Posted on July 23, 2012

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Another Colorado Mass Killing Prevented in April by Man with a Gun 22:27:19
Video: Mother of Alleged Theater Shooter James Holmes Attacks ABC News, Releases Statement via Spokesperson 22:22:17
Where are we now? 20:43:52
Made my day! Rapper Ice T on US gun control: 'Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny...' 23:09:22
Energy-Efficient CFL Bulbs Cause Skin Damage Say Researchers 13:37:55
U.S. News: "Ron Paul Still Not Endorsing Mitt Romney, Refusing to Withdraw From Race" 12:25:57
17-year-old sexual assault victim could face charges for tweeting names of attackers 10:48:36
Euro Crisis Returns; Italian Shares Rocked; Short Selling Outlawed 10:24:21
Holy Psychosis, Batman! Prescription Drugs * LAWSUIT ! 08:58:21
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/23/2012: Lesson From Aurora: Gov't Cannot Protect Us From All Harm 09:12:29
Life During Wartime 10:11:00
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Mexican middle class 'BOOMS' with work in U.S. 23:57:37
Gary Johnson at Conservatives Against Undeclared Wars Rally in Charlotte, NC 23:44:29
Judge Napolitano at Freedom Fest: 'You have a lover of liberty by the name of Gary Johnson' 23:40:26
$21 Trillion Super Rich Rabbit hole 23:31:18
A Letter To Send To YOUR Representative telling them to co-sponsor the Audit The Fed Bill 23:28:39
Dr. Ignatius Piazza > Special Front Sight Blog: Gun Free Zones Are Killing Us (Video) 23:01:57
(Video) Why the 'gangster squad' trailers were removed 22:50:12
(Video) Suspected Shooter Holmes "Obviously Drugged" During Arraignment 22:44:45
Latest on the 'Audit The Fed' Bill 22:44:02
(Video) Crimes of the TSA 22:37:55
GOP Makes Room For Ron Paul At Tampa Convention - USA Today 22:33:38
Romney VS. Obama Same Policies! 22:33:23
13 Killed Last Night in Texas, Lets Outlaw all Pickup Trucks 22:33:06
Auditing the Fed or Ron Paul as POTUS? 22:16:09
Sally Ride dies at 61; was first american woman sent into space 22:14:43
Liberty Litmus Test 22:10:38
To all of you I toast! 21:43:12
The Math - Soviet Union Collapse vs America. Debt to Wealth Ratio. 21:01:21
Corporate Greed & Media Manipulation - Coast to Coast AM July 22nd 2012 20:59:28
Did you get a thank you from the Romney campaign for a donation you did not make? 20:40:05
Dark Knight Suspect Appears Visibly Drugged in Court 20:38:56
Pat Buchanan opinion piece on a foreign policy that looks vaguely familiar to us... 20:30:06
To the Rand Paul Bashers 20:24:35
Want to put a piranha in the political fish tank? Allow Gary Johnson in the Presidential Debates 20:24:00
déjà vu ? 20:04:12
Romney-Bain Linked to Organized Crime in UK 20:02:51
Obama Job Creation up In Smoke... 19:38:11
Should Politicians, Presidents be scanned for Psychopathy before elections? 19:29:07
Romney is vile. 19:20:37
LIVE Now Ground Wars With TMOT Interviews Tisha Casida 19:20:00
Gary Johnson says armed audience member could have ended Batman massacre 19:06:28
Rand Paul only 6 points out of lead in hypothetical 2016 Iowa poll 19:03:28
Update on Lawsuit: Richard Gilbert and Dr. K. on live, 8:00 EST 18:52:41
Any attorneys out there? If a business has a "weapons banned" sign posted is it liable for injuries? 18:50:45
Why Corporate Fraud Is So Rampant: Wall Street's Cop 18:48:17
New idea for Money Bomb!: Read it and weep! 18:47:05
When I asked them who counts the votes, they called security: My visit to Balderton Capital (Scytl-SOE) 18:46:09
US Drone Strike Kills 13 in Pakistan’s North Waziristan Region 18:26:16
Ian Lungold - Welcome To The Evolution 18:24:31
