Posted on July 18, 2012

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RT: Ron Paul Is Still In It! 23:15:28
Ben Bernanke Pummeled by C-Span Callers Who Say Ron Paul is Right 22:10:20
Families of Americans killed by drones file suit 19:24:43
Bernanke slams Ron Paul's Fed audit bill 12:56:54
The Hill promoting speaking time for Dr. Paul at the convention 15:39:53
Ron Paul, Barney Frank Join Forces on NEW Medical Marijuana Bill 19:53:10
7-17-2012 Ron Paul on Houston Radio discussing Tampa RNC 00:07:24
Ben Swann – Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states 13:57:28
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Armed Senior Shuts Down Armed Robbers at an internet Cafe! 23:45:02
Ben Swann one on one with Jeb Bush *VIDEO* 23:15:49
HHS Attacks HSAs 22:43:53
Something rotten is happening in Nevada! 22:37:50
Missouri Candidates 22:32:26
Stevie Ray Vaughan Taxman 22:21:50
Anyone want to do a shot with me? 22:19:12
Victims' Families Sue Over Drone Strike Program 21:47:52
Help Missouri CD5 Delegates/Alternates get to Tampa 21:29:55
Jordan Page - LIVE (and FREE) at Charlotte, NC anti-war rally 7/21 21:26:44
CBS / NYT Poll: Romney Leads Obama 47-46! 21:22:40
Matt Lawson confirms validity of lawsuit. Federal Law Proves All Delegates Are UNBOUND 20:53:02
Jordan Page Playing Guitar Live Now 8:40 Pm Est 20:50:35
Anyone know of a libertarian gun manufacturer? 20:39:19
Hidden History of Militias Protecting Liberty In The 20th Century 20:11:13
San Francisco Police Shoot Handcuffed Man to Death 20:06:46
A VP Nomination from the States with a Plurality? 20:06:35
Peter Schiff: 'If You Don't Own Gold & Silver, You Really Got To Buy' (Video) 20:05:53
Iranian Arabic News Channel Reports An Assassination Attempt on Secretary Clinton While in Israel 20:02:01
Ron Paul Sun Dome Listing on EBay- anyone want to check it out 19:57:54
Sen. Rand Paul on "Your World" w/Neil Cavuto 7-18-12 19:54:24
Ron Paul was right back in 1998 and he is the right one in 2012 19:40:58
Has the next war begun? Syrian and Bulgarian bombings. Israel vows "forceful" response 19:02:21
Mat Larson's Show Tonight 9pm EST 18:51:12
GPS data embedded in Smart Phone photos- so they know exactly where you were if you used the photo for anything 18:24:33
The 80 Question Test, Mitt is Using to Vet Possible Runningmates! You can take it, too! 18:23:32
DNC Resorts to RNC Convention Tactics and struggles to find Obama delegates 18:02:30
Take the "Ron Paul Supporter Quiz" at the CSM. It's pretty cool! 18:00:07
Tea Party Hijackers are Tiresome 17:53:33
Contraception Mandate Lawsuit Filed By 7 States Dismissed By Judge 17:47:16
Jessica Puente Bradshaw- Liberty Candidate for US Congress from Texas Needs Your Support! 17:43:32
Confronting Mitt Romney is not Optional, It is Mandatory ! 17:35:41
Fudge...they almost let him keep the house, but he got caught for POT! 17:23:10
Best John McCain statement in recent years... 17:17:12
Adam Kokesh & Peter Schiff 5:PM @ for the Paul Fest TIcket Bomb 16:41:21
Oh, Politics: Democrats Call For New Law On Presidential Candidate Tax Returns 16:38:35
Stephen Covey died his books remain 16:26:32
Blowback 2012 Ticket Drive Telethon All Day July 18th-streaming Now! 16:22:58
Wall St banks fund private equity building largest private army 16:22:50
Ron Paul grills Ben Bernanke on Constitutionality of federal reserve 16:19:00
Help for a liberty lovers campaign! 16:11:06
Will Ron Paul get to speak at GOP convention? 16:09:34
Time for new party? 16:03:13
Boy Scouts of America under attack by the Homosexual lobby 16:03:02
CNN Reveals 2012 Election Results 15:52:14
Since this movement has never been about 1 man, how about this idea? 15:43:57
International rally for RP during Tampa rally? 15:42:46
Ron Paul Supporter Delivers Graduation Speech for a class 2012 (Glenbrook School) 15:36:54
Iran blamed for terror attack against Israelis in Bulgaria 15:29:43
Confidence in TV News at New Low 15:22:17
Paul Craig Roberts - War On All Fronts 15:15:55
Why every Ron Paul Supporter should Oppose Mitt Romney. 15:10:27
Oklahoma Lawmaker Drafting Bill To Jail Enforcers of Obamacare? 15:08:07
Government Corruption The poisoning of America's Soul *video* 15:02:24
Enough with the suggestions about the third party candidate 14:57:34
Who Exploits You More? Capitalists Or Cronies? 14:56:16
My Senator's reply to a letter I wrote to him (Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois) 14:56:16
Ron Paul Interview w / Larry Kudlow - CNBC - 7/18/12 - 7pm ET 14:55:54
Rebels kill Bashar al-Assad's brother-in-law, defence minister and other key figures in Damascus 14:47:49
the Physical Silver Market is Getting Dangerously Tight 14:42:02
Medical Marijuana as a Cancer Treatment 14:38:10
Texas Republican Party calls for mandatory GMO labeling, legalized raw milk, complete elimination of TSA 14:35:14
