Posted on August 24, 2012

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Obama's DEA Raids 4 Times As Many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries as Bush in Half the Time 22:31:50
Power Grab: RNC Passes Rule Giving Itself Power To Change Any Rule Without Delegate Vote 23:03:34
Jerry Doyle Show Today - Mark Willis, National Committeeman Elect for the Maine Republican Party 21:14:48
Washington State Files Delegate Challenge 18:54:34
Nora Gedgaudas - The Paleo Diet, Primal Body & Primal Mind interview 22:13:39
Robert Scott Bell Hammers The RNC Over Their "Compromises" 16:30:28
Why a Ron Paul-style presidential campaign may be the last of its kind 15:20:55
Ron Paul on CNBC - 8/24/12 15:19:23
Justin Raimando: The Iron Fist in Tampa 13:28:32
Maine Delegation Thrown Out 20:41:42
Romney Campaign: The second day of the Republican convention will feature a video tribute to Ron Paul 11:37:46
Iraq to Receive First Batch of F-16s in 2014 08:28:01
Naomi Wolf: The Violent Crackdown on Dissent in America 08:59:27
Video: Excellent Prediction for RNC, Daily Paul gets a mention too 02:01:17
CNN: "Tampa: Launchpad for Ron Paul supporters' future" 22:40:36
Politico: No Ron Paul Revolution at Convention. 00:30:40
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Why Police Shot Civilians at The Empire State Building 23:52:09
brokered conventions produce PRESIDENTS, here's the history: 23:32:00
Media Military Complex- Same 6 owners for Media & Defense Ron Paul coverage investigative 23:21:54
Check this out.. Lubbock County judge seeking help against Obama/UN take over. 23:21:00
Maine Delegation Had Nothing to do with List of Replacements 23:19:41
"RIGGED" The Perfect Mitt Romney Graphic For Tampa 23:07:13
Independents in AZ 22:58:10
Its time to go after the journalists... 22:44:38
I didn't know Ron Paul was retiring? 22:39:39
Ron Paul gathering in Tampa draws sparse crowd 22:32:08
This may piss some people off, but i just want an honest opinion - Paul/Palin Palin/Paul 22:23:33
Is Hurricane Isaac an Omen? 22:13:39
A message to Justin Amash from the Liberty Movement 22:07:08
My heart has just been broken, sadly you all have to see this. 22:06:23
Qadoshyah Fish describing Oklahoma RNC injustices 22:05:17
Rachel Maddow just said they will be there Monday for the roll call. 22:05:05
Delegate Walk Out 22:03:55
Brandon Raub's Marine Veteran Brother Sets Record Straight on Facebook Arrest 22:00:34
Reporting from Paul Fest Day 1 (Palin is in Tampa to Cause Brokered Convention) 21:55:59
Are there Ron Paul signs around Tampa yet? 21:55:21
Romney has given Ron Paul a cozier embrace according to Drudge Report! 21:38:36
Ron Paul Chair-Elect From Alaska Needs Your Help in Tampa 21:36:41
The establishment attacks the Party of Paul (Republican Party of Iowa) 21:34:26
Republicans Deserve To Lose by not allowing Ron Paul to speak! 21:32:33
Delegates Please get film off Mondays vote as the media conveniently won't cover it. 21:30:04
A New America: "Let our Freedom Ring Across the Land. Side by Side Let US Stand" CMC 2012 21:29:58
Prayer Requests Thread -in Jesus' name 21:26:25
We are Living Under the Tyranny of a 2 Party Duopoly! 21:19:22
Changing The Rules Is A Sign of Weakness 21:04:03
Who here pledges to never support Obama or Romney? 21:03:59
Did the Maine State Convention select ELECTORS?! 21:00:53
Not Fair! 21:00:10
The Paulbots Take Over Halloween! 20:57:06
If Ron Paul Runs 3rd Party, And Obama Wins... 20:51:34
How Paul Delegates Should Respond to the RNC’s Tribute Video 20:41:52
My plea to the dailypaul 20:40:46
How Paul Delegates Should Respond to the RNC’s Tribute Video 20:37:40
Respect Mitt Romney? 20:28:37
