Posted on July 1, 2012

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Fractional Reserve Banking Explained 22:11:34
The most liberal justices of the postwar era were actually named by Republican presidents 22:07:59
Ron Paul Campaign has $3.3M on hand: What's in store for the convention? 20:50:08
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/2/12: Big Opportunity to Audit the Fed: Support H.R.459 23:59:28
Jim Rogers Explains Why We Are Going to Have 'Financial Armageddon' 17:01:09
Tokyo 150,000 Anti-Nuclear Protest June 29th, Not Reported 14:08:23
Liberty Re-defined by John Roberts 16:44:44
Florida Refuses to Implement ObamaCare 13:18:03
If’n There’s Any Worst Pest than Grasshoppers It Surely Is Politicians 09:09:00
unCOOL: WTO Infringes National Sovereignty. US Country of Origin food labeling overruled by Geneva-based bureaucrats! 07:40:45
Obama Begs Donors: Send More Cash! 08:25:18
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Why can't we still do rallies? 23:37:59
There Are Only 2 Kinds of People 23:37:50
Bohemian Anarchy with Stefan Molyneux (Porcfest 2012) 23:25:55
Societal Illusions 23:06:48
The Greater Good - A Documentary about Vaccines and Our Children's Health 23:04:53
I thought 22:38:33
I want my country back 22:17:35
Warning! 22:04:25
Religion and government separate! 22:03:00
This So Far Is What Ron Has Taught Me, Thank You Ron For Opening Our Eyes And Helping Us Become "true Patriots" 21:45:43
Vote Ron Paul in 2016, Obama in 2012 to keep Mitt out 20:28:27
There's battle lines being drawn... 20:23:41
The Bizarre Case of Santa Cruz’s Precinct 51100: Rigging or Coincidence? 20:10:58
Another Bank Scandal! : Barclays Chairman To Depart 19:43:04
Why is a top Romney Advisor/"Presumed" Chief of Staff Someone who Profited from Obama Care? 19:42:56
Lets talk about Drugs. I Like 'em. 19:42:36
Another 8 people killed by US drone strike. Yeah, they hate us because we are free... 19:41:07
"I've Never Been Afraid to be Bold." Why Ron Paul unites lefties, righties, commies and crazies. 19:37:20
HR 459 Audit The Fed 19:36:26
Turkey Scrambles F-16s On Syria Border As US Intelligence Says Syrian Story Was Correct All Along 19:33:08
The best thing you can do for Ron Paul right now 19:12:27
The Greatest Truth Never Told 19:10:23
What an awesome video! 19:02:33
The Power of Knowledge and Persistence 18:55:52
Vote for Dan Kaiser Dist. 3 House 18:40:30
Repeal and Replace the 2.0 version of Hope and Change 18:19:04
Dhimmitude tax and the Obamacare ruling 17:57:10
Obamacare now invalid because tax bills must originate in House 17:52:43
Ron Paul Oval Office - comic 17:49:29
RANT - Heroes, Ron Paul, Romney, TSA, Voting, Drones, etc. 17:48:12
Donation needs a non-profit 17:37:55
Brave Minnesota mother risks going to prison for continuing to facilitate raw milk distribution 17:32:05
Google Shopping Censors All Gun, Ammo & Accessories Results 17:25:51
Let's draft this guy.. 17:22:19
An Offer to Present & Future Liberty Website Owners... 17:15:16
Unintended Consequences of Foreign Aid 17:10:54
Understanding and Refuting Keynesians 17:05:44
Central Banks Manipulate Gold Markets 17:04:00
Rupert Murdoch: 'Doubtful' That Romney Will Beat Obama In 2012 Election 17:02:48
Liberty Candidate running in Tampa Bay 16:14:47
ObamaCare will re-energize the Tea Party 15:58:23
Why the GOP Will Wish It Could Lead with Ron Paul After This ObamaCare Ruling (Brian Doherty) 15:53:07
White House Overrules Supreme Court! 15:48:55
Chanting "Repeal RomneyCare, Repeal RomneyCare" at the Convention in Tampa 15:32:48
Need help on a progessive (read: statist) message board 15:17:53
Minority Report! 15:03:56
It's The Final Countdown 14:54:56
Get a Load of my Puppy, WINSTON! 14:50:58
Tyranny-Care 14:48:54
Disqualification flap mars RNC convention run-up 14:23:16
Ed and Ethan 1X07 July 01, 2012 Nationalism Day Special 13:55:53
Obamacare vs the Catholic Church: An issue by which we can win Catholics to the Liberty Movement! 13:51:41
Why not file a class action lawsuit against the Federal Reserve? 13:44:57
Electronic Voting Machines - Ireland has dumped the Electronic vote machines the same ones used in the USA. 13:39:20
Supreme Court Forces U.S. To Take Giant Step Toward Totalitarian Socialism 13:37:29
(Video) Rand Paul Strikes Back Against Obamacare 13:31:35
East Coast Power Outage - A Taste of Things to Come? 13:28:13
Why Some Countries/Towns Thrive While Others Fail 13:20:36
Need some Money to go to Tampa! Please Help 12:56:49
I have a perfect American Silver Eagle for sale on Ebay 12:47:54
Get Motivated 12:41:52
Rand Paul Strikes Back Against Obama-Care 12:41:36
Idea. Take over media/radio Emergency Broadcast System 12:17:26
Chemocide - Global Movement to End Weather Modification Spreading 11:48:53
The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER... 11:45:05
HomeBirth Parents Question Vaccinations at Hospital had baby Taken Into Police Custody 11:43:01
Polls Show Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Could Be the 2012 Election Spoiler 11:31:10
This programme was broadcast in March 2001 - and it told the story of what happened on September 11th 2001: The planes were remo 10:40:15
ObamaCare was never meant to do anything but divide us. 10:20:00
Legally speaking, is there a silver lining to the SCOTUS Healthcare decision, or two? 10:11:58
Declaration of Independence 2012 09:44:01
~ Really "Elektable" Video... Really! 09:01:36
Scottish Libertarian Political Party Need You 08:31:52
CNN: Liberty Lost? The Supreme Court punts 08:29:07
Tony Robinson calls out British banking system. 08:28:33
When will you stand your ground? Will you wait until it is too late? 08:06:45
Daily Bell: Internet Reformation Party? 07:26:23
Has anyone noticed the increase of progressives here? 07:26:00
Wow, Astronaut Neil Armstrong indicates he never set foot on the Moon! 06:35:58
"Elektable" Released! Ron Paul Revolutions Candle is now replaced w/ Torch 05:51:46
Ron Paul Movie A New Era of Freedom 05:26:40
13 Reasons Why The Revolution Might Start with Obamacare. 04:11:06
Vote "elektable" Up In Reddit To Get It Thousands Of Views! 04:01:59
Two rails of liberty 03:08:37
Elektable! Spread everywhere! Make Viral! 02:41:56
Elektable 02:40:16
Elektable! Here it is! 02:34:58
Charlie Rangel being punished for appearances on "Freedom Watch"? 02:32:37
Who is behind all the secret societies? Watch this! :) 02:30:16
"Guard Towers" coming to a neighborhood near you? 02:11:22
Young Turks Cynk: Icelanders REBUILT their economy WITHOUT the Banksters. 01:41:02
YES!,BBC speaker attacks Bankers! 00:56:34
Ron Paul Talk Radio Show? 00:35:38
"Now" is the new "Future" 00:29:56
YOU tell me what these are. 00:23:37
"Laissez-Faire Learning" | Great Mises article on privatizing education 00:04:37
The math of your slavery. 19:16:31