Posted on July 15, 2012

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/16/12: Audit the Fed Bill 22:06:16
Nevada CAN still put Paul's name in nomination 23:23:23
Hey Everyone ...Check Out This Headline, A Blast From The Past 18:44:48
Charlie McGrath - Ever increasing security based on lies about terrorism threats. 18:39:04
Michael Scheuer: Ron Paul, Judge Nap, Israel and Fox News (video) 18:38:56
Ron Paul 2012: It's D-Day for Ron Paul's Campaign (NOT!) 14:28:42
'No War On Iran' Billboards up in Oklahoma City 19:16:22
Nebraska Recap 16:43:43
SURIYAHFISH - Live Stream - Nebraska Republican Convention - July 13-14 06:46:08
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The Tossers- Ballad of Nato 23:59:41
Is This the 11th hour? 23:56:03
BSO Deputy featured on "Unleashed: K-9 Broward County." arrested after investigation... 23:53:57
Would Obama actually sign an Audit the Fed bill? 23:03:12
After Nebraska Is Ron Paul's Campaign Over?! (Matlarson) 22:20:48
Voting machine fraud 22:16:00
Summing up a week in Paul-I-tics 22:14:48
We need to be converting Romney Delegates! 22:14:06
"When Did England Become a Police State?” – Steven Van Zandt of the E-Street Band 21:59:12
My Teacher My Mentor President Ron Paul I'm Your Apprentice 21:57:37
Let's help this liberty congressmen out 21:09:08
Latest YouTube Videos Posted 21:05:37
PICKET:(VIDEO) Obama - Business owners not responsible for their own success but, "I killed bin Laden" 21:03:45
Can someone explain the TSA body scanners to me? 21:03:29
Ronvoy song for inspiration on your drive to Tampa 20:59:41
Ron Paul's predictions from 2002: So good that at first I thought the speech was faked 20:57:29
Tax Returns will reveal that Romney has nothing in common with 99.99% of Americans 20:34:01
From London to Tampa (calling international supporters) 20:20:39
Man sets himself on fire at protest in Tel Aviv 19:57:53
Trusting Ron Paul Is Easy, but.. 19:48:04
Why Ron Paul will speak and be on the ballot at the RNC 19:42:43
Too Many Campfires 19:41:13
Is this even legal? "Obama fund raising in Communist China" 19:40:15
FIGHT! 19:27:57
Check and reverse 19:25:46
It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the m 19:22:27
Justin Amash 2016 19:04:15
Q&A with Israel Anderson - Tampa, Johnson, and other questions about liberty 18:38:09
Cheating comes home to Iowa - Cedar Rapids Gazette 18:32:03
For The First Time In 50 Years, US Cargo Ships Delivers Goods Directly To Cuba 18:04:38
The Oil for Gold Trade. The cat is out of the bag. 18:00:01
'No War on Iran' Billboards Up in Oklahoma City 17:59:13
'The Franklin Cover-Up' author talks about how he linked Sandusky and Penn State abuse scandal years ago 17:54:17
Great article on Dr.Paul's predictions from 2002 17:45:49
Ron Paul Revolution - REAL Change: A Vote For Peace 17:43:25
Don't ever give in to the banks! 17:36:22
TED Talk: Former Cop Marc Goodman - A vision of crimes in the future 17:11:05
Ron Paul on his Way to TAMPA! Plurality Achieved! Take the Podium! 16:35:07
Politics as usual? 15:42:37
Obama Tells Audience-"If You've Got A Business - You Didn't Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen" 15:31:34
Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong? 15:25:54
Obama administration plans to shutter nine border patrol stations 14:44:36
real news with a libertarian streak 14:43:18
(Youtube) Senior Citizen Assaulted and Arrested at Bohemian Grove 14:39:27
The Real Libor Scandal 14:29:41
'Monsanto Protection Act' to grant biotech industry total immunity over GM crops 14:25:57
"Paul's bid to be nominated for GOP president ends" or so those at say. 14:23:21
Local Campaign for Liberty group fights against Crony Capitalism 14:20:32
OREGON: please donate to help the delegates 14:16:19
