Posted on July 4, 2012

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Obamacare is an Unconstitutional Tax 19:37:18
'The mob learned from Wall Street': Eliot Spitzer on the 'cartel-style corruption' behind Libor scam 19:11:09
Dr. Thom J. DiLorenzo: When Americans Understood the Declaration of Independence 13:10:31
WSJ: Who Will Pick Up Ron Paul’s Role of Chief Fed Critic? 12:43:21
Ron Paul's 4th of July Message 12:06:05
CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgs boson 21:46:56
So Many "Likes" For My Art On Wikileaks! 14:42:43
Peter Schiff on CNN 10:23:43
ACTA killed: MEPs destroy treaty in final vote 09:42:42
Declaration of Independence: A must read for the 4th of July 12:16:53
Stossel: Are Healthcare Costs Really Going Up? 02:51:32
Why the 4th of July is a sad day 01:10:01
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Happy Overthrow the Tyrant Day 23:59:51
Wait is she serious? 23:51:34
WA State PCO Drive - a big change in attitude 23:45:15
Is the CIA Involved in Drug Trafficking? "I think George Bush is deep into it" - Ron Paul - *(2)videos* 23:29:51
Romney Has Helped Paul 23:28:29
Independence Day Fun 23:23:24
The Future of the Liberty Movement (Please Comment) 23:17:38
The Annotated Declaration of Independence by Prof. Randy Barnett 23:15:10
Ronald Reagan Warned Us About Obama 23:14:06
Got Pulled over for No Reason Today 23:09:50
Hundreds of Drones Accidentally Shot Down During 4th of July Celebrations 23:05:36
Ex-guv is ready to throw down with the donkeys and elephants 22:59:56
Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama on facebook 22:47:26
NFIB v Sebelius: "Wickard's Wicked New Companion" 22:30:32
Tampa Bay Super Bowl Star Spangled Banner 22:27:29
As true for people as it is for horses 22:25:56
Time To Abolish? 22:19:20
Celebrate the 4th of July with a flag burning! 21:59:53
What could be more divisive? 21:58:34
"Rally March" by Corrected Axiom 21:55:18
Through veins of light in waking time 21:35:09
For Those About To Rock Tampa, We Salute You 21:31:03
Uncle Sam The Fight for Freedom Movie Worldwide Online Premiere 21:19:50
Romney 1% Obama 1% - We The People 98% 21:16:37
The "M" Word 21:15:04
The Incredibly Corruptible Wizard of Oz 20:56:01
The Honorable Ron Paul On American Independence 20:49:13
If the RNC does not give Dr. Ron Paul the nomination... 20:45:10
What Frederick Douglass Teaches Us About American Exceptionalism 20:25:49
! Arpaio Finds Man Who Forged Obama Birth Certificate! 20:02:44
Andrew P. Napolitano: Archives 19:55:36
Happy 4th? 19:11:26
Why A Vote For Ted Cruz is a Vote of Confidence for Ron Paul 19:05:02
guy confronts congressman 18:54:08
The perfect punishment for all who were involved in the banking scandals... 18:30:00
A Moment of Silence for the 4th of July 18:10:09
Salon smear article calling Ron Paul and his supporters Theocrats 17:46:01
Take Historian Doug Wead's ...Fourth of July Quiz ...Fox News 17:39:03
Ron Paul Grassroots LIVE Show Tomorrow! You do not want to miss this show, check out the guest list! 17:37:56
Jim Rogers: U.S. will certainly go through period of default 17:19:52
Paul Craig Roberts: Independence Day Deception 17:15:14
Help a South Dakota Liberty candidate. Money bomb all this week! 17:02:19
USDA suggests food stamp parties, games to increase participation 17:02:11
Funny Comic Bits on the Drug War 16:51:00
Libertarian consulting firm out to change the face of politics 16:44:11
The Stamp and Declaratory Acts of our Era 16:34:11
If it Quacks Like a Duck ... , The U.S. Government 16:34:06
Los Alamos from Below: Richard Feynman's Retrospective of Working on the Manhattan Project 16:11:09
Ron Paul on American Independence 16:02:28
NY appeals court vacates another stop-and-frisk conviction 15:59:07
Dr. Walter Block on The Peter Schiff Show 15:58:18
Mitt Romney says health care penalty is a tax 15:57:44
Mitt Romney Profited With Bain Capital Disposing Aborted Babies 15:28:28
Health Care: Libertarian Style 15:13:45
It is imperative that we keep Romney from getting the White House. 15:11:04
Let's Rethink Our Holidays 14:47:50
Homeland Security-Funded Study Lists People ‘Reverent of Individual Liberty’ as ‘Extreme Right-Wing’ Terrorists 14:35:08
