Posted on August 7, 2012

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Ron Paul supporter Robyn Hamlin wins Missouri Congressional Dist 1 with 97% Reporting she WON with 58% of the vote 22:35:09
Maine’s Elected Republican National Delegates Say 'No Deal' to Their Challengers 22:03:45
It's Here, Now... 23:40:11
Media Reports Paul Won Five States Needed for Nomination, Romney Breaks Rules to Deny Speaking Slot 15:35:50
Wages aren't just stagnating they are plummeting 11:40:52
Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath? 11:32:56
Three states have elections TODAY August 7th 2012 Missouri, Washignton State and Michigan 11:20:31
Guess who is profiting most from Super Pacs? 09:16:04
School system borrows 105 million, will pay 877 million in interest 09:31:37
What is the Whole Picture? 12:53:42
Brian Doherty: Rand Paul to Speak at Republican National Convention, Says Reuters 06:34:37
4 more speakers at convention: Rick, Jeb, Mary, and Rand 00:54:01
Bruce Fein Explains The Snub Of Ron Paul By The RNC On The Jerry Doyle Show 00:59:48
Frankenstein Takes Over the Market 08:49:09
Vote Today In Mo! 07:08:30
Sign the Petition to get Ron Paul's Maine Delegates seated at the GOP Convention 06:46:09
Liberty Candidate Kerry Bentivolio WINS! 15:31:51
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Cenk criticizes Obama for drone strike on 16 yr old US Citizen 23:48:03
Should Jews vote for Ron Paul? Rabbi says no. 23:46:05
Obama Signs Away First Amendment Rights 23:25:09
Don't Feed the Animals 23:22:24
At Sikh Temple Shooting 2 Children Helped Save Many Lives 22:49:05
5 Reasons Ron Paul Revolution Will Live On 22:01:40
The Nazi-fication of America 21:57:02
Gibson Guitar Settles Claim Over Imported Ebony 21:51:23
Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future 21:44:59
Cellphone safety bill introduced #thecircuit 21:39:36
Tucson Shooter Pleads Guilty 21:31:26
Please Ask Your Local News Media to Cover "Paul Got 5 States and Earned Speech Slot" Story 21:16:08
Video #7 of 27: Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney on the Sanctity of Life 21:12:38
Obama That I Used To Know - Gotye 'Somebody That I Used To Know' Parody 20:58:31
How To Pressure The Senate To Vote On S 202 - Audit The Fed Bill 20:45:16
Economic Collapse of Russia 1990s - interviewing Serguei Vorojtsov 20:15:22
Liberty and Animal Rights 20:04:31
iPhone 4S Ad featuring Martin Scorsese "where's rick" 19:38:42
Military Spending and NOTHING else - Paul Ryan's budget plan 19:27:38
GOP under Romney thugs will become a third party on Nov. 6th 19:05:40
It Doesn't Matter If Ron Paul Speaks? 19:01:40
Moving Toward War in Syria 18:49:54
Front Page News! Red-light Camera; Liberty Strikes Again! In Dubuque Iowa 18:30:00
Useful Information for Delegates to Tampa 18:24:39
LAGOP: From caucuses to convention, Ron Paul forces were "dishonest and disruptive" 18:22:03
If the Libertarians have a strong showing, do you think the Republicans will move closer or pull 18:10:48
Poll: Should Mitt Romney invite Ron Paul to Speak in Tampa? 18:10:48
Ron Paul Delegates from Maine Reject Compromise as GOP National Convention Nears 18:09:03
Audit The Fed: What A Ridiculous Idea 18:03:18
Republican Poll (Ron Paul Secret Answer) 18:02:41
Tarps Goodfellas (stories from Neil Barofsky Inspector General of Tarp) 17:50:40
Need Jury Nullification flyers 17:48:49
NEW Gary Johnson Ad: You ARE Libertarian 17:32:34
