Posted on July 14, 2012

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New Obama Ad Mocks Romney Singing 'America the Beautiful' 21:59:02
Nebraska Convention Delegates biggest concern. 23:54:02
Americans Will Work More than 6 Months to Pay Cost of Gov't in 2012 21:08:05
Winning is Only Achievable Once We Stop Living in Fear 20:08:42
Poll: Fewer young people plan to vote this November 18:54:06
Open Letter to Ron Paul, Re: National Delegate E-Mail 17:14:22
Nebraska Delegate Count Video: Paul 2, Romney 30. 15:08:07
Doug Wead: All Eyes on Nebraska 13:16:13
Ron Paul Call to Nebraska Liberty Caucus 00:34:40
Attention Fellow National Delegates 10:44:59
Just received an e-mail from Ron Paul... thoughts? 00:31:57
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Willard The Pig 23:46:37
! Oregon Republican Party Staffer Attacks Cameraman, State Chair Allen Alley Runs From Questions 23:35:51
"Officials say" journalism; show this to anyone who still reads/watches MSM 23:10:24
The Mainstream Media Calls It 22:27:50
It is not over until the 'fat lady sings' 22:08:56
Judy Morris Report - Taxation is Theft and Tyranny 22:02:16
Mainstream media supporting Ron Paul after sleeping with the establishment? 21:53:18
Some Great News... 21:35:01
Black lab who died 14 years ago receives voter registration forms in the mail 21:33:17
Did Big Brother Install A "Smart Meter" On Your Home? Here's How You Replace It With An Analog Meter: 21:15:39
Saiga 12 20:57:45
Plurality in 5 States 20:53:17
Final Audit of Iraq Reconstruction Funds. Incredibly, Billions were stolen and misallocated 20:48:06
"Ron Paul's Delegate Insurgency Ends in Nebraska" 20:42:51
PFGBest Founder Forged Bank Statements for 20 Years incl. Full CEO Suicide Note 20:34:24
Liberty message: WINNING! 20:27:16
We very well could still have a brokered convention! 20:24:52
"Let it not be said we did nothing" - Ron Paul 20:10:22
The Globalist Multinationals succeed in yet another land grab! US firms descend on Myanmar 19:56:24
Gary Johnson addresses Freedom Fest crowd in Las Vegas 19:54:38
Romney's Tax Returns Lost Him The VP Slot To Palin In 2008; He is Simply Unelectable 19:54:36
Another one bites the dust! Founder/CEO of failed trader Peregrine Financial has been arrested 19:45:28
(Video) Romney is really Obama's VP 19:37:40
RE: Nebraska caucus results - Please read important info 19:35:07
Incredible Ron Paul Song/Video: If You Want To Take My Picture 19:34:57
My opinion on the Nebraska caucus results 18:52:39
Hum?...are we bribing Cuba or does the POTUS need more cigars? 18:48:56
Are we really supposed to believe, with the world watching, Assad is stupid enough to do this? 18:33:59
We need to mobilize, prepare + strategize for Tampa 18:22:19
14 July 2012 David House Grand Jury Notes on Bradley Manning 18:10:46
*MUSIC* i hate banks, by Mojo Nixon 17:55:18
DHS expects RNC in Tampa to attract anarchists, violence, and criminal activity. 17:48:49
My thoughts of the final death of the ron paul 4 president campaign. 17:34:13
Children's Activities @ Paul festival! 17:27:54
This is the biggest battle ever! come to TAMPA! 17:25:37
Come On People! We Need You! 17:23:02
The Colorado Delegation 17:12:03
Ron Paul Wins 2 delegates in Nebraska, Romney wins 32 17:10:20
A Lesson Learned: Preparation for Tampa 16:57:46
NE State GOP won't honor these Paul delegates 16:41:36
If Ron Paul doesn't get the republican nomination, where do we turn? 16:39:19
Sooo... Now what? 16:30:47
How Romney Spoon Fed Ignorant Republican Tools in Utah 16:27:29
