Posted on August 17, 2012

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Then They Came For Me (2012) 22:15:05
Paul vs Obama Poll #2 Results 17:45:23
Ron Paul Campaign Cash On Hand $2,497,183 17:54:45
Maine Delegates Ask Courts for an Injunction! 16:41:12
Heads Up: Will They Try to Take Away Ron Paul Signs at Convention? Plan Well. 18:26:17
Fmr. Marine Arrested By FBI For Patriotic Facebook Posts! Share Everywhere! 22:45:25
Ron Paul: The #1 speaker missing from Tampa GOP Convention 18:59:20
Daily Oklahoman Editorial: Ron Paul Backers Need to Give up the fight 10:47:15
Footage Of Michigan Police Shooting Homeless Man Over 30 Times 09:33:14
Let's play a game 13:00:00
Reality Check: RNC Rules Committee Can't Follow Its Own Rules! 16:09:53
At America's Biggest Drone Show, The Focus Shifts Toward Domestic Skies 12:52:20
General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy - Again 09:20:26
No Criminal Case Is Likely in Loss at MF Global 08:57:10
Paul Ryan's ATROCIOUS Record on Civil Liberties and the Constitution 11:53:12
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Flying Over America 23:51:22
In 2010, Paul Ryan denied making appeals for stimulus funds 23:40:21
Smoking vs. Vaporizing 23:39:04
Veterans For Ron Paul Might Not March on RNC! 23:15:46
Anti-obama Rally 23:15:17
TSA on the look out for Kinder Surprises, snow globes and large penises 23:15:03
So the republican national convention Is coming up 23:12:14
Short Link to PAUL's Budget: 22:55:57
'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against' 22:44:19
Ron Paul is losing the Liberty Grassroots. 22:38:26
Lunch Lady Faces Fine For Feeding Poor Kids In Pennsylvania (VIDEO) 22:37:40
Good afternoon everyone. 22:32:33
Idea for Obama vs. Paul Poll #3: 3-Way (or 4-Way) Poll 22:32:15
Moody's: More Calif. Cities At Risk Of Bankruptcy 22:29:15
Agencies tamp down speculation over hollow point ammo purchases 22:22:00
Paul vs. Ryan Budget Comparison 22:14:37
Ron Paul Radio Blasting Out On Your FM Dial at the Convention 22:12:21
Convention Weather Report 22:09:24
Former Marine Arrested by FBI for Threatening Facebook Posts! 22:05:04
Hold Republicans' Feet to the Fire 22:02:29
Mass GOP Prevails in Disqualifying Ron Paul Delegates 21:51:38
My dad works in the clothing business 21:49:54
I Still Have Faith In The Grand Old Party 21:49:54
Projectors, Big Screen TV's, etc. 21:46:25
Abolish The Income Tax, And Watch The Economic BOOM 21:06:01
GOP makes room for Ron Paul at Tampa Convention -USA Today 21:03:30
7th Circuit Court of Appeals Eviscerates 'Customer Segregation of Funds' 21:00:06
Delegates: How do we Handle Dirty Tricks Made At Tampa And Get Our Man In Office? 20:31:52
Gary Johnson Talks About Starting His Contracting Business 20:22:07
Ron Paul Needs You 20:13:27
The Most Free Nation in the World? 20:12:51
The madness continues - Immigration & Customs requests another 33 million rounds. 20:07:24
Fixing Stupid 20:06:02
Obama Announces More "Key" Administration Posts; (2 Tuna and 1 Fine Arts) 19:50:45
Why We Need Ron Paul Republicans 19:40:04
The Continental Army at Valley Forge, 1777 19:32:47
Dissapointed, But I'll still be going to Tampa.. 19:26:18
The Message of Liberty 19:22:34
Audit the Fed 19:17:39
Tax the Rich, End the Fed 19:15:39
Retired Marine Brandon Raub Arrested For Facebook Posts Criticizing The Government 19:07:40
New Voter Registrations! Number of Independents Breaking Records 19:03:01
Libertarians Sue to Have Romney Kicked Off Washington Ballot 18:50:32
?What is worse? 18:47:16
Despite No Longer Actively Campaigning Ron Paul Consistently Polls Above 40% Against Obama! 18:33:59
News: Maine Delegate Update 18:33:18
Ballot evidence suggests Ron Paul planning to run as third party candidate 18:32:13
Mitt Romney may have breached ethics laws through company linked to Paul Ryan's brother 18:31:15
Protect 1st amendment at RNC. 18:30:02
Where are we at with the P.A.U.L. fest attendance? 18:08:03
Preparedness empowers 18:03:02
