Posted on August 2, 2012

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Today Is The 75 Year Anniversary Of Marijuana Prohibition 22:11:11
Paul Delegate Purge Sparks GOP Civil War In Maine 21:10:37
Massachusetts Delegates Strike Back 18:50:46
Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of American Citizen 16:19:55
Facebook Admits Tens of Millions of Accounts Are Fake 15:49:38
Ron Paul: We Must Have Parallel Currencies 14:23:03
Half of US Counties Now Considered Disaster Areas 13:50:37
LASPAC: Gary Johnson gets 19% in nationwide poll 12:10:46
FBI admits Pentagon dinner guest Al Awlaki worked for them 12:45:19
Ron Paul Was Right About Our Involvement in Syria 12:22:02
Most dangerous drug in the world can block free will, wipe memory - Was it involved in Batman shooting? 12:09:01
Ben Swann Reality Check: Is Congress the Real Problem with the Post Office? 08:35:54
Justin Raimondo has advice for Ron Paul supporters. 08:31:48
Rachel Maddow dedicates 18 minutes to Romney lying about his taxes and perjury, with an invite! 06:41:20
Video Update: Ron Paul's Subcommittee Examines Parallel Currencies 8/2/12 18:46:37
Presidential Appointees No Longer Need to be Confirmed by Senate 01:52:58
JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson Wants To Eliminate The Person Standing At The Cash Register 03:38:02
Ron Paul's Floor Speech Against Iran Sanctions Bill On August 1, 2012. 10:10:17
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(How) Can I become a delegate or is it too late? 23:56:13
What Are You Going To Do When... 23:45:20
I love this place. 10:25:55
Minnesotans for Liberty! Remember to support and vote for your candidates in the August 14 primary! 22:17:54
U.S. Assistance to Guatemala FY 2013 22:16:38
Email sent by retired air force buddy : "U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms!" (VIDEO) 22:05:48
Tom Woods Blasts Paul Krugman: ThinkProgress. As Dangerous as it Gets (PODCAST) 21:43:11
Colonel Potter anti-war rant 21:42:28
Mother fined $2,500 and given community service for allowing daughter to draw on rocks using CHALK 21:33:08
Ron Paul 60%, Obama 15%, Romney 10% WHO gets the highest percentage? 21:30:21
(VIDEO) 65 year old woman hero uses gun to defeat 5 armed robbers 21:24:26
Unbelievable - Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting 21:23:10
(Funny) America’s Only Hope... 21:21:40
Pennsylvania State Officials Testify Voter ID Law Is Unconstitutional 21:18:37
ATF official resigns after Issa, Grassley nail him in congressional Fast and Furious report 21:03:06
Food, Water, Nope. Vaccines, Yes. (Pictorial) 20:53:41
The usurper sues to block military voting. 20:49:17
The Roman Empire and the Catholic Church are about to Fall: The Roman Conspiracy to Create Jesus Christ Unveiled: 20:38:05
Anyone near Michigan's Oakland or Wayne Counties? 20:27:26
I would be very interested about your information about dental health.. 20:15:47
Rasmussen poll - 57% of Americans say Constitution should be left alone 20:12:37
Is the Inertia Greater Than the Momentum ? 20:05:53
Ron Paul will be in Columbia, SC this Monday, Aug 6th! 19:45:06
Video: Hey, How the heck can you get arrested for 'destroying' your own Property? State owns NOTHING! We do! 19:37:14
IRS loots Olympic winnings, even medals 19:33:52
S-3510? 19:30:31
Laugh or Groan at this Latest Conspiracy Theory 19:09:31
Defense Language School 'Ethicist' / 'Philosopher': We have "Moral OBLIGATION" to murder via Drones! 19:09:24
Learn about the Constitution 18:59:48
Ron Paul's Opening Statement - Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommitte 18:54:25
Coinabul - Buy gold using bitcoins. 18:21:48
From Pravda 18:08:27
Mat Larson is Running for City Council 17:58:51
Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie (Romney adviser) break Federal Laws 17:26:35
Senators Trying to Slip Gun Control into Cybersecurity Bill 17:20:33
Did Rand Paul try to have a reporter arrested? 17:15:37
"Watch what happens when Guns are banned ! " 17:06:37
Judge Jim Gray VS Bill O'Reilly on the War on Drugs 16:59:02
"This is the most effective brief explanation of the FED I have ever seen..." 16:57:46
The GOP Officially Concede To President Obama -matlarson10 16:46:47
Do 3D Printers Make Prohibitions Impossible? 16:34:06
CME warning 16:30:26
Ron Paul's Georgia State Coordinator is now a State Representative 16:15:38
FBI: Reference to Bible, Constitution 'Indicators' You Could Be Terrorist/Extremist 15:56:20
Jon Stewart Making Fun of Obama, Romney and Harry Reid (Absolutely Hilarious) 15:38:42
Mall insists U.S. flag taken off kiddie ride 15:33:52
Buddy Roemer Calls For Gary Johnson to Be Included in Romney and Obama’s Presidential Debates 15:18:07
