Posted on July 11, 2012

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Bravo, Cenk Uygur! Lethal Presidency: TYT covers Obama's Drone Murder of Al-Awlaki's 16yo Son 18:53:36
Jerry Doyle Rips Apart A Romney Supporter 19:24:40
News: House Votes 244-185 To Repeal Obamacare 16:39:14
Romney Struggles to Lock Down Rowdy Delegates (This time not us!) 20:01:52
Out of Staters: Don't Inadvertently Hurt Dr. Paul! (Nebraska) 12:38:59
Monsanto rider: New bill could make biotech companies immune to courts 07:31:11
Nebraska Urgent Attention Needed 07:19:54
A Mysterious and Beautiful Woman Confronts Paul Krugman about Inflation 00:36:09
Anwar Al-awlaki: What the media and government won't show you 14:10:50
Americans' Confidence in Television News Drops to All Time Low 14:35:45
The Onion: Ron Paul Makes Campaign Stop In Whimsical Jalopy 14:55:04
Video: Rachel Maddow on Nebraska Caucus & Massachusetts Delegate Scandal 08:59:59
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Ron Paul Rally in Santa Monica w/Mark Dice and Adam Kokesh! 23:53:10
Open letter: Dear GOP in Nebraska 23:45:34
I Have Free Ron Paul Car Stickers! 23:39:33
Message In Checked Luggage To TSA Screener 23:36:04
RNC hires Gary Howard, Ron Paul press secretary 23:29:54
Ron Paul : A 2012 Revolution (Keep Pace) 23:25:33
With Freedom Comes Responsiblity 23:15:35
Ron Paul : A 2012 Revolution (Liberty Horsemen) 23:15:06
Short, comprehensive summary of Obamacare decision 23:04:55
Ron Paul : A 2012 Revolution (We The People) 23:04:27
Let's just have the government employ our way out of the recession! 23:03:34
Ron Paul Tampa Rally Information and Inspiring Video 22:57:18
Bahrain Protestors Stand Defiant While Being Shot By Government Snipers w/video 22:53:40
Inspiring Ron Paul supporter at Occupy rally 22:43:29
Obama Pledges to Repeal Healthcare Law if Reelected 22:41:29
Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing! and do the opposite of what they say! 22:36:52
Stand Up Massachusetts 17! Join the Civil Rights Lawsuit before it's too late for all of us. 22:33:26
SOPA reborn by Congress as IPAA 22:19:55
"PFG Isn't The First Huge NFA Auditing "Oversight" - Ann Barnhardt 22:17:15
I just lost BC/BS thanks to Rombamacare 22:12:17
Drones Above? Army, civilian drones may fly in U.S. airspace sooner w/ help from Redstone Arsenal team 22:12:10
Former Chancellor and Prime Minister Gordon Brown sold half of Britain's Gold 22:09:25
U.S. Gave Tens of Billions to Libor-Manipulating Banks ... Even AFTER Learning about the Manipulation 22:02:07
(Video) Hank Williams Jr. Dedicates New Song To Obama : " Take This Change And 'Stick It" 22:01:56
California Agricultural region getting chemtrail sprayed pretty bad today 21:57:50
Help a fellow Ron Paul advocate win free grad school 21:52:13
Ron Paul coming to Georgia 21:40:38
Video : " I Don't Need To Stop At A Checkpoint To Prove Who I Am Because 'this Is America" 21:37:37
a reminder about Democrats 21:33:13
RNC Rule 40 and the Campaign's Remaining $3 Million 21:33:00
Romney Fundraising in London 21:19:15
There They Go Again. Online Sales Taxes Back Again! 21:16:59
Has America Officially Gone NAZI? 21:06:43
Made In China - U.S. Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms 21:04:12
Get Gary Johnson Into Debates Moneybomb 21:02:57
Cenk from TYT on US Killing of Al-awlaki's Son 20:43:06
I am a DANGEROUS ideologue because ... 20:34:56
Nebraska delegate training 20:17:31
Nebraska Delegate Training Class Live Wednesday 7-11-2012 9pm Est 8pm Central At: 20:15:55
Illusion of Reality ~ Consciousness & Quantum theory 20:11:09
Blowback 19:43:53
Open Letter to the Nebraska State Republican Leadership 23:37:38
Sportscasters and the Troops 19:31:38
