Posted on July 6, 2012

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Ron Paul Will Not Be Speaking at Paul Festival 21:41:14
Ron Paul Update on Tampa Rally! 19:41:31
NEBRASKA State Convention July 13-14 Last convention before the RNC 22:06:21
Has Anybody Noticed This? Increasing Friendliness Towards Ron Paul 18:27:58
Pentagon Contractor Caught Illegally Selling Military Technology To China 16:58:17
Forbes: "Central banks are the problem." 15:56:31
The Nebraska Establishment is Trying to Steal the Election from Ron Paul Delegates 16:17:04
Yahoo!:"Is Mitt Romney's Honeymoon with Conservatives Already Over?" 14:03:37
Raimondo Article: Assange's Last Stand 12:19:22
Liberty Movement Will Outlast the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street 10:35:13
I'm Farming and I Grow it! 09:34:56
'Audit the Fed' moves to house floor 08:39:04
The Biggest Financial Scandal In History? 06:38:35
Pat Buchanan: Iran Derangement Syndrome 05:28:49
The Nightmare Scenario 09:26:56
ACLU Launches Smartphone App That Lets Users Secretly Record Police Stops 01:43:01
Some New BIG names confirmed for Paul Festival! 00:37:35
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The New American Century 23:58:36
Iran Guilty, Facts Be Damned 23:36:47
Grammar Tests for 11 year olds in UK - Can you pass the test? 23:20:05
US debt is too big for financial repression - Charles Goyette and Alasdair Macleod 23:12:21
When force is the standard, the murderer wins over the pickpocket 22:54:59
Video Fractional Reserve System Only Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Knows the root of the problem. 22:51:57
Admins - Tampa Festival - New Forum Topic Thread Area? 22:26:51
Protest right outside the front door of CNN Headquarters in Atlanta 21:38:18
Monsanto makes a funny 21:32:39
John Lydon from the Sex Pistols not an anarchist, a libertarian? 21:25:51
Can the "STATE" be an Injured Party? How about the Prosecutor for that STATE? Can the STATE bring charges against a living Man? 20:51:29
Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states (July 26, 2010) 20:47:35
Ron Paul on Rally in Tampa "We Are the Future - A Rally for the Liberty Delegates." Video Register here! 20:29:10
Video: Ron Paul Tampa Rally Update 20:26:55
what is left to be proud of? 20:11:18
Mormons be wary of a Romney Presidency! 20:09:20
TIME: Savages: Stone’s Stoner Film Reminds Us Why Marijuana Should Be Legal 20:09:12
~ Urgent Video Message From Ron Paul 7/6 ~ Tampa Rally Seating Voucher 19:43:28
My Life. My Medicine. - Luke's Story 19:37:51
Kerala Hill Stations 19:35:47
Lawyers for Ron Paul - Mitt Romney will face federal law charges 19:29:46
Romney Campaign shakes up staff. 19:20:34
Ron Paul Message: Information about Tampa 19:20:03
Video: Tom Woods educates Bill O'Reilly on The Preamble, and the "General Welfare Clause." 19:14:04
How Chicago Plays Ball 19:09:55
Santorum on the ballot in Tampa? 19:09:38
Government Documents States All Ron Paul Supporters Are Suspected Terrorists and ring wingers. 19:08:12
Homeland Security budgeting for RFIDs 18:53:19
And Finally, The IRS Gets Audited 18:52:37
Obamacare: According To James Madison American Government Is Illegitimate (Excellent Article) 18:46:44
Delegate Susan McComas on the record about medical marijuana 18:44:12
Gitmo Upgrade: US to spend $40 million on renovation 18:40:38
This Is Our Plan To Win Back America 18:16:15
U.S.A. under attack ! 18:09:35
Well connected GOP friend wants my help with Romney camp 18:06:55
The Entrepreneurial Spirit 18:06:04
This Is Our Plan To Win Back America 17:57:36
Hi Everyone- I'm A New User 17:39:50
More Govt SNAFU; a $5BILLION Mistake: US Military quietly ditching DigiPat Camo BDU, for Multi-Cam 17:27:19
Hours After Meeting Obama, Ohio Restaurant Owner Dies 17:17:53
(Video) Obama's Social Security Number Challenged 17:05:13
TechCrunch attempts to distort the Paul's campaign for Internet Freedom 17:00:48
PoliceState: US Army's Official Martial Law Protocol LEAKED! 16:58:03
Black Pastors Target Obama 16:54:12
Movie - Savages 16:52:00
The Sons of Liberty 16:51:47
The Most Important Chart Of The 2012 Election 16:48:47
Brad Pitt's mom pens anti-Obama letter 16:43:41
Romney, Same Old Flip Flopper. Obamacare Is Legal ! 16:42:15
Any DP'ers in Williston , ND 16:38:50
July 6, 1775, A Predecessor To The Declaration Of Independence 16:38:50
New TSA Policy: Ordering Travelers To “Freeze” On Command? 16:38:49
ALERT: Due to Budget Cuts, cannot afford to keep Scott Horton! Says Goodbye - July 5, 2012 16:35:23
“Warning shots will not be fired” - Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America 16:35:23
7/6/12 Drake Interview: "No Green Light Mass Arrests" - Were UFOs/ETs Responsible For Michigan Blast, Aircraft Disappearances? 16:27:01
Dr. Paul interviewed for 20min on Brian Wilson Show, WSPD, Toledo, OH - July 3, 2012! 16:24:04
Yes, they Absconded the Tea Party 16:19:06
National Delegates Alternates PLEASE read this.Important. 16:13:50
Where is John Galt? Space it seems. 15:56:34
discontinued 15:49:49
"Big Name" Republicans Skipping GOP Convention (We're Winning) 15:18:35
