Posted on July 28, 2012

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MEOW! The Original CatWoman, Julie Newmar, now 78yrs-young, is a Ron Paulian! 22:01:02
US News: Will the Real Tea Party Please Stand Up? 15:29:29
Ron Paul Picture w/ Lao Tzu Leadership Quote 14:56:24
Monday: Harry Reid Twitter Town Hall. You know what to do. 13:54:09
State of Maine Delegation Being Challenged 14:23:07
Idaho's "Making Statism Unpopular" Billboard cuts through Media BS: Holmes killed 12, Obama kills THOUSANDS! 11:20:43
DHS is buying extra riot gear to get ready for us in Tampa 08:48:16
Romney Advisor Video: "If We're Going To Solve By Raising Revenue It Will Mean Tax Increases On Everyone" 06:03:31
Ben Swann: Does Rapper Ice T Know More About The 2nd Amendment Than Journalists? 05:31:15
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Just read about DHS and mobile x ray surveillance (base humour warning) 23:45:34
Petition for Obama to support HR 459 / S 202 23:44:13
I think if they dissarm you it is game over.. 23:20:06
Tom Woods- The Libertarian Speech I Would Deliver To The Whole Country 23:14:23
Feels like this is where we are now in the US 23:12:17
"You cannot kill an idea who's time has come." Our Time is Now. 23:09:13
UK Prime Minister warns Africa of Chinese Invasion 23:08:08
Only Paul Can Beat Obama 23:07:25
We're slaves of the plantation 23:00:51
Houston Man Busted for Taking Teen Rent Boy to London for Olympics 22:59:55
Disarming the citizens. How it's worked out for Britain Citizens. (Video) 22:59:17
My Letter to Maine Romney Chair Trying to Unseat Me from GOP Delegation 22:57:51
Mitt Romney Is Oppo-paul! He's Oppo-romney Half The Time, Too. 22:31:03
None of the above campaign . Who is with me ? 22:26:23
The Maine National GOP Delegation Needs Your Help URGENTLY! 22:15:12
30 days in the slammer for catching rain water 22:08:53
Election Fraud 21:44:16
Front Page Of Drudge: Us Sees Israel As Major Spy Threat! 21:24:52
Romney makes another gaffe 20:53:58
Interesting choices of VP's by Romney - nothing that would make me vote for the joker 20:52:14
Pelosi : Republicans Using Israel To Distract Jewish Voters 20:48:19
The Source Charge Problem 20:47:56
Hillary and Obama at it again. S.3414/S.A.2575 Trying to bring back H/C magazine ban 20:00:19
2012 Potus Reality 19:37:17
If you're reading this, You're either a Saul Alinsky, Jihadist, or Kamakaze libertarian. 19:08:44
Is the Republican party to corrupt? 19:08:39
Morocco's First Free Market Activist 19:02:48
NYPD To Launch All-Seeing System To Track Crime 18:47:03
Need Camping Tickets for Paul Festival in Tampa! 18:15:47
You CAN have your cake and eat it too! 18:12:41
Home-Schooled Children's Musical Video on Drones and Obama's Hit List! 17:54:39
I hope this site is always called the Daily Paul, as this is a movement, not just a campaign. 17:43:39
DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Destruction of 2nd Amendment Looms 17:31:15
TMOT on Libertarian Ticket: Paul and Johnson 16:54:30
Report: U.S. General Ignored "Auschwitz-like" Conditions At Afghan Hospital 16:40:54
51 U.S. Senators Voice Concerns Over UN Arms Treaty 16:33:41
Sanctions Take Effect: Iran Begins Stockpiling Food 16:30:04
Homeland Security To Experiment With Rescue Drones Inside The United States 16:24:49
Ron Paul Supporters Should Root for Gary Johnson in the General Election 16:22:20
TSA begins operations at CA. Bus Terminals 16:20:54
Weekend Movie Suggestion 16:16:47
Victory for California gun rights advocates, but the fight continues 16:14:39
Who is Dr. Lynne Fenton? 16:13:35
Video krauthammer Slips The Truth: "All Romney Has To Do Is Finish The Race, He Doesnt Have To Win!" Is That A Freudian Slip? 16:09:43
Overwhelming Evidence Mounts Indicating Colorado Shooting Was Staged 16:08:47
TSA, Amtrak police hassle journalist recording their activities 16:04:08
