
Deleted 12:10:44
Commenting on government intrusion, Ed Schultz just said, "Americans are used to this" 12:06:16
National Federation Of Independent Business Et Al. V. Sebelius, Secretary Of Health And Human Services, Et Al. 12:03:36
Enforcing the will of the US Government 12:02:20
Video: Rand Paul Discusses Obamacare On CNBC - 6/28/12 11:58:31
Inundate, Inundate, Inudate 11:44:44
Google CENSORS Gun Shopping Search Results! 11:39:41
Dr. Paul's First Interview Discussing SCOTUS Health Care Decision 11:39:16
Judge Andrew Napolitano's brilliant, nuanced parsing of SCOTUS' recent Decision on AZ SB1070 11:25:05
Now will you fall in line behind Romney? 11:22:28
The Fed is at it again...In secret! 11:21:06
Romney's favorite justice just forced you to buy health insurance 11:18:35
Ron Paul CrossWord Puzzle! 11:18:29
InfoGraphic: It's 10 O' Clock, Do you know what Mfr. your Food pimped for, Tonight? 11:13:56
Step down Romney! After SCOTUS it is now more clear than ever only RP can beat Obama 11:13:32
Paul Festival Flyers and High Res banners! 11:08:10
Supreme Court Fails Us. 11:02:21
Now that this monstrosity of a bill has passed... 11:01:42
Romney will look like an idiot now in a general election campaign. 10:59:30
Deleted 10:56:02
Logical perspective on religion... 10:48:06
Supreme Court Rules ObamaCare Lives! Roberts Joins Liberal Left! 10:43:58
Ron Paul Prediction on Obamacare! 10:42:25
Obama Healthcare is ruled Constitutional under the Taxing Clause! 10:40:04
High Court Upholds Obamacare 10:19:30
. 10:19:04
*fixed*Obamacare becomes "The Obama Tax" 10:13:49
Obama Nationalized Industry, Taking Control of Water, Energy, etc, for "National Defense" 10:12:42
Individual Mandate declared UN Constitutional 10:11:09
Question on tie? 09:49:06
El Hierro...The Volcano that COULD wipe out everything we are doing... 09:41:37
LibBerte: ‘Let’s Take It Outside’ 09:41:02
UPDATED: Alternate NATIONAL delegate needs our help. Read her inspiring story. 09:26:15
Gold : Zero Risk 09:19:27
Revolution, Change, Upheavals, REBIRTH 08:50:11
Give me your list of pre-approved Liberty topics 08:29:40
Poll regarding the MA-17 08:29:12
The Ron Paul Crossword Puzzle 08:23:47
I Saw a Romney Sticker 08:20:30
Ron Paul supporters working to get Ron Paul another blimp 08:10:37
JPMorgan Trading Loss May Reach $9 Billion 08:06:51
Romney Packing In Large Crowds 07:32:38
Colorado Patriots 07:24:03
"Citizens Rule Book & Jury Handbook" 07:23:29
Unlike Iraq, Libya, and Syria, Bahrain chose to take the bribes and become a US pawn. 07:07:38
130 Members of Congress Bought Stocks in Companies that Lobbied their Committees 07:02:13
Fast and Furious Fast Becoming Furious 06:41:51
Idaho Republicans looking to put gold standard on platform 06:06:00
We're buying Ads to get MORE people on welfare! 05:54:24
First, Remove the Fathers 05:53:03
More banks face interest rate rigging investigation 05:40:07
Psalm 120 and my Frustration with Neocons 04:53:08
Do you want me to keep being a "liaison" between DP and Lawyers for Ron Paul? 03:24:45
Drake: The Bushes and Rockefellers will be taking "per walks" by July 4. 01:33:21
Study: Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant 01:25:57
Youtube Openly Censoring Ron Paul! 01:18:04
Logical perspective on religion... 01:10:32
This is why you should never hire an Attorney: Because when you do, You are considered a WARD of the STATE! 01:04:12
Robin Hood Tax Fraud 01:03:00