Posted on August 19, 2012

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Could Michele Bachmann Lose in November? 20:10:37
Ron Paul TX Straight Talk, 8-20-12; It's Time for a Truly Conservative Foreign Policy 23:29:28
Fox News Misleading Ron Paul Article Title 21:11:15
August 20 is Dr. Ron Paul's Birthday! 18:06:05
Judge Napolitano on the 2012 Election, Obamacare, and The Future of Liberty 14:38:29
A message to all Ron Paul Delegates on their way to defend my liberties in Tampa. 15:33:54
TSA Stands for Twisted Sexual Assault: Clever Music Video 14:31:43
Video: Assange Addresses World from Balcony of Ecuadorian Embassy: 'The WikiLeaks 'witch-hunt' must end' 10:24:38
Payday Monsanto Video: Dr. No (Ron Paul Statesman) Ruff Draft 07:29:24
NDAA guise or not: Brandon Raub was not "arrested." KIDNAPPED then? Also, please help on his legal fees. 12:14:16
DPers: Site Owner Requests Help & New Ideas 11:10:32
Tyranny Is Over! 00:10:41
Is anyone from DailyPaul going to cover Tampa with a camera? 13:54:26
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Blast From The Past - Peter Schiff's Senate debate From 2010 23:58:29
Lemonade and Raw Milk Rebels (Video) 23:19:27
Does Mitt Romney Have a Koch Problem? 23:15:51
Ron Paul continues fight to secure Louisiana delegates 23:07:25
The RNC 1-Sheet: for Delegates (Video/pdf.) 23:04:12
A vote for a vote for OBAMA! 22:52:29
National right to work act? 22:22:42
Assange Comment 21:55:06
UKIP Nigel Farage on Fox Business, The EU is now resembling communism. 21:50:08
Sign Suggestions for Tampa... 21:25:09
Adam Kokesh 'Punches' Ron Paul 21:06:42
I love you, David Icke. 20:57:34
I Will Not Accept Any Blame, Shame or Guilt For An Obama Win If I Choose To Write In Ron Paul's Name 20:21:54
RNC Chair Welcomes Rep. Paul & His Supporters at GOP Convention 20:16:29
Song: Hank Penny - Taxes, Taxes 20:16:11
Ecuador to Teach U.S and U.K How to be Democratic 20:15:54
Ron Paul's major announcement at his Tampa Rally? 20:15:15
The Whistleblower: The movie the UN would prefer you didn't see 20:07:26
What is the procedure for getting Ron Paul up for nomination? 19:45:07
REMINDER: Ron Paul's Tampa Rally Update (Ron Paul's Video Message) 19:39:36
Romney blood money Damon medicare fraud 19:37:40
The Great Dictator 19:35:56
Video First Episode of "The P.A.U.L. View" Tatiana Moroz, Tracy Diaz, Gigi Bowman 19:34:58
This... 19:10:32
'War on whistleblowers must end!' - Assange speech at Ecuador Embassy 19:00:36
pState Brainwashing: McD's Mgr. lock-up/strip search Teen Worker because a Cop-impersonating PrankCaller said so! 18:38:11
VIDEO Ron Paul 8-19-12 Federal Debt Biggest Threat to Every American 18:14:29
VIDEO: War On Health: FDA Cult Of Tyranny; Gary Null & experts 18:10:33
My Birthday One Before the Dr's 17:56:04
How to Unbrainwash a Keynesian Believer 17:44:02
Name of Judge in Lawyers Case, Quote? 17:24:36
Reason: Where Free Market Economists Go Wrong 17:17:37
freedom message 17:15:28
Ron Paul's birthday 16:58:27
20 years after Ruby Ridge, there's forgiveness 16:49:20
"After-Party" at Ferg's in St. Pete is cancelled..:( 16:48:19
Ed and Ethan 2X02 August 19, 2012 with FOX 19 Anchor Ben Swann 16:35:26
Some advice for Tampa 16:29:54
Paul's supporters could become a distraction at the National Political Conventions, forcing public debates! Oh, I hope so! 16:27:58
