Posted on August 25, 2012

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Tom Woods Speech at Paul Fest, gives shout out to The Daily Paul 20:20:40
Fox 13 Tampa MSM Covers P.A.U.L Fest Video: 16:08:08
Brian Doherty: Paul Festival: The Fight for the Ron Paul Grassroots' Soul 15:25:15
VIDEO: Father of US marine killed by Afghan officer speaks out 13:21:44
New Video: The Real You - Alan Watts 11:35:52
National GOP Muzzles Maine’s Voice at RNC 14:00:45
Priebus: "Everybody is on board, everybody happy!" 14:15:21
Rachel Maddow: Republicans Move Convention Delegate Vote to Time with No TV Coverage, to Hide Ron Paul 06:36:10
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Who's Supporters Will Bring More Money to Tampa's Economy: Romney's or Ron Paul's? 23:49:44
The Sun Dome rally is still on, right? 23:27:48
Team Up With Palin to Bring on Brokered Convention And WIN It! 23:18:48
If you have not heard this speech, you missed one of the best speeches ever! 23:01:57
Open Letter To All Ron Paul Delegates 22:58:29
My God, Seriously these Mittwits need an education. 22:52:27
Did Romney disqualify himself by accepting foreign cash? 22:47:58
Daughters roommate works for Rnc was told to go in monday 22:47:28
Warning! Possible Double Agents! 22:29:44
Gary Johnson - Ron Paul Revolutionary 22:25:11
YOU pick Ron Paul's Cabinet! 22:23:31
Ayn Rand The Argument from Intimidation 22:18:28
What's left to do? 22:12:11
Third Party Ron Paul Delegate Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice 22:07:21
What are we to do after Ron Paul? 21:48:16
Polls Show Romney Cannot Beat Obama (But Ron Paul Can). Ryan Choice Throws Election to Obama 21:46:33
Retiring for a while 21:45:20
In Theaters Now: 2016: Obama's America, by Dinesh D'Souza 21:40:52
FOX: Sarah Palin says a third party option not out of the realm of possibility 21:39:30
We can still win this! 21:37:54
Tropical Storm has officials scrambling to reorganize republican convention 21:32:12
Scientologists Find Their Place At Ron Paul Festival 21:27:00
URGENT: DC Insiders Power grab from all Conservatives at RNC 21:22:21
Neil Armstrong, First Man To Walk on The Moon, Dies At 82 21:21:56
Hey, Tampa, where's the r3VOLution pre-party? 21:13:43
Chuck Baldwin Paul Fest Speech 21:11:09
Is Ron Paul Staging a Third Party Run? 21:07:07
The Most Important Post Regarding the RNC: Calling All Delegates! Texas Needs Your Help! 21:06:07
2012 Wide Awake 21:02:31
The Nomination vote will be Monday. They will convene, vote, and recess. 21:00:10
RNC Ron Paul Tribute Video Featured Event for Tuesday Night? 20:50:27
"The Task Confronting Libertarians" 20:49:45
List Of All Rnc Delegate Email Addresses 20:34:41
Rutherford Inst. Atty: VETs esp. who are 911 truthers targeted -Video- 20:21:11
Adam Kokesh Officially Not Welcome at the Sun Dome 20:13:51
Re: The Daily Brawl? 20:06:10
Republican Convention Delayed As Isaac Approaches 19:56:14
WARNING! Delegates show up on MONDAY: Postponement is a huge RNC trick! 19:54:32
Picture of Ron Paul's tribute video at Tampa 19:49:08
POV pictures from the Rally tomorrow 19:48:15
Show the GOP that we are not irrelevant 19:28:19
Most Convergent 19:23:36
Slay a Dragon for Liberty / Ron Paul Miniature Figurine 19:18:52
Rachel Maddow uploaded a new video- "Mitt Romney admits to using Chinese slave labor at Bain." 19:16:56
RNC Postponed! Reince Priebus Memo Here 19:06:48
Ron we have been cheated every step of the way! Now what? 19:05:40
Aug. 25: An Above-Average ‘Likely Voter Gap’ for Romney 19:03:07
Many Minnesota delegates to carry Ron Paul's message to RNC in Tampa 18:59:27
Convention postponed until Tuesday 18:55:42
Ron Paul and the Tampa Convention 18:47:27
Most Downvoted Comments 18:43:06
Most Upvoted Comments 18:39:27
Maine delegation story according to Yahoo 18:36:20
VIDEO: Downtown Tampa On LockDown - Fox 13 Tampa 18:36:02
Somebody needs to write a book about what happened. 18:32:51