Very Good Read! There Goes Our Liberties! 20:10:55
Romney: Nuclear Iran "unacceptable" ( or Here We Go Again! ) 20:08:22
How To Argue Against the Claim That The US Had 5 Depressions BECAUSE of The Gold Standard 20:04:04
Dont get sucked into listening to negative comments on RP delegates 19:57:25
Anonymous Message to RNC 19:56:45
Never Forget 19:54:59
Ron Paul Can Still Win 19:52:30
Fight on in Tampa 19:49:58
RNC Tribute Video to Run Tuesday Night at Convention 19:31:17
Is Ron Paul Going to P.A.U.L. Fest? Carol Paul Answers 19:29:53
Yet another reason to end your cable subscription! 19:13:44
RNC this is my response 19:03:04
Why isn't Ron Paul speaking at the GOP convention? 19:00:39
Off to Tampa! 18:55:36
If Ron Endorses Mittens 18:39:36
Romney's Facebook Ads - Against My Views 18:37:14
To Vote For 'Bomb Iran' Romney & Obama Is Evil 18:34:17
Shocking; 82 Year Old Nun Broke Into Oak Ridge TN Nuclear Facility past 500 mil security system 18:30:32
What's all this vote for GJ Crap. If you consider your vote wasted, Write in Ron Paul. 18:03:37
Scared of Anonymous: Tampa police prepare for mass arrests during Republican convention 17:59:50
Rule Change Alert!: GOP Rules You Have No Choice, Will Only Allow Bank and Corporation Control of Party. 17:57:40
"Mitt" Romney nomination pushed up on concerns about storm Ron Paul 17:55:38
Final Push to Help a Ron Paul Delegate get to Tampa 17:54:51
Let the GOP convention know how you feel! 17:53:35
Rand Paul 2016 17:36:44
Dennis Gartman Just Dumped All Of His Stocks – I think the fat lady just might be getting ready to sing 17:35:11
OathKeepers Anti-NDAA Campaign: Billboards posted near Military Bases; Authors of recent Small Wars Article put on Notice! 17:33:52
(Video) Ron Paul On CNBC 8-24-12 17:30:42
My Enemy's Enemies Are Now My Friends - Sabotaging Mitt's Campaign 17:30:17
Public Question Regarding Our Thoughts - Go provide an answer! 17:26:00
2016 Will Be The Year of the Libertarian Party 17:25:01
VIDEO: Pro Ron Paul candidate , Michelle Ugenti, running for Arizona Legislature! 17:23:23
Ex-NFL Great To Blacks: "Say No To Obama..." 17:12:58
Write Letters Publicly Renouncing Your GOP Affiliation 17:04:42
Tampa Starting To Look Like Chicago in '68 17:01:18
Proof: Cops NOT grown in 'Special' Genetics Lab; NYPD shot 9 out of 14 INNOCENT ByStanders @ EmpireState Bldg Shooting! 16:56:27
RNC Rules Committee Changes Nominations Rule from 5 States to 8 States - 08/24 16:44:48
A Look at Past GOP Platform Promises 16:38:08
Joel Skousen: Reforming Republican Party a 'False Hope' 16:29:49
The revolution is everywhere! 16:28:13
Raub threatened with brainwashing. 16:21:12
Mitt Romney Tax Returns May Have Employed Legally Dubious Maneuvers, Tax Experts Say 16:21:12
Ron Paul's aura leaves GOP, Romney in tricky spot 16:18:55
Question of the Year -maybe century 16:16:15
Why Republicans are voting Obama? 16:09:58
The Benton/Romney negotiations probably went something like this... 16:09:17
Romney Ryan yard signs 16:07:40
Romney's reading your credit card details in an effort to find donors 15:57:43
Romney Executes Republican Party Power Grab 15:57:34
RT: Brandon Raub's Atty, More details 15:49:32
Gold 15:47:31
G.O.P. Offers Delegates Tips on Pretending to Like Romney 15:45:44
no replies: remove post 15:43:17
Since the coronation happens on Monday, everyone should leave right after that. 15:29:43
We Are Change Video: Kurt Bills Sells Out, Endorses Romney 22:27:48
Mitt Romney campaign admits, Oil & Gas Industry wrote their energy plan 15:20:51
Grade school wisdom 15:16:01
A personal account on how government effects my life 15:14:20
Is this true? 15:13:09
