Posted on July 7, 2012

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Watch: Ron Paul Featured in New Documentary 'Farmageddon' About Government Attacks On Small Family Farms 17:07:54
Libor rate-fixing scandal spotlight now on Citi, JPMorgan 13:27:00
The Worldwide Reverse Bankruptcy Will Speed Up Real Soon 13:01:51
Bankrupt CA Approves $68B High-Speed Rail 12:31:01
Sheriff Announces County Wide Mortgage Fraud Investigation 11:08:42
Ron Paul's Revolution - 1h 22min C-Span: July 4th, 2012 02:02:09
U.S. declares Afghanistan a major non-NATO ally 01:43:22
Fearing Paulites, Nebraska GOP To Tighten Security At State Convention 07:36:19
Letter of the year 03:46:24
Massachusetts Ron Paul Delegates Need Your Help! 07:43:22
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New-Poll Obama vs Ron Paul and Mitt Romney 23:59:12
Utah Republican Primary Exit Poll Ron Paul Wins Orrin Hatch Loses 23:56:14
Language Approved For Levin Recall Petition, Signature Gathering Started July 4 23:24:10
just wondering how many think DP has been compromised 23:18:16
With 'freedom' in fashion, is libertarianism back? 23:08:16
Max Keiser lost millions $ in one day for some "poor client" 23:01:09
Mitt Romney's GOP Blues 22:27:48
An Open Letter to candidate Mitt Romney 22:06:43
Reader's viewpoint: Johnson the only viable option 22:05:33
Dr. Ron Pauls Magic Number: 1,144 22:03:03
Man Sentenced to 60 days in Jail for Having Bible Study in Home 22:00:01
Gary Johnson's magic number: 15 21:56:33
Romney Flip Flops On Federal Healthcare Mandate, Again! He Now Suddenly Admits It Is A Tax After Years Of Repeatedly Denying It. 21:52:01
Guest on Jordanian TV show pulls a shoe and then a gun on another guest 21:50:38
GOP doing everything they can 21:43:02
President Paul 21:40:17
Gates, Buffet, AIDS, Big Pharma and Foreign Aid Fraud? 21:35:30
Major banks say they are ready to go under 21:34:20
Drone hijacked by hackers from Texas college with $1,000 spoofer 21:33:14
“Anonymous” Hacks Anti-Piracy Takedown Tool 21:32:29
For all those who actually want to go to the Gary Johnson grassroots site, here is the real one. The other is a fake. 21:25:55
Mr. President 21:04:07
Where's The Beef, Gary Johnson Fans? 21:00:28
Mitt Romney's 3 Pressure Points 20:34:13
Why I will vote for Romney if Ron Paul does not get the RNC Nomination (I pray he does) 20:04:06
Penn Jillette owns Hannity 19:58:36
Let's Pull Off a International Support Day For Ron Paul! 19:45:52
Mitt Romney stands for everything we stand against! 19:21:14
Google guilty of violating user's privacy? 19:05:27
"The Yard". It could be a gang, prison, state/country/world government/economy. It is a school yard. 19:00:15
Attention RYO Biz/Smokers! Obama Shutting You Down. 18:52:50
Executive Order - Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions 18:47:02
Lawyers For Ron Paul Desperate For Input From California & Hawaii - No One Has Enjoined From Those States! 18:33:21
Help Fund Delegate to National Convention! From CD 34 in Texas 18:09:34
Duke Energy CEO Gets Golden Parachute...Cue the "More Government Regulation!" Catcalls 17:59:21
More Ron Paul Car Stickers 17:48:58
Child's Play: Indian street youth develop model banking system 17:42:04
Who REALLY runs the world :The Secret Team-L.Fletcher Prouty (pt 2 of 2) USA as REACTIONARY 17:22:50
Daily Paul membership cancelled? 17:18:28
Fast And The Furious 17:14:26
GMO Rice, Sliced with Human Genes (Vid) 17:09:41