Washington State Libertarian Party Sues To Remove Mitt Romney From Ballot 17:37:53
You can catch more flies with honey 17:26:47
Ryan Against the Machine...Rage Against the Ryan 17:09:34
Washington State Libertarians Sue To Remove Mitt Romney From Ballot 17:08:57
Question for Republicans and Democrats (video) 17:03:42
Freelance work for professional video editor/animator (be paid for the cause) 16:53:24
Peter Schiff speaking in Minneapolis! 16:51:08
We have met the enemy ... and they are US ! 16:43:31
Caught on tape: Official denies being an official - while under oath! 16:42:26
RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa. According to Doug Wead. 16:33:08
Flights Booked! C4RP (Canada) Going to Tampa! 16:28:12
State unemployment rates rise in 44 states 16:25:49
Okay Delegates, This is what I think you should expect 16:23:58
Open Letter to my fellow Daily Paulers: 16:23:12
Liberty Candidate "Mad Dash" From Odessa To Nashville To Dallas 16:20:09
LEHMAN Accounting Fraud ... Dylan Ratigan unleashed 16:18:57
Ron Paul delegates intend to advance 'movement' at GOP convention 16:18:47
Caught on tape: Official denies being an official - while under oath! 16:13:01
Do You Still Need a Ron Paul Car Sticker? 16:04:43
"Let them speak" -Ad 16:03:04
Schedule of Committee Mtgs next week in Tampa. You can come as a guest, or media. 15:51:07
Marine Arrested by FBI 15:45:51
Medical Support to Detainee Operations Manual Reveals New Drugs Can be Tested on Prisoners 15:45:12
Ron Paul 2012 - Save America from the Corporations 15:40:05
Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum! 15:38:19
Lemonade Freedom Day - August 18, 2012 15:36:40
Summarizing the Mainstream GOP and Democratic Parties 15:35:49
NEW ! Ron Paul Movie August 2012 15:35:45
Orchestra of Lies - Why To Vote Ron Paul 2012 15:31:21
Ron Paul RNC After Party Venue Cancelled? 15:29:26
I need quote (and Name) from Judge regarding Binding Delegates "Victory" 15:24:30
Injunction Motion Against DNC Filed with 9th Circuit to keep Obama off ballot 15:24:07
US Rep. Joe Walsh, "Radical strain of Islam in this country... trying to kill Americans every week" 15:07:34
Looking for Livestream Broadcasters at the RNC 15:03:31
The tea party is sh-t now, anyway and I'd rather Ron Paul not be associated with it! 15:02:59
2016 - The Movie: Obama's demise? Breitbart review 15:01:10
Help others know the truth... Ron Paul is up for nomination 15:01:07
Jordan Page at Iowa Liberty Fest Registration now LIVE 14:40:19
An open letter/video to Veterans For Ron Paul - Note (4 vids) 14:33:38
This is the solution to our problems. 14:29:27
Government Can Steal Retirees' Social Security Because of Student Loans 14:18:20
U.S.-based Planetary Resources to mine asteroids for Platinum and Gold 13:35:40
An Open Letter to Dr Paul by Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 on Friday, August 17, 2012 at 12:20pm · 13:35:22
Julian Assange Has Become A "Prisoner"! 13:34:45
RevPac confirms new news network in the works 13:30:38
Re: Assange - Ecuador to Washington and Britain: Go to Hell 13:22:04
1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) Frames Per Second Photography - Watch Light Travel 13:20:26
Ron Paul vs. Paul Ryan: Exact Opposites! 13:20:22
REPORT: George Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks, Invests Over 100 Million in Gold 13:16:34
National Day of Prayer for a "Miracle in Tampa" Sunday August 19th 13:03:34
Obama considers releasing from US strategic oil reserves – REPORT 12:56:15
This McCarthyesque mudslinging and witch-hunting has got to stop here! 12:51:59
CNN: Dought Forces Farmers To Sell Cattle (VIDEO) 12:51:39
Ron Paul: Let Different Currencies Compete 12:50:14
Well, Barry, it's been four years... 12:43:20
Paul Ryan slams Obama for not saving auto plant which closed under Bush in 2008 12:40:45
QE3 On Horizon for U.S. Economy 12:36:53
Why Romney’s choice of Ryan won’t help America debate the big issues 12:21:45
Gerald Celente : The World Is Going Up In Flames 12:20:06