Are these accusations that will live in infamy? "dishonest and disruptive tactics" (from LAGOP) 17:32:32
Ron Paul is not being "snubbed" As A Speaker At The Gop Convention, He Is Still In The Race. 17:18:47
Fed's Rosengren: Infinite Money Printing Until The Economy Improves 17:18:38
Romney Takes War Criminal Cheney's Money but Won't Be Photographed with Him 17:15:05
Video Summary of the Dark Knight False Flag's Many Issues 17:12:03
Ron Paul snubbed one last time by Republicans? 17:12:02
. 17:01:08
Romney and Petraeus 16:59:00
AFP: "Can GOP Dump Romney and Nominate Ron Paul?" 16:54:37
Carol Paul on Whether or Not Ron Paul will Speak at the Convention 16:51:02
CTFC Will Pull the Plug on Silver Manipulation Investigation 16:45:15
Aurora, CO movie theater was a gun-free zone. 16:43:28
LAGOP: From caucuses to convention, Ron Paul forces were "dishonest and disruptive" 16:38:55
Tonight on Reality Check: Maine Delegate Battle 16:28:05
Motion To Dismiss hearing was yesterday... 16:20:55
The Ouya video game console on kickstarter, proof that capitalism is still alive? 16:20:24
Romney Threatens War-Murder on Iran, Repeats Obama/Bush 'Wipe Off the Map' Lie 16:16:55
5 Reasons Ron Paul Revolution Will Live On – According to Comedy Central 16:10:27
Disinformation: How It Works 16:10:17
Judge Andrew Napolitano On The Patriot Act 16:08:49
Dr. Paul Has Never And Will Never Endorse Gj For President. PERIOD. 16:03:10
NEW Reality Check Tonight! (August 7th) 16:02:31
I'm Torn 16:01:25
Maine delegates creds being challenged 16:00:49
Pennsylvania's electorate-disenfranchising voter ID law likely to "go down in flames" 15:59:03
Bruce Fein Congressional Testimony On The Patriot Act 15:57:02
Ron Paul and the vice presidential pick for Romney. 15:56:27
What is the FairTax and which Presidential candidates are supporting it? 15:53:42
Trans-Pacific Partnership Leaks Again – Copyright Limitations and Exceptions 15:47:02
Are Your Politicians For Sale? 15:44:40
Judas Priest, prophet of the age? 15:41:09
Ron Paul Op-Ed: Syria 15:36:47
Front Row for Jordan Page! (Austin, Texas) 15:22:49
The End of Gun Control - Help thousands of Ron Paul supporters worldwide 15:21:11
Video: Liberty candidate interviewed by Matlarson10, please watch! 15:20:23
Will the Covert Become Overt? Drudge Reports that Romney Will Pick CIA Director Petraeus for VP 14:59:42
Obama Super PAC Waiting To Unload On Mitt Romney's Embrace Of Paul Ryan Budget 14:51:17
Onion News Video: Gop Trying To Keep Elderly Voting Base Alive Until November 14:50:27
Money Question: What would you do? 14:43:38
Mitt flip flopping, what about Obama? 14:34:13
ACLU Forum to discuss laws/policies during RNC 14:19:41
Taxes under Obama and Romney 14:00:56
FLASHBACK: Romney gave free cars, car insurance to welfare recipients 13:56:01
For Your Left Activist Pals: Police State Mastercard Parody 13:54:37
Is Ron Paul in the running for VP? 13:45:57
Doctors Advising Pregnant Women To Avoid TSA Body Scanners 13:38:58
Mitt Romney; A Henry Kissinger Mentality And His Neocon War Cabinet 13:38:51
EPJ: John Tate Announces New "Official" Tampa Rally T-Shirts that Turn the "rEVOLution" "republiCAN" 13:34:21
go 13:31:59
Pfizer settles foreign bribery charges to the tune of $60 Million 13:28:38
PaulFest, Johnson 2012, L4RP and "Creeping Meatballism" 13:18:23
Consumption tax of 15 percent to 20 percent? 13:13:42
RP likely to be silenced at Tampa (good paragraph in article though) 13:07:10