RNC Platform Reported to Say: Audit the Fed, Return to the Gold Standard 15:10:09
Nobody ever said it would be easy... 15:07:28
liberty vs tyranny 15:06:47
Republican Nominee 14:48:04
Revenge is a dish best served cold 14:45:04
Fc uk Mitt Romney. I am voting against Republicans. 14:43:57
Rachel Maddow - Echoes of George W. Bush's Iraq war in Romney campaign 14:42:05
Fox just confirmed Romney will be officially nominated on Monday, not Wednesday! 14:30:51
The Stalinists. The RNC, Republican leaders and Mitt Romney 14:29:08
RJC has a positive take on Ron Paul’s convention footprint 14:28:35
RNC Foul Play Assures Ron Paul Supporters Will Not Vote Romney 14:24:47
Anyone have a list of those on the Credentials Committee? 14:23:16
Ron Paul delegate, Chris Lawton is going to Tampa on Faith 14:22:54
Liberty Live Stream Team @ Paul Fest - Live Now! 14:19:30
Romney faces crucial task as speech of his life looms at GOP convention 14:06:39
Heads Up (On Fox) For This Sunday Night 9:00 Pm Eastern; 8:00pm Central 14:05:19
Is it Clear Yet? Ron Paul will not be the GOP Nominee 14:04:14
Justin Amash Denies Reports That He’ll Be Endorsing Romney 13:54:05
Tate: Staffer misspoke on 'will not accept' 13:53:03
WOW, more signs of desperation from RNC 13:50:30
Are Party Platform Gains Proof Jesse Benton’s Strategy is Working? 13:41:53
2 US gov officials ambushed and shot in mexico 13:37:13
RNC passes rule binding all delegates to popular vote for future elections 13:28:38
Rand Paul's Fight to Legalize Industrial Hemp 13:21:21
Drones at RNC 13:20:22
Are We to be Freedom's Phoenix? 13:16:29
Thank You Gov. LePage for standing with Ron Paul 13:11:06
Brandon Raub: Persecuted for Telling the Truth About the Federal Reserve 13:09:54
We Will Give GOP What They Want... 4 More Years of Obama! 13:07:44
Let's get #rncisajoke trending on Twitter 12:55:12
For twitter people-Please tweet as much as you can about no unity at convention 12:48:06
IF 12:46:32
Cartoon - Ron Paul Tattoo I hope I don't lose my friends 12:35:02
Please sign this petition to help get Ron nominated 12:20:49
When Republicans Become Democrats 16:08:28
Delete 12:16:04
I'm In a Liberty Essay Contest and Need YOUR Help to win TODAY! 12:13:23
Big What - Romney top-advisor, "Maybe keep Bernake" 11:50:27
Ron Paul Tribute Film - Per Huffpo 11:46:58
What to wear on your wrist 11:46:16
China could penetrate U.S. with new huge missile 11:45:48
Romney Must Not Win! 11:10:07
Could the efforts to rig the election backfire on the RNC and Romney? 11:07:36
This is the newest perk for enlistment , We'll disappear and brainwash you after we're done with you. 11:06:26
A Message To Reince Preibus - Congrats on your election of Barack Hussein Obama to a second term! 11:01:05
Mitt Romney and the RP video tribute 10:55:25
Can delegates still vote for Ron Paul at the convention? 10:47:01
Write-In Candidate WINS Mayoral Race In WA State Town 10:44:32
English Code Words For The Elite In News 10:43:44
Franchi: "Justin Amash to Endorse Mitt Romney Post GOP Convention" 10:42:10
Gop Credentials Committee Tweeting Maine hearing right now 10:39:14
Mistake 10:34:46
Co-option - It Was the Only Way We Could be Stopped... 18:16:13
Tampa, FL — In shocking news just released this morning, sources say Mitt Romney 10:26:53
Get involved 09:50:49
Norway Killer Is Ruled Sane and Given 21 Years in Prison 09:47:42
Romney could be nominated early in convention week 09:37:40
My Challenge to Max Keiser by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. 09:36:07
Developing Story: 5 People Shot at Empire State Building 09:33:18
CIA Murdered Reporter's Daughter Over NATO Leak Detailing Libya Lies? 09:32:11