Keep an eye out -Setting the Stage for a Jeb Bush Draft in Tampa? 16:24:39
Judge Gray Announces $1,000,000 Donation to Gary Johnson Super PAC! 16:04:04
Ron Paul and The Millennials 15:43:18
(Video) Proof Un Plans To Ban American Guns 15:38:59
(Video) Drones to Be Armed with Mini-Smart Bombs 15:35:06
'Understanding the Constitution' by David Gibbs. - Good read. Recommended. 15:33:05
(Video) Buchanan on McLaughlin Group : "Collision with Iran likely will help Obama politically" 15:30:03
Beware of Infiltrators 15:25:48
Ron Paul: Romney campaign scared to let me speak at GOP convention 15:19:25
Santa Monica smoking ban: City outlaws lighting up EVEN in your OWN apartment 14:54:51
JULY 14, 1933, Nazi Germany, "Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases" Enacted 14:41:05
Absolutely! Ron Paul: No Sleep Till Tampa! 14:12:05
Is 2012 really 1972? 14:10:48
Obama admits his job is to tell stories to Americans about "Unity, Purpose, and Optimism" 14:04:47
Dr. Paul's stated, by email, aversion and disdain for possibility of presidential nomination, election, and victory 13:40:51
VIDEO - How To Refuse an ID Checkpoint 13:20:17
New rEVOLution pic ;) 13:17:21
Link: Controversial Romney Fundraisers in London and Jerusalem 13:07:38
5 Police Officers vs A law knowing Citizen 13:07:02
Rand Paul remains silent on $9 Billion dollar giveway to Israel 13:06:54
Enough! How to keep the Revolution going and our voice heard 12:33:57
Question on a sheriffs authority... 12:21:33
Fascist Republicans vs. Socialist Democrats:The One Difference, Their Methods Of Tyranny 11:59:29
Peaceful Streets Project Austin Live Stream 11:44:19
Rev. Ed Pinkney speaks on "Emergency Manager" dictatorships throughout U.S. 11:40:59
Libertarian City Councilman in OH Pushes to Privatize Community's Bus Service 11:02:18
video- Ron Paul - It's Time To Call The Doctor Again! 10:51:26
If Ron Paul is to be President 10:24:43
The Straight Stick 10:12:34
Rand Paul to Mitt Romney: Support Audit the Fed bill 10:06:56
Police State in Full Force 09:59:48
Obama and the CIA And his CIA mother. 09:48:47
Only One Thing Is Lacking: A Massive False Flag. 09:36:55
There are Still Free Ron Paul Car Stickers! 09:36:52
The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER… 09:09:36
Forbes Article 08:56:18
It's D-Day for Ron Paul's 2012 Insurgency 08:44:10
Prayer for Nebraska Delegates 08:43:08
Things To Look For At The Nebraska Convention 08:10:12
My open letter to Jack Hunter on disparaging 'Conspiracy Theorists' 07:00:18
Has Ron Paul researched 9-11? Something doesn't feel right. 06:59:05
Romney - Cheney - Bush: Fundraising Lucifer - Antichrist 06:27:25
U.S. News & Weekly Report: Romney Out of Presidential Contest 06:23:07
Romney Fumes Over Nebraska 06:02:50
New BIG band confirmed for Paul Festival! 05:54:54
Rethinking Intellectual Property - Stephan Kinsella 04:15:30
Rachel Maddow: Romney; 1 Night, 5 Interviews, 5 Lies 02:58:45
The NWO Wants Our Childrens Minds! We Must Tell Our Children The Truth About What Is Happening & What Needs to Be Done. 02:24:37
US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme Will Roll Out Gradually 02:16:41
Republicans and Democrats it's just Broke Down 02:01:00
JPMorgan Chase trading loss closer to $6 billion than $2 billion CEO had reported 01:53:45
Just Give Me One Good Year. 01:10:37
Ron Paul Has A 99.6% Chance of Getting A "5th" State! 00:57:23
Want to Stick it to the Bankers? Did you Know the Day you Signed the Note, Your House was Paid in Full? 00:42:34