Posted on August 1, 2012

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Ron Paul on Fox Business with Melissa Francis 8/1/12 23:15:12
Video: UC Davis Officer Accused of Using Pepper Spray Against Students, No Longer with Force 22:33:50
"Neoconservative War Criminals in Our Midst" by Paul Craig Roberts 20:27:49
Ron Paul's Delegate Fight with the GOP 19:47:41
Court Demands TSA Explain Why It Is Defying Nude Body Scanner Order 19:34:47
TED Talk: What we're learning from online education 21:41:39
Ron Paul on CNBC's Closing Bell, 8/1/12 23:16:16
Ron Paul on Money w/ Melissa Francis Fox Business 8/1/12 13:59:22
Romney's Red Umbrella 12:10:02
Beauty Queen Dragged Out of Bed Naked by Deputies 09:58:32
Ben Swann: "Do We really need to Audit the Federal Reserve?" Cites Jekyll Island, ON Air! 18:14:38
World Leader Wondering Why He Just Met With The Former Governor Of Massachusetts 08:15:13
Judge: Ron Paul Supporter Brent Stafford Found Not Guilty of Trespassing After Republican Caucus 15:24:33
Facebook shares hit new low, 43% below IPO price 03:46:39
Paul Festival Commemorative Dime Cards Fundraiser 00:30:20
After Meeting Federal Reserve Confirms the Obvious: The Economy Sucks 14:19:02
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Barry claims the government owns rainwater 23:54:42
Ron Paul Dominates 23:51:50
I put this under the Livestock category: Mitt Chicks Rock dot com 23:44:20
Ron Paul as Bane 23:38:04
Constitution Party-Virginia’s Virgil Goode: Could this Man Cost Mitt Romney the Presidency? 23:25:51
New Ron Paul poll 23:22:27
The Truth is Treason... You filthy cattle 23:14:45
Libertarian VP Candidate James Gray Visiting Ohio This Weekend 23:09:02
Ron Paul's Delegates Fight with GOP 23:07:08
Latest Market Glitch Shows 'Trading Out of Control' 23:00:47
Digital pills make their way to market 22:56:09
(VIDEO) Illinois Governor wants ban on assault weapons 22:51:03
Japan passed ACTA today 22:48:15
Pauls will try to find common ground 22:44:48
Judge Awards 9/11 Families Billions 22:38:13
Has Anyone Seen This? Someone Sent It To Me Without a Link Explaining It. 22:12:45
Ted Talks: Stephen Ritz: A teacher growing green in the South Bronx 21:41:10
High frequency , Bull feces trading 21:35:12
Romney: Put A Paul On The Ticket 21:30:28
Greeks Can No Longer Afford Paying Expensive Bribes. (Well Boo Hoo, Where's my violin?) 21:19:28
VIDEO: New Show! Shanarchy: Episode One: Anaheim Police State 21:14:03
The Peace Song 20:56:30
Happy Birthday, Tom Woods! From the Liberty Movement 20:55:47
If you are worried about Rand, they got you, in your suppossed awakened state, they got you 20:41:56
Dr. Paul's HR2615: 2ndAmd. Protection Act of 2011; a Full REPEAL of 1993 Clinton-Brady GunGrabber Bill! 20:36:55
US Apologizes for Fake-Bomb Panic in Norway 20:30:04
What are your opinions on Habeus Corpus? 20:29:37
Haha Gun control losing support in U.S. despite mass shootings 20:18:33
Happy 100th Birthday, Milton Friedman! 20:17:14
Gary Johnson News Site Is Born! 20:06:47
Tea Party/Ron Paul Candidates-what is the difference? Diane Black vs Lou Ann Zelenik 20:05:27
Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels 19:54:37
Judge Chips Away at Virginia’s Duopoly Election Laws 19:10:00
Panetta's advice for Syria’s President Assad "you'd better get the hell out now.” 19:08:28
CNN: UC Irvine Prof. distraught over 14yo Son's Suicide, ALLEGEDLY plotted Arson & Rape Massacre vs. HS! 19:02:22
Death From Above: Navy Drone Logo Features Grim Reaper 18:47:52
Pres. Candidates top Contributors 18:39:37
Tyrel Ventura Interview w/AJ - Conspiracy Theory Season 3 Update 17:12:59
Ron Paul's Speech Against Iran Sanctions August 1, 2012 16:36:17
Shooting of handcuffed man by police deemed 'justifiable homicide' 16:35:45
Oklahoma Challenge - 8/1/2012 Update 16:25:52
Jan Helfeld was on Rush Limbaugh's Show Today! 16:25:37
17-year-old boy in the UK arrested for insulting a public figure on twitter. 16:17:51
ATTN: To All RNC Delegates (Video) 16:16:00
Some New Aurora Shooting Questions... Where's the Police Dashboard Camera Footage? 16:11:24
Li(e)bor: The Cartel Emerges 15:45:31
Why Ron Paul? 15:44:52
Is Rand Paul a Sell Out to the Republican Establishment? 15:38:00
President of Poland puzzled by Romney Visit 15:19:21
How will you handle the news in August? 15:04:22
Fingers or Toes ? 15:01:16
Being Assertive for "Liberty" is being able to stand up for yourself, making sure your opinions and feelings are considered 14:49:12