Kokesh: Time to move on from Dr. Paul 18:23:34
Government justified now to ban feeding the Homeless ? 18:16:55
Ron Paul coverage remains disingenuous 18:04:43
The Atlantic: Gary Johnson Tries to Inject Pot Legalization Into the Presidential Race 18:03:40
Ice T on Gun Control 17:56:39
Social Media Panic in Italy: "Enough of this Agony; Give Us Back the Lira" 17:54:18
Liberty Live-Stream Team Show with Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish LIVE Tonight 9PM EST 17:54:12
ISO: CIA Mind Control. MK Ultra and other brainwashing research material 17:49:48
Al Cronkite: Stop The Tyranny Of World Government 17:44:19
Did the GOP rewrite their website? 17:23:58
DVD's for RNC Delegates 17:19:13
Gary Johnson Letter to Congress: Audit the Fed 17:11:06
20 likes needed to get Kerry Bentivolio's Facebook to 1,000 - MI 11 RP Liberty Candidate US House Seat 17:05:58
And ANOTHER Executive Order 16:51:38
Tell Your Congressman to Vote YES on Audit the Fed Bill 16:41:10
Paul vs. Obama Poll ChipIn Progress Report Day Three 16:35:09
Couple refuse to rip up ILLEGAL vegetable garden after demands from draconian council (Video) 16:20:30
Freedom Loving Doctors: Get Your Ron Paul Hospital Scrubs 16:13:16
Britain’s Firearm Ban Coming to America? 15:52:42
Exclusive: Prosecutors, regulators close to making Libor arrests 15:33:44
Aurora shooting and military psyops. 15:01:41
Mitt's latest email to his supporter..Hint. they now pay~ 14:49:39
Cross Country "Tour Da Paul?" Cyclists-a must read 14:47:30
Final Victory is Certain. Part II 14:24:11
Chertoff: Spotting Unstable Minds Key To Preventing Mass Shootings 14:23:26
Kim Dotcom - Mr President 14:17:43
(Video) FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012 14:17:32
Senate report confirms massive fraud: IRS probing claim of HSBC whistleblower 14:02:49
Janet Brown from the Commission on Presidential Debates: Gary Johnson Could Appear in Presidential Debates 13:58:35
Labor Dept looking into JPMorgan stable value fund 13:57:31
Five Bank Failures This Weekend 13:55:13
Ron Paul still not endorsing "Mitt" Romney, refusing to withdraw from Race 13:48:38
Rand "Happy To Endorse Mittens" Paul says don't give up on GOP 13:46:44
It's All But Inevitable: Ron Paul Will Be The Next President ! ! ! 13:46:10
Gary Johnson to Congress: I urge you to vote YES on H.R. 459 13:43:21
Obama’s Right Wing 13:43:21
Neocons hate 13:40:08
removed 13:32:16
Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson – A Champion for Liberty 13:31:46
U.S. Admit Spying in Violation of 4Th Amendment 13:31:31
Someone Please Make A Ron Paul Rises Trailer (Not Everything...Not Yet) 13:12:27
Do Banksters Kill Millions Of People? 13:12:09
Interesting Conversation with the RNC today July 23 13:12:02
Syria admits to having chemical weapons, just the excuse needed to invade 13:10:55
Wikipedia says RP is NOT a nominee - doesn't have plurality in 5 states 13:03:02
School Shootings Linked to SSRI Antidepressants, MSM does not report 12:51:36
Bernanke flees US in anticipation of Fed audit 12:47:05
Video: Earnings Week - Apple + Facebook to report later this week 12:40:22
Why Doctors Are Arrogant 12:34:00
Bloomberg: Consider banning semiautomatic weapons 12:31:39
This Santorum pic entertains me. 12:25:34
Stocks Fall 1%, All S&P Sectors Lower; VIX Soars 12:24:16
Theatre 'gunman' makes first court appearance, has reddish orange hair 12:18:11
Real Life Shooting Imitates Training Exercise At Parker Medical School 12:11:50
VIDEO! Paul Festival Update for July 23, 2012! 12:08:39
After Math in Aurora: Child-Killer as "Comforter-In-Chief" 12:06:58
