Posted on July 24, 2012

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Fed Impatient With Economy; Looks to New Stimulus ... Maybe Soon 23:50:54
Video - Ron Paul on Fox Business re: Audit the Fed 7/24/12 20:40:46
Santelli Rants: "Ditch The Duct Tape; The Problem is Insolvency" 18:21:25
Dennis Kucinich Rocks the House in Support of Ron Paul's HR 459 - Audit the Fed 17:14:49
Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer urges ALL Dems to vote NO on Audit the Fed 14:22:19
Me on C Span with the Dr 11:51:14
The New York Times Admits That Virtually Every Major News Organization Allows The News To Be Censored By Government Officials 08:56:10
Ordering a pizza in 2015, after four more years of Obama. 09:57:21
"The Republican Party Must Repudiate Extremists!" 10:39:13
David Stockman: US Economy at the Precipice. Austerity Is Not Discretionary 09:54:12
Let's get #AuditTheFed trending! 11:22:01
Ron Paul on Washington Journal, Tuesday AM 22:09:54
Kim Dotcom Has a Message for the President 00:09:49
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Ron Paul can most certainly be our next president! 23:58:41
Since 1989, Lockheed Martin has placed 257 of their people on 135 gov't advisory committees. 23:39:32
I saw something similar to this, I had to incorporate the freedom to own an assault rifle 23:37:29
"GOP makes room for Rep Ron Paul at Tampa convention"? Adam's Perspective 23:29:33
Let's Play The Loop Game Again, Shall We? 23:26:22
MORE food stamp cuts? 23:19:15
Help Oregon Delegate Duane Taylor Go To Tampa - I Put In $100 - Can You Match Me? 23:17:17
(Video) Gary Johnson : "Be Libertarian with Me" 23:01:41
New Orleans Agrees To Major Police Reforms 22:53:47
Ron Paul on Fox Business with Gerri Willis 7/24/12 22:43:56
Batman Massacre Alleged Shooter Under Drugs & Hypnosis? 22:39:28
Real life shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school 22:29:31
Cartoon - How the GOP Really Feels About Ron Paul 22:28:23
German intelligence: al-Qaeda all over Syria 22:21:28
The Aurora Massacre and the 'Propaganda of the Deed' 22:15:39
Liberty Movement & its Liberty Message Can Win on November 6th! 22:14:22
(VIDEO) Bloomberg: Police Officers Should Not Protect Americans Until Strict Gun Control Is Enacted 21:42:06
rounds vs bullion vs bars 20:37:51 Is the Republican Party Out of Touch 20:34:51
SILVER - Where and what to buy ... and for how much 20:20:21
James Holmes' apartment rigged to be house bomb 20:19:45
3 NSA Whistleblowers: Gov't Spying on Every American 20:13:15
VIDEOS: Epic Antiwar Show, Roger Waters, The Wall 20:01:21
We have NEVER been Free, so just go back to sleep. 19:38:26
Suzanna Gratia-Hupp testimony on gun rights 18:30:09
Terrific New Gary Johnson Ad 18:26:50
UN Gun Grab Follows State Department Plan 18:24:09
Who Really Invented the Internet? 18:18:44
A Response to Obama on the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 18:13:50
Gun Control in a Free-Society (Octobox) 18:06:23
uTorrent Helps Artists Monetize Free Content 18:01:54
Will make you tear up. 2nd amendment speech from victim 17:47:56
Government says Gold IS Money 17:39:47
Enough with the False Flag Speculation 17:22:09
Micro Drones: The New Face of Cutting Edge Warfare 17:21:06
L4 1 RNC Guest Pass (will pay) 17:18:25
Colorado Massacre Survivor Plans To Sue Warner Bros, Two Others 17:17:05
Kucinich Stands for 99%, Demands Audit of the Federal Reserve 17:15:54