RNC Credentials Live Twitter Feed - Maine Appeal 09:29:35
GOP establishment tries to disqualify Ron Paul supporters from Republican Convention 09:16:56
I don't get it... 09:15:26
Do I just have 3 choices left for my vote 09:06:42
My Message to the GOP Establishment 09:06:38
Rick Santorum Releases Delegates 09:01:50
Ron Paul or Napolitano for Libertarian VP 08:59:52
Post for DP Member ProudAmericanFirst who is in Tampa re: Delegates 08:43:17
Repost: Contact Governor Paul LePage about Maine delegate purge! -Very important for Maine delegates! -Urgent! 08:38:26
Heads-up - Romney might be nominated early 08:36:07
Free Words: The GOP is Extorting Ron Paul to Prevent his Nomination at the Convention 08:34:35
Repost: Contact Governor Paul LePage about Maine delegate purge! -Maine delegates please read! -Urgent! 08:13:00
California cops barred from warrantless GPS, cellphone tracking 07:56:28
FBI raids in Seattle and Portland searching for anti gov or anarchist political literature 07:27:17
FRAUD: GOP walking scared & taking drastic measures. Official Romney nomination may be held days before convention! 07:18:28
ICE Agents Sue Pig Sis 06:28:22
Making Sense of Our Directed History 06:20:18
Marine Veteran Brandon Raub Released, Freedom Through Technology 06:19:26
Anarchist Threaten Republican Convention! Police State Propaganda Reel #cnn 06:13:04
Obstacles of 3rd Party and Independent Candidates 06:10:53
Contact Governor Paul LePage about Maine delegate purge! -Very important for Maine delegates! -Urgent! 05:05:02
The rule of law no longer applies in the "land of the free". Your 401k is not safe 04:55:45
This is strange 04:39:49
When in Florida, make sure all your vehicle lights work so police do not stop you. 04:17:16
Reach out to Iowa, Oregon, Colorado, even Virginia to submit notarized letters 04:11:50
(VIDEO) NH Sheriff Candidate Would Use 'Deadly Force' to Stop Abortions 04:09:35
Big Income Losses For Those Near Retirement 04:02:04
Plurality. In how many states did Ron Paul get more votes then Romney ? 03:43:01
Jan Helfeld: Is it Wrong to Start Violence? Stealing the Tape 03:39:15
Bottom line: Romney has not paid all the taxes required by law. (Victor Fleisher, CO Law Prof) 03:38:09
Senator Jeff Kruse is running for office again 03:37:59
Mitts better than Obama? 03:31:48
*Quick Test* Are Paul Supporters Auditory Thinkers or Visual Thinkers? 03:16:08
We The People Can Elect Ron Paul - Bix Weir 03:02:21
Oregon delegate contest : a picture is worth a thousand words 02:53:17
Hope 02:52:30
Most Tangential 02:47:08
What is the Real Deal with Maine? 02:33:51
Question, How much loyalty does Ron Paul command in the Country? Must be more than we know 02:18:41
Video: Ron Paul: Tell Romney To "Take A Bow"! 01:51:14
Who Will Control the Voting Machines in the Upcoming Election if it is Mitt vs. Barry? 01:41:36
5 Questions that need answering by the Ron Paul Campaign 10:40:02
Just thought of a little idea 01:29:11
Most Contentious Comments 01:28:45
A Song every Delegate/Revolutionary MUST listen to going to Tampa, 01:12:10
The nomination may come earlier in part because of concerns over Ron Paul supporters. 00:59:21
Something For All Tampa Bound Patriots 00:50:44
This is what my reply to the Romney Campaign Emailer I got Tonight 00:42:20
Tom Woods for President in 2016? 00:40:45
Violence in Tampa? 00:35:58
Ron Paul Has a 5 State Plurality 00:24:57
Mitt Romney After Bain Capital: Leaked Documents Connect Candidate To Adelson, Casinos, Cigarettes 00:14:48
News Corp. (Fox) Donates Much More to Democrats Than Republicans 00:13:23
Mission to find guest passes to RNC. 00:11:26
Ron Paul Rally next door to Oklahoma Delegation Hotel 16:08:17