Posted on June 30, 2012

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Mother Who Questions Vaccine at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away 21:22:17
The Redstaters are about to find a rat in their Kool Aid, and we shall never let them forget the taste... 20:51:57
Mitt Romney Revolution! 18:37:27
Power grid goes down for millions of Americans as Mother Nature reminds us all to get prepared 16:54:10
Tea Party "Not Sure About Romney?" ...Duh 13:41:34
Mitt Romney Reassembles Bush Neo-Con Foreign Policy Team 11:26:59
Newest TMOT Video: Will You Support Romney or Johnson Now? 16:50:06
Stuck in the middle with you. Stealers Wheel 14:26:30
Beijing Weather Modification Office Employs 37,000 17:34:10
What Percentage of the GOP do we want? 13:50:55
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Six Months and Still MSM Free! 23:14:25
Smoke a joint - relax 23:07:45
VIDEO: Me Confronting Congressman on their BS budget 22:12:50
A reframe of the obamneycare debate 22:11:54
Who will be considered a threat next? 22:08:09
its 10PM where is it! 22:00:18
Elektable: *Finally* Premieres @ 10 PM 21:54:31
Florida and Louisiana ThouGovernors say NO to Obamacare 21:53:19
35 states already protected people with pre-existing conditions b4 the Healthcare Reform Bill 21:27:29
TMOT & other brothers and sisters in Liberty 21:03:24
1896 and 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar, also, Lots of 10 Morgans and Peace on Ebay 20:49:30
funny obama speech 20:35:58
SCOTUS Decisions and Constitutionality of Passed "Laws" 20:32:35
Ron Paul inducted into the Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame 20:22:02
Real News: Real History: IBM And The Holocaust 20:03:07
The Fourth of July: celebrating traitors, tax evaders and cop-killers 19:41:09
(Audio) 'Jim', A Police Officer, Warns Of An "Event" In October 2012 19:28:30
As a Delegate, I received this invite today for the Sunday evening RNC gathering - FYI 19:16:22
How Canada Spends Taxpayers Money - LOL 19:13:58
Speculation Time Here: What brought down Justice Roberts? 19:12:48
Ron Paul Message to Supporters (Old News, but still very encouraging) 19:04:48
A conversation wiith communist Americans. 18:55:01
Audit the Fed website 18:42:21
New Video: Who Are We? 18:18:29
Ron Paul USF Rally, Before the Republican Convention in Tampa, Will Be Epic 18:16:29
Considerations on a Ron Paul - 3rd party or write-in campaign and the future of the liberty movement. 18:13:24
Only Ron Paul will repeal Obamacare 18:08:16
Nigel Farage: Van Rompuy, Barroso worst people in EU since 1945 18:07:18
You MIGHT be a Libertarian if 18:01:31
Republican mega-donor’s firm accused of ‘directing’ prostitution at its casinos 18:00:37
Ron Paul's Top Pick for 2012 Senate Race 17:39:10
How to Repeal Obamacare 17:12:50
‘Jim’, a Police Officer Warns of an “Event” in October, 2012: Alex Jones Show 16:18:22
Small reason to grin, NHP Troopers Sue Department Over K-9 Program 16:12:44
For Ron Paul Supporters to share with their Christian friends and family 16:06:29
Donations 15:52:47
Christian works of the founding fathers - Part Three 15:34:08
501(c) Corp needed for a Donation 15:09:27
The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia 14:43:10
Prayers for Fire 14:41:49
von Mises: The Supreme Court and Natural Law 14:40:57
Can Ron Paul prevail at the RNC? 14:35:30
Video: Former Wall St. Exec commits suicide seconds after hearing guilty verdict in Court!? 13:49:39
Frank Serpico: "The Human Race Has Been Sold Out" - Video 13:47:21
Paul Festival requesting Security and medical personnel in Tampa 2012 13:43:22
Chemtrails Admitted by Weather People- Everything's Ok though 11:59:50
Hilarious glitch on Capitol Column replaces Romney's name with Santorum's :) 11:32:19
Hypoallergenic Liquid Multivitamin for autistic kids and celiacs 11:30:22
Department of Homeland Security Plans to Release Bacteria in Boston Subway System. 11:26:19
Who is U. S. Army Private Homer Harold Cox? 11:23:28
We used to be free 11:18:58
Video - Tony Robinson on UK Bankers 11:11:16
Keep the fire going - on other forums and places 11:11:14
Why can't Romney win delegates like Ron Paul? 10:57:31
Bus/Home - Video 10:53:21
what's TMOT talking about here? 10:47:37
Great video , very powerful ! 10:26:57
8 Things Making the US Increasingly Fascist. 10:15:49
I'm beginning to fear the 'Liberty Movement'! I know one of the Dearborn "Christians" personally... 10:04:15
Heros for Liberty: Pacific Legal Foundation 10:03:49
What would the Framers think of the Supreme Court decision? 09:58:26
The reasons we are failing and will continue to fail. It is a very simple fix. 09:52:20
Ron Paul discussing concerns over vote fraud and ballot security... 09:15:57
Re Lawsuit Naysayers 08:46:18
Ron Paul: We "ought to pursue" Lawsuit 08:01:26
. 07:53:27
Joel Skousen: WWIII, Nuclear Attack before 2020 & Why We Must Support Ron Paul 07:42:02
Ron Paul Inducted Into The Congressional Baseball Hall Of Fame 'HD Video' 06:16:47
The Shocking Insider Truth About Obamacare 04:38:38
Hollywood attorneys are trying to use the courts to circumvent Congress and implement a backdoor SOPA/PIPA scheme. 04:19:40
Independence Day Action Plan! 02:17:02
Open call to help with security and medicine at Paul festival! Positivity will prevail! 01:49:51
I Love Ron Paul 00:59:44
Elektable The Movie...Where is it? 00:48:39
Ron Paul Enthusiasm Bomb - Tampa USF Street Rally, and Multicam Reconstruction of the "Lost Speech" 00:44:56
1 minute video on the fraud of fractional reserve lending (counterfeiting) 00:26:01
Freeze, Tubby! The Fat Police Are Here 00:25:57