Murray Rothbard defends intellectual property. 19:13:04
U.S. bank director disappears with $17 million of investors' money 19:01:51
How the U.S. Nuked Its Own Communications Satellite 18:51:31
Illuminati music video 18:47:54
Romney and the RNC Have Set A Trap - Don't Fall For It ! 23:47:01
Ron Paul vs The Matrix 2 18:37:20
Ron Paul vs Obomitt: Who supports these candidates? 18:35:57
Criminal Tax Penalties for ALEC? 18:35:04
Soccer Star (and Ron Paul supporter) Writes Libertarian Novel 18:34:07
17 Trillion Dollar Hole Found in unfunded liabilities in Obamataxacare 18:23:34
Apologies to Mexico 18:13:59
Before it was cool: The Anime Murray Rothbard 18:13:57
Ooh! Tricky: Chant "Nominate Romney ... as soon as Ron Paul ... loses the vote ... on the floor! 18:12:23
Tampa: "All we are - give our rules a chance!" 18:06:56
DailyPaul under attack 17:55:15
Ron Paul Liberty Movement = 240 lb. Catcher; Quite A Metaphor 17:54:11
Robert Nozick: Taxation = Slavery Harvard Professor's Class on Justice 17:52:18
Ron Paul Revolution: bigger than just Ron Paul? 17:36:11
Ron Paul is nominated or we vote for no one. 16:55:17
Nebraska Watchdog: GOP leader and Ron Paul supporter urge calm before state convention 16:53:54
Conservative Protest Against Unconstitutional Wars 16:41:30
Mitt Romney Gets Booed “Showtime at The Apollo” Style At NAACP Convention 16:39:11
:Special Election Called For Kerry Bentivolio's Race, Kerry Needs Signatures! 16:37:47
Burma? 16:36:11
The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption 16:33:02
Commercial for Liberty LiveStream Team Coming to Nebraska! 16:32:11
Michigan lost a patriot today 16:20:36
Adam Kokesh to be on JRE today 16:19:45
House Repeals Obamacare for 33rd Time: 244-185 16:05:39
Mat Larson's first live show Tonight 9PM EST with TMOT 18:03:23
This Isn’t Satire: Hsbc To “apologize” At U.S. Senate Hearing For Terrorist Money Laundering 15:52:13
Can Ron Paul Embarrass the Entire GOP Party in Tampa? 15:45:54
NAACP crowd boos Romney for vowing to repeal health reform 15:40:46
This guys not helping the cause - "Police arrest man after robbery spree, chase" 15:40:18
Latest Progressive Insurance Commercial 15:25:53
Judicial Watch Sues Federal Reserve for Records Detailing U.S. Taxpayer Bailout of European Banks 15:23:13
Conscription 15:18:55
Israel's Holocaust Memorial Vandalized... by Jewish Persons? 15:09:41
T-Splost in Georgia education recommendations? 14:58:26
Need a Ron Paul Sticker? 14:57:22
July 4th 2013 Liberty Day Challenge 14:57:10
Is Nebraska A Win Or Go Home Scenario For Ron Paul? 14:55:33
Utah - RFID chips for kids 14:53:25
What's the One Document You have in Your Possession that gives You the Authority or Jurisdiction to Control my Life? 14:18:51
The Tale of My Father’s Escape From Communist Hungary 13:50:00
Poll: Will a Win in Nebraska Vindicate Jesse Benton’s Campaign Strategy? 13:48:37
HealthCare Repeal Act 6079 - vote today - Please call. 13:41:46
Peter Schiff Discusses Failed Senate Bid & If He'll Run Again 13:40:37
We Spend $20 Billion a Year to Fight Illegal Drugs, Yet Cocaine Is Cheaper than It Was 30 Years Ago 13:30:50
Drug Cartel Used BofA Account to Invest in U.S. Racehorses 13:29:23
We're Entering A Dangerous New Period In History 13:17:17
San Bernardino Becomes Third California City Seeking Bankruptcy 13:15:04
We have been lied to for decades. What can we do? 13:12:51
“Technology Revolution” Intentionally Passes Torch To Rand Paul 12:55:16
Fishy: Obama Administration to Close Nine Border Patrol Stations 12:49:18
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 2011: "I think Bin Laden Is In Washington D.C." 12:36:24
3rd Calif. city files for bankruptcy in 1 month; total deficit $114M 12:20:43
