Posted on August 3, 2012

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NYT: Romney Failing to Excite Base 13:01:56
Dr. Paul introduces "Compassionate Freedom of Choice" legislation 11:13:55
Police Say Man Handcuffed With Arms Behind Back Shot Himself In Head 11:08:54
Why Ron Paul and Libertarian Ideals Are Here to Stay 09:10:50
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Where are the ACTIVISTS?!REPOST-The most important thing we can do right now! Reaching RNC Delegates with Pro Paul-Liberty Msg 23:59:51
Video - RP anti-ICC amendment introduction 23:49:22
Video - 2007 RP and FIRE coalition 23:46:11
Obama/Dems Sue to Hinder Military Voting 23:43:53
Vote up if you are going to TAMPA! 23:10:11
Daniel Rufty delegate in NC tells Romney the deal on FOX news 23:10:00
Only 3 Weeks Till Paul Festival! 22:58:29
"Goldman Friggin Sachs" (videos) 22:37:58
The Thoughts of Central Bankers Explained in 3.5 minutes 22:23:57
Big Win for Property Rights in Canada - Citizen’s Arrest and Self-defence Act 22:22:45
(Video) Interview With Syria's Assad - Jul 5th, 2012 22:18:30
Deleted 22:10:56
Syrians Instagram Their Revolution. Sobering and worth a look. 21:38:01
I like 21:35:07
Joe Klein TIME Mittwit Rant - Senority 20:48:03
Sen.John McCain hires a former Lockheed VP to work on Arms Services Committee 20:40:20
Silver 20:28:43
Video #3 of 27: Who Are Ron Paul's Heroes? 20:24:11
Stock Market Plotted in Commodities vs Dollars 20:10:08
Ted Cruz vs. John Jay Myers 19:54:39
Can you be taxed by a private corporation to fund other corporations? 19:45:30
Why I will be voting for Gary Johnson for President 19:42:27
. 19:40:38
Virgil Goode sounds like he is more in line with Ron Paul's philosophy than Gary Johnson. 19:20:47
I am Sovereign in a Republic 19:19:55
A Nation Obsessed With Sanctions: Iran, Iraq, Cuba and Penn State 19:04:55
Tampa Local Urgently Needed: Washington State Challenge to Illegal Romney Delegates 19:02:18
As Of 2:30 Pm Est Gary Johnson Is On The Ballot. 18:56:09
List of Congressional Town Halls in August 2012 18:49:37
If 100% of the delegates show in Tampa, how many is that? 18:44:37
Romney Is Getting Eaten Alive On The Front Page of Yahoo 18:04:03
Who Is Dr. Paul's Celebrity Doppelganger? Hilarious. 17:54:14
The Liberty Train 17:54:01
RP's version of John and Yoko's War Poster 17:32:12
Only 24.6 percent of all jobs in the United States are good jobs 17:28:33
We don't get fooled again 17:27:14
Spain and Italy are toast unless Germany allows the ECB to print trillions of Euros 17:22:57
Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google 17:16:34
House passes bill eliminating Senate confirmation for presidential appointees 16:56:18
Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree (video) 16:49:01
Lawrence O'Donnell On Justice Scalia On 2nd Amendment 16:42:24
What Will Ron Paul Do? 16:42:02
Mike Adams exposes the 'Zombie Conspiracy' 16:38:05
Congressman Paul's opening statements on the final Domestic Monetary Policy subcommittee hearing under his chairmanship 16:35:05
Military Brought Prostitutes To Columbian Hotel 16:24:19
Evil SOB Put in Charge of Rules and Order at RNC; Will Smash Paulites 16:17:13
Is Colin Powell's son, Michael, considering a D.C. mayoral run? 16:15:24
Dr. K visits Balderton Capital, Scytl – SOE, London: Watch what happens… 16:15:00
Clinton hopes for improved drones to find Kony 16:06:57
Led by Rep. Ron Paul, Congress Explores Sound Money 16:04:56
Ron Paul Tampa Rally August 26 15:51:11
Libertarians Move In As California G.O.P. Scales Back In Sacramento 15:48:21
RNC "Ron Paul" NC National Delegate Daniel Rufty telling Mitt Romney "whats up!" 15:45:45
Gary Johnson Most Definitely Will Not Get My Vote 15:44:58
Why Liberals Won't Defend Obama's Campaign Manager 15:43:40
GAO: $460 million food stamp benefits went to households ineligible under federal limits 15:36:48
This is the type of mind we're up against 15:36:11
Outrageous Smear Ad by opponent in Minnesota 15:24:57
Rep. Woodall: Audit the Fed: Let's hold government accountable. 15:24:07
