Posted on July 13, 2012

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Judge Andrew Napolitano Praises Gary Johnson 22:36:44
Video Update: Ron Paul on Cavuto 7/13/12 16:22:06
Isn't it strange to think that we're funding our own loss of freedoms? 14:10:10
Charles Goyette – Could Romney’s investment secrets give Ron Paul the nomination? 13:10:09
Romney: "I did not have economic relations with that company." 09:57:17
Gingrich autographs photo of himself at Bohemian Grove 09:56:44
Video: The Men Who Made The World FAT 00:23:02
Need a free cell phone? Or two, or four, or six? The Feds have got you covered! 09:11:48
Congressman Tells Conservative Activists That Fighting For The Constitution Is A Losing Battle, Gets Blasted 04:09:06
The Things We Know, Yet Refuse to Admit: Our Presidents Are Hand-Picked Puppets (Eerily Similar 1964 Book) 21:13:53
Peter Schiff: Why the Government Should Not Be in the Student Loan Business 01:11:28
New Ron Paul Film "Twin Futures" 00:12:58
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This is a legitimate question from me about Mitt Romney... 23:55:16
Congress Now Trying To Outlaw Reporting On Government Corruption 23:50:19
Do you sometimes feel like Wile E. Coyote? 23:33:18
Our Hypocritical Gov't: Cries about emissions and refuses fuel efficiency 23:21:10
(Video) DHS Adds High Powered Battle Rifle to Arms Build-up 23:19:44
Houston Police Kill Unarmed Man, Allegedly Took Witness' Cellphone When She Tried to Record 23:12:02
Bohemian Grove protests increase 23:03:01
The Time Has Come to Withdraw Consent 22:54:47
Has anyone read "Term Limits" by Vince Flynn? 22:48:01
European banks are technically bankrupt 22:30:05
The Biggest Financial Corruption Scandal 22:15:07
Uncle Sam The Fight for Freedom Short Film Released Online 22:10:11
Mitt Romney Not Being Vetted For Presidential Spot! 22:03:37
People are Awesome 22:00:18
Watch this if you want more info on the UN's agenda 21:58:17
IMAGE shows military spraying over Florida city 21:56:20
Obama bypasses Congress, rewrites welfare reform law with policy directive 21:28:47
Senate Considers Adopting U.N Measure Regarding Disabled People 21:25:24
Conspiracy Theory? 21:22:51
‘Why We Had the Revolution in 1776,’ According to Our Megalomaniacal Rulers 21:07:41
Oregon: Elected Delegates And Alternates To Meet In Beaverton Tomorrow; Duly Elected Alternates Excluded? 20:50:44
The Third Wave 20:49:59
Ron Paul Is the 20:28:02
Sen. Reid - 'China made uniforms should be burned' 20:21:07
TPP this the final blow to America 20:18:48
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return To Zuccotti Park 20:02:23
Good way to slam Romney supports when they try to put Paul down 19:55:26
Tisha Casida submits signatures 19:46:57
The right to anchor your boat is under attack. Please help me keep the camels nose out from under the tent. 19:40:40
Warning to Law Enforcement & the Nebraska Republican Chair 19:38:08
Why only Ron Paul can beat Obama 19:34:26
They Created The 14th Amendment To "Exempt Themselves" From The Slavery They Were About To Impose On Us: BINGO! 19:18:06
Fox News defines 'Conservative' with George W. Bush, John McCain, & Mitt Romney? 18:44:55
Inspiring New Video: Renaissance with Competing Governments 18:27:02
Mark Zuckerberg Awarded CIA Surveillance Medal (Sorry it's a spoof, my apology ) 18:17:06
Collapse Within Weeks, Ron Paul Presidency? - Bix Weir 18:11:55
Turkey skirting Iran sanctions by trading gold for crude 17:54:40
Would Romney Seriously Choose A Liar and War Criminal For VP? 17:38:54
Senator Kerry Seeking to Jam a Binding International Treaty Through the Senate ! 17:38:44
