Posted on July 17, 2012

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Video: Ghost Town USA - Gary, Indiana 23:03:24
Peter Schiff Makes Yahoo Front Page: 'America Heading Towards Collapse Worse Than Europe AND 2008' 22:21:36
Brent Stafford of St Charles MO Needs YOUR Help! 20:36:39
Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: Release tax returns 13:36:28
80% of Americans Would Consider Voting for a 3rd Party 10:07:21
Baltic Dry Index Implodes, Signals Global Economic Collapse 09:44:32
Live Stream: Bernanke Heads to the Hill 09:40:57
Video: America's Invisible Second Great Depression 09:33:53
Oregon Republican Party Must Conform to State Law - Chairman Alley Booted Off State Central Committee by Own Negligence 09:21:54
Keys to successfully and non violently overthrow dictatorships 07:14:11
The “Central Banks’ Central Bank” Slams the Federal Reserve 07:08:40
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National Ron Paul Delegate Wins GOP Runoff in Charlotte, NC 23:45:21
Obama’s Hypocrisy: Took Money From Bain 23:44:34
Dude, where's my $500K stimulus check? 23:31:24
Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Two Failed Wars and Why He Supports Ron Paul for President 23:26:39
100 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like Barack Obama 23:10:15
Jerry Doyle Slams the Federal Reserve 23:08:27
Orchive 23:07:37
The Federal Reserve Is NOT Going To Save Us From "The Great Depression" That Is Coming! 22:58:29
Bernanke: US Headed Towards Fiscal Cliff 22:27:04
Arpaio calls Congress to move on Obama eligibility 21:40:27
Will We Have 10,000 or 100,000 at the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa? 21:35:48
Democrat Eliot Spitzer "New Ally against the FED! 20:49:37
America Heading Towards a Collapse Worse Than 2008 AND Europe! Says Peter Schiff 20:49:15
Ending the Republican/Democratic Stranglehold on America 20:31:05
Company in Freeport, IL owned by Bain is sending 170 jobs to China - begging 20:28:21
Lew Rockwell Interviews Carol Paul 20:17:03
The Admirable Qualities of Dr. Paul 20:15:55
The Second Amendment and The Preservation of Liberty 20:09:44
Unless Nominated, You Will NOT Vote For Paul In November: Tell the RNC That Ron Paul DOES Have 5 States! 19:59:14
Today's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Update With Sheriff Joe - Findings Obama's Bc Still Fraudulent / National Security Risk 19:54:43
Sheriff Arpaio's findings 19:51:26
Ron Paul calls on Romney to release tax returns 19:34:46
RNC Confirms Ron Paul will be up for the nomination! 19:25:07
#FED and #Bernanke trending WORLDWIDE on twitter! 19:24:53
Mitt Romney snubs both Ron Paul AND Sarah Palin at GOP convention 19:12:57
Paul, Palin snubbed by Mitt, Palin refuses to Endorse 19:11:35
2 Minutes Left In the Game, 40 points Ahead, What do you do? 19:07:31
Election Judge, Anne Beckett, Threatened with Criminal Prosecution (Travis County Board of Elections) 19:03:00
Ron and Rand in Virginia for Kurt Bills event 18:38:59
Cool. I've Been a Member for 5 Years, 2 Hours! Happy Anniversary to Me! 18:04:58
Please Ron for the love of Liberty please go after obama asap! 18:03:41
GOP: "let's Audit the Fed" - are they now bribing Ron Paul to drop out? LOL! 17:54:01
Watch Sheriff Joe's long-awaited press conference live! 17:45:36
The Media/Trolls Going To Go Full Assault On RP/RP supporters 17:44:51
The Final Loss of Freedom in America 17:31:57
2011 Interview With Greg Bucceroni; Sex Abuse Victim Of Edward Savitz; Savitz Knew Sandusky; Other Philly Pols 17:31:08
Prepare yourselves, Paul supporters. The attacks are coming. 17:22:38
Ron Paul Will Be On the Ballot at the Republican Convention 17:12:41
For God Sake, RP - Please Write Your Speech Instead Of Stumbling And Losing Your Audience At Tampa! 17:08:52
Tampa Bay Times: Ron Paul denied speaking role at GOP convention 17:07:44
: HSBC Bank laundered Billions for Mexican Drug Cartels 17:01:35
Jesse Benton: Please Come Out Of Your Hole And Do Your Job! 16:58:44
Ron Paul Will Be On the Ballot at the Republican Convention 16:49:42
Santelli on 'The Smoking Gun' 16:41:11
For Romney delegates lurking here 16:39:02
Delegates Mount up! 16:37:32
Examiner: RNC confirms Ron Paul will be up for nomination 16:30:12
Kurt Wallace of "Daily Paul Radio" Will Guest Host "Liberty Hot Seat" Tonight 9:PM at 16:17:39
I think we should seek clarity before getting excited about ron being nominated. 16:16:38
LIBOR? The Real Scandal Is The Fed 16:15:47
Sex abuse victim recalls horrid encounter with Edward Savitz, associate of ex-Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky 16:14:21
