Posted on July 5, 2012

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Oregon Republican Party Appoints Friends in Secret Meeting to Replace Duly Elected Delegation 21:13:10
WOW! They actually pled guilty: GlaxoSmithKline Admits to Criminal Fraud 19:18:31
Wall Street Journal Slams Romney Campaign: "Confused and Politically Dumb" 16:17:05
VIDEO - Ron Paul - It's Time To Call The Doctor! 14:15:44
What Barack Obama Has Done His First Term: LIST 13:01:20
LIBOR banking scam - volume: 350,000 billion 12:57:09
Lifeguard Gets Fired for Trying to Save Life 12:33:54
Feds Look to Fight Leaks With ‘Fog of Disinformation’ 10:04:06
Glenn Greenwald: “Zero Question we Live in a Surveillance State.” 06:31:39
Kim Dotcom: Chris Dodd BFF Joe Biden Ordered the Megaupload Shutdown 05:00:24
Reality Check: President Obama and Mitt Romney Don't Have Opposing Views On Healthcare 17:43:34
The Original, Famous, Ron Paul Survival Kit 19:08:02
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Chris Duane -Ron Paul advocate- interview on Coast to Coast A.M. 2-6 million listeners a night 23:56:31
Kokesh: OMG! Liberty Lovers Are Terrorists! We're Surrounded! 23:44:44
Paul Craig Roberts "soft targets" Statement: Need the Supporting Facts. 23:40:03
Ron's Internet Freedom Manifesto featured on Slashdot 23:40:01
Heartbreaking 23:37:00
Romney has 10's of millions in overseas banks...Good. 23:24:53
Earth to the Pauls: Copyright is a massive government-granted monopoly privilege 23:06:48
Political Funny 23:01:38
You know you are winning the national debate when suntan oil commercials quip about 'returning to the Gold Standard' 22:41:36
Third Party Political Action Is An Establishment Trap 22:40:54
Impeach Obama sign over fair 22:36:32
Update: Ron Paul Joins The Dark Side: Opposes Internet Freedom 22:24:02
Corruption Alert: Romney’s Choice of Michael Leavitt for Transition Team is Completely Unacceptable 22:17:10
The Romney/ Goldman Sachs Chronicles - Modern Day Robber Baron's galore 22:12:28
George Orwell - A Final Warning 22:09:22
RNC Rally in Florida Before The Convention 21:55:53
Oregon Update: Allen Alley Hand Picks Alternate Delegates 21:51:09
Obama Administration Participates In Finalizing UN Gun Grabbing Treaty 21:28:40
Little info I had to pass on to RT(Russia Today) 21:22:13
World's First GMO Babies Born 21:09:01
Supporters Of Gov. Gary Johnson To Organize CNN Protest 21:01:00
Help a Liberty candidate. Money Bomb all this week. 20:57:49
The Age of Consent 20:31:14
The Ark by Gerry Rafferty 20:23:13
Amazing Animation... 20:14:05
Ron Paul Inducted Into Congressional Baseball Hall Of Fame 20:11:02
When you will be president of the people? 20:09:31
"We Must Declare Our Independence From This Tyranny!" 19:50:13
Does this Louisiana legislator have a clue what conservatism is? 19:39:33
What single food is better for you than all others? 19:36:55
Full Text: Ron, Rand Paul Announce Tech Revolution 19:27:14
Study: The ‘gateway drug’ is alcohol, not marijuana 18:53:53
Carney: Obamacare Not a Tax but Legal Anyway (Really ?) 18:53:13
4409 - O'reilly factor does segment on 4409...W.T.F. 18:43:01
Elektable Sequel: Operation Obamacare Wedge 18:41:44
Anyone seen this? 18:35:04
Is Ron Paul winning in the polls? 18:34:41
Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” 18:23:59
Give them something to sell! Fun ideas to help our delegates make money: open forum (teach a man to fish!) 18:08:20
"Criminal" Romney stand-ins will shadow Obama bus tour Pittsburgh Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall 17:38:52
The "official" campaign, sadly, gave up way too early 17:29:22
We've Got A Huge Problem Now... I think 17:28:12
Can Americans Escape The Deception Paul Craig Roberts 17:28:06
Ron Paul Grassroots LIVE Show Tonight 7pm, with TMOT, Mat Larson, Josh Tolley, Amanda BillyRock, Tracy Diaz, and Julie Borowski 18:15:12
DRUDGE: Paul's New Crusade - Internet Freedom 17:06:43
ETHOS the Full Documentary Movie where Woody Harrelson hosts... 16:51:48
Syriagate: WikiLeaks releases Syria Files, 2.5 mln emails to be published 16:50:57
THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? 16:42:39
A Post about John Kerry in 2004 16:34:51
Ron Paul Takes Up Internet Freedom With New 'Technology Revolution' Manifesto 16:24:08