HOT Off Your Printer: 3D Beef, The Next Cash Cow 16:25:56
Brandon Raub was not arrested. He was KIDNAPPED! 16:17:41
LIVE interview with mother of arrested Fmr Marine Brandon Raub 16:13:27
Number One Question; Can Ron Paul Still Win?! 15:53:50
Ron Paul - "It's your generation that's gonna have to make a difference" 15:53:49
Proof Ron Paul is Winning 15:51:09
Video: Psychotic Moron Convict shoots randomly into the Air while driving & uploads onto YouTube... arrested! 15:46:55
ALERT: Another Mass Shooting! 3 Dead, 17 Wounded! 15:03:43
Maine Ron Paul supporters still don’t know whether they’ll be seated at GOP convention 14:55:42
Gallows Humor; Might as well be REAL: The 2012 US Govt Terrorist Identification Chart! 14:16:34
Obama drops Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton for his VP? 14:09:08
"Legal Tender" in the Constitution 13:50:06
Putin: Russia Prepared For Possible Economic Meltdown 13:41:58
US War on 'Whistleblowers' Must End Assange VIDEO 13:25:27
Indian Government Imposes Text Message Limits Amid Fears Of Civil Unrest 13:25:00
#letgaryjohnsondebate Twitter Bomb - Trending Now 13:14:10
Republican state party tyranny at local conventions 12:51:53
Really? . . Is everyone voting for Romney? . . . Really? 12:50:46
Are The Charges True That Obama Wants To 'Burn Out' Suburbs Like Dresden? Was G. Washington's Vision True? 12:48:58
(VIDEO) CNN Censors Richard Belzer 12:37:14
For those who fought in or lost a loved one in Iraq. FYI-Iraq is now helping Iran skirt sanctions 12:34:08
Army Grants $3 Million for Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray 12:30:21
Phoenix official orders woman to stop handing out water during heat wave; Needs 'permit' 12:11:41
FOIA Documents: DHS Monitored Opposition to ‘See Something, Say Something’ Program 11:54:58
Ron Paul 2012 11:42:49
Connecting with the Occupy Wall Streeters 11:29:06
An Open Letter to Veterans for Freedom and Liberty 11:11:08
EPJ Podcast: Butler Shaffer 11:05:44
Republicans work to get third-party hopefuls off state ballot 10:33:41
Massive Video Compilation; Orwellian Security / Police State (Must Watch!) 10:10:45
The fight will come whether we want it or not - 8 Rules To Defeat Tyranny 09:29:31
NY state senator poses in Israeli uniform with weapon on Syria border 09:22:07
The Truth About The Audit The Fed Bill 08:27:25
payday monsanto video - mass hopenosis 07:38:52
~ policymic 8/19: "Ron Paul Supporters at Paul Fest Prove the Liberty Movement is Here to Stay" 07:10:56
Video: Ron Paul Supporter Owns - Fox Business Network 06:22:04
How to make a DRAMATIC improvement in education at ZERO cost 05:53:24
Peter Schiff: Republicans Hope, But Don't Change 05:51:12
To The Liberty Delegates: How To Protest At The RNC 05:37:56
List of Items Prohibited from Sale At RNC Convention 05:30:13
Consider bringing this to Tampa! 04:07:02
Mitt Romney's Tax Returns: The 'Voter Fraud' Theory 03:35:43
There is still hope that justice will prevail. 03:13:12
90% silver 02:27:05
Tampa Roll Call 02:21:29
Paul Festival Schedule 02:18:05
"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD 01:34:02
Brandon Raub, decorated Marine vet, and RP Supporter, possibly NDAA detained...needs your help for legal fees. 01:13:47
Citizens arrest of the politicians 01:04:24
Money Lecture Series Sponsored By Dr. Paul: What is Money? 00:44:56