Drowning in Student Loan Debt, Liberty Activist Has Cool Idea: Chrome LOVE Revolution Car Badges! 13:00:48
Third parties gaining traction in politically weary Connecticut 12:57:09
The most honest three and a half minutes of television 12:56:08
Wells Fargo reports in a survey that optimism in small business has declined 12:46:34
Press release - Committee To Recall Carl Levin 12:44:28
Oh the Hypocrisy!: Hillary Clinton's morally superior speech in Africa was deluded 12:37:58
Report Says Obama's Amnesty Plan Will Add $1.76 Million New Workers 12:33:37
EXCLUSIVE: The Pentagon's Shocking Cover-Up Of The Afghan National Military Hospital Scandal (VIDEO) 12:26:17
Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath? Some employers and psychologists say staying away makes you suspicious 12:18:31
Liberty candidate while in Boise says... 12:14:53
Armored Military Vehicles To Patrol Wisconsin Neighborhoods 12:11:01
Bachmann's presidential campaign still $1 million in debt 12:04:58
CONFIRMED! Rand Paul Will Speak At Republican National Convention 11:54:47
Ben Bernanke wants to know: Are you happy? 11:42:24
Poll: Should Gary Johnson Have Run for Senate Instead? 11:29:29
Why are all these "journalists" cut from the same cloth... 11:28:24
Attorney Richard Gilbert: Could Romney Go to Jail For $8.5 Billion Fraud? 11:25:04
Rand Paul Confirmed to Speak at RNC 11:19:30
Government now ruthlessly stealing from small farmers' bank accounts via 'Bank Secrecy Act' 11:12:58
Was I wiretapped? 11:09:43
Ron Paul Shut Out of GOP Convention, Paul Festival organizers respond with free passes 10:28:47
good - evil - ____ 10:22:36
Barak Confident: Israel Has Decided To Attack 10:13:04
Should I be upset at these types of Ron Paul supporters? 10:08:34
Wake Up! Hundreds of Tanks Moving In California Through City of Burbank 10:06:55
My article at Forbes inspired by Dr. Paul's final subcommittee hearing 09:41:26
The Paul Campaign should put out political ads (against Obama) as Romney is doing. 09:09:31
Bolivia to ban Coca-Cola to celebrate the end of capitalism. 09:01:21
Romney and the elderly 08:55:07
JPM Refuses to Comply With Broad PFG Subpoena 08:30:51
Lieborgate's Next Casualty: Bob Diamond's Daughter 08:22:42
Is America the largest sponsor of terror? 11:11:23
Lloyds online fraud chief admits £2.4m fraud 08:09:48
Romney's solution to the widest income disparity since late 1920's 07:15:04
US Foreign Policy and Military Budgets 06:41:11
Cheney and a Sikh view of post 9/11 torture 05:08:50
Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’ 04:19:31
Let's stick together 04:17:06
VIDEO: Lessons from Greece. Why we need Ron Paul 04:11:12
Don't Mind the Shirt... He's From Texas. 03:15:03
Who Else Here Grew Up On Ren & Stimpy and George Liquor? 02:43:33
Have y'all seen this? 02:28:21
Hawaii Delegate Raising Funds for RNC 02:11:04 01:53:42
Hundreds of Military tanks coming through Burbank Calif by train! TODAY! 01:31:37
Federal Reserve in DC now protected by drones! 01:24:25
Cop watchdog activist facing 21 years for interviewing a cop 01:05:06
Mitt Romney or Ron Paul? 00:59:31
Lights shine even in Hell 00:59:28
VIDEO: Why You Should Hate the State 00:57:20
Ron Paul Mohawk t shirt. 00:41:34
Johnson campaign hits Alaska, asks Bloggers for help 00:39:06
Official Ron Paul T-Shirts- Made for Tampa! 00:27:08
Enough With Gary Johnson 00:17:35
Please Push John Brunner for US Senate in Missouri - 00:00:20
Forbes: Are Ron Paul's Competing Currencies the Answer to Monetary Mischief? 13:57:24