Social Security is "NOT" a Contract and Here is your Undeniable "PROOF"! 14:26:09
John Adams (2008 TV Miniseries) 14:23:20
US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27! 14:20:17
Liberty-Minded Wealthy Folks: An Idea 14:19:11
Who is coming to Tampa? If so click "Going" on Facebook! 14:01:45
NEW: Made/Posted this Photo On My Facebook Today. 13:54:39
Independence Day Is About An Idea, Not A Country 13:45:28
What Exactly Was the Extent of Israeli Involvement in 9/11? 13:40:54
A) Mitt Romney or B) Barack Obama 13:36:34
When Americans Understood The Declaration of Independence 13:15:52
Ron Paul cited by Tehran professor for his understanding of the present situation. 13:14:19
How do you wake up a Socialist? 13:11:51
Where in the World is God!? 13:02:19
Bring Them Home! 12:49:37
Bankers Turn Against Each Other, Big Names Spilled, LINK! 12:47:51
New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law! 12:40:00
Help Iowa Delegates get to Tampa 12:25:57
Here's My Presidential Campaign Stance and Plan 12:19:57
After reading The Declaration of Independence 12:09:09
2012 presidental canidate fishing contest (humor) 12:01:37
Right To Life Doesn't Care That Romney Invested In Stericycle. Why Should We Think It Matters? 11:56:35
A Commissioned Infantry Officer's Feelings on the 4th of July 11:43:42
Obamacare, The Great Swindle Of the Middle Class: Tax Me 11:37:47
Does anybody else feel that the 4th of july would be better spent mourning the loss of freedom instead of celebrating it? 11:16:58
Washington State, This Man Is Worthy of Your Support 11:11:59
PoliceState: Taser Int'l's AXON & Per Monthly Fee Centralized Cloud Evidence Storage 11:01:42
Conservatives to Romney: Quit Now if You Won’t Fight Obama Tax 10:57:40
Rand Paul is 8th most influential Senator 10:49:54
Eugenicist Melinda Gates: stop the poor from reproducing 10:29:27
Why can't " ordinary" citizens form their own Grand Juries? 10:24:10
'Digital Arms Race' 10:18:05
Join The Effort To Hold Right To Life Accountable To Its Position 10:15:33
The Declaration of Independence 10:06:11
What Today Means 09:39:27
Lawyer KrisAnn Hall: "It is now up to the people to be the defenders of our liberty." 09:33:47
Give Me Liberty 09:32:46
(Video) San Jose Police Attempt To Raid Garage Sale, Get Kicked To The Curb 09:15:49
Barclay's Diamond Goes M.A.D. Over Lie-borgate Details 08:56:58
Ron Paul - Rally March - Corrected Axiom 08:54:39
Live TV covering sport manipulated during match to create affect. 08:11:53
Arrest Them All! 08:09:28
Wall Street Journal - Europe: French Police Raid Sarkozy's Home, Offices 08:02:16
Raymond Bitar, Full Tilt Poker CEO, Arrested On Charges Of Overseeing $430 Million Ponzi Scheme 07:33:05
JPMorgan Chase Manipulation Scandal Raises Specter Of Enron 07:31:01
Jack Hunter: Talking About the CFR and Agenda 21 is the Same as Talking About Mermaids 07:30:41
Happy "throw off the shackles of oppressive government" day! 07:27:39
Ron Paul 2012 Or The Gray State 2013 - America's Last Chance For Liberty 07:16:50
Too Late To Apologize (A Declaration) -the PATRIOT Version! 06:48:03
What the Legend of Zelda series teaches about Power vs Courage and Wisdom 06:41:38
John Embry: “This Barclay's thing actually affects about $360 trillion worth of the world’s financial transactions.” 06:10:18
Bankers Turn Against Each Other, Big Names Spilled, Woohoo! 04:37:02
Drudge, Infowars - 3 Months After Dailypaul 04:08:54
Oh, Mods, say it ain't so 03:35:00
American zombies 02:59:35
Stefbot: Libertarians vs The Zombie Mob! 01:42:54
Christians should repent and vote for Ron Paul, says pastor 01:42:40
Ode to Joy 01:41:52
Double Standards: Grim Anniversary of Terrorist Attack on Flight 655 01:13:34
Christians , who is your favorite Tzadik? 01:02:54
Libertas Perpetua 01:02:34
A perfect example of why Ron Paul does not do well in Tennessee 00:58:58
Alternate Delegate trying to raise money for the Republican National Convention 00:50:12
Trust Law: Your Rights and How to Enforce Them - Are You Sitting Down? 00:46:52
Video - Reality Check: Obama and Romney, No Real Opposing Views On Healthcare? 00:17:54
Health Care's Problem Is Too Much Government -Ron Paul 00:12:16