Downtown Tampa is covered over with (un)law(ful) enforcers 18:10:33
Tropical Storm Watch Issued For Tampa Bay, Gov. Scott Declares State of Emergency ahead of Issac 17:55:42
Appeal to RNC "Christians". Why are you allowing the RNC to steal and lie? Repent! Please. 17:55:08
should i run in 2014 for liberty? 17:43:43
Need some quick advice 17:42:17
RNC National Committeeman Says If N.M. Gov. Meets With Native Americans She Is Being Disrespectful To Col. George A. Custer 17:25:58
When symbolism becomes a cause, a nation can overcome a technological police state 17:13:08
Tampa NBC Channel 8 headline " 'Major' Ron Paul Rally planned for USF on Sunday" 17:11:55
Tampa MSM News Channel 8 Headlines Hurricane Paul Graphic ! 17:02:01
Yet Another Ron Paul sycophant pledges loyalty to The Ultimate Flip-Flopper Romney 17:01:22
Neil Armstrong died of complications after heart surgery 16:53:31
Disenfranchising Duly Elected Paul Delegates Is/Was an Illegal Act. Voting Rights Act of 1965 16:49:24
Ron Paul Has An Independent Run Up His Sleeve 16:44:55
A record voter turnout expected for the 2012 election 16:43:22
RNC might be moved to Tuesday 16:28:45
"It's All About The Paul's" : Ron, Rand, and Ryan 16:28:18
Mitt's plan for America, 16:24:11
RP 2012 Sold My Name To Romney ~ SOB's 16:08:50
i pledge to vote for Obama 16:07:10
Should I continue my subscription to the now 16:03:00
Get Ready For TSA ‘Chat-Downs’ 16:00:00
Top 3 reasons the liberty movement failed 15:55:56
Article from Yahoo - 5 things to watch for at the Republican National Convention 15:52:46
Ron Paul Should Move to New Hampshire for the Free State Project 15:51:11
Let's watch Bishop Mittens spiral into defeat! 15:49:46
Keep the faith Romney delegates switching to paul 15:46:23
Romney "Open to US Troops in Syria"! 15:43:40
New York Times - Good Press! 15:43:31
An Urgent Message EVERY American Should Hear! (Lawyers for Ron Paul) 15:31:22
Watch Out!: Dhs-fbi Intel Bulletin Warns About Anarchist Threat To Conventions 15:30:30
R.I.P Neil Armstrong 15:23:56
The Intentional Overthrow of the Ron Paul Revolution 15:20:36
Romney claims Mormon faith dictates tax return secrecy 15:14:42
Caution: Do a search on anarchists + RNC 15:07:37
Ron Paul Sister-in-Law: Family Not Behind Romney 15:07:19
Saying Goodbye To America : Police State Replaces 'WE' The People 15:00:58
United Nations Sponsors Another Gun-grabber Conference in New York 14:57:26
Silly silly silly 14:50:03
Ron Paul will NEVER abandon Liberty 14:39:08
Mitt Romney Hack And Rules Committee Chair John Sununu Flees GOP Convention Friday To Avoid Ron Paul Delegates 14:34:30
'End The FED' Russian Style 14:30:14
United Nations Sponsors Another 'Gun Grabber' Conference in New York 14:24:02
Naming Names: Your Real Government 14:18:49
Breaching the Veil - The Gray State Concept 14:17:48
Drones won't patrol Tampa during RNC, federal authorities say 14:13:56
Ed Vallejo Has A Message For Paul Fest 14:11:32
In my dying breath, I pray that I can dare say... "My children are free at last". 14:08:01
In Paul they trust... 13:47:39
Jesse Benton's 30 pieces of silver and the Liberty Movement's fizzle 13:32:40
(VIDEO) CNN: Mexican Federal Police attack U.S. diplomatic vehicle 13:32:32
Who inherits your iTunes library? 13:09:19
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints And Mitt Romney 13:08:53
Vets Being Round Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing 13:05:08
The Empire Strikes Back by Steve Deace 13:03:58
The Le Page possibility; the potential of good hearts in Romney delegates 12:50:54
A response to the RNC (video) 12:42:48
Now We Know... 12:39:58
U.S. military convoy rolls through... Ottawa Canada 12:37:27
Flood the GOP with emails. 12:24:14
Let's get #LetRonPaulSpeak trending on Twitter 12:03:15
Chronicle Of "Ron Paul Will Not Accept the Nomination" 15:03:14
Being herded 12:00:54
Huckabee for Vice President 11:59:44
Lying for the Lord 11:40:32
