Posted on August 23, 2012

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Reality Check: RNC Pulling Out All Stops To Keep Ron Paul's Name Out Of Nomination 23:18:24
Oregon: Polk County votes 30 to 5 to censure ORP and Allen Alley 23:08:14
... 22:52:12
Maine Paul Delegate Mark Willis to be on Jerry Doyle Friday AM 21:25:00
Romney lawyers took away Ron Paul's win in Maine making Paul ineligible 19:44:59 has posted 950 pages worth of confidential financial documents related to Mitt Romney. 21:43:54
Raub threatened with drugs and brainwashing by psychiatrist.. 21:36:41
Delegates Continue the Fight in Maine 17:46:59
Kurt Bills Flip-Flops: Switches Presidential Support from Ron Paul to Mitt Romney 15:30:57
Who's Afraid Of An Open Debate? Must Watch Documentary: The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates 14:52:54
Charlie Webster's THUGGERY In Maine! Ron Paul Delegates Stolen! 14:15:02
Sarah Palin Flashback: You Better Listen to Ron Paul! 14:09:51
No coverage of Ron Paul Sun Dome sellout 13:40:22
Judge Orders Release Of Detained Marine Brandon Raub From Psychiatric Hospital 21:32:41
RNC Changes Rules to Stop Ron Paul 11:43:15
Mass Arrests Planned For Tampa? ABC: Orient Road Jail Cleared Out To Handle RNC Arrests 09:47:13
Goldwater on Religious Right 10:02:10
Is Palin Making Her Move? Will She Be THE One to Topple the House of Cards? 09:11:55
Ben Swann Reality Check: U.S. Marine Held In A Mental Hospital Against His Will Because Of Facebook Posts 14:00:51
Get Ready For QE3: FOMC Signals Another Round of Bond Buys Soon 08:58:00
Pat Buchanan played Ron Paul-like role at '96 convention 23:15:46
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Romney's latest appeal to Paulites and MY response 23:54:23
Another Veteran Raided & His Firearms Confiscated – Must Appear Before Judge For Mental Evaluation/Alert 23:33:51
The Myth of Paul Ryan 23:26:43
An open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul 23:23:53
Scoop on the fires: Terrorists are setting the fires all over the USA (Fast Forward To 6:40 Mark) 23:21:26
The Bain Files: Inside Mitt Romney’s Tax-Dodging Cayman Schemes 23:20:43
(VIDEO) Worth Another Look: "ISM" 1948 Cartoon Explains Capitalism and Class Warfare 23:16:23
My TSA Patdown TAMPA Videos Begin 23:13:29
8/23/12 I just got off the Delegate/Alternate Conference Call 23:13:25
Video: It's Official, the DHS is a Criminal Organization; DHS' Acting Inspector General himself said so! 23:12:53
Obama's solar star fades in trade clash 23:11:39
Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission Revived; Press Conference with US Senator Rand Paul 23:07:07
Glenn Hubbard, Romney Economic Adviser: Ben Bernanke Should 'Get Every Consideration' second term 23:06:50
Once Again-5 states MUST nominate Ron Paul by NOTARIZED letter. Due to Prohibitions. 23:06:47
"Most" Pages 23:04:08
Ron Paul Vice President Pick 22:37:29
Glenn Greenwald, Master Chronicler, Annihilates Attackers of Assange 22:35:55
Romney may be nominated EARLY? What? 22:30:39
Exactly what "Shared Principles" do we have with Romney and Ryan? 22:28:23
Electronic circuits that are integrated with your skin 22:22:33
Look At All The Pretty Things The Democrats Promised In 2008 (And Failed To Deliver) 22:21:43
Do Jesse Benton and John Tate, as reps of campaign, have authority to negotiate election results? 22:20:33
Ron Paul Five (5) State Plurality: Does He Qualify To Be Nominated At The RNC? 22:03:13
The Ron Paul Campaign Has Been Compromised. What Else Would You Expect? 21:57:06
The Program Stellar Wind 21:53:14
If I were I delegate I would walk out in protest just as Romney does his acceptance speech 21:50:16
Can still be nominated at Convention?! Rule 38 pasted with link! 21:49:31
8 21:49:14
Legitimate Rape? 21:39:33
Romney To Be Nominated Before Convention...? 21:36:29
9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, 58-min.Ver. 21:06:08
One or the Other 21:05:16
Ron Paul Strikes Again: Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard 21:04:53
Inspirational singer Jackie Evancho 21:02:46
Mitt Romney Is Pissing Off His Own Delegates 20:52:26
Brandon Raub 20:49:29
The Army's response to high suicide rates - MORE medication: Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray 20:45:35
On Not Selling Out 20:39:21
How the Minimum Wage Creates Unemployment 20:35:39
FLA Police State Clearing Jail Cells In Preparation For Republican National Convention Protesters 20:35:24
What Happens When You Mix A Miami Hurricane With Tampa Bay Lightning? 20:30:11
