Posted on August 10, 2012

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Meme #1 Shot Down: "Well Chris, By Voting For Paul, You Are Effectively Voting For Obama." 22:59:23
"Lady Liberty" film debuts next Thursday, August 16th at 7PM 20:20:45
Tom Woods' Most Inspiring Speech to the Liberty Movement (Must See!) 18:00:41
The CRASH Commeth! Reuters: Fed tells its 5 Member-Banks to prep, to stave off coming collapse! 17:07:33
13 Year Old Not Allowed to Sell Hot Dogs Now Homeless 15:15:26
Afghan Police Commander Kills Three US Special Ops 21:14:56
Congressman Justin Amash to Speak at Paul Festival 11:01:01
Setbacks and Bizarre Turns in the Rawsome Foods Raw Milk Saga 09:30:12
Ron Paul on WLS 890 AM Radio: How Would President Paul Create Jobs? 09:35:12
5 Issues That Prove Ron Paul is Ahead of His Time 09:44:26
DOJ Will Not Prosecute Goldman Sachs in Financial Crisis Fraud 12:55:45
Student Loan Bubble Will Be The Next "Financial Stability Issue" 09:19:27
Ben Swan Reality Check: Operation Fast and Furious Was Really About U.S. Supporting a Drug Cartel? 00:36:31
High-ranking Mexican Drug Cartel Member Makes Explosive Allegation: ‘fast And Furious’ Is Not What You Think It Is 00:07:14
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TMOT says Ron Paul WAS offered a speaking slot. 23:45:33
Creepy Spying System Revealed by Wikileaks, Which Then Gets Hit by a Massive Attack 23:26:52
Another Ron Paul Rally scheduled for August 18 - White House Lawn 23:24:46
Another Attack Ad 23:19:26
look what my senator said 23:06:47
2012 election results to be counted by a Soros company in Spain 23:02:01
Ron Paul will speak at convention says Sinclair News. 23:01:20
Tricking Students to Register Republican 22:57:58
What is looming in America's near future if one of the GLOBALIST Rep or Dem SOCIALIST deceivers delays our R3VOLUTION any longer 22:48:00
Clueless Obama Supporters: Our President is Heading in the Right Direction 22:29:37
Peter Schiff's Bank 22:24:14
Uncertainty among undecided voters in swing states 22:14:47
Fareed Zakaria SUSPENDED after 'PLAGIARIZING' from New Yorker piece 22:09:44
Republican Party of Texas Emails Dresscode & Schedule for RNC in Tampa 21:49:04
Are You Happy? Ben Bernanke Wants to Know 21:35:44
Rachel Maddow On Newt Gingrich (Old, But Classic, News) 21:32:47
Cancel Your Cable! 21:30:27
Reality Check: Ben Covers Paul LePage and the Possible RNC Boycott 21:26:41
New Hampshire Officially Recognizes Jury Nullification 21:24:15
Ron Paul Would Knock Obama Off His Presidential High Horse In A Debate 21:22:17
Ron Paul's Complete San Antonio Speech (Electrifying! Must See!) 21:18:20
Preview of Ron Paul vs. Obama debate 21:03:51
TheDC: Bloomberg & OH Mayor's Staffer SCURRY, when confronted on Payola/Retirement Plan via AntiGun Lobby MAIG 20:51:25
A Delegate Vote For Romney is a Vote For Obama 20:45:58
The non Tea Party are holding a rally in Tampa 8/26 20:10:31
Multiple Polls: Why Romney Cannot Beat Obama, and Ron Paul Can. 20:01:31
Tell Romney Who Would You Choose For Vice President 19:48:22
Huge Pumice Island Found Floating in South Pacific 21:42:26
Not a slave to the machine 19:39:32
Juggalos taking on the feds! Insane Clown Posse to Sue FBI 19:15:16
Ocean Privatization 18:50:07
Public Policy Poll left out RP in their choices in poll I just took 18:45:29
Just want to apologise 18:41:35
Policymic: Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012 18:35:59
Sting, Montel Williams, and others call to end "war on drugs" (old news) 18:31:27
Montel Williams defends owning guns 18:28:10
Rothbard to Ron Paul Purists in 2012 18:23:35