A reply to Rand Paul's email regarding shadow bosses 11:36:15
"Is Everyone Ready for the GOP Convention?" ~ Things could get really interesting! ` 11:34:19
Maine Ron Paul supporters: We're not done fighting 11:22:44
Ron Paul rally attracts a disenchanted crowd 11:16:18
What drives the elite so much to want to destroy the human race? 11:04:15
We have come to our "Red Sea" 11:00:00
The Hill: Rand Paul sees ‘war’ over the ‘heart and soul of America’ 10:52:23
I'm all in. 10:46:40
Watch: Tea Party Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky), sees fight over heart and soul of America 10:20:55
Global Prayer Day - August 27th - Peace Prevails 2012 Gathering! 10:16:46
I made a donation to Romney... 10:15:36
In Israel, Opposition to Attacking Iran Gains Upper Hand 10:12:33
Democrats Slam GOP for Ron Paul Tribute, Citing Israel Criticism 10:06:18
Electronic Voting Verification 10:02:59
Oath Keepers to Place Billboard Near Army Base to Protest Article Demonizing Tea Party 09:48:06
Attention Delegates! What to do? Demand refund? 09:42:50
How does a private club have the ability to elect people for public office? 09:37:17
Remember Maine 09:28:29
Tampa - Freedom - Negotiate - Broken BraveHearts 09:17:26
In this time of maximum danger to the Republic 09:07:41
Niccolo Macchiavelli - you must at least retain the semblance of the old institutions 08:31:17
We (Maine) lost 10 delegates 13:11:49
Time for Third Party RUN. Period 08:03:10
It's official, Governor Paul LePage will NOT be attending convention! 07:59:51
Middle East New War? 07:48:40
A Message to the American People from History 07:28:43
Awakened 07:27:24
Canadians claim widespread election fraud 07:26:34
Tampa police prepare for mass arrests during RNC 07:09:44
Just a small doodle..."I know we're supposed to have rules..." 07:02:37
Why are there so many crazy people in NYC? 06:30:38
Stalinist moves by a Stalinist Party who picked a Stalinist candidate 06:07:20
"Sir, we do not know if we have a plurality of delegates or not till all the states are roll-called" 05:41:10
Why Ron Paul Delegates and Supporters Must Be Above Reproach in Tampa Next Week 05:38:42
C-SPAN to Cover Ron Paul Rally 05:36:39
RNC Nominations Early Monday Due to Issac Hurricane Threat-Be There 05:27:45
Romney to be Nominated Early Monday-Be There;Nominate Paul ! 05:18:25
Palin is backing Romney/Ryan 04:51:48
Will Dr. Paul's speech be nationally televised? 04:29:59
how to get ready for a date. 03:36:06
message to humanity and my fellow americans 03:00:05
Paul/Palin 2012? (Reprint of my article from November, 2011) 02:51:17
At some point, Ron Paul should pull an Al Gore 02:21:10
Activate "Voting Rights Law of 1965". 02:17:27
Customer Deposits Are Property of the Bank: Close Your Account NOW 02:08:28
My take on the American Empire... 02:05:26
Ron Paul Has a Cautionary Question for Romney — Doesn't Monetary Policy Belong To Congress? 02:01:43
On Crazy Wisdom of "Liberty Deprivation" 01:50:51
What I want to know is how many on this board are SHEEP? 01:40:15
A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history 01:36:57
Something Funny Happened to Romney on the Way to Tampa... 01:33:36
Ron Paul Should Leave The GOP Tomorrow! 01:21:27
Rachel Maddow: Obama Wants To Jail You For Crimes You'll Commit In The Future 01:16:22
I am peaceful... 01:10:51
Question on your support of the Ron Paul economic ideology 01:07:57
Just Had a Thought 01:07:01
Romney is STILL the "Presumptive" Candidate 01:06:13
NAACP Comes Out In Support Of Legalize Marijuana Law In Colorado 01:01:25
By Cheating, Romney is Helping Himself Lose 01:00:42
Anyone Else PUMPED For The Rally At USF? 00:59:28
Worldwide Ron Paul Supporters? Peace? 00:59:26
Thinking with 2016 and beyond in mind...should we be thinking about Free State Project Round 2 (both IA and NH?) 00:45:58
Am I The Only One Who's Happy About The Fascist GOP? 09:14:09
An Idea for Rand Paul's Convention Speech in Tampa 09:59:53