Let Me Get This Straight 20:26:21
Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis 20:25:21
Is "The Government" The Country? 20:23:29
Romney lawyers took away Ron Paul's win in Maine making Paul ineligible 20:21:50
Max Keiser Picks Fight w/ Tom Woods 20:10:33
The GOP Needs An Extreme Makeover 20:09:21
IMPORTANT - A call to our veterans going to Tampa! 20:01:55
Peter Schiff : Important Message: Gold Breaks Out — Fed Plans Qe 3 20:01:29
(VIDEO) U.S. Government Planned Indefinite Detention of Citizens, Suspension of Constitution, Long Before 9/11 19:55:21
Help Judge Napolitano Send a Message. 19:51:29
POLL: 1 in 5 Americans Can Not Afford to Buy Food 19:50:05
Federal Auditor: 2,527 DHS Employees And Co-conspirators Convicted Of Crimes 19:44:49
Florida continues to side with Gary Johnson in presidential race 19:44:30
Republicans Eye Return To Gold Standard 19:39:37
How Ron Paul's People Took Over A State 19:34:07
Paul Ryan Campaigns on Military Keynesianism 19:30:35
Best theme song for P.A.U.L Festival and the RNC convention 19:30:26
Grim Milestone: Over 2,000 US Troops Slain in Afghanistan 19:25:40
Gawker posts 950 pages of confidential Mitt Romney Bain documents 19:23:54
THE G.O.P. to become the T.O.P. 19:19:40
Anyone see this 19:19:07
Senator Rand Paul at the RNC 19:15:51
Tyranny... 19:12:55
Send a personalized card to someone for free. Who should we send it to? 19:02:11
Israel Loves Iran campaign says 'Give Peace A Chance' 18:59:39
The GOP Investigates Gold Standard but still Ignores Ron Paul 18:56:02
New to this 18:54:23
Republicans Eye Gold Standard 18:37:17
A message to the GOP: 18:34:41
NO Ron Paul Revolution at convention! Says Politico 18:34:32
Romania for Ron Paul - you and your followers are unique leaders 18:30:44
TV Coverage of Roll Call 18:30:40
Texas judge warns of possible ‘civil war’ if President Obama is re-elected 18:20:13
Murmurs that GOP platform *could* officially support return to gold standard 18:11:19
Just found out that the RNC will , hours before the voting starts , probe and ask people who they are voting for. 18:04:25
Romney's criminal deeds fully exposed by gakwer! 17:55:02
Kurt Bills is a no go 17:42:26
Everyone except Ron paul and santorum has released their delegates 17:41:16
Drones in Daytona Beach mind MIND=BLOWN 17:30:48
Assistance - NOLA (New Orleans, LA) here, I can help with board along the way if anyone needs it 17:08:19
Top Of Drudge: Republicans To Embrace Gold In Platform (Mentions Paul) 17:04:13
'Mind' of a 'Normal' Statist Sociopath; Ramos's Lawyer: Kelly Thomas @ fault for his OWN Death! 16:56:55
Ron Paul & Gary Johnson will indeed affect the Swing States. 16:56:12
Republicans to embrace gold standard 16:47:58
To Those With Access to Delegate Lists! 16:39:16
Taxing Online Sales - Shouldn't the State Decide? 16:30:40
Open letter to RNC, Preibus & Romney 16:19:14
RP speaking spot 16:18:51
Has anyone seen the "Let Them Speak" add? 16:07:20
Pastor Steven Andrew Calls Republicans to Nominate Ron Paul for President 15:58:31
Obama Welcomed With Two Fingers in Ohio 15:56:52
First Read NBC: Ron Paul's presence to be felt in Tampa 15:37:26
The Bain Files: Inside Mitt Romney’s Tax-Dodging Cayman Island Accounts 15:17:15
my opinion on Judge orders Chesterfield Marine's release from psychiatric facility 15:10:39
This Will 'Freeze' Your Blood 14:55:19
NBC:Ron Paul's presence to be felt in Tampa 14:52:43
Ron Paul will deliver a speech "the RNC doesn’t want the rest of America to hear" 14:49:41
Prosecutor denies being "sadistic statist f-k" 14:45:44
“Blankfein, we’re coming after you!” 14:34:54
Household income is below recession levels, report says 14:24:18
A little inspiration for all of us 14:14:12
Ron Paul's presence to be felt in Tampa 14:14:09
Romney aides admit, anyone over 55 will get their medicare benefits cut 14:12:25
My offer to delegates who do not have hotel booked 14:09:59
Obama and Romney vs. The Bill of Rights 14:08:19
CU-Boulder Chancellor: Faculty Must Allow Students With Concealed-Carry Permits To Have Firearms In Class 14:05:07
There is Hope for America 14:02:55
Judge Orders Brandon Raub Released From Mental Facility! 14:00:14
Silver up 9% in the past 4 days 13:43:24
Obama campaign to start accepting text message donations... Good idea for YOUR candidate? 13:36:49
Synopsis of results from the Platform Cmte. Some WINS, some losses 13:26:51
To All GOP Delegates 13:24:31
The most honest 3 1/2 minutes of television ever 13:20:58