Ron Paul will have speaking spot, according to source within RNC 18:16:49
50 Police Officers Arrested in Child Porn Raids 18:11:42
Former Who’s the Boss actress helps UNICEF vaccinate children 18:09:53
Germany Considers "Nuclear Option" Referendum To End European Sovereighty 18:01:44
Tea Party Poll on Facebook 2012 08 10th 18:00:20
Econ101 for O: Papa John's CEO says Obamacare will raise the Price of your Pizza, come 2014! 17:58:02
Blood Money. Bain Capital was founded with seed capial from S American death squads 17:53:21
Anyone heard about this? FBI Meeting With AZ Delegates to Review Election Fraud? 17:41:51
The Student Loan Scam in Pictures & Cartoons 17:34:23
(Video) The Titanic " The Untold Story of its Mysterious Sinking " 17:18:04
If it isn’t Right it’s Wrong 17:11:09
Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system 17:10:10
Major Racey Jordan - Treason at the Highest Levels in Washington 16:51:16
The Media Are Flocking To The Ron Paul Rally in Tampa! 16:37:03
............. 16:35:13
Tampa Week 16:31:20
The Complete and Undeniable Truth! 16:28:59
Grey state 16:28:47
“The Tea Party Playbook Is More Paul Than Santorum” 16:28:15
(VIDEO) Montel Williams on Piers Morgan : "I own a gun" 16:25:27
Sen. Kelly Ayotte to host town halls in NH 8/15-16 16:23:12
Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012 16:22:54
Add Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois to the S. 202 co- sponsor list! 16:00:03
Hurry! Judge Nap has a poll up on Gretawire! 15:51:39
RNC Source: Ron Paul Will Have Speaking Role 15:42:21
Focus on violent 'extremists' hampered by U.S. laws, political pressure 15:41:38
(VIDEO) Potassium Iodide pills distributed to people living near nuclear plants in PA 15:35:41
Man arrested for beating opposom wins right to sue 15:28:07
News!...Holland, Mich 15:16:01
Citing Drought, U.S. Expects Lowest Corn Yield in 17 Years 15:09:28
Economic Lessons from American History 14:59:38
What's wrong with the police using drones? 14:51:38
Please Support My Kickstarter Campaign. Inspried by Ron Paul & The Liberty Community! (Video) 14:38:59
What Ron Paul needs to say to win over delegates and non-Paul people 14:35:21
Media Flocking to RP Rally in Tampa 14:27:11
Maine Governor Really Stands With Maine Delegation! 14:18:46
List of sovereign states by current account balance 14:17:18
My understanding of the "Lawyers for RP" case... 14:02:07
Drones rocketing new uses raise questions of privacy 13:52:52
RP Rally Media Coverage! 13:27:38
Liberals, give our ideas a try 13:07:05
Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012 13:06:52
"Ron Paul has already won six states, and potentially more..." 13:00:29
Which Presidential candidate is truly pro life? 12:58:12
Hey I'm 5 years old as of 5 days ago. 12:53:41
Disinformation: How it Works 12:50:10
Who's going to Tampa? 12:49:33
11 things that can happen when you allow your country to become enslaved to the bankers 12:42:31
The U.S. Army Operating Concept 2016-2028 12:32:54
Libertarian VP goes after Obama's Drug War 12:28:51
Cops Strip Search Mom, "Forcibly" Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign 12:27:41
Rep. Gosar (R-AZ-1) is doing a Q&A on Facebook now. Ask a question! 12:20:34
Can't believe this song has not been adopted as the theme for Liberty. 12:16:03
Do You Need a Ron Paul Car Sticker? 12:15:45
Anyone going to Tampa via I-10 East in the Florida Panhandle? 12:12:10
Surveillance Cameras Turned Off During Sikh Temple Shooting 12:10:30
10 Ways to Convert a Neocon Into a Libertarian 11:55:14
The US Budget Explained in Simple English (Eye opening comparison to home budget) 11:54:47
Try Again, Judge Tells Ron Paul Supporters 11:54:35