(Video) An Open Message to Police & Military 17:32:25
Ron Paul will be on Fox News in a few hours...7/13/12 17:30:42
DEA Blues, Merle Haggard, Cocaine and Chemtrails 17:07:58
The Guilt of Ignorance 16:59:44
Calling into Radio Stations about Chemtrails.. 16:57:56
This is our plan to win America back, by MatLarson10. Must see video. 16:49:42
Will Romney be Implicated in LIBOR Scandal? 16:49:12
Regarding the whole 'Lesser of two evils argument' between Obama & Romney. 16:37:37
Uncle Sam The Fight for Freedom Short Film Released Online 16:30:36
White House gives Homeland Security control of all communication systems. 16:18:39
SOPA returns to Congress as IPAA (Intellectual Property Attache Act) 15:58:43
How the HECK can a Conservative vote for MITT? 15:55:54
Obama's Attacks on Bain: One Nail in a Well-Crafted Coffin 15:51:45
Bained 15:44:50
Romney Should Run As Obama's VP...He Is A Democrat After All 15:44:35
Occupy the Fed : Denver protest 11 am Saturday 15:40:58
Question: Is Valley Fine Foods Company, Inc 15:31:12
Option, non-option 15:29:13
Sanjiv Bhattacharya - U.S. Correspondent with Esquire Magazine U.K. (Ron Paul Revolution) 15:28:59
Romney: Ponzi Schemes are People, My Friend 15:13:51
CopCrimes: NYPD Cop arrested for stealing 4 Glocks from Fellow Officers' Lockers, to sell on the Streets! 15:09:14
Forget the Trolls and the Infiltrators, Remember the Tenets of Peace and Liberty 15:07:29
H.R.5652 absolve medical product manufacturers & distributors of any punitive damages 15:07:25
Blogger avenges friend whose husband left her 15:04:43
EPJ: Rand Paul Has Turned 'End the Fed' Into 'End the Moneybombs' 17:35:53
Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses, Government Documents Show 14:35:10
Romney is actually going to do MSM news interview today with ABC, CBS & NBC 14:26:58
Red Alert: SOPA Is Back But Returns As IPAA 14:22:16
Video: Dr. Ron Paul's 40min. Raw Interview Footage from Dir. Jimmy Morrison's Upcoming Docu.: "The Bubble" 14:22:10
Signed Ron Paul "The Revolution: A Manifesto" - t-shirt and campaign supplies - Ebay 14:21:53
Video: Max Keiser vs. EU - Max @ SPIEF 2012: European Crossroads Conference 14:14:53
Romney's 2002 testimony contradicts financial disclosure documents and Bain claims by campaign staff 14:03:21
Explain This Mitt - How is Your IRA worth $100 million? 14:01:21
Why Romney flip-flopped on Bain departure date 14:01:11
Did you get this "Where We Stand" Message from Ron today? Disappointing to say the least! 13:58:42
'Mitt Romney should drop out of the race while it's still possible' 13:46:46
Mitt Romney's 2001 Secrets & Lies Assuring Bain Capital & Mitt's Politico Inevitable Demise 13:42:26
GQ Must Have Felt The Pressure! 2nd Article about Lawyers for Ron Paul! (VIDEO) 13:40:12
Nebraska - Do not Forget to mention to the religious that Condi Rice (frontrunner VP pick for Romney) is pro-choice. 13:25:35
Dick Act Of 1902... Can't Be Repealed (Gun Control Forbidden) 13:22:52
The people are waking up! Including OCCUPY! 13:08:50
Flight 93 - banned newscast (Another piece of the 9/11 puzzle) 13:03:34
Romney funneling $ to Idaho, Massachusetts, Oklahoma & Vermont GOPs? 12:49:50
Technically, the "bound delegate" question shouldn't matter. 12:45:16
This delegate is heading to Grand Island-Wish me luck! 12:04:49
Mcdonnell Declares Bain 'Off Limits' 12:02:51
Freedom's Fourth Estate - an illustration 12:00:54
Look what I found in the LA Times today: 11:32:38
Obama Order: It's important to the national interest to furnish $10 million to Mali 11:26:21
