Posted on July 16, 2012

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Incredible Adam vs. The Man Video: Humanity is on the Brink of Something Amazing 23:38:48
Unglued: The Sticky Truth About Wheat, Dairy, Corn and Soy 21:43:01
Nigel Farage "...because stuck inside the Euro, you're going to literally be destroyed" 20:17:46
Ron Paul Republicans 19:30:09
Jan Helfeld interviews John Stossel 17:25:16
Media runs Ron Paul delegate plurality scam 15:39:27
CNN: US fires on perceived threat in the Persian Gulf, one fatality reported 12:48:05
Tom Woods Nullification Documentary Wins at Film Festival 12:34:31
Ben Swann: Three Facts About A Candidate's Name Being Placed Into Nomination at RNC 11:48:57
TAC: What Ron Paul Delegates Can Do - A Game Plan for Tampa 20:05:14
What Bush Meant by "Mission Accomplished" 09:45:06
Is Facebook damaging your reputation with sneaky political posts? 06:47:23
Great - my "safe haven - Costa Rica" just got screwed! UPDATE #1 13:11:07
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I Started My Food Storage. Any Advice? 23:59:29
Ron Paul Lawsuit! After Qualifying for Ballot, Lawsuit Now to Unbind Delegates 23:29:35
Vote Your Conscience 22:50:53
The FED Issue In Ron Paul's Wake 22:44:10
Kiss the human race goodbye 22:42:30
Global Imbalances - Part II 22:38:33
LIBOR Scandal Will Affect BofA, Citi, and JP Morgan 22:36:07
Donate to Gary Johnson Because Ron May Not Win 22:35:54
Did Romney Commit Felony at Bain? 22:33:59
Who are you voting for in November? 22:32:34
Fox News admits Ron Paul supporters are essential to GOP presidency hopes VIDEO 22:19:39
Need advice on the TSA 22:15:21
We must repeal the TSA 22:05:44
Just watched an episode of Bizarre Foods ( Camel Milk and the FDA) 22:00:49
Rachel is on now talking about Ron Paul 21:24:46
Nominating a FELON? 21:15:45
I was invited to be a "Special Guest of the California Delegation" 21:05:45
TSA agents stationed at British airports for the Olympics 20:56:44
Neustar is spying on Americans for the government? 20:41:53
Hit Piece Target Ron Paul? 20:37:57
Was the petrol price rigged too? May the lawsuits begin. 20:35:48
Can someone give a good answer to this? Why shouldn't delegates be bound? 20:34:38
Naomi Wolf slips in some RP on her new site: Folks of all stripes will see this 20:26:24
The Elephant in the Room Part Six 20:23:39
ROFL! Today Obama issued Presidential Proclamation - Captive Nations Week, 2012 20:20:59
Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign Over After Nebraska Primaries? (Austin Peterson's take) 20:19:32
Gary Johnson's new campaign ad: I will END the War on Drugs 20:13:19
Law of the Sea treaty dead ( Finally some positive news from the hill) 19:50:15
Protect yourselves in Tampa. 19:28:22
The Hill: Supporters bombard CNN with requests to cover Gary Johnson 19:04:16
Obama is conceding. We must fight hard against Romney. 18:57:25
First Come, First Serve-Motel Available 18:57:17
Tell The Gop: Ron Paul Or None At All 18:56:02
Treason Is Patriotic 18:53:24
Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Convention 2012, Las Vegas 18:52:23
Does Ron Paul Want His Name Put Up For Nomination at the Convention? 18:25:30
Edward L. True and Kelly Mordechai, Live, tonight, on RBN with Dr. K., 8-9 EST on Vote Rigging 18:22:38
Email your Local Senator, Support Audit the Fed, Peace and Protest! 18:11:50
Best gun for home defense? 18:08:45
Copy `N Paste News 17:56:42
What is this? 5 states announced on Fox News 17:44:01
Liberty Candidate “Live Free or Die” Funding Bomb July 31, 2012 17:36:51
Revolution In America 2k12 17:13:37
Insurance companies, government steals life insurance from PTSD veterans who commit suicide 17:11:35
Where Do We Go From Here? 17:08:38
Irresponsible warmongering leaves American credibility irrevocably damaged 17:04:22
Five Myths About The Gold Standard(Part I), 1981 - Ron Paul & Cong. Larry Mcdonald 17:01:21
Liberty Live-Stream Team Show with Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish Tonight 9PM EST 18:00:44
I've been spending money partying this summer. I should be buying gold and silver. hope the price stays low through next year. 16:59:52
TSA Harasses 87-Year-Old Legendary Actor Hal Holbrook At Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson 16:45:06
'Screw Monica Not Us': Sudanese Chant Against Bill Clinton 16:27:50
Marijuana Kills Again! 22 Year Old Dies In Jail After Being Arrested For Small Amount Marijuana 16:27:32
Google / Youtube now deleting videos for "Hate Speech" against "Protected Groups" 16:17:42
Definitely a libertarian streak in someone involved in creating Breaking Bad 16:02:25
Blackwater illegally paid millions in taxpayer money 16:01:50
Listen Real Close. You can hear WW3 starting. First shots fired today on small boat in Persian 16:01:41
Bohemian Grove 2012 - Mega Video Blast 15:57:57
