Posted on July 9, 2012

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Ron Paul stresses RNC rally importance 15:23:10
Massachusetts State Election Fraud Lawsuit To Be Filed; Injunction Requested to Prevent Seating of Romney Appointed Delegates 16:45:26
USA Today referencing Daily Paul and Nebraska 14:20:26
Dismantling Intellectual Property Myths 11:54:55
Detroit Electric Victoria gets 211.3 miles on a single 1910 08:10:40
Texas Democrats join Ron Paul in support of marijuana legalization 00:49:21
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/9/12: On Fractional Reserve Banking and Taxpayer Insured Deposits 00:05:34
If You Really Want to Help Nebraska 01:46:39
Liberty Live Stream Nebraska Press Release and Chipin Request 23:09:00
Maddow: Paul could be nominated at the RNC; Romney has not won yet. All eyes on Nebraska! 23:08:27
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Scranton, PA cuts ALL city workers to minimum wage 23:55:23
Climate Change: Yay or Nay. 23:36:47
Do we have Nevada? 23:27:02
Jordan Page "Liberty" (Acoustic Version) 23:22:25
Let's make 20-26. August a International Support Week For Ron Paul! 22:37:18
What would happen if? 22:30:32
Justin Amash 2016 22:29:58
Watch The Vote For Nebraska Conference Call: July 10 At 8 Pm Edt 21:59:48
John Roberts Travesty Point by Point 21:55:18
The Pastor claiming persecution not what you think. He is a nut. 21:48:52
Tom Woods' Liberty Classroom Live Event Right Now 21:40:23
YES! Actually obamacare is the biggest tax increase in history 21:03:26
We are all looking towards you Nebraska 20:59:32
news website.. 20:44:08
Your papers, please. 20:38:20
Pro-life or States' rights? 20:29:37
Mysterious fatal crash offers rare look at U.S. commando presence in Mali 20:23:29
A Letter to Democrats and Republicans 20:19:23
Ron Paul’s A+ Grade @ Gun Owners of America versus the NeoCons ! 20:13:31
Meat on Drugs, Stop the Superbugs 20:04:04
Photos Of Protesters Crashing Mitt Romney's Fancy Hamptons Fundraisers 19:50:16
The Scale of our National Debt 19:46:40
Department of Defense spent more than $9.2 billion in a mere four days. 19:44:47
Inside Job- not wacko, lots and lots of evidence. 19:40:49
Ned Naylor-Leyland on CNBC: “Gold May Have Been Manipulated Like Libor” 19:27:33
VIDEO: Mainstream Economist "We Might Need to Hang Some Bankers to Stop Criminal Looting" 19:25:24
Video: Max Keiser interviews Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) - July 7, 2012 19:25:09
Anti Regime protests in Saudi Arabia-MSM shrugs! 19:20:52
Too Big to Fail Banks Are Stopping You From Getting 5 Percent on Your Savings 19:19:55
Bloomberg News - FBI Says Cartel Used Bank of America to Launder Money 19:15:14
KWN w/Gerald Celente 7/8/12: "The Banks Have Taken Over The World" 18:57:38
Another National Story on Laura Ebke's Efforts in Getting Nebraska Delegates-Go Laura Go! 18:51:03
CEO Of Iowa-Based Brokerage Attempts Suicide, Assets Of The Firm Frozen 18:34:50
Take My Liberty (And Give Me Debt) 18:23:57
Donald Trump gets ‘statesman of year’ award What a JOKE ! GOP losing their minds now. 18:22:30
The Liberty Documents: Principles That Framed A Nation 18:16:44
I Am Done Being Quiet About This UPDATE 18:14:49
The Illinois Attorney General's Website states we are under British Rule: Will this BOMBSHELL be moved to "Off Topic"? 18:10:06
Nebraska Delegates Key To Paul's Candidacy, But He's Still Relevant No Matter What Happens There 17:48:49
User Deleted Post 17:47:39
Interesting Article On Ron Paul and Nebraska 17:47:21
Another 4 American troops are fed into the grist mill. No longer worthy of mainstream news. 17:46:52
2012 New 9/11 Evidence - The Demolition of the WTC Towers - What Was Used? The Most Damning Video on 9/11? 17:17:32
Richard Gilbert, David Callihan, tonight, 8:00 EST, live on RBN with Dr. K.: Delegates will be calling in 17:14:09
Chris Christie Calls War On Drugs 'A Failure' 17:13:46
Video: TSA ‘Tyranny’s Stupid Authorities’ testing your cappuccino at airport gates 17:11:47
Jack Hunter: Liberty Candidates on the Rise 17:09:39
Reminder: TSA still asking women to “Raise your skirt” 16:52:33
Liberty Live-Stream Team Show with Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish Tonight 9PM EST 16:51:13
Defense of Liberty PAC to be on my show tonight 16:38:08
Doherty/ Reason: The Ron Paul War Over Nebraska Delegates 16:35:14
Privatizing government services 16:30:02
"Busted! Arpaio Team Find the Man who Forged Obama BC! 16:20:00
For Ron Paul! (Amazing Song) 16:07:42
Random: is it Obama or not? 15:56:47
Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America 15:49:17
How the Higgs Boson Posits a New Story of our Creation 15:42:03
Texas...Am I the only one? 15:39:18
Ratcheting up to WWIII 15:34:13
It now costs you money for the “privilege” of owning French debt 15:25:07
Motel Reservation Available! 15:21:22
US puppet Sweden Strikes Again: 14:51:18
The Myth & Meaning Of Monopoly Capitalism: An Address By G. Edward Griffin 14:49:44
TSA Invades Chicago's Union Station 19:43:31
Wow! Romney outraises Obama in June by $35 million 14:17:11
CNN Article: Pre-Crime is being used in LA 13:44:05
Liberty Candidates on the Rise - The Southern Avenger 13:35:55
Didn't Ron Paul also win a plurality of delegates in the state of Colorado? 13:33:25
The Media Is Waking Up To Ron Paul! 13:22:14
Mexican drug cartel laundered money through B of A, FBI alleges (Video) 13:04:26
Business Insider, Ron Paul destroying the Global economy ! 13:02:22
Ed Vallejo Tampa Chip-In 19:02:02
Do You Care About Food Freedom? Government Raids Small Farms. These Lawyers Are Here To Help! http:/ 12:44:15
Mitt Romney Flip-Flops on ObamaCare-But So Does Everybody Else 12:25:04
Sun erupts with strongest summer solar flare yet 12:07:28
RT Video: US may put Assange to death if EXTRADITED - Senior NSA official 12:01:03
Mitt Romney's Post-Politics Career Options 11:59:09
EXCLUSIVE: Politico's Joe Williams Paraded Political Bias on TWITTER 11:53:00
: France borrows for first time at negative rates 11:25:13
... 11:21:05
Video: Peter Schiff Returns to Washington - June 2012 11:18:12
Eric Holder is Playing Strip Poker 11:00:12
The Seed, the Roots, the Fruit, and the History of Racial Politics in America 10:50:56
The Second Amendment and minors... 10:46:40
I am an ex- Ron Paul staffer and I have created a State PAC in Maine 10:38:02
This is the battle that we face in restoring a free society to our land. 10:29:58
The Right To Be Wrong: Your First and Foundational Right 10:20:27
"Code Compliance Officer" Enters Woman's Home, Wakes Her In Bed, Says Her Grass Is Too Long 10:11:12
Couple Arrested For Dancing While Waiting For The NYC Subway 09:56:54
Big Pharma criminality no longer a conspiracy theory: Bribery, fraud, price fixing now a matter of public record 09:54:46
You loan it, you own it law 09:40:22
Family slugged with 'carbon tax fee' for funeral 09:35:07
CONFIRMED: The TSA is ordering travelers to 'freeze on command' 09:23:03
Abortion - Rand Paul 09:22:02
I'm new and I'm kinda green. 09:18:21
Journalistic malpractice: central banks (Fed and BoE) manipulate the LIBOR 09:16:17
OVERWEIGHT? Didn't you know there is a vaccine for that too? 09:13:57
Republican Platform 1952 09:11:38
(Video) Controversial pastor declares Obama dead 09:02:55
60 days in prison and a $12,180 fine for hosting a home bible study in Arizona 08:53:59
Rare State Dept Candor: Evidence is Credible Only When We Like It 08:50:56
North Korea Looks to U.S. for Latest Techniques in Suppressing Popular Opinion 08:48:01
How Did America Come To A State of Collapse In The Economic And Social Order? 08:38:27
Why Ron Paul won't win Nebraska (my opinion only)... 07:30:39
Piers Morgan named in UK Hacking Scandal 07:02:15
Romney Caught Cheating - Campaign Over - It's Paul Vs. Obama 06:28:30
The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER... 06:12:55
Expanding UFO with spiral trail recorded in Spain or Iraq Truly amazing video 05:36:49
Hawaii's John Carroll running for U.S. Senate - adamant Ron Paul guy needs support! 05:34:54
Fed officials favor QE3; Asian data signal drop in global demand 05:02:37
Could “Saddam’s Supergun” save earth from an asteroid collision? 04:57:20
Latest news from Nebraska 04:00:42
Government Rescue Of Washington D.C. Not Going So Well: Complete Disaster Non-Preparedness Plan 03:46:19
There is a really cool brand Abercrombie and it makes people happier! 03:20:52
To All Concerned With Nebraska - PLEASE read! 01:50:53
Gregory Mannarino: New Spokesman against the Establishment? 01:32:43
FEMA Goes Hollywood! 01:01:27
Justice Roberts Bribed or Blackmailed? Citizen's Grand Jury to Find Out the Answer! 00:56:13 Ron Paul Video by the supporters of Ron Paul... 00:53:42
Blue Pill or Red Pill?: America's False Reality 00:46:05
Economic Report Card – Fail On Barack Obama's Presidency 00:02:37
NEBRASKA Delegates: Get Together & Make A Formal Plan-Soon. And Keep Your Ideas To Eachother. 09:19:48
10 things the recent D.C. power outage taught us about a real, large-scale collapse 01:59:29
With 'freedom' in fashion, is libertarianism back? 08:57:20