Posted on July 27, 2012

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DP Free Feature Weekend - The Future of the DP 20:09:31
Brent Stafford Trial Begins 22:34:04
Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal 22:13:24
Ron Paul Campaign Prepares to Challenge the Entire Slate of Louisiana's 46 Delegates 22:27:33
CBS Politic365: Experts Say Ron Paul is Right: Drug War “Very Biased Against Minorities” 19:38:51
Just Like Minority Report: Face Reading Billboards Coming Soon 19:22:50
Can you see the steam coming out of my ears? Louisiana certified all (but 1) Romney delegates 19:23:29
3 18:35:12
Louisiana Paulers Left out to dry by the state party. 19:24:06
Dem Turncoats Protect the 1%: 8 Co-sponsors of ‘Audit the Fed’ Vote Against It 16:27:20
The government owns the rain and snow in Oregon! 13:29:38
Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store 11:45:00
The liberty movement now has a propaganda arm! Check out our first video and tell us what to do next 10:03:02
Number One: Awesome Pro Liberty Song by Alaskan Artist 06:28:37
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Will Ron Paul Retirement Upstage Romney "Coronation"? 23:57:46
Cool New DailyPaul Forum Features 23:39:22
Bernie Sanders Calls Federal Reserve "Socialism for the Rich" After $16 Trillion Secret Bail-Outs, Including Foreign Banks. 23:28:09
Horror Hospital: The Most Shocking Photos And Testimony From The Dawood Military Hospital Scandal 23:27:20
GOA President Larry Pratt Says Batman Shooting Could Be Staged 23:24:19
Mr. Bean Steals Show at Olympic Opening 23:07:06
Sarah Palin 22:49:48
Global Awakening - The Next Stage - Being In Tampa Is Mandatory! 22:49:16
Since we are now able to customize the front page... 22:36:43
The Eric Holder/Jon Corzine Connection 22:19:20
Tools for Liberty: Romney = Obama T-shirts 22:10:02
CNN: Batman Shooter Was Psychiatric Patient 21:43:57
War on Gardeners 21:41:44
Video shows how convention in Tampa could play out 21:40:04
Ron Paul campaign to challenge all Louisiana delegates 21:24:51
Congressman Ron Paul Floor Speech on Audit the Fed 21:07:22
Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill 21:04:55
Islamisation of Europe 21:02:44
How to Stop More Massacres - Arm More Grandpas! 20:53:34
Please Consider a Pause In Honor of Her Majesty's Olympic Ceremony This Evening... 20:50:12
The Democrats Protect The 1% (Let's Get This Trending As A Facebook Status!) 20:43:25
Namaste! 20:23:42
UN fails to reach deal on global arms trade treaty 20:22:05
Judicial Watch Exposes Voter Participation Center Scandal 20:21:06
TMOT: Gary Johnson Speaks About Liberty 20:15:54
Paul Festival: Latest News/Info 19:59:15
10 days before Victory - Ron Paul endorses our RP delegate now favorite to win Kerry Bentivolio 19:51:15
deleted 19:36:27
Make Guns Illegal? 19:36:20
SoCal NPR: Why Ron Paul and Mark Spitznagel will not go quietly into the Republican night 19:31:44
Obamacares Contraception Mandate loses in Colorado Court 19:29:43
Federal Government Covers Up Mortgage Fraud Involving U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Mother 19:24:35
San Fransisco Libraries and Privacy Screens 19:16:06
Public Notice: "Attention To All Gun-Grabbing Politicians - The Jig Is Up!" - "Govern Yourselves Accordingly" 19:08:58
Time To Wake Up: Will Troops Be Ordered To Kill Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns? Documents Say To! 18:38:11
Perhaps The Best Campaign Ad Ever 18:18:46
Government, please protect us from those gold sales! 18:02:18
Poor President Obama... 17:46:34
Petition for Harry Reid and HR 459. Please Sign! 17:42:55
Audit the Fed - What Next? Here's What You Need to Know 17:25:45
Police in Maryland said "a violent episode" has been avoided. 16:35:25
Russia seeks to set up naval bases abroad 16:33:49
Important Message for All Delegates, Alternates and Ron Paul Supporters 16:23:28
Will Ron Paul Retirement Upstage Romney "Coronation"? 16:18:15
Fact Sheet: Advancing Israel's Security and Supporting Peace 16:16:33
Gary Johnson: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya - Get Out Now! 16:04:30
Since when does the President make Disaster Declarations a month after the "disaster"? 15:59:38
Are you a hypocrite ? 15:57:06
Documentary Film “Top Priority: The Terror Within” 15:40:19
GDP groWhat slows to 1.5 percent in june 15:28:11
TARP Was Even Worse Than You Think: “An Abysmal Failure,” Barofsky Says 15:26:01
Bloomberg..the ultimate hypocrite! 15:25:51
U.S. Report Says Iraq 'Rebuilders' Died by The Hundreds 15:23:44
'USA! USA!' Congressman's Anti-Big Government Rant Gets Standing Ovation On House Floor 15:20:59