(Video) Mass Murders and The SSRI's Connection 17:04:10
Gun Sales Soar in Colorado 16:59:44
Gary Johnson Interview on Your World w / Neil Cavuto - Fox News 7/24/12, 4:50pm ET 16:59:36
Ok this is killing me and I can't stay silent anymore 16:47:30
Sean FitzPatrick is third ex-Anglo Irish Bank executive to be arrested in 24 hours 16:40:56
Plan A: Dr. Paul the GOP nominee... Plan B: Dr. Paul Secretary of Treasury in GJ's administration? 16:18:42
Interesting Paper on War and Presidential Greatness 16:17:17
Information Challenge: Calling All Liberty Lovers! 16:16:32
Va. has at least one Ron Paul-supporting, Mitt Romney-bound delegate 15:57:05
Joker Hit Jackpot ! $26K FEDERAL Grant - Taxpayer Funded Shooting Spree 15:31:17
Stuck on the MAX train here in Portland, OR... 15:30:01
Operation Aztec In Affect And Underway 15:21:58
Our Gun RIGHTS: Let's Get This Straight 15:20:57
Just watched Romney's speech to the VFW. He's gotta be kiddin' 15:05:49
Video: A New Drone Order! Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) warns Congress against Drones, invokes 4th Amend! 14:55:18
"Smart meters" a violation of our Constitutional rights? Thoughts? 14:34:55
Economic propaganda? 14:31:50
"They've (RNC) just treated us like a friend and like a coalition," said Jesse Benton 14:31:32
Aurora massacre: Several links between James Holmes and US Gov't research 14:15:05
Help DFW Delegates get to National! 14:14:13
Alleged Dark Knight Shooter Received Federal Grant From the NIH For Neuroscience! 14:10:24
Entrepreneurial Spirit is What Makes America Great 14:10:08
Study: 1 in 10 American employers to drop health care coverage 14:04:06
Kurt Bills heads to D.C. for a fundraiser with the political Pauls, Ron and Rand 14:00:45
U.S. Literally World’s Police: Marines Create “Law Enforcement Battalions” 13:59:45
Why Does No One Care The Government Financed The Dark Knight Shooter's Attacks? 13:34:32
Update Audit the Fed Vote - Debate Starts Tuesday afternoon - Vote Moved to Wednesday 13:33:42
Gary Johnson reminds Republicans: Romney authored Obamacare 'blueprint' 13:31:05
Gun Sales Spike By Almost 'DOUBLE' After Batman Massacre 13:27:02
Richard Gilbert's Facebook post: must read. 13:21:02
Just signed my voter registration! 13:15:04
Victim's Brother To MSNBC: Families Not Here To Talk About Gun Control 13:12:30
Batman Massacre SHOCKER: Illegal, even for lawful CCW holders to have defended the Innocents in Aurora, CO! 13:06:46
Cybersecurity Bill : Recruit Federal Employees Using 9th grade Competition 12:55:33
Shock Discovery: 248 Human Embryos Found Trashed In Russian Forest (Graphic Photos) 12:48:42
Mitt Romney's Tax Havens Used To Justify More Spending on AIDS 12:35:40
Beleaguered Homeland Security Agency Wastes 57 Million on Failed Computer Contract 12:28:13
Why Is It So Hard For The American People To Understand About Why We Should All Have Guns And Weapons? 12:26:43
(Shocking Video) NSA Whistle Blowers Warn That The US Government Can Use Surveillance To ‘see Into Your Life’ 12:19:06
Vote for Thomas Jefferson in Kansas! 12:19:01
OFFICIAL: Posse Comitatus Obliterated; NORTHCOM okay Military's Use of Force at RNC and DNC! 12:12:21
Megaupload video 12:11:32
Last night I had a dream 12:11:07
A thwarted copy cat movies theater shooting? 12:07:11
Megaupload Boss Raps Obama in Musical Protest on Internet Censorship 12:02:00
To Mr. Obama...Obamacare? Somebody else did that... 12:00:15
2nd Amendment 11:58:13