China's economy slows to lowest rate since depths of financial crisis in 2009 11:14:22
Reuters: Tim Geithner Now Implicated in LIBOR Scandal 11:09:26
Is there (another) doctor in the house? Paulfest looking for Medical Director 10:59:02
The Keshe Foundation 10:42:54
Harry Reid: Romney ‘couldn’t be confirmed as a dog catcher’ 10:27:16
Rice-O-Romney 10:24:19
San Bernardino bankruptcy: Criminal probe underway 10:20:03
Giant sunspot shoots out intense 'X class' solar flare 10:15:25
Do Nebraskans Want Dr. Paul To Come To Nebraska? 10:14:54
Giant sunspot shoots out intense 'X class' solar flare 10:03:58
Romney Narrows VP Choice: "Neocon Condi" is the frontrunner 09:54:56
Doug Wead Live Facebook 09:40:11
Condi Rice as Mitt's VP? 09:29:44
Holy Crap! Look at the massive list of contractors who got MIC money yesterday! 09:29:18
Video: Woman convicted of battery for pat down of TSA worker 09:23:04
DHS enforcers are going to wet themselves when they get their hands on these! 09:19:39
The Most Honest Three And A Half Minutes Of Television, Ever! 09:08:02
DHS emergency power extended, including control of private telecom systems 09:07:45
JPMorgan Shares Up & JPMorgan Profit Declines on $4.4 Billion Loss 09:07:24
Richmond, VA Supporters needed ASAP Now 09:02:12
False Flag Alert: Us Claims Syria "Moving Gas Out Of Storage 08:59:24
What's at stake at JPMorgan's investor meeting 08:56:51
When Are The Delegates Elected in NEBRASKA This weekend? 08:44:32
U.S. deploys sea drones to Persian Gulf to clear Iranian mines 08:36:14
Senior Executives consider unethical or illegal conduct needed for success in the financial world 08:28:22
Google and all Search Engines Bomb for today: 07:49:49
What is the score in Nebraska? 07:48:31
American Olympics uniforms were made in China 07:39:02
Department of Homeland Security “Rex 84″ Remix With Domestic Use Of MRAPS 07:36:12
UPDATED:The Dangers of Evolution: The Effort Toward The “New World Order” 07:30:25
Cheney calls Romney the ‘only man’ able to lead the country though a crisis like 9/11 07:15:07
The Impressive CIA Credentials of the Syrian Insurgents 06:31:01
Things That Every American Should Know About The National Debt 06:28:43
Stationary Bikes Get Brazilian Prisoners Closer to Freedom 04:55:08
Ron Paul Hasn't Won 5 States.. He's Won All 50! 04:24:38
"The Smoking Gun" Teaser Trailer 12:46:12
Collapse Within Weeks, Ron Paul Presidency? 03:58:39
If Romney vetted himself, his tax returns would KO shot at White House 03:07:28
Navy beginning to implement underwater drones in gulf 03:07:16
Interesting song.. 02:49:30
Geithner Proposed Libor Changes in 2008 Memo to Bank of England 02:34:48
matlarson10: Congressman Says 50% Of Americans Do Not Believe In The Constitution 01:39:12
The War On Home Bible Studies & House Churches Is Heating Up Again 01:31:33
Romney The Liar! Here's All His Lies In One Place! 01:31:33
War criminal Condoleezza Rice for VP? 01:29:39
Judge Andrew Napolitano for Dr. Paul's VP? 01:29:20
Paul Krugman: 'I'm a Free Market, Welfare State Economist' 01:09:53
The price of gold has been manipulated. This is more scandalous than Libor 01:01:17
The Syrian opposition: who's doing the talking? 01:00:33
Gold For Oil...or Gold is Money. Sanctions Defeated, Dollar is Doomed 00:36:55
Neocon Nightmare Ticket (Romney/Rice) = Obama 2nd Term and/or WW3 (from Drudge) 00:36:21
Rand Paul interview on Glenn Beck 7/12/12; "The Future..." 00:32:51
I Want 12 Ron Paul Supporters to Respond to this! 00:10:35
Cries From the Past: Torture's Ugly Echoes 00:03:44
The Pauls' Technology Revolution: The Message Lacks Clarity 16:52:15