Posted on August 12, 2012

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/13/12: Legalize Competing Currencies! 12:59:04
Lew Rockwell Suggests Ron Paul Will Appear via Recorded/Edited Video at the RNC 15:45:32
Benton: ‘Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor.’ 15:50:11
Louisiana NOT over by a long shot. UPDATE : They have 3 days to appeal 11:39:07
Rachel Maddow On Romney's Tax Returns 12:26:26
Be mindful of "plants" in Tampa, masquerading as violent RPers. 00:12:22
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You don't know how it feels to be a Ron Paul supporter 23:27:03
ant carries blade of grass. Interaction. 22:59:48
~ Albany Fema Camp! Shocking Footage! ~ 22:47:39
I present to you THE 12 -step Ex-neocon Program. Guaranteed To Work! 22:39:11
Butter Popcorn Chemical Linked To Alzheimer’s 22:26:03
What's another felony to Mittens? 22:21:34
Building a platform in Germany 22:12:00
"Roseanne Barr gets Roasted" Comedy Central - TV Live Stream 21:52:12
24 minute video that explains how the US became a national security 1947 21:50:25
Navy ship collides with tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, with picture 21:49:24
How Much Support Does Ron Paul Really Have? 21:27:15
Fish, Water=Aquaponics Revolution. My Kickstarter Campaign VIDEO. Inspired By Dr. Paul, DP & Many Of You. Please Pledge Support 21:14:51
what would be the response of the MSM if Dr. Paul were to win the nomination? 21:09:14
Judge Napolitano Last Week (Recent Topics) 21:06:33
Ain't Paul Ryan Great! 21:04:32
Romney Flashback: Homosexuality is 'Perverse' and 'Reprehensible' 20:44:50
Nation's Economists Quietly Evacuating Their Families 19:59:51
International Space Station Billion Dollar Hoax - Part 2 19:33:12
Genetically Engineered Soldiers: Coming to a Army Base Near You 19:21:29
Paul Ryan is No Conservative 19:15:07
This is What Your Tap Water Looks Like 19:09:34
Raw Milk debate in Australia 18:55:57
Food Freedom Project Underway...Aquaponics For The Future...Now! (Please Pledge Support, View The Video & Pass It On) 18:47:36
Ron Paul: A notable omission from the list of speakers at the 2012 RNC 18:42:37
Sinclair News to give away Paulfest passes Tuesday-Aug-14-2012 18:38:58
Big Weekend for Justin Amash – Backs VP Choice & Bails on Paul Fest 18:28:57
Texas National Delegate Ron Paul Supporter Needs Money To Get To Tampa 17:52:46
Texas National Delegate Ron Paul Supporter Needs Money To Get To Tampa 17:52:00
Texas National Delegate Ron Paul Supporter Needs Money To Get To Tampa 17:51:11
Father, is it time to come out publicly for Ron Paul yet? IMAGE 17:46:35
Texas National Delegate Ron Paul Supporter Needs Money To Get To Tampa 17:45:38
Unemployment Benefits for Millionaires, and More from the Congressional Research Service 17:43:56
Don't Murder. Unless You're Wearing a Funny Hat or a Shiny Badge IMAGE 17:43:54
Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If GOP Hopes To Win in 2012 17:32:36
Video #12 of 27: Threats To The Social Order & How Education Is The Best Defense 17:30:27
Why Do Republicans Keep Picking Losers? 17:30:03
Federal Appeals Court Rules Brokerages Can Use Segregated Client Funds to Pay Creditors 17:27:04
Ed and Ethan 2X01 August 12, 2012 17:25:22
Pro-Life Christian Lawyer: We Don't Wanna Be Hypocrites and Vote for Romney! We Want People to Vote For Ron Paul 17:03:23
Obama or Romney. I think I'm going to puke! 16:58:16
CIA & intelligence agencies have a vested interest in maintaining a global drug problem. 16:55:36
Fight with Me For 10 Days, Ron Paul Supporters AWAKEN Romney Delegates, JOIN the FB Group to Get Involved 16:45:06
need a video fast! 16:33:12
In it to win it my A*! Benton and Paul. Angry rant 16:26:29
Anger grows in Illinois at Bain’s latest outsourcing plan 16:15:30
How Far Advanced is Holographic Technology? 16:11:09
Bernie Sanders Goes After Monsanto-"People want to know what´s in the food they are eating!" 16:08:05
Is not the VP supposed to be 'nominated' ? 16:05:32
InTrade says Obama is going to win the election. 16:01:04
Why Is Paul Waiting to Name His Vice President Choice? 15:50:18
Money Grenade: Help For Should-be Alternate Delegate 15:44:37
Lew Rockwell Replies: Louisiana Ron Paul Delegates Lose Appeal 15:41:39
How to Solve the Issues of Social Security and Banksters 15:32:39
Libertarian Gary Johnson brings his 'Live Free' message to Dallas 15:32:11
Surprise, Surprise: Kochtopus CATO hearts Wrongney's VP Choice, the RINO Statist Liberal Paul Ryan 15:29:10
Apple's Co-founder thinks Congress gives us our freedoms. 15:26:25
Racial Profiling Rife at Airport, U.S. Officers Say 15:16:39
