Posted on August 11, 2012

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LA Ron Paul Delegates Lose Appeal UPDATE 8/13/12 It is not over 22:10:52
Paul Ryan Begging Congress to Pass TARP 21:00:48
Decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final — Israel TV 20:29:13
To my fellow DPers. 20:02:07
All You Need to Know About Paul Ryan in 30 Seconds 19:03:08
OP/ED: Paul Ryan is No Ron Paul 17:02:03
Speakers Announced for Ron Paul Rally (NOT Paulfest)! 13:34:05
Ron Paul on Fox Business: Paul Ryan's Budget Doesn't Cut Anything of Substance 14:53:48
Another Huge Gaffe: Romney Introduces Ryan as ‘Next President’ 09:55:44
Paul Ryan Announced as Romney's VP 14:40:06
Governor Paul LePage Threatens RNC Boycott If Maine Ron Paul Delegates Are Not Seated! 14:00:52
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Perseid meteor show lights up the night sky 23:48:16
Use Paul Ryan as Ammo! 23:44:04
Gun Ownership a Contagion/Disease? 23:42:54
Tonight at Midnight CST Show on Ron Paul Girl Radio 23:36:08
Didn't Know I Was a NeoCon Till I Stopped Being One 23:32:15
"Audit the Fed" signs in Tampa? 23:20:46
Why are so many people on here dividers? 23:03:36
Gauss Virus Targets Banking System May Cause US Financial Collapse 23:00:01
Republican Liberty Caucus: The Paul Ryan Record – Not as Fiscally Conservative as You Think 22:45:16
Interesting interview with attorney Richard Gilbert yesterday... 22:43:57
The Paul Ryan Record (it's even worse than you think) 22:40:53
Paul Ryan's budget 22:33:16
Dr. Paul: Please - Name Your Running Mate Now! 22:09:18
Baby's got back- but at least she's not getting shot in the back 21:51:27
Calling all Free Market believers! 21:51:08
The Berlin Wall, Our Situation and a walk to Freedom 21:39:23
Once you go Austrian, You don't go back! Tom Woods interviews Prof. Jeffrey Herbener: Confessions of an EX-Keynesian 21:22:31
To the Paulfest volunteer with email like bilindsiterx 21:15:13
Paul Ryan's Jack Abramoff And Tom DeLay Connections Likely To Draw New Scrutiny 20:59:36
Video: New Yorkers Sacrificing Liberty for Security 20:50:17
Feds: Mississippi county runs 'school-to-prison pipeline' 20:49:40 Petition Tell Governer Rick Scott to Allow Paul To Speak! 20:46:27
Attention RP Delegates! 20:18:00
International Space Station Hoax 20:16:37
Inspirational Video 20:16:10
How libertarian are you? 20:05:51
1.5 million barrels of butane waiting to explode in Louisianan. 19:29:14
Rigged Voting Machines may lead to Obama's second term 19:28:16
Dr Paul wants our help...Coordinated Signs And Message for Tampa 19:20:42
Why Ryan? "Paul Ryan took apart Obama and Obamacare - in 6 minutes!" 19:14:04
A quick question to the anti-Johnson people. 18:55:17
A Badly Bent Coin 18:52:17
Libel against Ron Paul 18:50:54
Have you noticed how Sarah Palin HATES Mitt? 18:45:56
Why did Romney Announce his pick before the Republican Convention? 18:33:50
I Had a Dream 18:19:34
Delegates on Platform Committee: Use Marriage Amendment Issue as a Bargaining Chip. 18:13:04
“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. 18:10:49
Did the White House Coordinate a Response to VP Pick, with ABC & NBC? 18:04:16
Arkansas Group to Submit Signatures to Get Medical Marijuana on Ballot 18:01:09
Rothbard: "I Left The Republican Party After Taft Was Robbed Of The Nomination In '52" 17:52:18
From Tom Woods: Paul Festival - See Lew, Peter Schiff, and more 17:49:56
Military plans for tea party insurrection 17:17:18
Why doesn't Ron Paul announce his own VP choice before heading to the convention? 17:09:01
Paul Ryan Branches Out in CFR Speech 17:08:56
Col. David Crockett, U.S. Representative from Tennessee 17:04:02
Paul Ryan's "good deed" 17:02:39
Turkey and US may establish a no-fly zone over Syria all by themselves. 16:58:04
If you can't afford one of these 16:44:21
One thing for sure: A Romney win will put those Paultards in their place. 16:35:29
The perfect attack ad against Ryan 16:32:36
34 states and counting 16:28:57
Video #11 of 27: No More Fun & Games. Ron Paul Can Still Be POTUS! 16:24:14
Time to Start Advocating Ron Paul write in on the ballot 16:19:30
Just gauging: Everybody here STILL convinced that Ron Paul will never endorse Gary Johnson? 16:03:50
Drudge Poll: Paul Ryan a Good Pick for VP 16:03:28