Paul Fest Lineup 11:44:23
Cops being jerks in NYC - Video 11:29:14
Medical Marijuana: Montana Cannabis Under Fire From Feds 11:26:23
Romania for Ron Paul - Learn to educate 11:19:53
Ron Paul Supporter: "Abortion IS Murder...I Know, Because I Had One" 11:08:42
I think I just connected some dots... VP pick 11:06:34
National Right to Work Act. Petition (Rand Paul) 11:03:42
Romney Says Boy Scouts Should Admit Homosexuals 11:01:50
Why Rasmussen is wrong to leave GJ out of polling... 10:42:57
Is anyone filming the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa? 10:39:23
“The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012; Purely a literary device not a prediction.” 10:37:27
Manchesters (UK) Health And Safety Chief Bans Dangerous Paper Clips 10:30:05
The military supports Ron Paul 10:17:20
Venezuela arrests American 'mercenary', says Hugo Chávez 10:11:35
Afghan 'in uniform' kills three US soldiers 10:07:08
Delegates on Platform Committee, watch out for David Barton 10:07:01
Pfizer Pays $60 Million for Bribing Foreign Doctors 09:58:37
Doctors for Dr. Ron Paul Dearborn Event 09:45:45
Fox Poll: 41% Comfortable With Obama But Only 27% Comfortable With Romney 09:45:21
Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination lawsuit charges 09:41:33
Romney's faith allowed him to claim "Minister of Religion" for a deferment from fighting in Vietnam. 09:39:21
Dr. Ron Paul-Obama Healthcare is a Disaster for America & the Economy 09:34:56
From George Washington's Farewell Address (Beware Of Entangling Alliances) 09:25:02
Sad, sick society -14 year old bullied at school - MSM lauds plastic surgery 09:12:11
Romney VP Pick Needs to Deliver Florida or New Mexico 09:01:04
Dr. Tom Woods Visits Austin! (Full Speech) 08:57:22
Jack Hunter, The Southern Avenger, Visits Austin! (Full Speech) 08:53:48
If Ron Paul is ever to persuade the delegates in Tampa to nominate him 08:44:54
Politico: Libertarianism is becoming a Winning Strategy 07:42:29
Still seeing alot of vehicles with Ron Paul Decals on them :) 07:33:42
Long Q&A With Authors Of "Game Change" 07:29:39
Woman removed after outburst during James Holmes’ court appearance 06:39:32
Lawsuit update 06:04:41
NYPD unveils new $40 million super computer system that uses data from network of cameras, license plate readers and crime repor 05:31:34
If you could show a Romney National Delegate just one video, what would it be (provide link)? 05:10:46
Russell Means supports Ron Paul 04:28:01
Italy Slams Germany In Euro Fight 03:56:33
Britain faces legal challenge over secret US 'kill list' 03:46:49
Cannabis Activist On Conan 03:46:00
! Romney Screw Up! 03:40:48
Pat Buchanan: 'Obama has steadily diminished both himself and the office he holds' 03:23:11
Will Obama and Romney Self-Destruct? 03:20:56
Ron Paul’s Legacy: a Complete Audit of The Secretive Banking Cartel? 03:12:46
If God is for the ron paul revolution then ... 02:44:29
Legally traveling with firearms 02:24:10
New Verse: Obamaful for Romney's thugs... 02:23:09
Which candidate do you side with? 02:02:33
Bypass the Tax Man AND Turn Time into a Tradable Commodity! 01:42:44
Gary Johnson 01:33:30
Daily Paul should award Ben Swann an honorary premium membership to this site! Yes? 00:56:54
Story of "Active Duty Air Force Physician Forced to Resign as Delegate" Inspires Some to Take Action in GOP Platform Discussion 00:53:18
Video: Ret. Army Col. McGregor; Blackwater Changed it's Name, Not it's Habits 00:44:55
Video #9 of 27: The Perils Of Putting Profit Before Morality With The Ron Paul Movement 00:37:43
New Data Exposes BitTorrent Throttling ISPs 00:30:24