Romney should just quit now... 16:19:47
Judge Jim Gray Calls On Polling Organizations To Include Gov. Gary Johnson 16:16:33
Romney raises $100 million - In June 16:16:25
Mitt Romney sets GOP fund-raising record (gag) 16:15:00
Federal government now regulating slope and length of grass on putt-putt golf courses 16:07:09
Anarchy, conspiracy, drugs, and guns 15:58:29
Restoring the Republic 15:50:47
The fall of a Great Nation... Dr. Adrian Pierce Rogers 15:43:29
Conservative griping about Mitt Romney grows! 15:30:35
“Impeach Obama” Sky Banner Flown Over San Diego 15:25:20
RICO Lawsuit Filed Against George Soros and Donald Trump 15:05:41
Guys I Really Need You To Step Up! Security, Medical, No Experience Necessary. 14:53:05
Help us Ron Paul! 14:47:48
RFID microchips in Obamacare 14:30:50
Love Liberty? DHS May Label You a Terror Suspect 14:18:03
Corporations Are Not Free Market Entities 14:12:13
Blackouts Looming: Thousands To Lose Internet Access As FBI Shuts Down Servers 13:55:53
Barack Obama, His Mother, and The CIA 13:48:51
... 13:38:03
WaPo: Fmr. Coca-Cola Marketing Exec comes clean on targeting Youths & Minorities 13:14:57
Did John Roberts Foreshadow His ObamaCare Decision With A Reference To A 1927 Oscar Winning War Movie? 13:13:08
Internet Freedom Replacing End The Fed Movement? 13:11:46
(Video) Manufacturing A President With Journalist Wayne Madsen 13:06:27
Shower helmets! 13:04:15
The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible 13:02:04
Seeking the Truth? Join the IRS 13:01:48
"This Is The Most Libertarian Generation Thats Ever Existed" 12:55:06
What's wrong with a Plan B? 12:54:05
Constant Pressure - Works! 4409 Easter bunny Stunt gets on ORielly 12:52:13
WikiLeaks Releasing 2.4 Million Syria E-Mails 12:48:22
Japan's atomic disaster due to "collusion" : panel report 12:47:24
70 Reasons To Mourn For America 12:39:01
GOD endorses Ron Paul via Pastor Steven Andrew 12:36:10
TSA Demands Bizarre New Power To Test Drinks Purchased In Airports 12:26:39
NeoCon Joe Farah of WND makes Amends w/ AJ? Scheduled to be on the Alex Jones Show, Today! 12:24:34
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy flees to Canada 12:20:08
What Do You Get From A Drug War Costing $25 Billion Annually? Cocaine 74 Percent Cheaper Than It Was 30 Years Ago 12:18:51
Count out the RP Campaign- what do we do next if Paul wins nomination? 12:10:01
The Pauls' New Crusade : Internet Freedom 12:08:58
Where to buy silver for the best price? 11:51:56
2016 Presidential Run - Serious Inquiries Only Please 11:43:23
Wall Street Journal Strongly Criticizes Romney Campaign 11:20:16
The US departure from Iraq is an illusion 11:08:07
Do You Understand the Declaration of Independence as Americans Once Did 10:59:40
Have You Read The Declaration of Independence 10:56:16
VANC: A Workable Plan to Elect Ron Paul in November by Circumventing the Electronic Voting Machines 10:53:49
Passenger could be asked to give drink samples to TSA 10:53:36
Neocon Needs Proof of Sincerity - Wanna have some fun? 10:45:48
Right To Bear - Madison Rising 09:31:07
Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner 09:24:43
Bill Gates and Leveraged Philanthropy 09:14:18
"God Particle" found? 08:50:12
Dr Paul On Bush the Drug Kingpin 08:49:59
Polio vaccine contaminated with SV40 cancer-causing viruses 08:38:09
Video: Israeli troops filmed kicking Palestinian child 08:28:03
The hot summer of 2012 is just getting started. 07:35:38
Poof! Planet-Forming Disk Vanishes Into Thin Air 06:56:53
Draghi-King Push May Mean Bigger Step Into Zero-Rate Era 06:00:38
New Movie about Freedom and Liberty Released on Independence Day 05:59:21
The Ethics of Atheism; A Conversation with Dr. Peter Boghossian 05:19:10
Alex Jones a fake? I think so... 02:53:47
This is NOT the Daily Johnson! 02:52:59
"The Sandlot" is an awesome movie. 01:52:42
Patrick Fitzgerald's Legacy: Letting Rove And Cheney Go 01:25:26
Baritt Obamney - you are going down! 01:23:00
Something 00:54:54
American independence was debt relief 00:53:12
30 employees commit suicide 00:44:31
Nobody Can Beat Our Military 00:38:48
How big is the leap between Anarchism and Minarchism? 10:35:45
The Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Conundrum 09:38:17
Fog Computing 21:10:00