Posted on August 16, 2012

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Complaint Filed Against Colorado GOP State Chairman 21:41:50
SABOTAGE! Ron Paul Being Obliterated From Wiki Tea Party Entry! 19:57:00
Brilliant! Ron Paul Supporter Owns - Story Goes Viral 18:24:52
Despair: 38 US Soldiers Killed *Themselves* This Month, An All Time High 16:16:16
WA - Future of state GOP may be decided in precinct battles 14:51:01
Judge Napolitano: November’s choices - tough to support either Romney-Ryan or Obama-Biden 14:23:36
Article: Ron Paul Still Mum As His Son Endorses Paul Ryan 17:12:14
Ecuador grants Assange asylum; UK vows to ‘carry out’ extradition anyway 14:58:43
Video: Support Our Troops - Bring Them Home! 12:00:25
Unbound and loving it! My National Delegate speech! 17:53:59
UPDATE: For Romney Delegates: A Paulian Manifesto, final draft 22:32:01
Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: "Read the Constitution!" 00:44:49
Marine asks for your support of Ron Paul for President 00:00:15
Reality Check: Rep. Paul Ryan = Big Spender? 10:00:31
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Kokesh says Veterans For RP may not march at RNC 23:31:12
Sinclair Comunity College, Drones, Police Weapon & Tactical Training? 23:26:40
Gary Johnson is a distraction 22:57:12
Video #16 of 27: Liberty is BEAUTIFUL 22:46:56
My Political Analogy With A French Quote on Adultery 22:46:23
Let's Nationalize Facebook! Really? 22:43:19
Assange or Corzine? 22:38:51
So how many Ron Paul delegates have been kicked out? 22:32:40
IMF Publishes Report Advocating Elimination of Fractional-Reserve Banking 21:04:17
Governor Lepage Threatens To Boycott RNC, Stands With Ron Paul Delegates 21:00:12
Are American Soldiers Heroes? 20:51:28
The TRUE cost of citizenship! 20:30:15
Colorado Delegate "Call"s out State Chairman 20:29:34
Education is the Foundation of the Future 20:35:21
Ron Paul nearly obliterated from wiki 'Tea-Party' entry - references to Ryan added! 20:19:37
What can I say? 20:19:17
A New Chant For The Delegates 20:12:49
Tatiana Moroz Live Now On Video 8pm Est Www.Ronpaulradio.Com 20:01:42
Do people on here want to win an election? 20:01:33
Creating the RNC One-Sheet: Need Help! 19:55:36
All eyes are on Ron Paul this month 19:53:22
Kiss My Privileged Ass. A Note From Your Elected Official 19:53:00
Bernie Sanders event in Burlington, Vermont 8/19 19:52:13
A "low-dough" alternative to P.A.U.L. Fest in Tampa on 8/25 for those on a budget 19:39:43
Send a letter to all your GOP reps telling them the RNC is asking them to take a bullet by picking Romney 19:20:37
Going to See Gary Johnson Speak Tomorrow 17:38:59
Cato Institute budget analyst: Paul Ryan is a big government conservative 17:37:47
If Ron Paul EVER endorses Romney/Ryan... 17:35:40
Great delegate news, a tentative WIN! 17:27:00
Van Steenwyk is Arizona's pro liberty candidate for the US senate seat. He is participating in a live debate at 5:30 pm on PBS. 17:22:53
Romney/Ryan is much WORSE than Bush/Cheney 17:09:24
Should Google Pay its Users? 17:05:01
Let Ron Paul Speak at the RNC! 17:02:32
To the faithful, time to get reacquainted and stand on Psalm 37 16:29:57
Approval of Congress falls to all-time low 16:29:24
Delegate status update? 16:24:03
Guns do not GUARANTEE liberty. 16:20:49
Paul Ryan is KILLING House Republicans 16:15:24
Pic of Paul confusion in Tampa 16:06:46
It's Not a Black and White World. 16:06:23
Caution to all Tampa visitors: Black Panthers issue threat! 15:49:55
Government Meddling Raises Corn, Meat & Gas Prices 15:39:22
FBN Not Online 15:32:57
To all going to the Ron Paul Festival... 15:31:49
Help Us Flood The National Convention With Ron Paul Chocolate Bars 15:22:56
40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate 15:20:45
Social Security Now Called 'Federal Benefit Payment Entitlement" 14:51:35
Federal Court Rules Utah’s Anti-Hair Braiding Law Unconstitutional 14:36:37
Just Sent $3 to Obama Campaign 14:34:27
Wake up America; it’s time to fight for Liberty! 14:30:41
State legislator: NH governor should pardon jailed transparency activist 14:24:43
The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Video Collection 14:16:42