Now it's CETA?! hands off our Internet! 12:20:13
God Wants Ron Paul to Be President – Nebraska Republican Delegates Should Obey God 12:16:26
Dr. Wallach videos on IHealthTube 12:15:14
What's happening with the lawsuit? 12:14:37
Can Nebraska get Ron Paul the GOP nomination? 12:10:26
How to file a civil rights violation suit against any government employee, judge, cop, elected official 12:09:16
Defeat Agenda 21: Stay Informed 12:05:23
Where do 53% of your Tax dollars go? One Video EVERYONE should see. 11:49:27
From Liberal Eureka, California, We have, "Uppity Delegates..." 11:49:12
Romney taking campaign to Israel 11:33:31
Freedom Works GOP Platform Survey- Vote up AUDIT the FED! 11:14:23
Left Vs Right Vs Libertarians, A handy chart to make sense of it. 10:57:11
There Could Be Real Hope and Change for America, But Most Don’t Want It 10:50:03
NAACP is a joke 10:49:39
On Attacking Austrian Economics 10:45:20
Goverment taking over civilian job of mosquitos spraying missions 10:40:31
Why we can't ignore the assassinations of Abdulrahman and Anwar Al-awlaki 10:32:46
How terahertz laser scanners will spy on you in airports 10:21:02
Pakistani Military has right to take your taxes - article 10:19:22
Americas'confidence in television news drops to new low 10:18:18
The latest news from Nebraska 10:13:16
Five states: Media hype or old news 10:11:05
Forgotten Terror – The DC Sniper, Another Government False Flag 10:05:15
Waste Management drivers to keep an eye out during the RNC and beyond 10:03:00
(Video) Emmy award winning singer debuts catchy song telling Obama to 'get out' 09:48:40
Ex-BofA Exec, 35, Dies Playing Basketball 09:44:28
San Bernardino becomes California's third city in weeks to declare bankruptcy 09:38:46
NSA Won't Read Your Emails... Yeah Right. 09:37:34
Tool Time: Pay to Play at National Governors Association 09:32:52
Want to help fund me to get to NE to help? 09:17:21
Dishonest Abe’s Legacy And The 2012 Election 09:17:05
Five doctors settle SEC insider trading charges 09:03:25
Michelle: Barack is “Awesomely Phenomenal” ROFL! 08:22:44
The Truth About Tax Cuts - Great reminder video re: extending bush tax cuts 08:11:43
Obama's Recent Executive Order Takes Federal Control of all Communications 08:06:35
Gordon Brown Sold Britain’s Gold at Artificially Low Prices to Bail Out a Large American Bank 07:30:06
Scranton, Pa., Slashes Civil Service Workers Pay to Minimum Wage 07:04:53
VID Adam Kokesh/Mark Dice, we stuck up for Liberty Today and Burried Obama! 06:37:59
Your Brain Knows a Lot More Than You Realize 09:40:11
Citizen’s Viewpoint: We are ONE Person Away From Revolution 05:06:21
Stickers & Yard Signs - A challenge to you and your friends. 05:06:02
A true warrior in our movement passed away 04:53:14
Gene Burnett - Jump You F*#kers (A Song For PFG, MF Global, and all the Wall Street Banksters of like mind) 04:27:51
I'm glad (and surprised) he wasn't locked up 03:38:32
Paul, Romney backers gird for potential rumble at GOP convention 03:26:57
The other foreclosure crisis: Losing a home for $400 in back taxes 03:23:41
DNC chair Wasserman Schultz rails against Romney, was invested in swiss banks, foreign drug companies and State Bank in India 03:08:39
I got this email today from my neocon aunt. 02:52:29
Ben Swann Wxix 02:26:25
Rachel Maddow - The GOP can't ignore Ron Paul even if the media does 01:49:35
"Fema Coffins" conspiracy debunked 01:28:28
Occupy The Media with Paco live on RonPaulTribune TONIGHT 1:30AM EST 00:45:36
Ron Paul has more than 5 states 00:37:05
There Should Be Always At least One State Without Abortion. 00:30:58
Reality Check: U.N. Wants Global Taxes To Help The Poor Worldwide? 00:16:29
"CONEHEADS" 00:04:03