Vote Libertarian to uphold constitutional values 14:09:07
Israeli Air Force to Conduct Training Exercises in United States Under Fast Tracked Aid Bill 14:06:23
What Happened in Nebraska from this Delegate 14:03:57
Rand Paul pushes for jailed doc's freedom 13:56:36
Mosquito drones that spy, listen, record, and takes blood for DNA samples 13:53:44
'Monsanto Protection Act' to grant biotech industry total immunity over GM crops? 13:51:41
How Cool Would a Free Ron Paul Sticker Look on Your Car? 13:45:20
Ron and Rand Paul launch a crusade for Internet freedom 13:37:40
Ed and Ethan 1X09 July 15, 2012 13:15:43
It's Sunday In America, and Nebraska 13:05:46
Maddow crazy like a fox 12:56:13
2012 Campaign Post Mortem: We've All Been Had 19:56:09
Future GOP Conventions 12:55:23
Barracuda Trader says "Replace the CIA with... 12:54:32
Now, finally it all makes sense... 17:37:57
The ultimate "red pill" video... 12:30:09
LAST day for AUDIT the FED Moneybomb! 12:14:19
I made a satire petition about Hillory. 11:45:58
Video:Tony Robbins Deconstructs The National Debt 11:45:39
Read and Weep: Ron Paul Campaign & Delegates ‘throw’ Nebraska 11:43:17
Ron Paul, please announce your official VP pick 11:37:53
when we are leaving TAMPA, what take home do we want? 11:33:16
Competing Currencies would be a GREAT way to identify Corporate & Social Welfare recipients! 11:30:15
Members Of A Michigan Militia (Hutaree) Have Been Cleared Of Plotting To Overthrow the U.S. Government 11:01:53
ENJOY, "Vile Hypocrisy " 10:56:23
Victory for Ron Paul! 10:51:32
Video> Obscure Object of Desire: Behold, the YellowJacket, the 'World's 1st' SmartPhone Stun Gun Case! 10:45:40
Epic: "The Irony of Money | Myles Dyer" 10:42:34
Do Not Let them Fool You! 19:22:42
♠ Hey North Carolina You Guys Have An Election To Go To Tuesday July 17 2012 10:21:27
NSA whistleblower:government gathering info on virtually every citizen 10:15:32
? Impossible ? 10:03:48
Why Does Romney Decide If Paul Speaks 09:59:52
Freedomfest 09:51:14
"Art Of Investment: Germans opt for luxury amid crisis " 09:45:41
Anyone But Obama 09:17:21
So What's Next? 08:35:05
Video: Occupy Bohemian Grove 2012 - A 'brave' Stormtrooper assaults & arrests a FEARLESS American Sr. Citizen! 07:41:46
No One Wants To Run VP Slot With Willard? 07:40:04
In the United States of Guilt, the social crisis has replaced the Constitution 07:35:40
Video: Want the Youth of Today & Tomorrow creating, and be more involved in the Arts, NOT War! 07:21:55 7/11/12 - debt and religion 07:17:02
Is The Affordable Care Act Really Affordable? 07:07:27
Bohemian Grove: a 1989 article covering BG, cited in UC Santa Cruz Sociology Dept.'s own Website! 07:01:36
Video: San Francisco Statists are okay w/ Rally/Drift driving on 'their' Roads, as long as you pay them off? 06:43:43
Fox News - Romney Can't beat Obama without Ron Paul 06:26:25
The Great Awakening - the second chapter of the rEVOLution 06:16:42
Delegate networking 05:57:10
With Sadness the Flame of Liberty Goes Dark in Nebraska 04:42:51
Ron Paul Throws Nebraska 04:37:01
Barracuda Trader Says, "We don't need a president who knows how to 04:07:41
. 03:01:39
Question for the Gary Johnson supporters 02:34:45
Gary Johnson Supporters: Waste Your Vote On Ron Paul Instead 02:31:24
Dramatic police footage: Belfast riots leave 20 wounded; 7-14-12 01:30:13
Nebraska - Just Another Opportunity to Tell Us We Are Going To Lose... 01:06:07
Iceand Hires a Bounty Hunter 18:42:16
Persistence pays; My democrat congressman co-sponsored H.R. 459 (audit the fed) 00:38:10
A New Hope - Visions from the Past still Stand 00:12:53
The latest double speak from the NY Times: "The Moral Case for Drones" 00:03:30
Interest Paid On US Debt Last Month Alone=$103,886,876,062 (70 Billion More Than May) 12:04:44