Posted on August 9, 2012

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What the TSA told me... 21:36:57
Ron Paul Clout in Boone County, MO 18:25:48
TERMINATED: MoxNews' Main Account suspended, Again! 15:01:11
Romney Campaign Spokeswoman's "Romneycare" Gaffe is Going Viral and May Be a Blessing for Paul 14:07:27
Liberty movement is roaring! Check this out! 16:55:08
I'm going to be a dad! Update - Video of home birth of our first born son Liam! 18:43:12
It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man Is "Going To Jail!?" 11:41:00
Video: Ron Paul Exposes United Nations Plan to Destroy US and Take Over the World 12:15:53
Boats Armed with Automatic Machine Guns to Patrol RNC 11:10:07
Ben Swann Reality Check: The U.S. Government Created Al Qaeda? 17:51:23
Judge Napolitano on Rand Paul's Classified Briefings 09:17:54
Divisions appearing amongst GOP ranks against Romney 07:40:34
New England Liberty LOVE Fest 2 06:20:08
Portraits of a Quiet Depression 05:48:37
Check out this Homeland Security armored vehicle being hauled through Kentucky 00:00:00
Tom Woods: Is Paul Krugman a Coward? 08:31:51
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Time to fight back the banking system? 23:26:40
Obama-I Want to Repeat GM 's success in EVERY Industry 23:16:34
Romney admits he's a progressive. 22:47:57
Ron Paul Op Ed Eurasia Review - Interventionist Policies Make Us Less Secure 22:45:20
I Got Invited to Speak to a Republican Women's Club! 22:37:15
"Throw Mitt Out" Signs in Tampa? 22:36:58
Thomas Jefferson Tried to Warn Americans about the Dangers of a Federal Reserve Bank 22:29:29
FL Gvt-TerroristS "Forcibly" Pull-out Tampon from a Woman for...MAYBE rolling-through Stop Sign, AT the Scene! 22:27:31
Ben Swann Should do a 9/11 Reality Check 22:11:09
Man faces 21 charges after carrying a gun at Batman showing 21:58:05
Ron Paul Does Not Need A Miracle To Win In Tampa Bay 21:56:50
Lew Rockwell: The Neocon and the CIA Drug Lord 21:35:07
The United States Lost The Cold War 21:25:06
Romania for Ron Paul Video 21:20:02
Judge Jim Gray Slams Obama For Demanding Shutdown Of Medical Marijuana Centers 21:14:18
Just thinking out loud about us vs them. 21:13:21
Eric Holder 1995 "We must Brainwash People To Be Against Guns" 20:57:06
What do you do if your local polling place gets Diebold machines? 20:49:03
email my brother sent out to our family and friends this morning. 20:23:36
Ron Paul Tea Party Express Speech Austin, Texas 20:21:56
CNN: Romney Still Faces Conservative Doubts as Convention Approaches 20:09:46
How America's Largest Private Prison Operator Plans to Beat Corporate Income Tax 20:04:41
Maine Public Radio:...Paul Supporters Cause Headaches for Romney... 20:04:12
Oh Boy BATFE Running Not Just Guns, But Drugs? 20:02:38
"Courthouse News" take on the 9th Circuit Decision 19:57:04
Rick Santorum Does NOT Believe In Smaller Government, Lower Taxes or Freedom 19:54:18
Poll: Should the GOP dump Romney 19:51:47
Florida Video/Audio Recording Laws: Know These For the RNC in Tampa 19:10:56
Write in ballot, will it be counted or even seen by anyone ? 18:59:01
Court: Feds Can Spy On Americans Without Warrants With No Legal Repurcussions 18:19:52
ABCNews: A Tale of Two UNNNelectable Candidates 18:05:03
Video - Obama: Let's Repeat Auto Industry Success | Video - GM making more investments in China 17:46:04
Anyone tried persuading USVI/Guam/NMI/Puerto Rico/DC delegates to join our side? 17:40:39
Justin Raimondo: Christ Almighty! U.S. Foreign Policy vs. Middle East Christianity 17:37:20
New Movie "The Campaign" Review 17:18:25
Immediate marketing idea 17:06:45
Mitt Romney's abortion business made him $50m 17:05:40
Google Hit With $22.5 Million Fine to Settle Privacy Charges 17:04:12
What would happen if we opened the borders and granted amnesty? 16:45:13
VIDEO Napolitano + Rand @ Freedomfest: 16:01:44
Destruction of the Christian Homelands 15:31:23
Video: The Collective Evolution 2: The Human Experience 15:18:42
A Project By My School District - Conquering Silence (Trailer + Poem By Shane Koyczan) 15:12:59
Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) to host town hall near Denver 8/11 14:46:07
Microchip-Laden Drugs Given FDA Approval 17:33:07
Need help finding link... 14:13:44
People are sheep. TV is the shepherd. 14:08:44
Republican Party Shills and Their Funding Conduits 13:55:59
August 20 is Ron Paul's birthday - Twitter Bomb? 'Clean up' chip ins to delegates? (Meaning DON'T WAIT for that). Or what? 13:47:41