An open letter to all those opposed to the tyranny of Barack Hussein Obama. 17:05:51
New Movie - Uncle Sam the Fight for Freedom Released 17:01:55
Where is the Military that supports Ron Paul? 16:47:37
Why is the manipulation of LIBOR such a big deal? 16:33:37
Steve Forbes: How To Bring Back America 16:19:29
Why Ron Paul is Crazy Nuts and Unelectable Video 15:44:23
Help an Oregon filmmaker! 15:40:26
Make sure Nebraska has a fair convention-Join me in calling the Nebraska Republican Party to voice your concern! 15:27:20
From the desk of John McCain 15:21:48
Does Anyone Really Think Voting For Mitt Romney Will Bring 'Real Change' To The USA? 15:18:00
'Obamney' losing badly in this presidential poll 15:04:01
Ron Paul Stickers Are Still Available 14:21:19
JPMorgan Complicit In Vatican Bank Money-Laundering: Jamie Dimon Seeks Time Alone With Pope To “Confess” 13:34:00
Please go here for all Johnson posts. 13:30:15
Wisconsin Tavern Requires Photo Taken In Order For You To Enter. State I.D. No Longer Good Enough. 12:47:39
Deeper and Deeper down the Rabbit Hole 11:00:17
Nebraska is ground zero for the battle of David versus Goliath-Please Help! 10:56:44
Replacing the Current Voting System to Replace the 2 party system 10:50:13
Need some help on Religious text 10:19:08
What's worse: a second Obama term or the election of Mitt Romney? 09:44:53
CENSORED! Princess Diana documentary Unlawful Killing is shelved 09:32:26
Just finished Hunger Games trilogy 09:27:13
"It's Final" U.S. Will Strike Iran, Says Debka Saudi Informant 09:25:24
LRC: How to regard Rand Paul 09:04:23
Andy Griffith Show - Why the early show played well in relationship to freedom 09:03:49
Drake: "Trump and Soros connected to Bush Crime Family...Russia has arrest warrant for Soros 08:46:48
Candidate Gary Johnson, Is On The Government Dole AGAIN~ 08:34:34
Alternative Currencies Rise as the Eurozone Crisis Worsens 07:58:47
Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013 12:50:54
Initiative would let voters overrule federal law 07:40:00
Saw a Sticker 07:30:33
For NEBRASKA: The Speech I didn't get to give in Iowa 16:45:55
"This is the exposure that will END the bad guys reign." 06:27:29
RNC on Wikipedia 06:24:21
DEA boss says " all illegal drugs are bad" UCSD, UC Davis researchers disagree. 05:59:33
Tom Wassa needs our support & Phone-from-Home volunteers to get to congress! 05:50:27
VIDEO: Rick Santelli: Stop Fiddling and Making Excuses 04:00:27
Mitt Romney Gains A Delegate 03:27:29
Lots of Evidence of Election Fraud 03:16:10
Ron Paul Or Not At ALL 02:44:11
my best liberty song no one liked 02:34:30
So How About We Translate The DailyPaul Website Making It Instantly Available In 60+ Languages And Expand Our Reach To The World 02:31:55
How to become a Freeman 02:13:37
Obama told to back off on gun treaty 01:41:01
NEW: Forum now on 01:37:31
mat larson LIVE now 01:32:41
Global Economic Collapse Last Warning -good Mash Up From 01:06:43
Oregon Republican Convention Chaos: Damning Video From Oregon Convention 19:00:19
The Liberty Snatchers 00:56:52
Obama, The Song - Great Version, Enjoy! 00:45:30
IRS Garnishing your Check? How about your Social Security Account? You're Gonna Love This: 00:26:32
Don't we already have five states? 00:24:36
Karl Rove and His "Keyboard Kommandoes" Are Trolls on a Website Near You 00:18:24
Disappointing "Technology Revolution" manifesto from Campaign for Liberty 00:15:03
my experience at the Dump 00:14:40
Corporatism In Money And Banking Has Led America To Fascism 10:07:12