Audio - Robert Scott Bell Nails Boehner For Calling Us Knuckle Draggers 14:10:27
Heck of a reply by Ann Romney on tax releases - "it will just give them more ammunition" 13:56:54
All the birds are dead. 13:55:39
"Sic Semper Tyrannis" which is Latin for "Thus always to tyrants. 13:44:48
Mitt Romney Pretends He's Clueless About NDAA , Then Warmongers 13:44:35
Josh Tolley Live Video Chat Now 1:30 Eastern Time - Doug Wead at 2pm eastern 13:33:10
2 Sheriffs shot in LA - "Assault weapon"? 13:11:54
TSA accused of racial profiling at Boston airport 13:09:29
George Carlin on Saving the Planet 12:56:53
10 Reasons Ron Paul Should Speak at the GOP Convention 12:44:57
GMO Super Human Soldiers of the Future, Brought to You by The Pentagon. 12:32:03
CONFIRMED! WikiLeaks Founder Granted Asylum in Equador 12:14:54
as soon as the RNC dismisses RP at convention, RP should go 3rd party and throw a wrench in the machine. 12:12:54
Dallas approves aerial spraying to fight west nile 12:05:41
Facebook stock hits all-time low as insiders get first chance to sell 11:57:49
2012 Presidential Dream Team? 11:43:48
*Paul Craig Roberts* cites Russian P.M's Reaction to DC War Mongering and Preparations for Nuclear War 11:40:06
Co-Founder of Copblock convicted of felony wiretapping 11:24:36
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson receives 24% in nationwide poll 11:20:14
40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate 11:03:57
NYTimes: Did Assange Flush? 11:03:51
Ron Paul Radio Telethon Aug 16 @ Noon. 8 Free Paulfest Tickets - Special Guest Doug Wead 11:01:27
Syrian Rebel Leader Threatens To Form Alliance With Al-Qaeda If West Doesn’t Provide Arms 11:00:18
Is Washington Deaf As Well as Criminal? 10:54:29
Dishonorable Disclosures 10:53:56
Soros says there is little difference between Obama and Romney 10:52:15
My estimate - 100,000 troops will die 13:13:07
Daily Paul Name Change 10:06:20
Romney's Taxes 09:37:18
Special Forces Rebuke Obama. Must See Video 09:24:01
Hypothetical situation. Would appreciate input and/or answers 09:19:19
7 Americans among 11 dead in Afghan helicopter crash 09:14:29
Antique Firearms 09:08:44
Fundraising 09:01:05
Let Go of the Wheel 08:59:07
Lew Rockwell : "Obama Will Win" 08:58:25
How to take down AIPAC 08:36:26
Why is the Federal Government Prepping with Ammo? 08:26:06
Prosecutor recused in Arpaio racial profiling case 08:22:19
Exergaming and the Memory of Hard Work 08:11:55
Dubya Not Going To Be At RNC 07:34:59
Mega Death Singer Says " Obama Staged Aroura Shooting" 06:57:57
Norquist: Ryan, Romney wrong on defense budgets 06:37:09
What our real opposition thinks the government does for them. 05:34:44
What is correct Robert Rules Way to nominate Ron Paul or anyone ? 05:08:34
What's Happening with Iowa Ron Paul Delegates? 04:04:28
Dallas mayor declares emergency over West Nile virus 03:20:02
Hank the Cat runs for Senate 03:13:05
Labor Department Attempts To Stop layoffs By Giving $100 Million To States To Subsidize Payrolls 03:08:53
Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Is Legal, Federal Court Rules 02:59:09
RNC Delegate Badge Hijackers? 02:45:09
The most revolting attack ad ever. 02:36:25
August 15, 1971: A day that will live in fiat infamy. 02:35:07
What Other States Are Filing Ron Paul RNC Nomination? 02:06:38
Ron Paul, Not Paul Ryan, Is The Real Budget Hawk In Congress 02:06:37
Liberty Entrepreneur's Cool Project & Awesome Photoshop Job! 01:53:05
What are the latest estimates for the number of delegates we have? 01:45:14
Who Here Does Not Own A Gun? And Why ? 01:43:31
Rachel Maddow: Paul Ryan Is Not A Fiscal Conservative 01:39:44
How to contact delegates from the territories (DC, PR, American Samoa, etc.) 01:38:51
Obama’s “Unprecedented” lie 00:55:04
Raising Funds For Liberty 00:45:32
Video: R3VOL Vet's NH GunShop featured in NYT's NEUTRAL Article on Izhmash, Russia AK47 Factory! 00:27:16
It is time for our revolution 00:18:01
Paul Ryan's Inconsistency on Fiscal Issues 00:15:08
No Ron Paul support will do this, Only Romney supporters will do it 00:08:42
Rachel Maddow Does Another Blistering Piece on Mitt Romney 09:59:14
Ron Paulstock - August 24 2012 Atlanta Georgia 18:10:43