Posted on July 12, 2012

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Ben Swann asks-Did Mitt Romney Commit A Felony By Failing To Correctly Report His Status At Bain Capital? 23:25:22
Christian Science Monitor covers Nebraska & mentions DailyPaul 21:53:08
Reality Check: Are Independents Turning Away From Mitt Romney 17:00:00 Bought for $500k 17:38:16
Ben Swann: Update on the plurality of States dispute, and clarification. 15:37:24
Paul Krugman crushed by Spanish Austrian Economist Pedro Schwartz 15:22:22
Doug Wead: Inside the Dragon’s Lair 11:47:12
LIBOR Explained: The largest banking corruption scandal in history 12:02:16
Austin Petersen on RT: Ron Paul Already Has 5 States; Can Be Nominated at RNC 08:46:06
Ex US Commander, McChrystal Calls for Reviving The Draft 01:52:39
GQ Magazine on MA-17: Who's Afraid of These Ron Paul Delegates? 13:30:55
Maddow: The GOP can't ignore Ron Paul even if DC media does 7/10/12 09:15:46
Video: Rhode Island Cop Still Employed Despite Conviction of Kicking Handcuffed Woman in the Head 11:27:51
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Romney frequently flips, but today he flopped at the NAACP 23:53:45
Don't Tread On Others: The Complementary Gadsden Meme: Video 23:39:02
The Pentagon wants awards for bravery for drone pilots who kill people remotely far from the field of battle 23:35:46
Reason: Gary Johnson Supporters Plan Protest at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta 23:32:20
Ron Paul : The war against his delegates, and against his importance 23:24:58
Worried by recent events in the Ron Paul campaign... 23:19:47
Ron Paul: The War Against His Delegates, and Against His Importance 23:12:07
Ron Paul: No Sleep Till Tampa 23:12:02
Politicians Don't Miss Their Chance To Demagogue (re: olympic uniforms made in China) 23:08:34
What is going on with the DP lately? A Freedom Works Dude is on the Front Page? 23:04:43
Should we have Bankruptcy laws? 22:52:18
VIDEO Doug Wead 7-12 Facebook (choppy video) 22:50:40
Video: Adam Kokesh, LIVE in LA, Joe Rogan Show Ep. 239 - July 11th, 2012! 22:36:49
I need just 6 people to Vote for this video! 22:32:26
"A Global Force For Good" 22:10:48
2 Cops Go To Far And Tase Man For Not Showing His I.D 22:02:55
Oppose The U.N. Tonight On Paulbot Radio! 21:59:26
Suburban Sprawl: Why America's towns have declined and what we can do to fix it. 21:53:55
Great Charlie McGrath Video Rant Today (Wide Awake News) 21:52:47
Liberty Movement Fund 21:45:22
“I don’t care what the law says, you're getting a summons” 21:33:43
Another video of cops protecting and serving the hell out of us! 21:29:50
9 billion more reasons to be suspect of isreali influences 21:21:52
When does the FED's contract expire? 21:11:04
Paul Krugman vs CNBC (Joe Kernan wants an apology) 20:49:04
Correspondence to my Representative in New York’s 17th Congressional District concerning support for HR 459 20:38:13
Think it's an accident the new colors in US Currency And Monopoly Money are the Same? 20:30:27
Obama Campaign Suggests Mitt Romney Could Be A Felon 20:03:24
Help me, please. 20:00:19
"Malware detected" at dailypaul site 19:57:32
PFG Best - Do People Realize How Huge This Is In Light Of MF Global? 19:52:51
Paul Krugman Teaches How to get an Entire Audience to Hate You in Under 30 Seconds 19:48:37
Shah of Iran & Mike Wallace on the Jewish Lobby - 35 Yrs ago 19:34:46
deleted 19:32:59
UPDATE: RNC in Tampa Does NOT Start Mon. Aug 27th. It Starts the Week Before! Guest Passes Needed to Watch Committee Meetings 19:20:56