Judge orders Chesterfield Marine's release from psychiatric facility 13:20:01
NEW Gary Johnson campaign ad: I Will Protect Internet Freedom 13:15:05
Write to the RNC 13:12:35
WaPo (Feb 2012): "Why Sarah Palin wants a 'brokered convention'" 13:09:56
Steve Gunn: Just say no when the TSA asks you to 'chat' 13:09:23
CNN: Agencies warn of possible anarchist activity at conventions 13:02:53
Brandon Raub ordered to be released 13:00:43
The Bain Files: Inside Mitt Romney’s Tax-Dodging Cayman Schemes 12:58:43
Websites accused of collecting data on children 12:56:43
Pretty Good - By Charles Osgood 12:49:19
Update: Urgent South Carolina Long-time Die-hard Ron Paul Activist "chris Lawton" Needs Your Help! 12:36:35
The case of Brandon Raub: Can the government detain you over Facebook posts? 12:35:16
Delegates Stuck In El Paso On The Way To Tampa Help! 12:33:22
The god Particle I Don’t Think So 12:32:31
Riding on the back of the Palin supporter's letter to get an open/brokered Convention 12:24:45
Land of the Free? Absolutely Not. 12:22:36
Marine patriot detained for Facebook political posts (NDAA, anyone?) 12:11:21
We should get a "Free Brandon Raub" chant going when Dr. Paul talks about the NDAA 12:04:06
Funny but true quotes about Economists-Take that Krugman! 12:01:23
To everyone going to Tampa - print out this James Madison quote and toss it everywhere like confetti! 11:55:20
Obama and Romney: Meathead Jerks 11:51:40
Entire Jail cleared to accommodate arrests at the RNC 11:25:10
Public Policy Polling - no Gary Johnson 11:20:48
BBC Censors Video Showing Syrian Rebels Forcing Prisoner to Become Suicide Bomber 11:01:23
Flip the Neocons 10:56:22
Judge Napolitano on Todd Akin's Rape Comments 10:56:13
8 Economic Threats That We Were Not Even Talking About At The Beginning Of The Summer 10:41:04
So, what happens now for those delegates who were removed, 10:37:34
Challenges explanation 10:34:52
GOP 2012 National Platform LIVE – A Mixed Bag of Isms, With a Good Dose of Neocon 10:17:26
If it were soley left up to you, what would your stolen tax dollars be purchasing? 10:14:46
Does Ron Paul know "The Secret"? I think he does! 10:03:52
Best Doug Wead quote... 09:34:27
Serious music, serious politics: Jimmy Vaughan, Barry Goldwater Jr. to celebrate Ron Paul in Tampa 09:27:08
LIBERTYCHAT Is A Disinfo Site That Should Not Be Clicked On 09:19:30
'This Isn't America':You Can't Say That Here 09:12:55
(VIDEO) BBC News HD - Syrian rebels try to use prisoner for suicide bombing 2012 08:58:55
Brandon Raub and The Bonfire of our liberties 08:51:36
Texas Judge Warns Of Obama Civil War 08:48:11
Are Americans being locked up in psychiatric wards for their political views? (Brandon Raub and repressive regimes) 08:35:39
Georgias Secure I.D.: Paypaz Please 07:54:22
We are all Brandon Raub, show your solidarity with this American Veteran! 07:42:33
Some Ron Paul Supporters Are Still in Denial 07:16:25
Will Nullification Lead to Conflict? 06:47:48
Marc Faber On Keynesian Folly, The 'Missing' Inflation, And Bubble-Blowing 06:16:26
A quick analogy to Fractional banking 04:41:49
TSA at Rmoney/Ryan Event..guess 04:15:48
The difference between Judaism and Zionism 04:14:29
Obamanation vs Revolution 04:04:29
Were you aware that in May there was a drill in Tampa for a hurricane to hit RNC 03:55:18
Executive Order 13547 03:30:05
Can Taxing The Rich Save The U.S. Economy? 03:22:59
Wow, what a genius move by Ron Paul! 02:36:36
Urgent Message: Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC 02:28:08
The elite are murdering each other 02:11:01
Intro To Ancap - Private Law (Pt 1) The Case Against Monopoly 02:05:09
Division Among Libertarians 11:51:56
A Dictator's worst nightmare... 01:57:14
I really miss that S.O.B Andrew Breitbart... 01:37:36
Delegates From 10 states should Turn in Written Nominations of Paul an Hour Before on Monday 01:36:42
IAGOP To Donate Guest Passes To Maine Delegates IF they are shut out! 01:35:57
Get Your Ron Paul Signs back Out in Front of your House. Advertise, Advertise. 01:30:12
Campaigning in October (possibly without a candidate) 01:24:26
Texas judge warns of possible ‘civil war’ if President Obama is re-elected 01:07:31
Most Divergent 00:56:28
Merging Permaculture, Open Source Ecology and 3D Printing (adding Hemp, Recylcling and Lasers, Yoga and Politics) 00:49:39
Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot? 00:43:38
An olive branch to Sarah Palin (and Ron Paul) 00:29:19
Fractional Reserve Banking 00:06:32
America Depressed 08:22:20