America has a date with Liberty 15:43:17
Libertarian Candidate Will End War On Drugs 15:39:07
An Open Letter to all GOP Delegates 15:23:16
New barter site - 15:11:09
Video: 'FREE Irwin Schiff!' Road Trip! Peter travels to see his Father, & meets r3VOLutionaries along the Way! 15:04:15
Ron Paul Campaign Challenging For Delegates In Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Oregon! 14:44:57
Don't Eat your Dog 14:36:32
Olympic opening ceremony grapples with weighty issues 14:07:07
The Terror Within : Former DHS Officer, Julia Davis Speaks Out 13:59:14
Aurora shooter, James Holmes, was under Psychiatrists care 13:52:31
Repeat the TRUTH often enough and people will begin to beleive 13:51:48
London Olympics 2012 : Granny in Olympic Missile Accident 13:49:25
5 TSA Agents "FIRED" for not conducting random searches, 33 suspended at Southwest Florida In't Airport 13:38:10
Romania suspended from Carbon Credit Market 13:31:57
Message to all National Delegates headed to Tampa... 13:27:22
Colorado Massacre Linked To Historical Bank Fraud 13:22:30
NSA chief appeals to defcon hackers for help 13:17:35
OMG! Anti-Gun bothers to check History: "Guns aren’t even the most lethal mass murder weapon" 13:16:19
Record number of coal fired generators to be shut down in 2012 13:10:40
KUHNER: Aurora and the left's hatred of America 13:06:19
John Kane: A True Judge 12:54:46
Drew Carey Is Apparently A Big Fan Of Ron Paul 12:52:28
DHS Releases Propaganda Video. What to do in event of mass shooting. 12:49:21
Ron Paul Activist Brent Stafford on Trial for Exercising Free Speech Rights During State GOP Caucus 12:37:38
Land of the Free? 12:33:15
Jews DO control the media 12:10:28
UPDATED: Richard Gilbert Speaks about Romney's "Crime Syndicate" - and our Duty as Ron Paul Supporters 12:03:46
Billboard compares CO Shooter to Obama... What ? The Truth Hurts 11:55:20
Are Ticks Being Genetically Engineered To Make People Allergic To Meat? 11:32:00
Tisha Casida- "If the United States is a Battleground, Then I Am a Soldier" 11:03:57
Who Watches the Watchers? U.S. breaks 20-year arms embargo on Somalia. 10:47:22
Call to action for non-hierarchical occupation of Monsanto everywhere 10:35:20
No Matter What Happens This Election, Michael Should Keep The Daily Paul Just As It Is 10:29:48
Mitt the Twit 10:19:11
You Know What To Do 10:18:11
New Gary Johnson Ad - Live Free 10:14:34
Can we PLEASE have an Audit the Fed gathering at The Senate 09:12:21
Stuff they Don't Want you to Know - Facebook & The Government 08:44:08
People are slowly waking up : Standing Ovation on House Floor 08:34:10
Video: Minneapolis Police Giving Citizens Free Marijuana & Other Drugs 07:04:52
Gun Sales are Booming in Colorado after Movie Massacre 06:31:05
Liberty Dollar's Bernard von NotHaus profiled in Indianapolis Monthly 06:26:09
Sneaky Dems Attempt Gun Control In CyberSecurity Bill 04:30:38
The Elephant in the Room Part Seven 03:34:27
Obama is such a criminal. It really blows my mind. 02:39:09
Suggestions for a young married couple moving from CA to Western Pennsylvania. 02:32:50
This is my contribution to the Liberty Movement - My Ron Paul moment 02:24:23
Please put one news article a day on news sites for Ron Paul 02:16:22
U.S. Senate Report On Cia Mkultra Behavioral Modification Program 1977 02:08:42
Resisting Internal Government Checkpoints in the USA - Fox News (local) 02:05:25
'Will Obama Attempt To Declare Martial Law Before November Election?' 02:00:28
Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia. Same result for the US ? 01:49:38
Free $25 Kiva accounts + Team Ron Paul = Easy Activism 01:34:31
UN Arms Treaty Dead (for now) 01:28:23
Meet Baritt Obamney 01:10:45
Getting Liberty into the Debates 01:04:47
message from Doug Wead 00:28:34
I'm attending a tea party event in southern NJ on Aug. 7th 00:22:20