War on Drugs: SWAT Raid Cam 16:06:41
Ron Paul: We Must Stop The Fed From Causing More Harm – OpEd 16:06:06
Iran Accuses U.S. of Using Weather Weapons 16:05:06
Are Whistles Allowed At The Convention? 15:58:39
Ron Paul 2012- Already Qualified To Be On RNC Ballot- See You In Tampa Romney 15:51:45
Ron Paul for VP 15:50:52
Ron Paul tells Mitt Romney to release more tax returns 15:32:04
RNC Confirms: Ron Paul is going to Tampa! 15:31:12
Carpool To Tampa! Join The R3volution! 15:27:44
FBI doesn't understand the Constitution is Supreme Law of the Land 15:11:46
Sen. Rand Paul Prepared To Demand Vote On Cutting Aid To Pakistan 15:08:38
McCain's devastating library of info on Romney 14:59:58
What "Sane" Person would WANT to run for President! 14:30:42
A couple hundred reasons to move to New Hampshire 14:30:19
A good article on RedState about a liberty candidate?! 14:22:11
This fight is far from over 14:05:36
Felony and Romney 14:04:13
US Official: Navy personnel could have seen the boat — "mistakenly or not" — as a threat. 14:01:59
Indian Fisherman Says U.S. Boat Fired Without Warning 13:55:58
Google to work with CFR to catch international Criminals! (link) LOL hilarious hilarious/ sobs 13:54:30
McCain : I picked Sarah Palin because she was BETTER than Romney 13:51:25
Video: Man catches 7 year old after she falls from third story window 13:48:26
Another Liberty Candidate 13:48:24
This Is Why Ron Paul Refuses Secret Service Protection... 13:40:09
FDA : BPA no longer allowed in baby bottles 13:39:03
Could Rick Santorum Play A Crucial Role To A Ron Paul Presidency?! 13:38:29
Ben Bernanke and Mervyn King describe Libor fixing as 'fraud' 13:35:03
Here Are All Of Mitt Romney's Personal Financial Disclosure Filings From 2001-2005 13:06:32
Gary Johnson Polls at 5.3% 12:59:37
Alternative Cancer Treatments: Rife Machine Explained 12:54:49
♠ To everyone regarding the general election on November 6th 2012 12:51:44
Liberty Minded News Site 12:48:15
Columnist William Raspberry dies 12:39:42
Oregon Chairman Alley Booted Off State Central Committee by Own Negligence 12:15:28
Deputies Shoot, Kill Man Ater Knocking On Wrong Door 12:09:58
Must-See Video: Armed Citizen Prevents Robbery 12:08:39
A great video, short video case study in defense of armed citizens 12:05:38
RT : TSA security agents to be deployed in UK airports for Olympics 12:04:24
Cartoon - Dr. Obama Is NOT The Answer 11:57:15
HSBC's lax controls allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder money 11:31:13
Spinning Ourselves Into a Deficit Panic 11:24:37
PopSci: "FYI: How Can I Protect My Cell Phone Data Records From Law Enforcement Subpoenas?" A couple of Tricks 10:53:07
Exclusive: Glaxo whistleblower goes public with shocking details of bribery, marketing fraud and other pharma crimes 10:49:53
Bob friend of RP.. 10:42:27
Comments? 10:39:08
Romney is getting SWISSBOATED 10:34:53
WIRED: Geoengineerings Unintended Consequences 10:33:20
Voting in Broward County , Florida 09:36:37
IRS has no legal basis to collect Affordable Care Act Tax - It's all an act! 09:20:28
Paul, Bernanke: The Final Showdown? 09:04:29
UN Arms Transfer Treaty (ATT) on small arms: gun grab gradualism 08:57:31
Iowa Republican defends ending run for state Senate, joining shadow government 08:49:30
Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns (Video) 08:49:07
OUTRAGE after news channel helps public identify gun owners 08:40:40
A Peek into the Belly of the New American Beast 08:23:58
Russia adopts U.S. Law 08:15:15
Obama Sounds Just Like Bush 08:10:44
Saying the government can create value is the baldest-faced Keynesian lie of them 07:17:21
The Short, Unhappy Lives of Fiat Currencies 07:05:12
Mitt Romney Caught On "Hidden Camera" 06:57:53
VIDEO-Romney wants $ From the Revolution! 03:57:12
Jon Stewart takes it to Romney - ENJOY = ) 03:28:52
Rick Santelli: Central Banks and the LIBOR Scandal 02:45:49
Ben Swann Reality Check: Mitt Romney's Economic Plan Will Send 800,000 Jobs Overseas? 02:15:12
Six minutes of raw truth and sanity 02:08:44
Monsanto's and Cargill's Plans for the Ocean 01:50:39
Dr. John Witherspoon's sermon - All Mankind by Nature under Sin. 01:43:12
'Shadow REO': As Many as 90% of Foreclosed Properties Held Off the Market 01:21:48
Australian Goverment Mulls Allowing Authorities to Hack Your Computer 00:58:00
US 'the enemy' says Dotcom judge 00:56:47
. 00:52:11
Great Leaders Do Not Create Followers.. 00:43:54
Harborside Health Center - Feds Continue To Attack LEGAL Medicinal Marijuana 00:43:04
'Law Of The Sea' Treaty Now Dead, Demint Says 00:12:34