City of Compton may declare bankruptcy by September 14:30:39
Samuel Williams - 71-Year-Old Concealed Carry Holder Opens Fire on Two Would-Be Robbers 14:29:27
Syrian State Media Says Defense Minister Killed in Suicide Bombing 14:19:27
EXPOSED: Union Corruption Behind 'Shovel Ready Green Jobs' *video* 14:15:07
TSA hassles man for oversize package 14:14:16
Reports - Christie to Keynote in Tampa 14:09:09
Pentagon warns that US faces IED threat at home 14:07:17
♠ GEORGIA and TEXAS Has An Election Coming Up On Tuesday July 31 2012 14:06:05
Hidden History of Militias Protecting Liberty in the 20th Century. Before they Were Called Oath Keepers. 14:04:01
Obama's top bundler was in charge of Bain 13:43:17
A Day In The Life Of One Of The Most Influential Polictical & Religious Prisoners Of Our Time 13:39:47
The Hill ; Reps. Ron Paul, Barney Frank Join Forces To Back Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill 13:34:47
Sen. Paul Introduces "Write the Laws Act" as promised 13:30:59
Dear Mr. Wead... 13:27:27
Fun, fun, fun in Tampa: Will Ron Paul's name be put into nomination? 13:26:01
Ron Paul doesn't believe his Audit The Fed bill will pass Senate 13:22:34
Video: ACLU sues CIA and Pentagon for Illegal & UnConstitutional Targeted Assassinations vs. Am. Citizens! 13:21:28
More from Thomas Jefferson 13:20:34
New Video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Exposes “Bullsh*t” Stimulus Jobs 13:12:39
. 12:48:54
Gov. Christie will be keynote speaker at GOP convention 12:47:31
Ron Paul ~ Nobody Has A Definitiion Of The Dollar. Today's comments to the House Financial Services Committee 12:27:46
Could it be Libertarian philosophy rooted back from Laozi / Lao Tzu (5th–4th century BCE) teaching ? 12:11:43
Organize 12:09:34
Repeal & Replace The ‘Presumptive Nominee’ – Converting Delegates Is Not A Zero-Sum Game 12:08:28
Just wondering 11:58:01
11 International Agreements that spell the end of the petrodollar system 11:42:05
FDA Spies On Whistleblowers’ Personal Information … then Uses It to Smear Whistleblowers of Faulty Medical Devices 11:42:00
Forget The Navy's $26 a Gallon, The Air Force Paid $59 a gallon For Bio Fuels 11:39:49
Very Real Danger of Collapse Could Be So Severe I Don't Think Our Civilization Could Survive It 11:33:28
Why Was 63-year-old Gordon Kahl Beat With Rifles, Bones Broke, Shot In The Back Of Head, Body Dismembered, Then Burned? 11:32:50
(Video) Arpaio : "Obama Birth Certificate Has Been Tampered With" 11:26:03
(Video) Michael Chertoff Get The Truth From "Denver We Are Change" 11:20:38
Jordan Page Now 8:30 Pm Est Blowback2012.Com Telethon - Until 10:30 Pm Est - July 18, 2012 16:15:27
Justice Department Closes Two More S.F. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries 11:15:08
Ayn Rand foresaw Obama's statement on Business 10:57:57
Ayn Rand foresaw Obama 10:57:56
10 Million Man March For Liberty ! 10:53:05
Dr. Ron Paul Has Already Won 10:41:19
I had a dream... 10:29:46
Would Romney Pursue a Neocon War Agenda? 10:27:18
Between Jan and July, 2012, the FEC deleted info of contributions totaling millions of dollars 10:04:08
Medical Marijuana - Roseanne Barr vs Obama 09:45:39
Become a Ron Paul Emissary! 09:33:16
British Parliamentarian Daniel Hannan Warns America on the New Road to Serfdome 09:32:23
In Romney-helmed games, Olympic uniforms outsourced to Burma 09:32:05
The Battle Cry for Tampa 2012 09:19:32
There are now more than 1,100 U.S. military bases dotting the globe. 09:16:55
Syria - breaking NEWS - Suicide Bombing kills Defence Minister & Others 09:05:49
Nice Guys Get Attacked (A Lot) 08:47:31
U.S. offers condolences to India after fatal ship shooting 08:44:39
Important Question for consideration regarding Ron Paul being nominated 08:44:19
Lets Create A Trending Topic 08:06:13
Gold Price Predictions 07:59:11
Rocking Liberty Songs 07:42:44
I am a Ron Paul Republican hoping to run for Congress: What do I need to do? 04:30:16
Ron Paul on XKCD again! 03:42:38
Another one - Let's let'em know how we feel about biased innacurate reporting 03:01:07
In Nevada, 'None' a Fearsome Foe for the GOP 02:54:17
Please Reach Out to Non-Ron Paul RNC Delegates 02:45:22
Rick Santelli: Federal Reserve Knew about LIBOR Scandal 02:32:39
Liberty, Life & Opinions : Is Ron Paul Racist? 02:32:03
Why is there a David Dewhurst ad on the front page right now - Please Read. 02:24:52
The U.N. taking over care of disabled in America 02:17:15
TMOT Addresses Vlogger: Gary Johnson and Ron Paul:different wings of the same plane 02:05:31
so much doubt, so much mayhem, so much mistrust 02:02:16
Arpaio: Barack Obama's Birth Certificate is Definitely a Fraud 01:49:03
Propaganda: A Short & Visible Lesson From a Cat, a Lie, and a Machine 01:25:29
Nevermind 00:56:34
New Gary Johnson Video: Peace 2012 00:43:14
Why did Dr. Paul stop actively campaigning? 17:59:52
Dana Loesch thinks Iraq was going to attack us 08:38:39