ChipIn for Delegate to Tampa for Ron Paul 14:42:05
Wake up Colorado - grab your signs! 14:35:26
Ron Paul endorsed Cruz wins by 13 points 14:31:46
Rand Paul Tries to Fire & Arrest Journalist for Asking Him Questions 14:11:11
Need clarification on Johnson stepping aside... 13:58:22
Rand Paul Tries to Fire & Arrest Journalist for Asking Him Questions 13:55:55
A positive scolding from DHundrethMonkee, 13:51:32
Rothbard on the Libertarian Movement 13:50:05
Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition 13:48:11
An EERIE Prediction from 1965 13:39:38
Romney’s Bain & Goldman Sachs attorneys Traub & MNAT Conspired and Colluded to commit IPO/ Bankruptcy Fraud eToys 13:34:43
Dreams From My Real Father Documentary Released 8/1/2012 13:16:41
Washington Times: Ron Paul’s not done yet 13:07:39
6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama! 13:01:53
Is your power strip spying on you? Complex hacking device looks like extension cord 12:46:50
ABC To Run Drama Demonizing Militias 12:41:00
2012 Contingency Plans 12:39:29
White House denies Obama called off bin Laden raid three times 12:32:02
Pentagon to recruit bomb-sniffing rats 12:26:16
The rest of the world is laughing at us and asking: " Why are you not electing Ron Paul? " 12:24:26
Did Washington Kill Its Favourite Saudi Prince, Bandar Bush? 12:19:05
Now is the time to join twitter~Twitter Launches Political Index: The Twitter Pulse Of The Election 12:16:12
. 12:14:23
D.C. beltway ‘UFO’ up close at air base (VIDEO) 12:10:21
Pentagon warns cuts will lead to ‘unready, hollow’ force & put "defense" of US in danger. 12:09:05
Fast and Furious Report: Gunwalking Idea Came from Top Holder Deputies in 2009 12:03:50
Adam Kokesh sells out? Tells viewers to be smart and not resist gun confiscation. 12:00:22
Alan Greenspan Edited "Atlas Shrugged"? VIDEO 11:58:17
How To Directly Challenge The 2-party War Party 11:57:16
My email to Ben Swann... 11:45:46
LibertyFest NYC 10/13/12 - Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Sheriff Mack, Jordan Page & many more 11:26:51
Olympic Medal Winners get Raped by I.R.S. 11:09:21
Where in the world is Ron Paul? 10:59:59
Arrested RP supported in MO acquitted 10:45:50
Anyone listen to the caller on Sean Hannity radio show 7/31? 10:28:34
(Full Video) Dreams From My Real Father 10:26:42
We got the signatures! 10:23:46
It's a small thing, but during the month of August 10:13:28
Good night with George Galloway MP: Episode 2 "World of Pirates" 10:02:28
UK government report calls for the end of broadcast TV 09:54:50
Let my Wi-Fi go: FCC rules Verizon can't charge for Wi-Fi tethering 09:52:25
CA Judge Ruling for Minority Party's November Ballot 09:48:52
Ubisoft DRM Lets in Remote Attackers, Google Engineer Reports 09:48:32
Band Shows Fans How to Unblock The Pirate Bay 09:47:39
Hey the movement goes on... Are you running for at least City Council? 09:26:41
Paul Festival Program Schedule! 09:17:34
Support The Real Media! 09:14:24
Eric Sprott: US in a Recession, and Stimulus Policies Won't Help 09:06:30
We got him on the ballot! 08:43:03
Liberty Candidate Charles Gregory Wins State House Seat in Georgia! 08:03:18
Hey tea party! Establishment politicians are laughing at you 07:41:28
Obama Declares New Sanctions (Act Of War) Against Iran By Executive Order 05:32:57
July 2012 Ratings: CNN Continues to Struggle 04:57:17
Militarized Police Deployed Against Civilians In Anaheim CA 04:05:13
Representative Ted Poe : "The Drones Are Coming" 03:41:10
(VIDEO) LAPD officers investigated for 'military-style' boot camp 03:18:56
If We the People are the government...then send your Senator a resolution re: Audit the Fed 02:57:46
Paul campaign leader is cleared of charge in St. Peters 02:12:24
How does the gold standard keep pace with a growing economy? 02:02:25
Texas GOP chooses tea party-backed Cruz for Senate 02:02:05
Paul campaign leader is cleared of charge - re St. Charles County Caucus 01:51:13
The Zax 01:48:46
Inside the Beltway: Ron Paul’s not done yet 01:46:04
Ben Swann Reality Check: Do we really need to audit the FED? 01:41:22
Ron Paul, a Republican who has lost to MITT: 01:40:52
Check this out! We've got reinforcements! 01:22:19
In supporting funding extension, Republicans betting on November victory 00:37:52
FEMA prepares for UFO attack! 00:12:54
People of the world for Dr. Paul? 00:12:31
Something the Founding Fathers Believed In 00:09:44
The Weather Underground-Chicago 1968 -End the War 00:08:21