Paul Craig Roberts - Syria: Washington’s Latest War Crime 15:17:31
Pentagon's 30,000 Pound Bunker Buster 'Superbomb' Ready For Use 15:16:58
Who Does the Best Ron Paul Impression? 15:12:50
Google: "We Failed To Delete All Streetview Data" 15:11:28
Schwarzenegger meets with UN climate guru as California suffers his disastrous "green" policies 15:11:18
Foreign Troops To Confiscate American Guns Under UN Treaty 15:05:57
Adam Kokesh on the James Holmes shooting conspiracy 15:02:14
Contact Harry Reid here... 15:00:06
Sounds Like Rob Portman, (R-OH) is NOT down with S.202 14:44:08
ALERT: Dem. Senators sneak "High Capacity Mag / Drum Mag" Ban into Cyber Security Bill! 14:20:06
Rep. Kelly's Rousing Floor Speech Receives Standing Ovation and Chants of "USA!" 14:20:05
Audit the Fed passed the house, now what? 14:19:14
Ron Paul Talks About Raw Milk Freedom - Here Is Why - Armed Bounty Hunters Will Seize You! 14:13:09
Obama or Romney? Hell No, Thank You! 14:12:12
Video - Raw Milk Advocate James Stewart Seized By Armed Bounty Hunters 14:09:11
Who Saved Sandusky In 1998? 13:53:34
No Joke 13:50:12
Obama Vs. Ice-T On Guns 13:46:14
The GOP is Dying 13:28:44
Rand Paul: Government doesn’t do anything very well 13:09:38
Mitt Romneys trip to the UK rife with gaffes missteps 'worse than Sarah Palin' - link 12:56:51
Why is the Ron Paul Photo Fading? 12:51:45
Obama mistakenly promises Israel $70 billion, not million, for anti-missile program 12:48:30
Vinnie Paz - End of Days- Listen to the Lyrics! (Language Caution) 12:28:47
Please check out Vocal Majority USA: our family-run business dedicated to spreading libertarian values! 12:24:04
Paulfest in Tampa needs your help. Is there a doctor in the house besides Dr. Ron Paul? 12:19:14
Gary Johnson plans first Media Buy (please donate) 12:12:49
Deleted 12:12:10
Romney Sucks, Obama Swallows - Oval Office expanding military and civilian cooperation with Israel 11:45:07
Conspiracy Theory Number 1732, get on it! 11:44:22
Clinton’s Signature to disarm America? 11:43:09
Western bankers intensify global recession by financial terrorism 11:39:51
VIDEO: Bounty Hunters (or CIA Agents) Snatch Raw Milk Advocate, James Stewart! 11:32:44
Bloomberg suggest Police go on strike until people agree to stricter gun laws 11:09:38
Video promoting Ron Paul, 3 Strikes, You're Out!, Anti Obama Billboard in Gaffney, SC preparing for Democrat National Convention 11:01:31
Is it true Gary Johnson will step aside so we can elect Dr. Paul on the Libertarian ticket? 10:43:59
Eight co-sponsors of ‘audit the Fed’ bill vote against it without explanation 10:39:03
"Shadow Party" going into the light... 10:38:07
How to Foil Your Own Terror Plot! 10:28:45
Do You Need a Ron Paul Car Sticker? 09:50:36
'Devoid of charm, offensive and a wazzock' Worse than Palin'-Romney's disastrous day in London 09:26:32
End Run on Gun Control! 09:09:51
I miss the honey bees! 08:12:05
Holmes Family Tied To DARPA And Mind Manipulation Work 07:52:02
so, WHEN did Dan Oates retire from NYPD? This could be very useful information... 07:51:37
A letter to my Representative, Eliot Engel (NY17), concerning his vote in opposition to auditing the Fed 07:51:33
What's worse? Watching TV or Smoking Cigarettes? 07:36:58
Dr Paul it is time to make the call If Mitt Romneys tax return will ruin GOP chances he must step down! 07:32:57
Congressman Ron Paul Honored With the Ron Paul Legacy Award 07:16:31
Appeals Court Allows Lawsuit Against No-Fly List to Proceed 06:54:05
Syria: The Vultures are Circling 06:42:53
Devil's Breath Film Will Blow Your Mind! 06:41:09
Alleged Colorado Shooter: A lot more to it than meets the eye. 06:11:19
Mitt election bribery caught on camera 04:32:30
Children take onion from garden 03:36:45
Don’t Try Shooting Up A Packed Theater In Montana! You’ll Get Shot! 03:36:10
Paul Festival announces new additions to an already impressive lineup! 02:37:25
Reputable gold/silver coin dealer in Orange County, California 02:29:38
I saw my THIRD Romney sticker today. 02:04:23
PARODY: (former) Obama Supporter Interviews Her 2008 Self 01:45:49
What are the odds?: Aurora Police Chief Was Giuliani's Head of NYPD Intelligence 01:24:18
Next Big False Flag Event: London Olympics? 01:20:27
Military gearing up for convention riots 00:50:37
Has Ron Paul Become a Philosophy Like Liberty? 00:46:35
Pastor Steven Anderson At Border Patrol CheckPoints... Too funny... 00:43:15
America; The Not-So Greatest Country in The World 00:15:44
Romney Rally: Almost all Cops/Secret Service... never speaks 00:12:10
New message from Anonymous 00:01:34