Doctors Categorize Gun Violence A ‘Social Disease’ Like Tobacco Or Alcohol Abuse 15:16:13
Anyone seen "Hell on Wheels" timeless as today's struggle. 15:11:58
Would you help with a chipin for a Billboard in Philly? 15:11:34
Veep Pick Paul Ryan Is No Conservative 15:01:00
New York City police shoot knife-wielding man near Times Square 15:00:07
A 'Tribute Video' to Ron Paul? 14:59:38
There Is Still Hope For Mankind 14:59:26
9 more deaths 1 day after 6 US soldiers were shot dead yesterday 14:51:23
US Navy ship collides with oil tanker in Gulf 14:22:16
Yahoo actually reporting on Romney attracting big crowds - never mentioned Dr. Paul's crowds. 14:18:07
Hypocrite Romney requesting "MULTIPLE" years of tax returns of VP "contenders" 14:16:26
Romney served his country when called 13:32:01
Liberty candidate RJ Harris reports from Oklahoma 13:18:46
I spoke to a man that (early) voted yesterday here in FL. 13:11:57
The Next Election: High Stake Outcomes Based on Non-issues 12:50:51
Ron Paul Email 8/11/2012The Republican National Convention is rapidly approaching. And my staff and legal team have been feveri 12:46:17
Paul/Napolitano IMAGE - 12:29:41
Republican National Convention (RNC): Allow Ron Paul to be put up for nomination (and speak) during the RNC petition 12:28:12
(VIDEO) This Is What Your Tap Water Looks Like 12:24:56
United Nations tells the United States to halt biofuel production 12:22:44
Romney's tax plan crunches middle class 12:17:37
2016: Obama's America Movie now playing in theaters 12:16:46
Veep Pick Paul Ryan Is No Conservative 12:16:18
Question for Johnson 12:05:44
Libertarian do-nothings 12:05:17
Reporter Admits Financial System Changeover: “They’re Going to Put the Old System In a Coma(Video) 12:03:55
Naming Names: Your Real Government 11:41:09
UN Designates "Free Syrian Army" Affiliates as Al Qaeda. The US Sponsors Terrorists 11:35:58
"Paul Ryan: Meet the New Second Fiddle, Same as the Old Second Fiddle" -Reason Mag. 11:23:06
Another Flip Flop, that was fast! Romney Already Distancing Himself From Paul Ryan's Budget Plan. 11:14:55
Ron Paul Challenge to LAGOP Convention Delegation Rebuffed by National Party Committee 11:12:25
Trolls take over Ron Paul Yahoo Page 11:11:59
Rand Paul - Fahrenheit 451 Speech - Worth your watch - Key word: GAZILLION 11:10:38
Great Bible Prophecy videos (Christian topic) 10:59:46
Jesse Benton: The Epitome of an Establishment Sellout 10:39:57
Ron Paul Supporters See Libertarian Opportunity in Paul Ryan as VP (ha-ha!) 09:50:26
A " Real " Victory On The Battle Against The Unconstitutional Real -ID In WV 09:32:28
It starts today - the real poll 09:11:12
First post, but I feel that this needs to be said 09:08:20
Which states got screwed out of their delegates? 08:42:03
F.Y.I. on more Nazi tactics 08:12:56
I Have About 20 Ron Paul Car Stickers Left! 07:49:45
Ingot poll from this month and year! 06:51:37
Ron Paul vs Paul Ryan's Budget Cuts 06:27:46
Money Update For Tampa 04:27:16
My email from Mitt 'Ramen Noodle' Romney 04:27:13
Paul's VP Choice 04:21:46
Paul Ryan a Bilderberger 03:12:22
Civil War of 2016-U.S. Military Officers Are Told to Plan to Fight Americans 02:46:45
A Wall Photo That Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Paul "the State" Ryan 02:09:24
latest from Arizona - National Committeewoman position 01:49:41
Romney will lose Regardless. Rand Should go VP with Ron and call shenanigans on Romney 01:47:27
Pro Athletes in the Olympics is Sports Imperialism and Paul supporters should stand with me! 01:38:55
Dozens of Underwater Drones Deployed To The Waters of Iran 01:34:01
Paul Ryan And His Family To Benefit From The $45 Billion In Subsidies For Big Oil In His Budget 01:28:23
Gov. Romney ignores the Paul delegates and supporters at his peril! 01:22:04
A Victory In The Real-id Battle In West Virginia 01:21:04
How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul 00:59:28
Watch the Video. My Campaign For Food Freedom & Freedom Of Innovation. Inspired By The Good Dr. & DP. Please Pledge Support 00:50:49
The Inside Story Of How Mitt Romney Chose Paul Ryan And Kept It A Secret 00:46:43
Weekend Viewing: Attack of the Drones! The Proliferation of Robotics / AI Warfare: SkyNet commeth! 00:45:45
Hope persists for Ron Paul because, he says, he makes Mitt Romney's campaign 'very insecure' 00:21:03
Romney Gives in to Liberty Movement, Puts Paul on the Ticket 00:18:40
Questions put to my Facebook contacts: 00:18:15
Ted Cruz passed donors list to Mitt Romney. 00:14:04
Report: Racial Profiling Alleged At Boston Airport 00:04:43
Thoughts on Paul Ryan and a 20-minute Speech 00:02:55
If Dr. Paul was offered the VP spot on the libertarian ticket what would you vote ? 00:00:25