Massachesetts Healthcare Price Controls After 6 Years of Obama...I mean RomneyCare 13:40:30
Gary Johnson To Compete In 100-mile Bike Race 13:39:41
November vote 13:37:18
Top Contributors: Mitt Romney Vs. Ron Paul 13:27:44
Ron Paul's RNC convention speech LEAKED! 13:26:45
What is 5? 13:19:05
PRESSTV interviews Mitt Romney 13:15:53
Man Gets DUI On A Inflatable Raft 13:13:36
Anarcho-Roads: Traffic Lights vs No Traffic Lights (Amazing Video) 13:02:30
Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia 13:00:48
Rush: Romney Spokeswoman Touts Romneycare in Response to Attack Ad 12:58:46
Ann Coulter rages: Romneycare = Obamacare, AARGH! 12:54:39
Medford Oregon goes to jail for 30 days for collecting rain water in his pond 12:41:11
"This Is My Voice" by Shane Koyczan 12:40:31
More Than 100 Million Americans Are On Welfare 12:27:20
Revolution In Michigan’s 11th: Paul – 1, Santorum – 0 12:24:52
Joker case gagged: Media fight Colorado court ban 12:16:21
Rape Victim Traumatized By “Horrific” TSA Experience 12:14:32
Army Tests Spy Blimp Over NJ 12:12:35
Feel Good! Good Vibration! 12:12:33
The Illuminati Vs. The Enlightened Ones- Dr. Paul's Intellectual Revolution 12:11:18
Three man race; Can Johnson beat Obama and Romney in Nevada? 12:08:19
From the front row: recap of supreme court argument over voter ID amendment and why it matters 12:05:33
STUDY: Census data show high immigrant participation on US welfare rolls 11:54:23
Three man race; Can Johnson beat Obama and Romney in Nevada? 11:54:05
U.S., Vietnam Launch Agent Orange Cleanup 11:48:38
RP 11:39:33
What should we do if Dr. Paul doesn't get the republican nomination? 11:35:09
Purchase a Ron Paul Button to fight Leukemia & Lymphoma 11:30:43
Rasmussen: Romney 47 - Obama 43 11:23:52
Judge Napolitano’s Column: The Government Has Spied on You ‘Gazillions’ of Times Since 9/11 11:17:36
Just a thought on Paul speaking at convention 11:11:41
Protester Arrested For Holding ‘You're Being Robbed’ Sign. (You can't make this stuff up!) 10:57:46
US Flag Falls At Olympics! On Cue? Audience Applauds 10:47:06
Tom Woods: Lying Sociopaths, Domestic and Abroad 10:42:21
Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads 10:33:16
Did Mitt Romney's campaign just blow it? 10:32:52
Deleware couple charged with 'waterboarding' daughter 10:14:50
Energy department e-mails on Solyndra provide new details on White House involvement 10:08:27
Black Market Drug Site 'Silk Road' Booming: $22 Million In Annual Sales 10:00:45
Encrypted E-Mail Company Hushmail Spills to Feds 09:58:27
What's 'Barry Soetero' Hiding? 09:45:30
Judge Nap, on Govt Spying, Rand Paul, and the word Gazillions 09:35:30
"I am a member of the Federal Reserve, which is the most insidious one"- Paul Volcker Confronted on Bilderberg 09:23:47
Fake Twitter Accounts May be Driving Up Mitt Romney's Follower Number 09:08:59
Why Dr. Paul Asked His Delegates to Behave Respectfully in Tampa... 09:04:16
Army's Football-field-size Airship designed to do the work of a dozen drones 08:46:30
The Fourth Reich has taken over Europe, according to Il Giornale 08:45:06
Rand Paul Introduces Senate Companion Bill to Ron Paul's H.R. 1831 Hemp Farming Act 08:12:04
There Comes A Time In Every Chess Game To Get Aggressive. 07:47:01
US Navy Rescues 10 Iranians 07:23:50
Who is more afraid of his own people: Assad or Obama? 07:05:53
Hebrew names for main candidates 06:06:17
How To Prevent Future U.S. Soldier-Turned-Gunman-Assassin Scenarios 04:43:17
Boats armed with machine guns to patrol RNC 04:32:39
Ron Paul delegates aim to stay on course for national convention 02:52:32
The Neocon David Carlson and the CIA Drug Lord General Vang Pao 02:19:34
'Are we the Baddies?' Mitchell and Webb Funny Nazi Sketch 02:07:01
Ron Paul delegates aim to stay on course for national convention (Maine) 01:18:08
Fed Audit bill co-sponsor, Pete Stark (CA-13) explains why he voted "NO" 01:14:58
Don’t Like the Police State? Crush it (Literally) 11:01:00
Tom Woods: When Did I Sign This 'Social Contract'? 00:45:12
This is the video that convinced me 9/11 is a fraud... an academic investigation 00:41:31
On the subject of rules that bind delegates 00:40:00
Send Hurricane Westfall to Tampa 00:16:03
Romney paid $412 and 18 cents in federal income taxes in 2008. 00:12:23
Video: Police Raid on The Mansion of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom 00:04:07