Julie Borowski: Auditing the Federal Reserve is More Urgent Than Ever 11:57:28
Corbett Report 24 Jul 2012– Dark Knight Tragedy Reviewed; Spree Killers 11:52:48
ron paul on cspan full length 11:48:30
Pauls Message LOUD and CLEAR 11:44:38
Intentional Misinterpretations of the Need for Effective MH care WILL cost you your gun. 11:41:19
In Aurora, Colorado, it is illegal to stop a massacre 11:36:35
19-year-old shot 5 times for underage drinking 11:35:42
Higgs Boson, Islamophobia, David Cameron and Romney financials 11:32:08
Barry Young, Arizona Radio Pundit for Republicans goes off on the movie comments of Russell Pearce 11:28:26
Ron Paul Will Have 500 Delegates at the RNC: 10 Reasons He Should Speak at the GOP COnvention 11:19:25
RNC and Romney will not give Ron Paul a prime time speaking slot 11:19:05
Ron Paul Audit the Fed Bill Set To Pass House of Representatives 11:10:06
Rand Paul’s quiet war against more defense spending. 10:56:54
US Military On Call to Use Force at 2012 Political Conventions 10:40:34
Bloomberg wants all police to stop protecting the public until only police are allowed to have guns 10:28:58
Watch Tom Woods' Favorite Event of the Year: Mises University! 10:05:44
Economy and Business Cycle for Dummies 10:02:11
Economy for Dummies 09:59:39
Who funded James Holmes - Americans did! 09:54:24
Marine Corps Law Enforcement Battalions To “Control Civil Disturbances” 09:38:11
Illuminati baby sacrifice moved from June 20th moved to July 20th? AKA batman massacre 09:32:54
Gary Johnson detained twice by TSA after refusing ‘rapist scan’ 09:27:16
Chicago cop torture payouts reach $40m ( 09:22:47
Tom Hanks' 'Electric City' Glorifies Green Fascism (Video) 09:18:08
Marine Corps law Enforcement 'BATTALIONS' To Control Civil Disturbances (Video) 09:10:07
LAWSUIT ! Includes Theater, Doctors, Warner Bros. 08:47:21
JPFO Response to Obama Reaction to Aurora Crime 07:49:33
LIBOR probe expands to Bank Traders 07:41:11
Paul not speaking at convention 17:26:09
Does it seem like the MSM is blacking out H.R. 459 to any of you? 06:54:34
65 Year Old Video Says Gold is 'Good Money' 06:35:53
Driving to Tampa* 06:30:28
Catholic diocese suing the Federal government 05:29:12
‘Jumpy’ Audience Members Flee Batman Showing After Fight Breaks Out 03:28:47
8,753,935: Workers on Disability Set Another Record in July; Exceed Population of 39 States 03:19:22
Assassination Nation - Fifty Years of US Targeted ‘Kill Lists’: From the Phoenix Program to Predator Drones 03:12:02
Federal Government's Debt Jumps More Than $1T for 5th Straight Fiscal Year 03:08:50
Justin Amash speaking in support of "Audit the Fed" bill 03:06:35
FREE online education from worldwide and reknown Universities? :O 02:49:50
Federal Government's Debt Jumps More Than $1T for 5th Straight Fiscal Year 02:47:29
We Must Do Better than Romney 02:24:59
How Dr. Paul can still become POTUS 02:18:10
RFID chips required for new food stamp applicants 01:10:42
New Twitter Handle @RonPaulProbz 00:49:21
Lew Rockwell talks with Carol Paul, The First Lady of the Freedom Movement! (Podcast) 00:35:45
Foreign Policy - Gary Johnson vs Ron Paul 00:33:02
Aurora: Where Did an Unemployed Grad student get that kind of Disposable Income? 00:26:10
For you Gary Johnson fans, radio show interview tomorrow 00:19:22
We should get in touch with the UK Independence Party (Libertarian Party of UK) to consolidate our efforts more fully worldwide 00:14:04