The Judge Interviewing Donald Rumsfeld regarding the Iraq War, 9/11, Security and Liberty 15:54:30
NYPD reveals new massive $40 million super computer spy system 15:48:19
Petition drive pushes for Libertarian candidate 15:33:31
Michigan delegate needs help 15:31:33
~ Romney & Ryan - Synchronized Flip Flopping Team 15:28:37
Here is the plan to take our country back! 15:27:25
#GaryJohnsonSays Twitter Bomb on Sunday 15:24:59
As A Man Thinketh 15:18:47
We the people of the United States of America have turned away from what we hold dear 15:01:41
Should Ron Paul now reveal his pick for VP? Yes + or No - 14:11:46
Start Of Weather Wars Against Iran? 6.2 & 6.3 Eq's Followed By Strong Aftershocks 13:42:02
What If Elections Don't Matter The Plain Truth By Judge Nap 13:27:26
Paul Ryan Begs Congress To Pass Tarp 13:22:37
Ron Paul Should Announce His VP Pick 13:04:56
Swing States - How much truth is there to the impact of the Ron Paul state wins now? 12:36:56
Presidential Write-in Laws By State 12:31:27
Video: Paul Ryan Begging for TARP 12:28:49
Drones Arrive in Austin Texas 12:19:55
Spokesman of Gun Owners For Ron Paul 2012 - Now Running For Office in Montana! 12:17:53
Lew Rockwell:Romney Picks Imitation Ron Paul as Veep 12:17:23
Did Romney violate GOP Convention Rules? 12:08:30
Paul Ryan Voted Yes To Make Patriot Act Permanent 11:57:54
Ron Paul for the WIN - Help needed in order to do that 11:13:10
Michelle Malkin flip flop on Paul Ryan 11:08:43
New Yorker: Paul Ryan - Mitt's Risky Pick 11:02:01
New executive order - a way into Iran? 10:56:36
GOP establishment has superseded Obama as my enemy 09:52:51
Ron Paul on Paul Ryan 09:50:52
Freudian slip with coverage of Paul Ryan announcement 09:35:08
Romneys pick of Ryan as VP and the INSANITY of the Ryan budget plan 09:34:16
LePage...umm...Be careful. 09:22:22
Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012 08:58:20
Jim Rogers: Wall Street will Become a Wasteland Because of the Scandals 08:51:20
Romney announces Paul Ryan as running mate 08:00:25
So Many Criminals, So Many Crimes 07:47:39
Arizona government is caught rigging election and admits it. - Judge declares "Not guilty" and no one gos to jail. 07:28:10
Maine Governor LePage says he won't go if our RP delegation isn't seated. 07:26:47
Postal failure approaches 06:44:49
Birchers, Paulers, Libertarians - The ORIGINAL Homeland Security 06:09:36
Getting to Know Paul Ryan, Presumptive VP Nominee 05:54:01
10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve 05:52:30
Pull Your Head Out of Your Ass. Vote Ron Paul. 05:51:07
Official Thread: Is Paul Ryan A New World Order Shill? Links & Data. 05:13:01
Shout out to Ron Paul atheists 04:56:19
Elitist are Preparing for Collapse... Are You? 04:11:16
The Elephant in the Room Part Eight 03:54:24
Rand Paul Tries to Intimidate & Harass Journalist After A Youtube Video 03:08:30
This is Important History, JP Morgan behind sinking of the Titanic (repost) and Banker Terrorism 02:57:28
Sons Of The Republic!, Look And Learn!, Evil United Shall Not Prevail Against Her! 02:45:02
My girlfriend wants to be on medicare for her inhaler, what should I do? 02:40:50
Effort to add fluoride to Portland's drinking water 02:35:54
Top neo-conservatives call on Obama to enter Syria internal struggle. Rand Paul blocks Appointment of Ambassador to Pakistan. 02:31:13
Soothing Relief from Painful Logic 02:21:55
Paul Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn't Reduce Spending 02:21:15
FDR and Jesse Owens - 4 Golds 02:16:35
Get This Out - Mitt Romney’s Abortion Business Made Him $50M 02:14:39
Chill Out, VP Pick is a Panic Decision 02:13:41
RFID Cards Are A Comin' (to Students) 01:40:49
Daily Paul Tutorial 2 - Your Account 11:26:26
searching for a heart of gold 01:25:13
... 01:07:22
Paul Ryan Wins The "Veeps Sweep!" Will Still Run For House Seat! 00:38:25
1975 John Wayne interview: "You're being conned into keynesianism and socialism now..." 00:36:19
Just Out: Romney Will Choose Paul Ryan as VP Tomorrow 00:26:28
Reuters: U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse 00:21:17
History's Greatest Terrorist: Harry Truman (Was ANYTHING I learned in school, True?) 00:14:47
Global Collapse Explained 00:10:36
GOP Delegates face moral dilemma 00:01:12
Daily Paul Tutorial 1 - The Blue Menu Bar 10:56:21