Live Interview with Richard Gilbert by Ron Paul Girl On Now Call In 15:15:48
Some of you owe Rand Paul an apology 15:08:29
Saw this on MSN front page: Light Foot Militia 15:07:00
We Need A Remote Control Vehicle for Bohemian Grove Surveillance 14:26:38
Department Of Homeland Security is now openly censoring Youtube content 14:22:26
Obama's 'Bank of Washington' Applauded by Solyndra in E-mail 14:12:12
ALERT: War Drums and Lies "Annihilate Israel" 14:11:38
Ron Paul Campaign need to prepare material for Tampa 13:49:37
! 13:43:01
Anything know about these accusations against Rand Paul? 13:24:10
Constitution class- Incredibly informative 13:20:53
Romney did not meet residency requirements to run for Ma Governor in 2002? 13:18:52
Jon Stewart mocks Romney’s Israel gaffes: Jews are culturally money-making m%therf*cker$ 13:03:26
Justice Department sues Michigan for overseas ballot violations 12:58:44
Anaheim Police Dressed in Army Combat Uniforms Stop Protest Near Disneyland 12:56:05
Impeach Now: Obama Signed Secret Order To Aid Syrian Rebels 12:48:10
Teenager kills 8, wounds 5 in China knife attack 12:46:52
Liberman/Collins Cybersecurity Bill D.O.A until it resurrects next year! 12:45:02
Luke 16:19-31 12:43:02
Chick-fil-A sandwiches contain MSG, HFCS and anti-foaming chemicals; eating them is a sin in the eyes of God 12:00:36
Union, TSA agree to tentative contract for airport screeners 11:56:06
Should Obama and Hillary be tried for War Crimes? Report: Obama authorized secret support for insurgency in Syria 11:36:38
Is Rand Paul Really about Liberty and Freedom, that's Really Becoming Questionable! Video 11:21:16
Embarrassing Rant by PA Representative Mike Kelly 11:16:32
Link of public education explanation 10:58:45
It's fun to work at the B-A-T-F! (E!) 10:47:36
There are 2 weeks left until Tampa 10:42:37
US Incarceration Rates vs Other Countries in the World 10:35:21
Getting excited about being in Tampa at Paul Festival and the SunDome! 10:23:38
The CEO Plan To Steal Your Social Security and Medicare 10:19:45
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Said They Could Have Stopped Stalin Dead But “We did not love freedom enough”! How Can You Stop Tyranny? 10:10:52
"Why You Should Quit Politics" (My article published by Lew Rockwell!) 10:10:08
UNBELIEVABLE! Juneau Alaska man gets "DUI" on raft in Chena River 09:48:01
Schultz's "Secret File" Could Exonorate PSU 09:28:18
Psychiatrist's Warning About Holmes Ignored When He Dropped Out 09:17:43
Jobless Claims Increase 09:13:25
Do you go to Heaven or Hell right when you die? (Christian topic) 09:09:27
GOP platform website. 09:08:33
They Really Do Want To Implant Microchips Into Your Brain 09:05:14
Reality Check: Is Congress the real problem with the Post Office? 09:02:37
Chick Fil A contains MSG and other toxic chemicals. Christians call this a victory? Insanity. 08:56:30
The Neoconservative War Criminals In Our Midst 08:49:42
Let's Get Christians Behind Audit the Fed with some Biblical Education! 08:40:57
Interview with Richard Gilbert today at noon Nevermind though 08:33:52
Willard's audience in Israel while ranting on Iran 08:02:15
Simple example of Audit The Fed needed: NOT Congress Takeover of banking 07:59:35
♠ TENNESSEE Has An Election TODAY Thursday August 2nd 2012 07:59:07
Romney the fall guy? 07:03:40
Proof of the Cointelpro-like smear against Rand Paul 06:43:06
OREGON delegate update: 10 alternate delegates file contests on their own behalf 04:56:59
Reinforcement for the Delegates 04:55:01
Bain Investor Told Harry Reid That Mitt Romney 'Didn't Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years' 04:52:36
(VIDEO) Psychiatrist Called Threat Team About Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes 03:39:11
Fat Libertarian Rant On Chick-Fill-A Controversy 03:33:44
Yeast vitalizing juice 03:33:09
Democrat drafts drone privacy bill 03:29:46
Dark Horse 03:14:51
Gas Prices Post Rare, Steep Rise in July 03:12:24
Somali comedian who poked fun at Islamists shot dead 03:04:14
Open source intelligence "Blog That" - Robert David Steele 02:55:54
The good ol' Ninth Circuit comes through again (Hands off our DNA) 02:28:57
Remembering my days as a hardcore neocon. 02:05:34
Ron Paul 'Bad Dream' 01:32:43
Rand Paul Tries to Intimidate & Harass Journalist After A Youtube Video 01:31:25
Ron Paul 'Imagine' 01:21:38
Nigel Farage at his finest (the Ron Paul of England!) 00:38:12
Redistribute water within the USA 00:26:16
For all Ron Paul supporters - An overview of Iran. 00:23:46
Are Swiss Francs Better Than Holding Dollars, Though Not Good as Silver/Gold? 00:22:41
Seinfeld's Jason Alexander's positive Tweet to me about Ron Paul 00:15:48