People imprisoned in US for drug offenses skyrockets from 41,000 tp 507,000 in 30 years 19:18:20
Al Jazeera reports on US epidemic of veteran suicide 19:14:07
Property Tax Lien Foreclosures : Homeowners lose and local governments win 19:12:35
We Are Free! 18:35:56
Article - Will you vote for the rich kid? 18:21:59
US Is Sending A Fourth Aircraft Carrier To The Persian Gulf 18:05:22
The Dream of Thorium Power 18:03:26
The Western financial crime syndicate is history’s ultimate example of a parasitic oligopoly. 17:56:37
Sean Combs found 'not guilty' after carrying loaded M-1 rifle in Birmingham 17:51:04
Daily Paul Erroneously Flagged for Malware (Again) 17:37:14
The US is a great place to be an oligarch. 17:33:28
Romney might have committed a felony 17:19:29
Monsanto 16:50:31
Malware warning 16:49:36
Tainted Candidate: Romney Committed a Felony or Lied 16:42:50
What time will Dr. Paul speek on August 26th? 16:41:03
According to Firefox, google now has The dailypaul listed as an attack site! 16:32:51
federal Reserve predicts new economic crisis... QE3 here it comes 16:12:01
Google blocked Daily Paul as being malicious! 16:10:09
Revolutionary Song, Mos def! 16:07:20
Falling Oil Prices Present a Great Opportunity – An Interview With Jim Rogers 15:53:16
DailyPaul Malware? 15:52:58
ABC "Covers" Nebraska 15:46:52
Who are you supporting this fall? 15:45:22
Search Engines Declare Daily Paul an "Attack Page" 15:35:28
Future US Senator Predicts Olympic Terror 15:34:20
7 Possible Ways Obama Might Try to Use to Subdue The States That Revolt Against Obamacare 15:13:07
We can win - Romney a possible felon! Pressure getting his tax returns! 15:13:04
Funny people these Americans, to vote for a guy like this 15:11:31
7 Possible Ways Obama Might Try to Use to Subdue The States That Revolt Against Obamacare 15:11:20
Our Most Captive Audience, Left Untapped! 14:45:36
Laser charging gives Lockheed Martin's Stalker drone 'practically unlimited' flight time 14:44:22
Yahoo:Ron Paul Faces Long Odds in Last Stand 14:29:41
Youtubers for Ron Paul video completed. 14:28:07
Ernie Hancock Reports on Porcfest & More! 14:24:52
The Entire System Is a Joke. 14:22:38
The Best Way to Stop a Fire Is 14:08:02
Hmmm - Obama Campaign: Romney A Liar, Potential Criminal Cutter turns the rhetorical volume way up. 14:02:08
Only 20% of Americans trust the Mainstream News! 14:01:57
Sprott Announces $230 Million Follow-On for PSLV 13:58:21
Can Romney say something without telling a lie? 13:58:10
Arizona Votes on Amending Constitution in November to include Nullification Amendment 13:53:29
Fantasy Football - Daily Paul vs. Ron Paul Forums 13:48:11
Plans unravel for Freedom Festival before Republican National Conventio 13:36:01
"Fiscal conservative" Rand Paul pledges $9+ Billion to Israel on the backs of American taxpayers 16:29:12
Romney has no intention of repealing Obamacare 13:27:21
Hilarious TSA video from natural news. CAUTION: mature audience only 13:17:29
Petition to support the EU Financial Regulator to go after and jail bankers 13:13:50
Exposing Obama & Romney-time To Intensify Our Support! 13:05:22
Kirsten Lombard - Green Tier 13:04:30
Ron Paul as Batman 12:45:20
Please Help Rhode Island Chipin For Delegates 12:42:58
Judicial Watch Sues Federal Reserve for Records Detailing U.S. Taxpayer Bailout of European Banks 12:35:55
(Video) HBO's Newsroom: "America is not the greatest country in the world" 12:35:48
(Video) Man tased by police for refusing to show Id 12:31:30
Senate Dems Kill Obama’s Tax Plan 12:27:58
US Attorneys General Jump On The Lieborgate Bandwagon; 900,000+ Lawsuits To Follow, And What Happens Next 12:25:39