Forbes: High Time We Legalized Marijuana 12:17:31
Prehistoric Brain Found Pickled in Bog 12:09:37
"The Jefferson Lies" Controversy 11:57:31
Rand Paul Threatens Abby Martin with Arrest, Suspention of Press Credentials for Asking Touch Questions (VIDEO) 11:55:25
Paul Ryan Caught Red Handed in Stimulus Hypocrisy 11:53:12
Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan caught red-handed in stimulus hypocrisy 11:42:20
60 Pro-Bradley Manning Protestors Disrupt Obama's Oakland Headquarters 11:40:54
Pussy Riot found guilty. Sentenced to 2 years in prison! 11:40:53
Naural Brands Betray Consumers Over GMO Labeling: Natural News Issues Boycott of Kashi, Silk Larabar and more 11:39:05
2 Years Hard Labor for P*ssy Riot 11:34:53
Love Is In The Air - Tampa! Tampa! Tampa! 11:31:24
My blog designed for the "unawakened" 11:22:57
A Minor Revolt Against the State (We are all Jayhawks now!) 11:22:36
My sincere attempt to reach out to my Facebook friends about our debt crisis 11:22:10
Libertarian candidate for Veep courts ‘cannabis vote’ in state 11:21:38
Attn: Romney delegates - A look at the coming debate between Romney & Obama 11:20:50
Wrong Paul requests stimulus money 11:18:59
Seamus In Chains: Campaign Rhetoric Goes “Ruff” 11:17:14
Good speech, don't know who the guy is 11:15:09
The 2012 Olympic Global `Cremation Of Care`ritual 11:02:42
Rachel Maddow was on the show Totally Biased 10:57:44
Nurse Who Saved Batman Massacre Victims Dies Unexpectedly 10:51:00
Obama Suspicious Death Lists ... Body Counts 10:26:31
Nurse Who Treated Victims Of Batman Massacre Drowns; Was She Talking? 10:21:23
Romney/Ryan are closer to Stalin than Obama 09:59:01
COWARD Mitt Romney fled to France so he could DODGE the DRAFT 09:57:39
A Shrine to Obamas First Kiss-Unbelivable 09:54:53
Romney's Tax Returns: It's a National Security Issue 09:53:11
I suggest we make a new party, the Ron Paul party. 09:50:02
Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks; Invests Over $130 Million In Gold 09:22:40
BusinessWeek: One Thing Romney and Obama Agree On: Big Government 09:09:56
Teacher Accused of Having Group Sex With Students on Video 08:19:07
No One Will Charged With a Crime for the MF Global Collapse 08:07:11
Ryan sides with populists - said banks should be banks, not Hedge Funds 08:01:06
Paul Ryan SELF-COMBUSTS on Neocon Central Fox Propaganda Channel 08:45:50
Disney clones 05:56:15
App shows location of security cameras in downtown Tampa installed ahead of the Republican National Convention 04:52:55
Lauren Lyster: Meet Ron Paul! No, Not THE One; CEO Ronald D. Paul of Eagle Bank, an Honest Banker? 04:16:07 Introduction: Go take the quiz! 12:20:35
Justice, Truth, Liberty, Victory–Reasons Republicans Must Heed Ron Paul 03:32:50
(Liberty and Knowledge) The Gentleperson's Guide To...(well, something useful to know) 03:06:18
RNC to hand out 14,000 goodie bags full of Romney crap. 02:54:00
Delegates: Anyone planning to make sure there is a Ron Paul Table or booth at the RNC ? 02:41:25
"if the establishment wants a fight in Tampa, rest assured we’re going to give them one." 02:17:03
New Video Going 'Viral' About Obamas Intelligence Leaks: Dishonorable Disclosures 02:06:40
You say: "Po-tay-to" I say: "Po-ta-to" Liberty is so close I can almost taste it. 01:25:35
We have succumb to anxiety and impatience and speculation...again and again! 01:19:39
Know This: The Globalists Want Ron Paul To Dissappear, But As Long As Ron Has Breath In Him He Will Stand Against The Globalist 01:13:08
Question: Economy in Ruins or Rebounding? 00:59:54
RNC 1-Sheet/Starting Non-Profit "Human Fund" 00:58:27
WA Libertarian Party 00:55:31
Help Me Start a Non-Profit to End Poverty w/ Volunteerism and a Self-Replicating System 00:48:24
Enemedia trying to squash Ron Paul 00:25:59
New FBI Stat: Oh You Silly Peons, We SHOULD murder You more! But We don't; You should thank Us! 00:23:23
Forums 00:10:53
A Different Interpretation 00:01:12
RNC picks Paul-bashing Democrat Artur Davis to speak at convention 00:00:42