2016: Obama's America opens bigtime 15:43:35
The Federal Reserve in 5 min 15:33:18
The Business Cycle in 5 min 15:32:45
Common law - how to protect yourself from the US corporation 15:32:42
THIS is why we must have due process and equal justice under the law 15:17:28
Delegates & Alternates to Tampa 14:46:48
New Linkedin Group 14:45:16
VIDEO: Mars rover lands on Xbox Live 14:44:21
(Video) Deputies Knock on Wrong Door at 1:30am, Shoot and Kill Man Who Answers Door with Gun 14:39:13
Bill O'Reilly admits the Mainstream Media Lies to the American people 14:18:43
James Rickards: Derivatives Should Be Banned From Financial Markets 14:04:31
Michigan Goes after Farmers ( VIDEO ) 14:00:04
Obama a Socialist? Is it Official? 13:56:37
THIS is why you're an Idiot.. 13:54:52
Sen. Paul Introduces Downsize DC's 'One subject at a time' bill 13:50:16
Paying for Our Own Demise... 13:29:37
professional photographer and truth activist Michele Thomas 13:29:33
RP's 2002 Speech.."so good I thought it was faked" 13:27:32
There Is No Way 13:25:21
Cover America In Yard Signs Affirming Mitt Is Certain To Lose – Begging Delegates To Not Forfeit 13:16:08
Interesting article on the Syrian media coverage 13:15:26
Romney to host $60,000 a plate fundraiser in Israel 13:14:22
Harford County Govt (MD) Gives Away Free Money! 13:08:20
The Hill : Ron Paul Falls Short of Guaranteeing Convention Speaking Slot 13:05:54
Hope sometimes seems so far away 12:52:06
Ron Paul efforts to get to Tampa up next on MSNBC @ 12:52 pm ET 12:51:27
"Rebels" of Libya and South Sudan Got Tanks From Where? 12:51:11
Romney's VP Pick 12:50:11
Paul Festival Announces, “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus” 12:44:46
Video: Will Ron Paul Endorse Gary Johnson? "Uh No there's no chance of that" Jesse Benton 12:39:02
Ben Swann on 5 State Pluarality 12:39:00
Iowa Republican says government illegitimate, declares herself U.S. Senator 12:37:14
Paul Festival Proudly Announces The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus! 12:37:09
Ben Swann on 5 State Pluarality 12:35:33
Murray Rothbard on Strategy 12:27:45
VIDEO: Conservative Majority schooled by Ron Paul supporter. 12:21:25
Ron Paul, Nebraska and our stupid media 12:20:24
Interview: Unusual Pre-9-11 Currency Movements; an Ex-Federal Reserve Employee Talks to Robert Wenzel 12:15:32
DISCLOSE Act up for vote in Senate 12:10:58
Ron Paul is on Fire, God Bless him! 11:42:47
Romney could announce VP this week, Pawlenty, Portman, Rice, Jindal and Ryan in the running 11:40:12
"The meaning of moderation" - Sen. Rand Paul 11:37:46
Where the heck is the TX results? 11:31:32
How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet Union 11:22:05
Ron Paul for President 2012! 11:17:30
Johnson supporters ready to protest CNN headquarters in Atlanta this morning 11:03:11
Hang tight, Romney is proving himself to be a horrible candidate 10:37:51
Henry wants plain, even blunt speech 10:16:58
The trolls on here 10:16:09
I think this is the most honest 80 seconds of TV ever 09:56:55
Institutionalizing 09:50:25
FOX News Admits Romney Cannot Win Without Ron Paul Supporters 09:39:59
Please send this video to all the Romney trolls... 09:30:26
George Carlin on Libertarianism 09:22:07
VIDEO: Another Police State Shakedown for a Victimless Crime - Window Tinting 09:19:47
These 12 hellholes are examples of what the rest of america will look like soon 09:17:08
To Die For A Story: The 9-11 Cult, The Obama Cult and The Unsurpation of Reality 09:05:01
UN Aims to Control Gun Ammunition 09:03:18
GlaxoSmithKline: GUILTY in Largest Health Fraud Settlement in US History 08:57:14
Iran : Plan to close 'Strait of Hormuz finalized 08:54:32
Gov't who? 08:50:31
Ron Paul 64% of the popular vote, Obama 35%, the Oracle has spoken. 08:46:56
Where are all my detractors now? 08:42:39
TV coverage at Tampa 08:25:31
Liberty is going to look goooood on Aug. 26th. 06:56:18
Surprising Links: How Big Banks Manipulate and Influence Your Health 05:33:41
Libertarianism For Dummies 04:34:51
(Video)George Lopez : "Mitt Romney is a f- - ing latino, but he won't admit it" 03:19:39
Yahoo Accounts Hacked! Check Your Email Address Here... 03:15:02
FAA releases thousands of pages of drone records 03:10:24
Freedom Isn't A Luxury. It's A Necessity. 03:07:50
Barracuda Trader Says, "The TSA Would Be... 03:05:24
Hope 9: Whistleblower Binney says the NSA has dossiers on nearly ever US citizen (Video) 03:04:08
The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.) 02:56:04
Jobs Versus Net Jobs by Thomas Sowell 02:43:00
Napolitano at Freedom Fest 2012 01:56:59
Amazing Interview: SGT and Democrat Whistleblower 01:55:48
To Team Mitt Romney 01:20:01
Liquidate the Debt - NOW! 00:44:51
Cord Cutting Is The New File-Sharing 00:17:42
Parent Alert: A Danger At School 13:49:02
Steps you can take...and the case AGAINST L4RP 12:18:22