Exclusive: DOD Reveals Some Detainees Interrogated While Drugged, Others "Chemically Restrained" 12:25:12
(Video) Randy Barnett : Losing Obamacare while preserving the Constitution 12:16:53
California, the tax and spend zombie 12:08:34
(Video) New CIA scanner to be rolled out soon by TSA, can surveil you on a molecular level 12:05:45
We need Romney on record now! Austrian or Keynesian? 11:56:31
Audit The Fed Money Bomb 11:54:53
A World Filled With Strangers Keeps Getting Stranger 11:52:27
July 12th 2012 "Nebraska GOP Hires Extra Security to Stop the Ron Paul Revolution" 11:44:01
Realistic, long-term thought vs Paranoid, short-term thought 11:39:20
Alternative Currencies Explained: Summit County Mountain Hours with Wayne Walton & Joby Weeks 11:37:34
LA Times article on Nebraska Convention. 11:27:58
Video response to Maddow coverage. Ron Paul 2012: He Just Needs To Win One More State? 11:10:15
Nebraska Republican Party Rescinds Plan to Increase Its Security Presence During the Convention 11:07:20
2012 Corn: Goldman Sachs swindling again. 11:04:40
Thank God for Congressional Gridlock 11:04:38
Audit The Fed Money Bomb Happening Now! 10:56:34
U.S. Officers to Make Arrests in Canada: A Clear Threat to Sovereignty 10:45:44
WikiLeaks wins case against VISA 10:40:43
Rhode Island Cop Still Employed Despite Conviction of Kicking Woman to Head! 10:39:18
How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State! 10:35:49
Crash Warning (link) 10:32:00
PFGBest Files for Bankruptcy 10:29:30
What Anwar Al-awlaki Really Said (Adam Kokesh and Joe Rogan) 10:28:46
Doug Wead: RNC hires Gary Howard, Ron Paul press secretary 10:18:34
"because there was so much.” 09:34:47
VIDEO Mat Larson Show with TMOT 09:09:06
It’s All True … Everything They Tell You Is A Lie 08:58:35
Philip Defranco talks about Romney being booed 08:30:30
In the you-can't-make-this-stuff-up department 08:26:30
Class Action Lawsuit against Church, State and Big Pharma is given Green Light 08:04:25
Ron Paul is a "10" in the new Romney Presidential Deck 07:58:09
Gary Johnson 2012? By Julie Borowski 07:40:32
VIDEO: Ex-CIA on Central Banks, Corrupt Gov't, More 07:23:46
Fierce clashes with riot police in Madrid 07:05:14
Want proof Benton/Olson, et al, were never "in it to win it?" 06:33:54
Romney stayed longer at Bain 04:44:32
Rising costs push California cities to fiscal brink 04:03:56
The Indians! 03:49:25
Democratic brainwashing 02:38:22
Video: What If Our World could be like this... DC Mounted PoliceOfficer LETS Mark Dice ride his Horse to bullhorn "DC Scums!" 02:31:59
So what is the game plan for RP delegates in Tampa? 02:29:00
Everybody at once now. Awww 02:04:09
New Hampshire man serving 60 days for writing with chalk 01:56:17
NewsBusters taking offense at Rachel Maddow - is Ben Swann next? 01:31:59
Video: Ron Paul Gives Us An Update On The Tampa Rally 7.11.12 01:23:21
Ron Paul Has Won All 50 States! 01:21:47
White House *MoneyBomb* For Ron Paul 00:50:57
Air Force Called Upon to Defend Us From Mosquitos 00:46:55
Who ya gonna vote for? The socialist, or the socialist? 00:28:45
DEBATE: Should Iran be Allowed to Have a Nuclear Weapon? 00:26:23
"How U.S. Taxpayers Fund The Taliban" Congressman Walter Jones 00:25:30
VIDEO: Support Ron Paul & Wake Up The Sheep 00:23:43
Did DP get hacked? Jalopy video 00:15:48
How rail screws the poor 00:15:30
Did Mitt Romney impersonate police officers? 00:11:00
Polls, lies, damned lies and statistics 00:10:09
Spy Sat Agency Let Child Molesters in Its Ranks Go Free 00:05:13