Wake up and get your ish together 12:05:38
Stop The Machine - A Call To Action For Liberty 11:51:24
Ron Paul: I will not endorse Mitt Romney, I will not exit the race 11:49:15
Why Did No One Fight Back? 11:45:35
I will STILL not vote for Romney. 11:19:48
Call Congress NOW! Audit the Fed vote is tomorrow. 11:15:57
Mic Check. Testing. One two, one two. 11:10:14
My new VIP Movie Theater Seat 11:06:51
Demonstrators protest California police shooting 11:02:43
Is Jim Graves a "Ron Paul Democrat"? Should we support him? 10:50:27
removed 10:39:54
Romney Losing to Obama In Swing States' Ad War - A Preview To An Outcome If... 10:33:40
FED looks at third round of easing 10:12:05
Super-rich stash $21 Trillion in offshore tax havens 10:09:54
2nd Amendment 10:06:37
The TSA ain't all bad. 10:04:21
Batman Colorado shooting: James Holmes fixated by altered states of mind 10:03:01
Eustace Mullins - Ron Paul & the Presidential Elections 09:56:06
55 Percent Of Americans Believe That The Government Will Take Care Of Them If Disaster Strikes 09:50:23
Afghan "Aurora": Policeman Kills Three US Workers, Five NATO Soldiers Killed Elsewhere 09:49:40
(Video) How to stop a massacre: Surveillance video reveals simple, low-cost solution that works everywhere 09:24:53
Ron Paul to Newsmax : Fed Policy is destroying the middle classes 09:18:29
Top Pakistani Politician Calls Drone Strikes "Insane, Immoral War Crimes" 09:12:16
(Video) NBC's David Gregory Blames Batman Massacre on 'Angry Political Dialogue' 09:04:07
Interested In Austrian Economics? Spend A Week At Virtual Mises University! 08:51:54
Rupert Murdoch Tweets Support For Gun Control 08:44:05
While Ron Paul Supporters Sued RNC for Backing Romney Early, RP Campaign Gave RNC Green Light 18:32:33
Romney loves Israel? 08:26:27
The most important thing we can do right now! Reaching All RNC Delegates with a Pro Paul, Pro Liberty Message 08:25:47
Why dont they bring our troops home? (reason provided) 08:25:16
Ron Paul to Newsmax: Fed Policy Destroying Middle Class 08:25:11
Is it possible that James Holmes was set up? Think about this: 08:21:27
We are being set up. From Aurora “massacre” (media contradictions) now to “warnings” of a Terrorist attack at the Olympics. Majo 08:09:39
Message to US Federal Marshalls and Other Law Enforcement: 07:53:53
This should be required listening for all delegates heading to Tampa! 07:46:28
Obama's Kill List is Sensible & Reasonable; J.Holmes Kill List was Senseless & Unreasonable... 06:24:56
Commodities 06:23:13
Can anyone get me a ticket to the GOP Convention? I want to see Ron Paul! 05:12:51
i want to go 05:05:32
An email from Kirby Wilbur, WA State GOP Chair, interpreted 04:51:32
Young Pirates Evicted From Festival For Giving Out Free Waffles 04:16:49
My wife came up with a zinger for Mittens: Willard McBain! 04:00:45
'Dark Knight Rises' shooting: Three heroes died in Aurora taking bullets for their girlfriends 03:23:29
US 10-Year Yields Sink to Record Low on Spain 03:17:40
Too Big To Fail – Fed Proposal Allows Banks To Seize Your Money 03:17:38
Is This America? We Must Press On For the Only True Candidate! 03:16:30
(Video) 13-year-old's act of heroism in Aurora massacre 03:10:55
Marine Corps creates law enforcement battalions 03:02:34
COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum.. 02:30:55
I will never back down from Liberty 02:25:13
Reluctantly Optimistic ... 01:41:57
Ron Paul Supporters & Delegates Onward To The Republican National Convention! 00:48:09
I uploaded a song today that is dedicated to and was inspired by Dr. Paul and the r3VOLution 00:03:15