Chief admin for DEA doesn't know if Heroin is more dangerous to Marijuana 14:57:58
Owned & Operated: Second most controversial Film on the Internet 14:50:40
Votizen: Does anybody know more about this website? 14:50:33
FreedomFest, Las Vegas style 14:43:57
Any Clever Ideas for what can be? 14:12:25
Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America 14:11:09
Want to purchase/make small/medium self powered generator. Please help. 14:09:14
Such a thing as a good big bank? 14:05:10
Remember: All Of The Gold And Silver In The World Can't Buy You A Darn Thing From This Store 14:01:36
Liberty Candidate in MO - Please spread info 13:50:38
Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters In America 13:44:45
Why we began this & why we MUST finish this! 13:33:29
Wisconsin Raw Milk Rally July 11th Join Me And Others For Food Independence! 13:16:59
Good Morning America broadcasting live in Cincinnati 13:09:44
Alex Jones Interviews Joseph Farah 12:59:56
UN/US Arms Treaty is trampling on 2nd Amendment with Congressmen approval 12:55:55
The Simple and Predictable Story of Fiscal Bankruptcy in Cyprus 12:28:55
LIBOR Banking Scandal Deepens; Barclays Releases Damning Email, Implicates British Government 12:17:23
DEA Says Alcohol Prohibition Worked 12:00:16
Wisconsin Liberty Candidate for State Assembly in a Winnable District Needs Help with Bloggers and Press. 11:57:52
New TSA Policy : Ordering Travelers To "Freeze" On Command? 11:54:55
Anyone got this yet? 11:35:18
Gates Foundation partner forces vaccines on Malawian children at gunpoint 11:09:31
Poll: Going Down to Tampa? Which event(s) will you be attending? 10:44:59
The Great Imposter is being challenged again! 10:32:04
gold & silver still going down 10:23:44
The LIBOR Scandal 10:16:25
New Global Reserve Currency Announced! 10:07:07
Ron Paul: From Ending the Federal Reserve to Ending Government Interference with the Internet 10:05:46
The Republican Senator from... 10:04:27
Joseph Farah Video: "Obama Is A Walking 'False Flag" 09:37:04
Now Max Keiser has gone off the deep end? 09:34:08
Video: Spy Drone Buzzes Journalists Secluded Home 09:29:10
TSA Explains Bizarre New Policy Of Testing Drinks Purchased In Airports 09:24:58
Flashback: The Constitution isn't Crazy! 09:15:34
Ron, Rand Paul to back libertarian manifesto for 'Internet freedom' 09:13:30
Tools for Justice - The Legal Revolution 09:08:20 09:07:33
(Video) The moment a U.S. helicopter strike blasts an Afghan man to pieces... as the pilot sings 'Bye, bye Miss American Pie' 09:04:26
Tom Engelhardt: Diplomacy at Gunpoint 09:01:45
Ron Paul Legal Team Defends Elected Oregon Delegation 08:59:50
(Video) Dr. Russell Blaylock : "Obamacare Is Mandated Social Engineering" 08:58:27
When College Goes Club Med 08:56:54
The States - Our Last Best Hope 08:56:46
Obamacare's Hideous History, Recounted 08:56:39
'Wasn't just one or two children': Ex-Argentine dictators jailed for baby thefts 08:56:33
Upsides From the ACA Health Care Ruling 08:56:30
How Megabanks Corrupt Regulators, LIBOR Edition 08:56:24
Julian Assange, Week Two at the Ecuadorian Embassy 08:56:14
Inept and Ill-Prepared: A Closer Look at the Fukushima Report 08:56:06
French President Says 'Bashar al-Assad Must Go' 08:55:50
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney owns offshore company which means he could be even RICHER than the estimated $250million 08:38:44
Ron Paul Gets His Biggest Endorsement Yet — Straight From God? 08:27:58
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Judges! 08:23:43
Japan Could Run Out of Cash by October! 08:11:43
Hillary's Heroes 08:06:45
Iceland Moves on from Banking Collapse 08:03:53
Currencies for Dummies - show to those who claim Ron Paul's Gold standard is crazy 08:02:08
What's Behind Illinois Stealing Local Heroes Beehives? Monsanto? 08:00:58
Student Loan Debt Gets a Daring New Fix 07:32:23
Promote International Peace 07:11:22
Wilmington NC Loves Ron Paul! (so we wrote a song to show our love..) 06:27:07
See, The Problem Is... 06:10:30
Don't Give Up on Ron Paul or His Ideas 09:09:04
A Friend Of Tom Woods With MS Needs Our Help: Let's "Get Glenn Mobile" 05:15:03
Romney - What a windbag! 04:46:55
Adam Kokesh Launches Another Personal Attack at Jesse Benton 04:44:21
Peter Schiff On The Lew Rockwell Show: The Promise Of Stockton's Bankruptcy 04:12:51
. 04:06:09
Dear dailypaulers, an acronym you should know, COINTELPRO. 03:05:53
5 reasons why Gold will unfortunately be worthless AFTER the collapse of the dollar. 02:44:53
Ron Paul's House: 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms. Now If That Isn't Planning Ahead... 02:24:42
I Support Dr. Ron Paul for POTUS 2012 02:22:52
Why Was The Healthcare Ruling 5-4 Instead of 9-0? 02:17:46
Rally March - Corrected Axiom 01:48:13
What would a Ron Paul presidency mean for the average person? 01:37:26
Link: Ron, Rand Paul to back libertarian manifesto for 'Internet freedom' 01:19:52
Question 01:18:00
What Position Could Ron Paul Offer Gary Johnson in his Cabinet? 00:54:21
Countering/Converting Gary Johnson People - Open Thread 00:30:39
Rand Paul thinks Senators should actually read the bills they are voting on 00:15:06