Cass Sunstein Leaves White House Post 15:15:54
A nipple was accidentally shown on live television during a women's water polo match. 15:06:09
It's only a drill - but urban terrain training choppers rattle parts of city 15:04:25
Drone race will ultimately lead to a sanitised factory of slaughter 14:58:10
Letter to the RNC Delegates: Nominate Dr. Paul or else... 14:54:38
Ars Technica Post about Rand's Internet Policy 14:52:15
Retired porn star Jenna Jameson supports Mitt Romney 14:48:08
John Dennis: I am here to support people who want access to safe medicine! 14:03:11
Ron Paul's Delegate Chip-in request. Please keep at the top! 13:53:54
Remember Eugene Dokes and the whole Missouri fiasco? Well he's running for office. Time to vote for his rival Tyler Holyfield 13:29:39
Congressional hearing chaired by Dr. Paul on competing currencies. A Must Read! 13:09:50
On The Campaign Trail 12:58:35
Afghan local police commander murdered 17 Afghan civilians 12:50:02
Bed in Romney's Hotel Available 12:47:01
Police: Farmer unhappy about arrest drives tractor over 7 Sheriff's vehicles (VIDEO) 12:37:44
Infuriated by marijuana arrest, Vermont man flattens 7 police cruisers with tractor 12:17:36
Cash rewards keep people on their medications 12:14:58
Knife massacre in China 12:04:11
Guns vs. Drugs - The real cause of violent shooting sprees 12:04:06
United Nations TV Show Purchased by NBC 12:01:08
CIA owned and operated Mi-17 A’s flown covertly by American contract pilots in Somalia 11:55:38
Uncle Sam audits its stash of gold at the New York Fed (Ron Paul Quotes) 11:52:51
USDA ends already illegal medical marijuana deductions for food stamps 11:52:17
The Real 2012 Problem: Two Candidates Afraid Of The Past 11:47:07
Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose 11:13:48
Anonymous Hacks IRS Database and publishes Romney Tax Returns 11:10:46
Keep Planting those seeds Revolutionaries! 10:39:05
195,000 Fewer Americans Had Jobs in July; 150,000 Dropped Out of Labor Force 10:36:34
theme songs at RNC for Ron and Mitt 10:31:42
Congressman introduces - Don't Repeat the #SOPA Mistake 10:12:11
We are "Everyday People" - Old Song Rediscovered 09:45:35
A Cop Murders a Black kid to mark 75 years of Marijuana Prohibition: Link Below 09:30:28
Rumors of Romney paying no taxes appear on Fox News 08:45:37
Missouri 1st Congressional District 08:39:41
Beef recall issued by the USDA 08:10:26
Political Consultants Own The System... 08:08:07
30 years of secret, official transcripts prove vaccine schedules in US and UK are based on government lies 08:02:33
Handcuffed in the back seat of patrol car, Man shoots himself in head, ? 07:35:08
Romney hires ex Fannie Mae PR to put lipstick on Bain pig 06:42:08
The Cold Hard Truth About Gary Johnson 06:14:05
U.S. Proved Energy Reserves Increased Highest Ever! 05:18:31
(VIDEO) 'Real' Unemployment Rate Shows Far More Jobless 04:56:30
Introducing, the 'PayPal for SmallArms-related Transactions!' 04:42:07
Ben Swann Reality Check: Is Al-Qaeda An Enemy Or Not? 04:35:46
To President Obama: The 2nd Amendment is about fighting tyranny, not hunting deer 04:13:48
Anyone Running For City Council Or County Supervisor Please Read 03:43:56
Rand Has Become Complete Establishment Republican 03:32:30
Words from a 4 Star U.S. General 03:26:00
Chick-fil-A protests: Will petition and 'kiss-in' help or hurt? 03:17:20
Paul delegates protest GOP lineup 03:09:08
Be afraid! Hide behind the government's skirts! Run! Fear! 02:14:37
For Dweebs Who Think We're Fighting Terrorism: Taliban Cheers Opening NATO Supply Lines. 01:22:19
Lawrence O’Donnell Asks Tax Attorney If Romney May Be Hiding A Felony In His Tax Returns 00:51:04
Lies and Inconsistencies in the Aurora Shooting Story: Did James Holmes Really Kill these People? 00:49:37
Tennessee Lawmaker Warns of Fake Obama Assassination Plot to Stop 2012 Elections 00:33:59
Buffalo Activists Push City to be First in U.S. to Prohibit Use of Drones 00:12:24
Some wishful thinking 00:01:34